Josh Smith on the Smoove?

Today is the day that maybe everything in fantasy basketball changes. Maybe not! No, no, definitely stuff will change! My Magic 8 Ball sees Josh Smith on the Smoove. Get out the pun police again! My Magic 8 Ball thinks J.J. Redick may be turning in his Mickey Mouse ears possibly for some Cheese Head thingy or whatever it is they wear up in Wisconsin. Perhaps Monta Ellis heads down to Hot-lanta to hang out with LisaLeft Eye” Lopez. Wait, she died in a fire I think. Another bad pun violation! I just can’t help myself. Anyway, while we wait for some trades to go down this afternoon, here’s what I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Jonas Valancuinas – 6/6/0 in 18 minutes. I’m starting to think that maybe JV really just isn’t that good. In theory he’s good but that and $2.25 will only get you on the subway! Stay patient with him if you have a bare wire but if you have hot free agents sitting out there you have to give it some serious consideration.

Thomas Robinson – Traded to Houston last night but you already knew that! Go grab him but you already knew that! Damn, you know a lot of things. You’re so astute! And if you were not astute, you are now!

Jerryd Bayless – 7/1/3 with a three in 16 minutes. Here’s what I told you just yesterday: Jerryd Bayless – 8/5/10 with 3 steals in 31 minutes. I didn’t see this game but I did see Memphis was up by 24 heading into the 4th quarter so I’m going to assume Jerryd got some fun time fantasy garbage padded stats time. Don’t get excited. Calm down! Carry on with same value you had for him yesterday morning. Last night is why! I do expect better than that though. For whatever that’s worth.

Greg Monroe – 19/7/7 with a steal and 3 blocks. Remember a loooooong, loooong time ago when I begged you to buy him low. Begged! I hope you did. In February he’s at 17.5/11.9/.522 FG/1.4 spg/1.5 bpg. Did you steal him from his impatient owner? If you did, you’re welcome!

Gerald Henderson – 13/7/5 with a three on 4-14 FG. Over his last 5 he’s at 16/4.8/3.4 with a .4 spg and .6 3pm on .403 FG. He’s also averaging 34.2 mpg over that span. Not bad! I can’t say I’m his biggest fan but the guy is definitely useful in standard leagues and looks locked in to solid minutes going forward. Ben Gordon will still pimp him every once in awhile though!

Paul George – 27/8/3 with a steal, two blocks and 4 threes. I get questions all the time on whether George’s value will be affected by the return of Danny Granger. Um, not really! Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I’m not the only one, said John Lennon! I’m not just dreaming …

Marreese Speights – 4/6/1 in 18 minutes. Now averaging 18.4 mpg over his last 5. You know how when you get something new and you want to play with it all the time but then the novelty wears off and then it becomes just an afterthought? That’s Marreese! Looks like it’s time to get something new.

Brian Roberts – 17/1/1 with 3 threes in 11 minutes. If you prorate those numbers to 33 minutes you get like 49 points!, said James Harden!

Kyle Korver – 12/7/3 with 2 steals and 4 threes in 26 minutes. In a few hours his value may change. It may stay the same! I still like him going forward though. Must be his cool haircut. Or maybe that he looks like someone else.

C.J. Watson – 17/2/6 with 3 steals and 3 threes in 29 minutes. Rumors are he may go in a deal but it looks unlikely. Assign same value you had for him yesterday. You know, like none! (unless you’re in a deeep league, of course!)

Carlos Delfino – 9/6/5 with 4 steals and 3 threes. Aiggght, let’s kick Carlos up a notch on the fantasy value meter. Not two notches, just one is good.

Thabo Sefolohsa – 28/5/3 with 2 blocks and 6 threes. Clearly there was no defense played last night in Houston. James Harden 46 points, Serge Ibaka 16, Jeremy Lin 29. Assign same value to everyone you had for them yesterday morning. Especially Thabo! He ok though.

Moe Harkless – 20/8/0 with a steal, block and a three. Now averaging 30 mpg/10.4 ppg/5.2 rpg/1 bpg/1 spg/.4 3pm over his last 5. That good! Probably better than what may be sitting on your bench anyway so take a look-gander if you haven’t already!

Courtney Lee – 20/4/2 with a steal and 2 threes in 31 minutes. Getting hot, y’all! Like last year! Remember what he did last year? I think you should consider grabbing him now if he’s out there. He was pretty damn good last year!

Michael Beasley – 3/1/0 in 9 minutes. I warned you on the podcast about this and here’s what I told you last week: Michael Beasley – 18/5/1 with a block and a three in 33 minutes. It looks to me like he’s going to get a clear chance to prove he’s really not that good to another new coach. By my quick count he’s on his 4th coach so he’s got 5 more to go after this! Maybe he’ll prove me wrong. Prove me wrong, B-Easy! I really want you to. It looks like maybe Lindsey Hunter already figured it out! He’s smaaat. Hope you moved him quick quick when he had value.

Damien Wilkens – 13/3/2 in 26 minutes. Feel free to monitor. Or don’t. Your call! Oh, he’s on the Sixers in case you’re wondering.

Derrick Williams – 17/8/1 with a steal and 2 threes. I had him in my Add/Drop post last Friday because he’s still far too under owned IMO. Or in my opinion but I’m too lazy to type that. What, you don’t like a guy averaging 29.4 mpg/16.4 ppg/8.2 rpg over his last 5? Sheeeeet.

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  1. Hey Hec,

    I asked you yesterday. But I was looking at play offs schedule. I was thinking about trading my CP3 and Asik for his Wade and Tyson Chandler because of the play off schedule. Miami and Knicks have more 4 games week left. Would you advise on this or should i stay put?

  2. Hi Hec!

    Thank you for the fantasy assistance.. It is much appreciated!!

    I made my first move last night and dropped Shved for Thomas Robinson… Now I am looking into picking up either Harkless or Courtney Lee for JV.

    Which would be your primary target?

  3. hecman-

    I have only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks.. in that time I have not only found your perspective hilariously entertaining, but extremely insightful… keep it up!


  4. @IceCreamMan Being a Rocket’s fan, I see him getting huge minutes. Keep in mind Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris were alternating at the PF role and splitting starts. Now their both gone in this trade! Look for him to be a starter in Houston and hopefully (fingers-crossed) have a big second half.

  5. @Crystal: Oh, I thought you were getting CP3 and Asik, ha. I think I’d hold.

    @Jess: You’re welcome! I like Lee’s upside at the moment.

    @T$: I don’t remember what the whole deal is. Please remind me. Thanks!

  6. Hey Hec

    I want to pick up Thomas Robinson

    which one of these players would you drop for him:
    Earl Clark, Bradley Beal, Jarret Jack or Derrick Favors (picked him up in case of millsap trade)

    Thanks! btw read your blog every day all the way from Iceland.. great job!

  7. @LG: Thanks for reading and the kind words! I have to get up to Iceland someday, I heard it’s beautiful. The only possible drop consideration I see is Favors if no deal gets made there so hold off for more news.

  8. PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Mullens PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – O’Neal Util – Kirilenko
    BN – Jordan BN – Igudola BN – Valanciunas

    I am having problems coming up with a price with this owner.He is one of the better fits for me trade wise.

    Got a “Hmmmm NO” as a response to Iggy/Jordan for Lin/Jack.Anything stand out as a fair offer to both owners? As he initially came at me with Mullens/Melo for Gortat/Jack/Matthews.

    Nelson Jack Dragic
    Beasley West J.Green
    Gortat McGee
    Lin Tristan
    BN – Gallinari Matthews Okafor

  9. @MrLewb: I wouldn’t deal Melo unless you’re getting a big gun which he really doesn’t have so that’s off the table. Remind me again succinctly what you’re looking to gain. Thanks!

  10. Low TO AST/STL 3’s guy with FT% that won’t kill me in FG%
    Low TO BLK/REB Big with FT% that won’t kill me in FG%
    Low TO Scorer with FT% that won’t kill me in FG%


    Most nights on the live stat tracker i am seeing swings in multiple categories still.So i can’t specifically limit my focus.

  11. Hecman,

    How are you today? I think the NBA trade rumors are the stupidest things to listen to because they are never ever true. I think it is time to drop Mr. Favors now since neither Millsap nor Jefferson is going anywhere. Sighhhh…

  12. Hec, sometimes I think I have some sort of E.S.P. Udrih has been traded to the Magic. Let’s see now. No more Ish Smith. E’Twaun Moore is the only backup to Jameer “I’m Injured Again” Nelson. My spidey sense is tingling.

  13. Hec,

    DOes the movement of McBob and Ayon significant help Nicholson??? Trying to see if I should grab him for the playoff run.

  14. As a JJ Redick owner, I’m not sure how to feel about the trade to the Bucks. What do you think about this deal and what it does for his value? Would you perhaps feel more comfortable picking up a PG, SG Jordan Crawford in a depleted Celtic backcourt?

  15. hi Hecman,

    i had Favors stashed in my 10 team H2H league (7 cats, no percentages or TOs). Since UTAH is not moving AlJeff or Millsap, should I now dump Favors for Thad.Young? or is Favors still worth owning in a 10 team league?


  16. regarding fantasy playoff schedules, everyone talks about number of games played each week as strength but if all my players play on the same night it doesn’t do me much good because then some are left on the bench. So has anyone done any analysis to see which teams have the most off night games (such as Mondays,Tuesday,Thursdays)?

  17. @WarriorsFan: ya, I have. but not right now. focusing on getting to the playoffs first, but as soon as I’m in you can be sure I plan every little detail out regarding when my guys play. Hec made a good point a while ago that I didn’t realize about there being certain teams play more on those “light” game days (as opposed to when there are a lot of games going on). It’s not that hard to do and there’s not much “analysis” to be done. It just takes time and diligence like Lpeezy said

  18. Is Shved worth holding with no one traded? Their schedule the rest of the way is great and I assume they are going to want to develop him over the last part of the year. I have Harkless, MKG, Nate Rob and Webster on the WW right now. I am looking good for the playoffs and just looking for a good stash for rest of the year. What do you think?

  19. Any thoughts on Kaman?

    I just dropped JV for Courtney lee.

    Pick him up and drop young? Lee? Knight?

    Rubio knight cp3 jack
    Young lee pierce hArden
    Ad boozer Noah mgasol mullens

    Any thoughts? Need that blocks from him!

  20. @WarriorsFan: Good question, under Tools on the left side bar there is not only an awesome weekly H2H matrix but also a DAY TO DAY matrix. Check it out!

  21. @Lpeezy: The Jordan Crawford deal makes Lee’s outlook not as rosy as a few hours ago so go ahead and lose him for Crawford if possible. Otherwise grab Kaman for his blocks potential.

  22. @Colin: Would have loved to see Ridnour moved but with T-Wolves awesome playoff schedule I’d hold him anyway. Especially considering limited wire options.

    @allballs: Enjoy!

  23. @Chile: I agree the rumors always fly. Losing Favors depends on who you’re grabbing.

    @SeanH5: You have expect regression from JJ but I’d hold him over Jordan at this point.

    @allballs: Spidey senses! Nice!

  24. Hec, now that Millsap and Big Al are staying in Utah, I’m looking to dump Favors to pickup a wing that can get 3s and some steals. Given the makeup of my team and the upcoming playoff schedule, which do you think would be the best pickup? Martell Webster, Courtney Lee, Jordan Crawford, Moe Harkless.

    My team:

    Kyrie, Dragic, Rubio
    J.Jack, Joe Johnson
    Parsons, Jr Smith
    West, Zbo, Amir, Favors
    Monroe, Vucevic, Bogut

    Thank you!

  25. Low TO BLK/REB Big with decent FG/FT %s is a need rank Valanciunas,Hawes,Mullens,Jordan,O’Neil,Biyombo,Nicholson. Can Start 3,and Sit 2.

  26. Hey Hec, looks like the deadline passed with minimal “big” moves made!

    Quick question: Would you trade Byron Mullens – considering his current identity crisis! (shooting .400+)-for Greivis Vasquez? TOs, REBs and FG% are categories that I am middle of the pack with regard to. I have been leading the league in STLs, FT%, BLKs and 3PTs for most of the year. 4+1=5(out of 9)… it seems like solid math to me, but then again it has been a few years since I had to tackle problem solving!


  27. I went and added harkless for lee instead.

    I thought the celtics is too crowded for Jordan Crawford? And to wait and see?

  28. I have Valanciunas,Mullens,Jordan,O’Neil on my team who do you like dropping for high FG%/FT% Low TO blocking rebounder of Hawes/Nicholson as Nichoslon isn’t shooting that well or blocking.

  29. With the addition of Crawford of boston would you consider Terry for my JV?

    Hawes,Seflosha,Crawford,Ridnour,Aminu,T.Allen,Chalmers,Hinrich,Bayless,Bradley,T.Allen,JButler are some names on WW at a glance if i were to drop JV.

    Need a low TO STL/AST guy who can hit 3’s as well as a BLK/REB with decent FG% + FT% big.Just don’t know if in that back court with Crawford as well, if Terry is that guy.

  30. @MrLewb: I’d say no on Terry. Hawes is interesting though. Aminu.

    @Boleros: Jordan over Lee and Harkless if you don’t need Delfino’s big three potential.

    @Chile: Leaning hold Young.

  31. My Bargnani and N. Young for A. Davis got vetoed today, so I am stuck with Barg. Should I keep him or drop for one of the following: Thomas Robinson, Delfino, Harkless, Henderson, J. O’neal. I could use some blocks and fg%, but I have a feeling Bargnani will pick it up once I drop him. Thanks!

  32. @Boleros: Leaning hold Hayward and Green. Bradley isn’t a bad idea actually.

    @Jay: Damn, that would have been a great deal for you. Monitor Robinson and drop quickly if he does what I think he can do (or at least gets as many minutes as I think he’ll get).

    @vikinggjh: Leaning Moore, he’s more familiar with the system.

  33. Hi Hecman,

    Trade deal in the works – should I trade Asik, Jeff Green and Duncan to get Bosh, Chandler and Jennings?

    He said he’d consider it, also asked if I would swap Green for Steve Nash. Would you do the deal for Green first, and also Nash if I need to?

    My roster:

    Westbrook, Korver, Pierce, Duncan, Cousins.

    Nash, Granger, Jeff Green, Thomas Robinson, Hickson, Pekovic, Asik, Bogut.

    His roster:

    Jennings, Afflalo, Kirilenko, Mullens, Chandler.

    Kyrie, Nate Rob, George Hill, DeRozan, Ginobili, Bosh, Love, Millsap.

  34. @vikinggjh: Jordan pretty clearly in my mind right now. Burks short term ok until Mo comes back.

    @Francis: I like it with Green. If necessary I’d throw Nash in instead.

  35. Terrible trade deadline Hec – no movement at all as you (and everyone else knows). Ended up dumping Favors to pick up Jeff Green.

    However, my own league trade deadline is coming up in about a week.

    (New Team, providing no vetoes on previous trades)
    PGs: Westbrook, Wall, Kemba
    SG/SFs: Batum, Gay, Iggy, Green, (Kidd = Stream Spot)
    PF/Cs: LBJ, M. Gasol, Z. Randolph, T. Chandler, Vucevic

    Since I’m thinking of punting 3s with this lineup (Westbrook, Wall as my PGs), do you think this offer of Batum + Green for Vasquez + Kirilenko makes sense? AK covers Batums STL/BLKs pretty decently, and I’d get a nice uptick in assists to pair with my PG combo to lock that down.

    Once again, I’m also considering two offers of Gay + Zbo for Melo + Gortat or Kemba + Iggy for PG.

    Any help would be appreciated hec!

  36. @BigMan: I think you’re giving up a bit much in the Batum deal though it’s close because ak47 has a sick playoff schedule. I do like the Melo/Gortat one and that wouldn’t preclude you from still dealing Batum in that other deal. Not loving moving both Kemba and Iggy for a PG, they both get dimes so can’t see you net gaining much if anything there. It would have to be for a monster PG.

  37. Aight I might hold off on that Batum one – I’ve already customized an Excel playoff schedule to include the maximum games played on a team (FYI: Wednesday March 27th, Friday March 29th, Wednesday Apr 3rd and Fri Apr 5th all have a full slate of games), as it is a daily league, and doing that trade only gives me 1 more AK47 game.

    And oops, I didn’t mean a PG – I meant THE PG, Paul George haha. Indiana has a very favourable playoff schedule (plays 3 times on off-peak days during a 4 game week in my second week of playoffs etc.)

  38. Alternatively, I could just offer to flip Westy for Paul George instead, although Wall wouldn’t fit my lineup that great in that scenario.

  39. @Teen Wolf: I think I might actually.

    @Chile: Sigh. What’s on the wire? Only other option is to hold him and hope he picks it up so you can deal him in a 2 for 1.

  40. Hey Hecman,

    Andrew Bynum, Moe Harkless, MKG, Andrew Nicholson, Moe Williams, Jordan Crawford, Courtney Lee,Antawn Jamison,and a bunch of sorry players on the wire. Man, it sucks that Bargnani didn’t get traded. :(

  41. My team could use a little help in boards and 3’s, but do you like Thomas Robinson’s value over Granger for the rest of the year? My team is basically in the playoffs, so I can a afford a few slow weeks from granger.. 8 cat 10 man h2h.

    Thanks man

  42. Ugh, none of my stashes worked out, lol. Anyway, can you rank these guys for me:

    Derrick Williams

    Thanks man! Time to start working on plan b…

  43. @Alex: I think you have to go with the proven quantity right now in Granger especially if you need 3s.

    @Drez1: JT, NIcholson, DW, Aminu, JV, Harkless. Toss up but that’s my best guess right now. Sorry the stashes didn’t work out but at least you were in it to win it!

  44. Hi Hec,

    Due to no action on Utah, I just dropped Kanter for Kaman. I would drop Bledsoe as well, but I don’t see a hot FA just yet. Well, Stuckey is on the wire, but I don’t wanna lose my waiver position just to get him back.

    Looks like I’ll be back on the trade hunt until the deadline, hehe.

  45. Hec who would you rather own for the ROS I need two: Earl Clark, Byron Mullens, Jarret Jack, Kawahi Leonard, Gordon Heyward, Danny Granger and Thomas Robinson

  46. @@Ifctor: Where’s a please? Ha. Redick, Hayward, Jamal.

    @Vince: If you want to get rid of the burden of owning EG then sure.

    @John: Nice options. In a vacuum leaning Mullens and Kawhi but you could make arguments for Clark, Jack and Granger depending on need.

    @decaf: I like the Kaman move and agree not to waste waiver claim on Rodney.

    @Danny: Leaning hold Mullens.

    @Vince: Leaning MWP.

  47. heya hec!

    manu’s lack of mins really frustrating! got fantasy playoffs starting next week. Is Manu droppable?

    Notable WW – Nicholson, NateRob, AlGee, Favours, Zeller, DWilliams (MIN), JV, Jamison. I’m leaning towards Nicholson w lack of frontcourt in ORL now. but once Manu’s dropped, someone else will pick him up…

  48. @HVR!: I like the exclamation point in the name. Nice touch. Leaning DW right now. Not sure if your deadline passed but maybe try to move Manu otherwise I might bite the bullet and just make the move.

  49. Good to hear, sniff. Just traded away Kobe, Jamal and DeAndre for Melo and Thaddeus Young. (H2H points)

    Good deal?

    Games remaining after the trade goes through:
    Melo 29
    Thad 28
    Kobe 25
    Jamal 24
    DeAndre 24

  50. Who is this Jermaine O’Neal dude? The guy who owns Gortat dropped Gortat for O’Neal. Totally took me by surprise. Now I see O’Neal has killed it the last 3 games. Good move on this guy’s part. O’Neal must have come back from injury?

  51. That Bargnani’s situation is killing me.
    For now, i’m stashing Al Harrington, who can come back next week.
    He’ll be dropped, if Al shows any kind of efficiency.
    Bad Bad move for me :/

  52. Hey Hec, just wondering if you would trade Nick young and Clark for Anthony Davis? Im really tempted to pull the trigger, just not sure if Davis will keep a double digit scoring pace for the rest of the season. I picked up Hayward to cover Young, and also Thomas Robinson. I don’t really struggle in threes so I don’t count that category in this trade. Thanks!

  53. Hi Hec

    Im looking for some wire help. Can I get your thoughts on the following. 8cat roto

    G – Jordan Crawford (Should I drop for any of the following?)
    Stephenson, Brewer, Court. Lee, Bayless, Et. Moore, Udrih, Burks

    F – Nicholson, Favors or Aminu (Should I drop any for either of the following?)
    Thomas Robinson or Harkless

  54. Pick up Gortat right away, cool, but who would you drop for him? My team-

    David Lee,Kawhi Leonard,Kyle Lowry, Tyreke Evans

    Larry Sanders, Granger, Jack, and Thad Young are available besides Gortat also.What is a good team to take into the playoffs? I’ve got a 7 game lead in my side of the division.

  55. @tg26 – I would either lose Stephenson (with Granger returning) or one of Moore/Udrih. Jameer Nelson is the starter so one of these guys will be 3rd string.

    As for the bigs, I could see T-rob averaging 10/8/blk in Houston, which would be more consistent than say Nicholson. You may want to give him a game or two to see what he can do.

    @Francis – Yes.

    @Vman – I could see you adding Gortat and Sanders for Leonard and Tyke but that may give you too many bigs. I might actually add Sanders right now for Leonard over Gortat. Take a look at your last 5-7 weeks and see what your team is lacking and the make the adds as needed. Hope this helps!

  56. Hec, would u trade Gerald Wallace and a 4th rounder for Robin Lopez?

    I need blocks and another center.

    or would you try to give him Devin Harris and a 4th instead?

  57. @SDPZ – I would try Harris and 4th first. If that doesnt work I wouldnt give him Wallace and a 4th. Thats too much for Ro-Lo. Maybe just Wallace alone….

  58. All I need is total fantasy points,no categories. Only thing is Leonard and Tyke are the only 2 guys I have to play SG.I am kind of wondering about Deng also.It looked like Deng was splitting time with Jimmy Butler, which if that is the case from now on, Deng could go too. Beal has 3 thirty something fantasy point games out of 4 games after tonight. Maybe I grab Beal for Leonard,so I have 1 SG anyways,Sanders for Deng,if Deng’s going to be on a timeshare from now on, and Gortat for Tyke? What do you think? Will that make my team better?

  59. @Vman – Sounds like youre in a pretty shallow league so I might not add Gortat just yet. Gortat has been pretty slow lately. I like the Sanders add better at the moment. Yes, Jeff Green exploded tonight. If only he could get a starting job and play Phoenix every single night. Ha!

  60. Hey there,

    Do you guys dropping Nick Young for Gordon Hayward? I am kind of dissapointed I didnt drop him for beal a few days ago.

  61. So jcraw got picked up. I end up dropping knight for delfino. Just don’t think Robinson will have tons of pt. what do u think

    I dropped harkless. I just don’t like his game based on my team stats. He is like a derozan to me. Just score. And don’t shoot 3s. Ft sucks. I mean just doesn’t fit. Ended up picking Kaman. Sometimes the best player available is not the best solution for ur teams success. I avg 42% fg and ft 84% 45 3ptm avg. blocks so bad.

    Anywho. I really want to dump pierce! What do u think

    Pierce/Rubio/young for Jeff green/nene/dragic… U think the owner will bite?
    Or pierce/young for Tyson chandler/parson—

    My thing is. My team is not a huge scoring machine. And I have to win either fg or points. Right now I will lose both of them. Hate the fg% being a cat.
    Whatcha think sif

  62. Hi idol hec, Someone offered me Lawson/Hickson for my Paul George. What do you think? Thanks!

    hecman says: @Boleros: Depends on if you need depth. Who are you playing now in that second spot that you won’t need anymore?

    This is my team now, and i need a PG. Thanks!

    Deron Williams
    Andre Miller
    Dion Waiters
    Carlos Delfino
    Nick Young

    Paul George
    Andrew Nicholson
    Maurice Harkless
    Luis Scola
    Thomas Robinson

    Nikola Vucevic
    Nikola Pekovic
    Tiago Splitter

    His team:

    Tony Parker
    Ty Lawson
    Monta Ellis
    Kyle Lowry
    Danny Green

    Nicolas Batum
    Kenneth Faried
    Byron Mullens
    Gordon Hayward
    Danny Granger

    J.J. Hickson
    Al Jefferson
    Andre Drummond

  63. Hey man,

    I’ve got a deal to trade Duncan / Nash for Al Jeff / Sessions – should I take it?

    I want to avoid Duncan injury / resting risk, but don’t want to get ripped off – needed to give up Nash in the deal.

    What should I do?

  64. *Update – deal accepted! Hope I did the right thing – would love to get your thoughts on the above deal where I got Al Jefferson and Sessions.

    Also, would you trade Jeff Green to get Brandon Jennings?

  65. Hey Hec,

    I woke up this morning shocked to find out that somebody in my league had dropped Marcin Gortat. It was shocking, that is, until I looked at his recent stats and noticed that his numbers have taken a slight nosedive. Nonetheless, I figure he could be a great pickup come fantasy playoff time.

    SO, my question is: Given Byron Mullens strong stretch followed by his poor play last night and Earl Clark’s decent production the past few weeks, who do you figure is more droppable? My FG%’s are in the bottom half of the league, so I’ve conceded that category along with points!


  66. Hey Hec, as you know I was originally planning on offering Batum + Green for Vasquez + Kirilenko, but we both had our doubts. After Green’s monster game and Batum’s semi-breakout, this trade was offered to me:

    Give: Batum, Green, Zbo
    Get: Vasquez, Kirilenko, Horford

    I get the upgrade from Zbo to Horford included as well!

    The playoff schedules are roughly the same – Gives me 1 extra game in Week 2, and 1 Less game in Week 3 of the playoffs.

    However, this could go well with my punting 3s, TOs strat (PGs: Westbrook, Wall) but after picking up Delfino, I’m not sure if I do need to punt 3s. This trade would make me a lock in ASTs though (Westbrook, Wall, Kemba, LBJ, Iggy, M.Gasol + Vasquez) while still doing well in FG%, FT%, PTS, REBS, STLS/BLKS.

    Thoughts? Thanks for the advice!

    10-Team, 9 Cat with TOs
    PGs: Westbrook, Wall, Kemba
    SG/SFs: Batum, Gay, Iguodala, Delfino, J. Green
    PF/Cs: LBJ, M. Gasol, Z. Randolph, T. Chandler, Vucevic

  67. If I picked up Larry Sanders, who would you drop? Deng? Did you think Beal was better to own than Kawhi Leonard or T.Evans right now? What’s this sore kneee issue that Kawhi sat out Thursday’s game for? Any reason to dump him for? I don’t need anyone sitting out games in the playoffs.

  68. @VMan: lots of nice options there. how about kawhi for sanders? all players are solid so look at playoff matchup and use that to help guide you.

    @bigman: would he take delfino instead of green there? delfino’s fg will be poor so moving it could help.

    @jryan: leaning losing clark, all are nice options.

  69. @Francis: i like the jefferson deal for you. yes i would trade green to get jennings. leaning robinson for his upside unless you needed the 3s.

  70. @Crystal: i thought i told you i was leaning to lose beal for young! i did say go with your gut though i think, or something like that. let’s see how young goes tonight, i still like him.

  71. @boleros: it´s fair so go for it if you like. lawson looks good to go over the past 4, 5 weeks and should continute and jj is a solid forward.

  72. ************** new post is up please comment there – jfort will take it from here rest of the weekend unless i can get on, i´m with limited internet access at the moment **************

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