Friday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff Writer (@jfort753)

We just start to beat the Drummond it breaks!!

The injury news was just flowing on Andre Drummond last night as he was originally reported as a game time decision against the Spurs, but, as it turns out, we were not so lucky. Not even a little bit. Next update, out for at least two games. Ouch! Ok, I can deal with that….Then, not even a half hour later, Drummond is out 4-6 weeks with a fractured vertebrae. Shaaat! That went from salvageable to catastrophe in about 45 minutes. The guy we’ve been touting for 2 months, who had been playing well and was expected to get even more run down the stretch, is now gooone. If AD misses the full six weeks, he will officially have only 13 games left on the year. Yes, sadly to say, he should be dropped. We don’t even know how he will perform once he returns from the dreaded back injury. (ala Dwight Howard) Who to grab you ask? Well I would’ve recommended Jason Maxiell (7/3/blk) but as it turns out he can’t stay out of foul trouble. Oh, and he’s not any good. Next Piston in line would probably be Charlie Villanueva (21/8/2blk) who played very well in 33 minutes last night. Outside of those two options, Byron Mullens (20/12/1/1/1) returned to the starting lineup and is a must-own almost everywhere. For other options see below …..

Here’s your best (and worst) of the rest of what I saw in fantasy basketball last night ….

Return of the Clippers

Chris Paul – 3/1/2 in 20 minutes returned to action. Phew, let’s now just pray for health. Maybe we should start going to church more often?

Blake Griffin – 13/5/3 Also returned. Should be good to go.

Chauncey Billups – 7/1/4 Finally back after almost a year off. Deep leaguers be aware.

Eric Bledsoe – 7/4/6/stl It was a great carnival ride, but we’re all out of tickets. If you sold high, great! If you can still get something for him, do it. If not, I’m not sure he’s ownable outside of deep leagues, as the minutes just won’t be there anymore.

Dwayne Wade – 20/6/7/4stl Or Dwyane if you’re his mother. Looks to be healthy. He WAS a buy low candidate…

Ray Allen and Chris Bosh – DNP’s due to the flu. I have a question. Which NBA players haven’t had the flu this year? Can we get everyone a bottle of hand sanitizer already?

Rashard Lewis – 10/7/2stl Ignore. Minutes won’t be there.

Chris Andersen – 8/4/2/2stl The Birdman got some garbage time run as the Heat blew out the Clippers. If you’re in a very deep league, just monitor him.

Jerryd Bayless – 14/2/3/blk in 27 minutes. The minutes are there lately, but I don’t love him unless he’s starting. Definitely useful though, definitely.

Jarrett Jack – DNP Should be back soon, if not next game.

Draymond Green – 4/6/1/blk Got a little more run (16 min) but I wouldn’t pay too much attention.

Nicolas Batum – 24/2/3/3blk That wrist injury is still bothering him but hopefully getting better. Either way he is undroppable and still ownable everywhere.

Ricky Rubio – 18/2/11/stl Should now be owned everywhere. Looking like the old Rubio lately…..

Marreese Speights – 18/5/1 Playing well and I still hate his name.

Arron Afflalo – 23/4/3 Returned to action. Get him back in your lineup.

Andrew Nicholson – 21/8/3/2blk While I love this line, I have no clue when he does it again. If you do, could you please let me know? Thanks.

Jose Calderon – 7/2/8/stl If you need assists, Caldy is a great buy low right now. I’m betting you can count on him for double digits assists for the rest of the season as he works in to full starter minutes.

Carlos Delfino – 5/1 Returned from injury. Once fully healthy, a great source of threes and steals.

Rudy Gay – 23/5/2/5stl/2blk Wowsers, Congrats if you own Rudy. Looks to be energized after the trade. I’m not sure if I want to sell high or buy low. I’m leaning sell high as the Raps are going nowhere fast.

Jonas Valancuinas – 14/13/1/2stl Hey Drummond owners!!!!!!! JV is back so go make sure he’s not on your waiver wire.

Andrea Bargnani – 14/2/1/2stl Oh look! Pretty boy $%&*, $%&*, is back. I’m selling him faster than I would my used underwear.

Nate Robinson – 18/4/9 Enjoy the ride or sell high? You decide.

Trade Watch – Rumors are Kris Humphries and Ben Gordon may be swapped in the future, so just in case, Andray Blatche would become a must own and Kris Humphries stock would go up, especially is he starts for the Bobcats. Kris went from banging the hottest Kardashian in the world, to possibly playing for the Bobcats? Sorry for your losses K-Hump……..As for Ben Gordon, I don’t see his value changing, as he will still be coming off the bench.

Line of the night – Grevis Vasquez 21/11/12/stl She’s a Beaut Clark!

Fart(‘s) of the night – Marcin Gortat 2/5/2to’s in 26 minutes and Kyle Lowry 2/1/6/1/2 in 35 minutes. Both are buy low candidates right now, but remember don’t give up too much! That’s the point of buying low!

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I was offered Klay Thompson for my Igudola

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes Util – Jordan
    BN – Mullens BN – Dudley BN – Kirilenko

    TO,BLK,AST,FG% can move up reasonably easily
    FT% is .717(me) to .724
    RPG I am 20 above and 43 below
    STL I am 5 above and 6 below

    Do you like taking it due to the increase in FT% and better TOpg and i get another 3pt shooter my team is lacking a bit? Or no because of hits to other categories, which closer to deadline may force 1 or 2 more moves for potentially both a REB/BLK/FG% type big and a low TO ast/stl guy? As I’m hearing AK may not be back until after ASB as well.

    Who do you like of Valancuinas vs Hawes?

  2. hey mate need some help with a trade proposal.
    i can swap jsmoove for dwade. i dont need smiths blocks. good deal for me ROS?
    cheers buddy

  3. @LewbJob: I answered you in previous post. Hawes is certainly more of a sure thing but if you want the upside it’s JV.

    @hermaph: Sure, go for it.

  4. Dirk & speights for Jamal crawford & Anthony Davis (if he accepts that)


    Dirk & speights for Antwan Jamison and Anthony Davis?

  5. Hey there Hec,

    Traded off Galonari for ZBO today, feeling uneasy about the trade though. Galo just seems to be killing it every game. But I had 2 other Nuggets and I know they don’t have a great play off schedule. Your thoughts?

  6. if Humphries goes to the bobcats, how much will it hurt Mullens? also I have the same question as Maria above (by the way, nice to have some girls in here! well one girl at least). I can also drop Kaman or Biyombo. I was thinking Delfino but I guess he’s alright even with what was described as loose cartilage “flapping” around in his elbow…ew

    things are looking good…I’ll move up to 6th this week… thanks for all your help! keep up the good work…i’m getting close to getting that hecmanhoops shirt, im sure to have one by the end of the season. just one question, if you know the tshirt brand that might help me decide what size would fit me best

  7. Just wanted some quick thoughts about trading Kobe. Trade would be me sending Kobe, gallo, bargnani for ibaka and Paul George. Im hesitant on trading kobe but George had a great month and I could def use ibakas blocks just wondering if u think george can keep it up for the ros. Thanks!

  8. Man,LaVoy Allen 41 Fantasy Points Saturday night. I got a streaming roster spot. Who do you like between Allen, Rubio, A. Johnson,Isaih Thomas. I heard Allen is good for 3 weeks anyhow.

  9. @BubbaGump22: Yeah, Allen looks good for the short term. I wouldn’t expect continued explosions like this though so temper expectations. I’d go Rubio if you need a PG and Amir if you need a big. Loving Isaiah too for ROS.

    @DanielC: I think you’re selling Bargs a bit low there but then again he doesn’t have much stand alone value so I think this is a good type of deal to move him. George may slightly slightly regress once Granger comes back but I expect huge numbers anyway. Go for it if you can afford to lose all those points, you’re losing a ton of points there.

    @allballs: I think it can only help Mullens, they don’t have much up front to help him so maybe it’ll space the floor a bit for some better FGA, i.e.. hopefully some better FG. Leaning dropping Seraphin or Kaman if you can’t wait for a couple of weeks for him. Hate to always drop the “name” in Kaman though since they’ve proven they can do something. To my great surprise, I actually have a bunch of girl readers. Must be my charm. Ha. I’ll check on the t-shirt brand but a L fits me and I’m 5’10, 160. An XL is pretty big looking though, lol

    @Maria: I would. Of course, as soon as you drop Seraphin, Nene or Okafor will get hurt. Sigh.

    @Boleros: Leaning hold both for now. I’d hold Bledsoe at least through the deadline to make sure he isn’t move. I doubt he is and to make sure CP3 stays healthy.

    @Scott: I’d go for the one with Jamal in it.

    @Crystal: If it works for your team better than it’s ok, don’t look back. If you’re going to make the playoffs then I do think it’s best not to have 3 Denver guys with a bad playoff schedule. Good luck and keep me posted!

  10. Hey I appreciate all the insight! So h2h league pts,reb,ast,stl,blk… Im gonna dump ed davis (it was fun while it lasted) some FA available that may be worthy are vinsanity, jamison, barnes, villanueva,l.allen, mkg, a.nicholson,, c.lee. Who do you like going forward?


  11. Hi.. Im gonna be dropping r. Allen and im thinking twice on who to pick up.. Is it r. Stuckey? Andre blathce because nets coach said he will have a new rotation for bench? Or should i pick up odom because he LAC will have 3 games this week and its the allstar weekend? C. Brewer is also on the wire.. Thanks!

  12. Hey, what should I offer for Jose Calderon and Amir Johnson? I need some extra assists and really need some rebounds and blocks. The team who has them is out and they wont be keepers. I am in 3rd and in the thick of the race.

    a 3rd round pick and something? is that too high? What would you suggest??

    My team: D-Will, Westbrook, Thomas, Shved, Harris, Thompson, Joe Johnson, Horford, Z-Bo, Kirelenko, Gerald Wallace, Earl Clark, Gerald Henderson, Mike Dunleavey

    His squad: Chris Paul, D-Wade, Bradley, Ginobli, Shumpert, Tyreke, Barnes, Waiters, Kidd -Gilcrest, Dirk, Bogut, Amir Johnson, Marc Gasol and Calderon

  13. Do attribute Ilyasova’s great night last night, to Sanders being out. It seems like when the Bucks field a full team, Ersan’s fantasy points go down. What do you think? The reason I ask is I’m toying with replacing Ersan with L.Allen or A.Johnson,or L.Sanders or Isaih Thomas,JV,Mullens. Who do you like ROS?

  14. @Crystal: If Utah trades Millsap or Al then I’d go Favors but at this moment I’d go Nick to be conservative. If you want to be a bit risky then Favors through the deadline.

    @Chew: I’m not sure who Herman is but I’ll answer anyway. ;) Yes.

    @icecat: You can’t argue with Vince right now. Thanks for the kind words!

  15. @Fred – I would be fine with that. Ginobli will miss a lot of games from either injury or rest down the stretch.

  16. @Onair: Stuckey if you need a G or Evans if you need a big. Or just keep Ray if you need 3s. Your call.

    @Fred: What J-Fort said! John, I covered your qs for you, hope you don’t mind. Hope you won your softball game yesterday!

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