Saturday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By : John Fortney – Staff Writer (@jfort753)

Playing for the Jazz and Doin Burk!

The Jazz were destroyed last night by Kings in Sacramento with Paul Milsap (6/8/1/blk) and Al Jefferson (16/3/1blk) in foul trouble all night. Neither guys played over 20 minutes, you could call it a disaster. The lone bright spot for the Jazz was and has been Alec Burks (24/3/1/blk) in 27 minutes. Burks has been getting a ton of run off the bench lately and is really starting to impress. He’s outplaying Jamal Tinsley and could possibly earn a starting position soon. Either way, Alec has been very good over the past four games averaging 13 points, 3 boards, 3 assists, .5stl, .5 blk and 1.5 threes per game. These numbers aren’t staggering, but will improve as he is earning more minutes by the game. Alec is a nice add in deep leagues right now and I’m keeping a close eye on the situation and I would advise you to do the same. As for the Kings, Isaiah Thomas (24/4/3/3stl) and Marcus Thornton (24/1/2) were on fire. I love IT the rest of the season and Thornton is a sell high candidate if he has another game or two like this. It was a quiet night in the NBA last night with only 5 games so here’s your best (and worst) of the rest of what I saw in fantasy basketball ….

Wilson Chandler – 7/4/1/2/1 Wilson cooled off after a hot shooting night on Thursday. I would just keep an eye on him until we see him get closer to 30 minutes on a consistent basis.

Marreese Speights – 5/3/blk Was just an awful shooting night. He’ll bounce back.

Byron Mullens – 16/3/blk/stl Back in the starting lineup and ownable everywhere outside of 8 team leagues.

Lavoy Allen – 14/22/3/blk Exploded against the lowly Bobcats so sell high if you own him.

Jeremy Pargo – 12/4/6 Played heavy minutes down the stretch. I would ignore as this was just a matchup move

Jason Maxiell – 4/1/1/blk in 31 minutes. I thought he would his value would improve with Andre Drummond out and him being in a contract year. Guess not! Ignore.

Jose Calderon – 23/5/10/3stl If you held on to Calderon through the ups and downs this season, your investment is about to pay off. Jose should be a stud point guard the rest of the way. Congratulations!

Charlie Villanueva – 18/13/1/blk Looks to be benefiting the most from the Drummond injury and I see him being very ownable in 12 team leagues and even 10 team leagues if you need points, threes, and boards.

Samuel Dalembert – 1q4/12/2stl/5blk This is a great short term play while Larry Sanders is out. Sanders could be out a couple more games if not more so stream away!

Andres Biedrins – 0/8/2 Got the start with Andrew Bogut getting the night off. Ignore.

Bernard James – 2/3/stl Started but the minutes won’t be there. Also ignore.

I’ll be online with hecman, Fantasy Nomad and Jewish_Jeff Wednesday night for our free live fantasy basketball chat at 9:30 pm EST so see you then! In the meantime feel free to ask away in the Comments section below or hit me up on Twitter at @jfort753. J-Fort out!

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  1. I missed out on picking up Jonas, but got Villanueva instead. Who do you like more? I might be able to trad Charlie V for Jonas, as the owner needs 3s. What are your thoughts for the ROS? Thanks

  2. With the trade deadline coming up, who would be the 5 best pickups who are likely yo be free agents in H2H 12 team standard leagues who would benefit the most from trades?

    Im thinking Millsap Jefferson Bargnani Reddick Bledsoe and Josh Smith are 5 most likely to be traded so I came up with my own top 5 list:

    1. Enes Kanter
    2. Derrick Favors
    3. Jonas V.
    4. Moe Harkless
    5. Eric Bledsoe

    What would be your top 5 trade deadlines stashes for 12 team h2h??

  3. @TG26 – If Nelson is moved I love Moore and if the Jazz move a big for guard help that would downgrade Burks, so I’ll go Moore. Aminu.

    @Me – JV started today should continue to with Bargnani likely being traded. Villenueva should be good as long as Drummond is out with the jump in minutes. If that trade fills your team’s needs, go for it.

    @Armin- Favors would be at the top of my list followed by JV, then Kanter, then Bledsoe, and Harkless.

  4. PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes Util – Jordan
    BN – Mullens BN – Dudley BN – Kirilenko

    Stats current as of prior to 2/10 games:

    FG%/BLK/STL/AST – close enough that could change every day
    FT% – 718(me) to .724
    TO – 1188(me) to 1154
    PTS – ~100 either way
    REB – ~40 either way
    3PT – ~30 up ~45 down

    I just received Millsap,Ak47,DeRozan,Lowry in a trae and 2/11 is my first day with them. At this point what would you go after? You think another BLK/REB big and/or a STL/AST guy who can hit some threes?

    Villanueva,Seflosha,Ridnour,Ariza,W.Bynum,Waiters,Odom,Kanter are on the WW. Taj clears waivers 2/11 and Isiah clears 2/12.

    Any wire moves you would make? Or names come to mind as trae targets?

  5. @MrMonkey – I like Isaiah Thomas as an add for Dudley or JJordan dependng on your teams needs. You might want to let your team roll for a week to see where you are at and what your needs are after the trade.

  6. Lowest categories – FT%,TO,BLK
    Categories that could change everyday – FG%/BLK/STL/AST

    Isiah doesn’t clear until 2/12. Trade deadline is under a month away.

  7. So I’m putting my JJ Hickson and Kemba Walker on the block.

    A guy wants to make a trade and he has dragic, lin, favors, bogut, hayward, isiah thomas, ilyasova, tristan thompson available.. I already asked Hec’s opinion.

    What would you look for?

    My roster is (at least the relevant ones)

    jj hickson
    al jefferson
    josh smith
    avery bradley

    ideal would be to have a solid 10 man rotation cuz i have to fill 32 games each week and okafor, bradley and dudley aren’t very reliable

    also one thing .. it’s a keeper league

    thanks and keep up the nice job!

  8. looking to drop jerryd bayless (or whoever else). who is the best pickup based on my team listed below? (14 team h2h 9cat)

    WAIVER WIRE: robin lopez, martell webster, gordon hayward, avery bradley, taj gibson, jonas v, singler, wilson chandler, delfino.

    pg: deron williams, george hill, jerryd bayless
    sg: james harden, monta ellis, eric gordon,
    sf: kawhi leonard, bradley beal
    pf: boozer, favors, earl clark
    c: gortat

  9. Hey John/Hec,

    Would you lose any of the following for Kyle Singler?:

    Courtney Lee, Jimmy Butler, Matt Barnes, Derrick Williams.


  10. Will you trade Anthony Davis for Dwight Howard? My ft% is always 80% per week and its my bread and butter.

    My Team:
    Rubio, Kwalker, curry, jack
    pierce, gay, nyoung
    JV, MULLENS, boozer, adavis, noah, mgasol

    IS D12 worth sacrfiicing and knowing that he may hurt himself?

  11. @MrMonkey – I would grab IT for Jordan right now and see how it plays out this week.

    @FG7 – I would try to get Dragic, Ilyasova, and see if you can get Favors thrown in. I think Favors could be a beast after the all star break.

  12. I can’t grab IT until 2/12 when he clears waivers.Do you like Ariza at all? or wait and see if i can nab IT Tuesday first?

  13. @lakeshow – I would grab Jonas Valancuinas or Charlie V. Probably JV since it looks like you could use another big.

    @David – I would probably hold off for now.

    @lpeezy – I wouldnt trade for Dwight right now. He will surely screw your FT%. Anyone else you are looking at?

  14. @lpeezy – I like that deal for you.

    @MrMonkey – A Jose Calderon or Tony Parker type guy is what you would be looking for. Steals, Assists, efficiency.

  15. Hi John/Hec,

    Someone just offered me Larry Sanders for Mike Conley. I said I’d wait until Sanders returns and looks healthy, but what do you think? I need the blks, rebs, and fg for sure, but then I’d only be left with Jennings as my only playable PG in the roster (Stuckey doesn’t count).

    Always appreciate your thoughts guys!

  16. Hi John/Hec

    How about dropping one of them (Courtney Lee, Jimmy Butler, Matt Barnes, Derrick Williams) for Charlie V? He’s just been dropped in our league.


  17. The Suns are so awful, that I am getting more and more frustrated owning Gortat and Scola. They frequently have games with barely any stats. Despite this, they don’t get dropped very often in Yahoo leagues. What is your take on this? Do you think there might be a trade before the deadline that will make it worth keeping Gortat and Scola? If not, should I drop them and pick someone else up? Mullens is still availabnle, but I noticed he went 0-4 in 3’s and had another bad fg% game, and those areas are what kills me.

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