Count it! An-twan!

I’m feeling like Kobe Bryant today, uninspired! Last night Kobe, who is averaging 20.7 FGA per game attempted only 8 shots and aborted 7 of them. That means he missed 7 of 8 in case you’re trying to do the math. Reverse psychology! Not really. Anyway, while Kobe was busy day dreaming about Jason Kidd’s ex-wife, Antawn Jamison stepped up with 19/10/1 and 2 threes in 33 minutes. Can Antawn keep this up? Meh, naw, but with Earl Clark hurting and Pau Gasol in Spain for the next 6 weeks (or longer!), I’d stream Antawn on Thursday night without hesitation. Oh, and as for Kobe, trade his ass, he’s terrible! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Corey Brewer – 9/0/1 with a three in 28 minutes. I saw Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Andre Iguodala were all sidelined for last night’s game so I practically ran over my wife getting to the computer to add a nice cheap Corey Brewer onto my Daily Fantasy Basketball teams. Burp. Hey, speaking of daily fantasy basketball, play me for free over at DraftDay and if you beat me you will win $5 no strings attached. Go ahead and give it a shot, honestly, it’s a lot of fun. I’m addicted. Anyway, stream Corey while those other boys miss time.

Anthony Randolph – 16/7/2 with 3 steals and 2 blocks. He’s really, really, really not that good.

Andre Miller – 12/6/5 with a steal and a three. Hey, hecman, damn fool, you should have played me instead of Corey Brewer!, said Andre. Sigh.

JaVale McGee – 2/1/0 in 5 minutes. Here’s the deal, peeps, if you don’t need his blocks then launch already. It’s almost Easter! Hope you know what I’m sayin’ up in here.

Jonas Valanciunas – 8/8/2 with 2 blocks in 32 minutes. Oh, yeaaaaaaaaaaah, uh, uh, JV in da howse! Rap it, it’s fun! Go get him if you haven’t yet boys and girls.

Andrea Bargnani – 4/1/0 in 18 minutes. Are you Bargnani owners having fun yet? In shallow leagues I don’t think I’d have a problem dropping him for a hot free agent. Or try to trade him in an odd man deal or something. If that’s even possible. As if!

J.J. Hickson – 5/0/0 with a steal in 13 minutes. It looks like the All Star Break couldn’t come at a more perfect time for J.J. owners. Phew! Carry on. By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that Portland will only play 4 players if J.J. is to miss tonight’s game. Keep an eye on Meyers Leonard if it happens.

Nicolas Batum – 5/2/4 with 2 blocks and a three in 38 minutes. That makes 3 out of 5 duds lately so if his owner is worried about his wrist then look him up. Doesn’t hurt to try anyway!

Jason Thompson – 15/6/0 with a steal in 28 minutes. After his cold spell several weeks ago he was dropped in a 14 team league I’m in and I scooped him up for his upside. If he’s out there for some reason in your standard or deep league you should do the same! He’s useful, definitely useful, definitely useful, said Rain Man.

Tony Allen – 19/8/3 with 2 steals, a block and a three in 33 minutes. He’ll give you a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat but a lot o’ bit o’ steals!

Jerryd Bayless – 6/1/3 with a three in 24 minutes. Here’s what I told you last Friday in my Add/Drop post: Jerryd Bayless – 29% – He’s very much in the rotation, just don’t expect his big run to continue. You may get dizzy! I hope your head isn’t spinning. I warned you! I still think he can do his thang in 23-27 mpg though. Or thing if you’re not from the South. Or is it south?

Paul Millsap – 18/10/6 with 2 steals. Rumors have him now going to Brooklyn in a three team type deal where he will be reunited with Deron Williams and they will run the tooth pick and sushi roll which they will eat with chop sticks. I can see all of these things happening!

Alec Burks – 13/5/2 with a three and 6 tovs. Way to protect the ball, Alec. Keep streaming anyway. Minutes, y’all!

Jermaine O’Neal – 12/13/4 with a steal and 5 blocks. I’ll throw him in there with the Sam Dalemberts, Brandon Basses and Tyler Zellers of the world. You know, 5-6 boards and a block or two. If that floats your boat then float away! Or stay on dry land if you’d like. I’m perfectly fine with that too.

Michael Beasley – 18/5/1 with a block and a three in 33 minutes. It looks to me like he’s going to get a clear chance to prove he’s really not that good to another new coach. By my quick count he’s on his 4th coach so he’s got 5 more to go after this! Maybe he’ll prove me wrong. Prove me wrong, B-Easy! I really want you to.

Jared Dudley – 10/5/2 with 2 steals in 26 minutes. Here’s what I told you last week when I told you what I told you the week before: Jared Dudley – 0/3/2 in 17 minutes. Here’s what I told you last Friday when I had Jared on the wrong side of my Add/Drop post:  Jared Dudley – 69% – More of a continued monitor situation. As I’ve mentioned, I think his best fantasy run is behind him. That huge run led to his ownership skyrocketing. No reason to launch yet but keep an eye on it anyway. I swear I don’t make these predictions, it’s my Magic 8 Ball, he sees into the future. He knows everything! I got him on eBay. Keep an eye on Jared over the next few games. Downward trending, y’all! But you already knew that. If you’re itching to lose him in shallow leagues (assuming you haven’t already!) then I’d consider holding him through the trade deadline to see if his situation changes. If it doesn’t change then feel free to launch for a hot free agent!

Earl Clark – 11/4/1 with 3 steals and a three in 28 minutes. He’s got a sore knee bone so I’m not expecting much on Thursday night. Antwan for threeeeeeeeeeee! Earl should be fine with some rest. Like J.J. Hickson! Let’s hope for the best. Now give me an Amen. Amen.

James Harden – 27 points! Yay. 7 rebounds! Yay! 5 assists! Yay! 3 steals! Yay. 2 threes. Yay 11-11 FT! Yay. 5 tovs! Boo. 7-22 FG! Boooo. Turned ankle! Ugh! I think he’ll play tonight anyway, just a hunch. It’s just a turned ankle!, said Kobe Bryant.

Chandler Parsons – 21/8/9 with a steal, block and 3 threes. I remember way, way, way back on November 2 when I told you this in my Add/Drop post:  Chandler Parsons – 25% – The second best Chandler since Friends. Though I’m still annoyed he ended up marrying Monica. Too convenient! Now he’s 80% owned and that, my friends, is how you win leagues! Get out the pun police, we’ve got a violation!

Toney Douglas – DNP – CD. I’m blurbing about him today because he should be streamed tonight if Jimmy Beard actually does sit out. We straight, Skippy? That’s your new (old) name. Also, give Carlos Delfino a look-gander as a streamer in this scenario.

Harrison Barnes – 7/2/1 with a block in 27 minutes. Hey, Harrison, you’re no Chandler (Parsons), now pass the Grey Poupon!

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  1. do you think it would be a good idea to stash Love in a 10 team H2H league? I’m currently at the top of the standings and should be locked in for a playoff spot. Out playoffs start on 3/18 and I have a stacked 1st week lineup, so i would not really even need him till 3/25. I would be dropping Gordon Hayward. is that a good idea?


  2. PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Mullens Util – Valanciunas
    BN – Jordan BN – Shved BN – Kirilenko

    FG%,REB,AST,STL,BLK are my close categories and FG%,FT%,BLK,TO below 6th.

    I really don’t have a true 3pt guy beyond Mullens. Both Joe Johnson and Kevin Martin were put on the trade block by an owner who need 3PT,REB,STL,BLK.

    What big would you offer to try and land either Joe Johnson or Kevin Martin? Or at the very least see where the interest is on his end.Or would you need his whole roster to see how we match? As he does have some other pieces that intrigue me.

  3. Hey Hec, I stashed IT2 a few weeks back in order to flip him once he picked it up (already have Jennings/Lowry/Lillard and holding Bledsoe). Now I want to move him for a big. Might send an offer for Amir since his owner needs a PG, and I need a big. Is he a good target for Isaiah?

    I can do my IT2/Dalembert for his Amir/Speights (Speights had a few duds recently, but I think he’ll be starting soon), or should I just try to get Amir for IT2 straight up?

  4. @Adrian: Sure, go for it.

    @Drez1: Is Amir the best you can get right now? I think Speights has a bit more upside then Sam though I’d wait to make sure Larry Sanders isn’t out too long before moving Sam.

    @colaroaster: :(. I didn’t expect much tonight anyway.

    @MrLewb: He’s offering Joe Johnson and Kevin Martin but needs threes? Hmm. In that scenario, Mullens for Johnson could work?

    @TG26: Leaning Aminu.

  5. Hey Hec, got a full line up and then some tonight and trying to figure out who’s going to have a good matchup (particularly in STLs, BLKs and ASTs). Need to start 3 out of the 5:

    D. Green vs CLE
    K Leonard vs CLE
    Hawes vs MIL
    IT2 vs DAL
    Valanciunas vs NY

    Thinking of sitting Valanciunas and either Green/IT2 since the big 3 are back tonight. Thoughts? Thanks!

  6. I’m in 4th but I’m 8 pts behind the team above me.FG% – 6th, FT% – 12th,BLK – 7th,TO – 12th are my low categories.Do you like trying Mullens-Johnson or Jordan-Johnson to try and make up even a little ground in FT%? Have already made some moves to help in FT%/To just hasn’t been enough time.

  7. @Hec: As far as bigs that are available on teams that are desperate for a PG, Amir is looking like the best option in my price range. Who would you say is a good target for IT2 valuewise? PGs are actually sparse in this league since some guy drafted like 9 of em, lol.

  8. @Doog: Kawhi, IT2, JV.

    @MrLewb: If you could do Jordan then that’s a no brainer otherwise I’d strongly consider Mullens, his FG is worse than Joe’s.

    @Drez1: Amir is pretty solid value but I’d probably wait until after the deadline to make sure his value doesn’t change.

  9. I totally agreed with you when you thought Vucevic would drop back down to normal point totals. I feel the same way about Mullens and I don’t expect Valanciunas to attain Vucevic levels either. You think both of these guys will go as crazy as Vucevic?

  10. So yesterday,Rose was quoted as saying he thought he was at 88% and he’s not coming back until he’s 110%, whether it’s in a month or next year.I just picked Rose up a couple weeks ago, when the news came out was he was going to start playing after the All Star break.What are people doing with Rose? You could hold him until the end of the year and not get a thing…..then again he might come back next month. I am currently the 2nd seed for the playoffs(top 4 have clinched spots already),but hanging onto Rose would probably take me down to the 4th seed. What do you suggest? I suppose pick up Valanciunas,A Johnson,Jamison, Clark,or IT2 and just keep my 2nd seed, eh? If so,who do you like best? All I need is fantasy points, no categories.

  11. @BubbaGump22: I’d go with IT2. Rose will probably get grabbed if you lose him though so how about exploring a 2 for 1 where you get an upgrade somewhere with Rose as the 2nd guy and then pick up IT2 or a big man?

  12. PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Igudola PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Mullens Util – Valanciunas
    BN – Jordan BN – Shved BN – Kirilenko

    Jordan vs J.Thompson vs Kanter for a team needing BLK/FG%/FT%
    Bradley vs Shved vs W. Bynum vs Tinsley – low TO guy who can get FG%/FT%/AST/STL

  13. @@Ifctor: Ha. Was being silly!

    @MrLewb: Jordan will hurt your FT but give you solid FG/Blk. Thompson gives you FG but not much of the other two. Kanter is the “upside” pick who I might grab through the deadline. If his situation doesn’t improve then you can lose him. I wouldn’t drop Jordan for him though. Beal.

  14. Hec,

    My primary divisionsl rival has offered Joe Johnson for my ANDREW Bogut.

    Should I accept?

    Its a H2h no categories league.

    I still have Vucevic and Noah at center.

    I am inclined to accept the trade because I moticed he would have ZERO small forwards since he also traded away Rudy Gay.

  15. 63 total points for Portland tonight!! I thought Aldridge got hurt or something…until I seen the score.. Who is this Alan Anderson SG for Toronto that exploded tonight? This a fluke or someone I should grab onto? Beal was very disappointing tonight.

  16. @Chickles00: Back to back for Portland, looks like they just mailed it in. Anderson worth grabbing in deep leagues only at this point with Gay now there. Hang in there with Beal.

    @Armin: Yes, sure, go for it.

    @FG7: Sure, I think he’ll be fine 2nd half.

    @JackM: Ha, finally! Let’s hope more to come 2nd half.

  17. Hi Hec,

    Can I drop any of these for Alec Burks? It’s a deep league, so I just wanted some perspective.

    Lavoy Allen, Chris Kaman, Rodney Stuckey


  18. Is Kawhi Leonard a long term deal or a temp? I think I like Leonard better than Beal, just being at a winning franchise, better attitude, but if Kawhi will be benched soon, I will stick with Beal.

  19. @IceCreamMan: Kawhi is not short term and outside of points, he’s just very solid all around so if the positions work better for you having Kawhi make the move. I like both of them a bunch.

    @Betty99: I’d stick with Rubio and Lowry.

    @decaf: Assuming Thad Young comes back soon after the break Lavoy can probably be lost.

  20. @Francis: Leaning Korver, Young, VC but I could be convinced Young first fairly easily. Like if someone bribed me with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or something.

  21. Hey hec! Is Thadd Young worth stashing right now? Im locked in for the playoffs and he’s the only one in the FA list thats worth a shot. Others are Gwallace and Aminu. Should I go with one of these two? Or should I just snag Thadd right now with the ASB looming? Also, what do you think about Jason Terry for the season? hes the one im droppingnfor Thadd, i have alot of guards and 3s guys so I really dont need Terry. good idea? Thanks man

  22. Hi Hec,

    Thanks! Another Q: The Tim Duncan owner just made him available for trade, is he worth going for? I’m now 2nd to last in FG%, so I’m tempted to offer the ff:

    Jennings + Pierce for Duncan + Darren Collison

    I’m fine with the massive hit in 3PT and STL, since I’m comfortably ahead in STL and 3rd in 3PT with Granger coming back.

    I know Duncan will miss the occasional game, but I’m not so sure about his current injury.

    Appreciate the fantasy help as always!

  23. Hey Hec, I mentioned going after Amir with IT2 earlier. Well now I might go after Gortat. Sounds like he’s on the trading block, so I might try to swing IT2/Valanciunas or IT2/Dalembert for his Gortat (buy low?) and hope that Phoenix trades him.

    Gortat’s owner needs a PG (he just traded for Rose, and now it sounds like Rose will be out longer) and the guy is overloaded with bigs (Gortat being his worst), so he might actually bite out of desperation for a PG/frustration with Gortat, lol. Bit of a gamble though, what do you think?

  24. do you think will bynum can keep up this kind of play or is he kind of temporary and is b.knight gonna sink now? thank you!

  25. @Francis: Leaning hold.

    @nbaball: As I said on the podcaast Sunday night, i think it’s going to be a hot hand situation. It was reasonable to expect Knight to regress but hopefully he can stabilize. Bynum is also a trade candidate so I’d wait and see at least through the deadline to see how it shapes out.

    @Drez1: Sure, try for it if you need a big who gets blocks and boards with upside. Try IT2 straight up or with Dalembert if he says no to straight up.

    @JohnnyG: Sure, make the move for Thad.

    @Francis: Waiters third ahead of VC for his upside.

  26. @Decaf: Granger will offset any Duncan gain in FG so I’m not sure you net gain as much as you think you may. Leaning hold at least through the ASB to see if Dallas makes any trades for a guard. Doubt they will. Revisit then but I think you’re giving up a bit too much.

  27. Majorly mis-mananged my team last night, by not picking up Rubio before he played. Why do we drink,eh? What is the word on Dalembert? If Sanders pulled a Drummond, Dalembert is better than Mullens or Valanciunas the way I see it.

  28. Alright, will do Hec! So should I start considering punting FG entirely? But yeah, will wait for the NBA trade deadline to see how things will shake up.

    Thanks for pulling me off the ledge, haha.

  29. @WarriorsFan: Kawhi.

    @Betty99: Ha, send over the drink! Definitely he’ll be more valuable than JV, not sure about Mullens.

    @decaf: Ha, anytime. Revisit after the break for strategy.

  30. Boom, accepted the Gay/3rd for JV/1st trade. My lineup is decent, but I’m working on some deals for another big or two. Should I move one of my main PGs for an elite big, or aim for a mid level guy with one of my bench guys (like the IT2 for Amir/Gortat trades I mentioned earlier)?

    PG-Jennings, Lowry, Lillard, IT2, Bledsoe (holding)
    SG-Harden, K.Thompson
    SF/PF-Gay, Illyasova, E.Clark
    C-Horford, Splitter, Dalembert (holding)

    Thanks man!

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