I have a Tobias toward Harris

Way way waaaay back in the day, like in early November back in the day, I told you to go ahead and grab yourself some Tobias Harris. At that time it looked like he would start at small forward for the Bucks and possibly have a breakout fantasy season but noooooooooooooo. Instead he farted directly on your pillow and you launched him faster than you could get out your deodorizer! Ewwwww, nobody likes a smelly pillow! Fast forward to February, 2013 and history seems to be repeating itself. Hide the women and children! Hide your pillow! Tobias is back in town! Last night, Tobias Harris came off the bench for the Orlando Magic and promptly dropped  16/7/2 with a steal and a three in 31 minutes on 7-9 FG. Sounds pretty damn exciting to me! Now only if he could shoot 7-9 FG every game! You feelz what I’m saying here, peoples? Temper expectations, he’s only 20, but go ahead and grab him in standard 12 team leagues for his upside. The opportunity is certainly there in Orlando for him. What more can you ask for?? Production, that’s what! Greedy! As for you Moe Harkless owners, he did drop 10/4/2 in 31 minutes so I’m not dropping him just yet. 31 minutes isn’t bad! Monitor him though. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Al Harrington – 9/3/2 with a three in just 12 minutes. Think Al can score the ball for this team? Swish. You probably should go ahead and grab him if you haven’t stashed him already. Swish.

E’Twaun Moore – 12/10/1 with 3 threes. He was one of the guys I told you to stash through the deadline in case J.J. Redick got launched. Guess what? J.J. got launched! Wheeeeee. It also doesn’t hurt that Jameer Nelson is a wussy.

Beno Udrih – 4/2/9 in 27 minutes. For what it’s worth, I like Moore over Udrih when Nelson comes back. Just an FYI!

Spencer Hawes – 6/1/1 with a block in 21 minutes. Nights like this are the reason why I begged you to move him quick quick the last month. It’s a mirage! Or Mirage if you’re from Las Vegas. Thaddeus Young is the magician, he’s making Spencer disappear!

Nick Young – 3/1/2 in 14 minutes. Jeez, Nick, you’re making me look bad, bro. You would think he stole the coach’s lunch money or something with the limited minutes he’s been getting lately. That said, I’d give him a game or three more simply because I don’t see any player in that backcourt who should challenge him. It’s called logical reasoning! Go ahead and monitor Damien Wilkins though, he’s the only one.

Carl Landry – 11/9/1 with a steal in 29 minutes. Hope you grabbed him on Monday! He’s also one of the most amazing free throw shooters for a big man that I’ve even seen, said Andris Bierdrins.

Danny Granger – 5/2/1 with a steal on 1-7 FG in 19 minutes. Has now shot 2-17 FG in his first two games. Phew, I was worried he would be rusty but he’s picked up right where he left off! >>>>>>>> sarcasm. As if you didn’t know!

Marcus Thornton – 36/2/3 with 8 threes in 40 minutes. Nights like this is what I was hoping for when I had him ranked like 43rd overall in my Top 200 Overall in my Draft Guide. Um, ooops, my bad! Damn you, Keith Smart! Let him play! He probably won’t. Sigh.

Jason Thompson – 8/6/2 with a steal in 26 minutes. I saw the game went into double overtime so I was expecting like 50 rebounds from JT. At least 20! Instead I got 6. 6! Strangely, that was second most on the team last night. Carry on!

Ray Allen – 21/4/3 with 5 threes as he lost to Marcus Thornton in the battle of bigger shooting guard disappointment. MT is easily the bigger disappointment, I never really expected much from Ray to begin with, said Mike Miller.

Shaun Livingston – 15/2/2 with a steal in 33 minutes. Kyrie Irving has a sore knee bone and will probably miss a game or two so go ahead and stream Shaun if that floats your boat. You see what I did there? Get out the pun police, we’ve got a violation!

Dion Waiters – 25/2/0 with a steal and a three. You listening to me? I hope so!

Kirk Hinrich – 11/6/11/ with a steal, block and 3 threes in 33 minutes. Better hurry and get him back in your lineup before he pulls a nose hair out and misses a couple of weeks from the burn.

C.J. Watson – 10/2/2 with 2 threes in 32 minutes. He’s really just a handcuff to Deron Williams when everyone is healthy. Really, that’s all he is. Trust me! Unless you’re in a deeep league I mean.

Anthony Davis – 6/4/0 with a steal and 2 blocks in 21 minutes. The frustration continues and now he’s hurt. Damn you, fantasy basketball gods! What have I done to deserve this! hecman throws his milk against the wall and shakes fist at sky. Hold and hope for the best. Sigh.

Greivis Vasquez – 20/8/7 with 3 steals and 2 threes as the dream season continues for his owners. He’s actually helped me to second place out of 24 so far in the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) Industry Insiders Experts league. Fancy name! Take that you ESPN, etc. guys!

J.J. Redick – 14/2/2 with 2 threes in 23 minutes. I told you to reasonably expect regression with minutes mongers Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis on the same team so lines like last night should not shock you. Still useful though! Hope for more, I think he’ll have some big nights here and there but it’s tough to be consistently good with 23ish minutes. 27 mpg would be nice!

Vince Carter – 2/3/2 on 0-8 FG. If you miss every shot you take then generally you’re not going to score many points. Carry on! He could only do better! I try to keep it positive for you up in here at hecmanhoops, man.

Andrei Kirilenko – 0/2/1 with a steal in 10 minutes before leaving the game with a left calf strain. You see what they do to those poor little calfs to make veal? I still eat veal anyway. It’s gooooooooood!

Wesley Johnson – 14/9/2 with 2 steals and 2 threes. I’m afraid Phoenix is going to be a fantasy mess for the rest of the season, Lyndsey Hunter looks like he’s one of those coaches. Welcome to the club, said Keith Smart! I would probably not hesitate much to lose anyone on this team for a hot free agent not named Dragic or Gortat and Gortat is pushing it!

Matt Barnes – 17/1/7 with 4 steals and 3 threes as the starters took the night of for the Clippers. Hey, they were playing Michael Jordan’s team, Executive of the Year! Assign same value to Matt as you had for him yesterday morning. No, seriously!

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  1. Hey Hec! Hope all is well in Brazil!

    Just moved my Pierce, Klay, and Nash for Marc Gasol, Jrue, and Harkless. 14 Team H2H and I was looking to improve playoff scheduling (I’m also pretty stacked w/ wings). Strong move despite shakiness with Harkless?

  2. PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Aminu PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – T.Allen Util – Kirilenko
    BN – Ridnour BN – Igudola BN – Mullens

    I am thinking of targetting Lin+big here .What kind of offer do you like sending out?

    Jack Henderson Dragic
    J.Green West Tristan
    Gortat McGee
    Gallinari Okafor

  3. @TeenWolf: I like Jrue and Gasol a bunch and hopefully Harkless can contribute. I like the deal in general for you. Good luck! All is well down here. Thanks!

    @MrMonkey: Iggy/Ridnour for Thompson/Lin? Hard to say.

    @Adrian: I like all those guys. Korver if you don’t need his 3s.

    @Scrubs: Certainly Aminu if you need boards otherwise I’d check the H2H schedule matrix under Tools on the left sidebar to see who has better playoff schedule.

  4. If Hibbert is suspended for Thursdays game against LAC: Would you rather pick up Mahinmi or Hansbrough? (H2H points)

  5. Hey hec,
    Big fan of your blog. Read it daily.

    Who would you rather own going forward Harkless or Tobias? I currently own Harkless but I expect both to get plenty of run.

    Been looking for depth at SF all year.

  6. Hey Hec,in a h2h weekly league would you offer to trade Kyrie for Carmelo? His playoff schedule is great. It seems like a good idea, but I wanted to see if there was any down side that I am missing. I am pretty good on assists, so I should be ok there. Thanks

  7. Would you drop any of the following to grab Al Harrington?

    Splitter, Tristan Thompson, T Rob, Kawhi or Mo Williams?

    Splitter is the only one I would feel ok cutting ties with I think… But the rest of my team isn’t cuttable.

    Thanks Hec… You’re the best!

  8. @Scrubs: Sure, anytime!

    @Dan: Thanks for the kind words and for reading! Leaning Tobias but, I agree, hopefully both should get nice run.

    @Colin: If you’re solid with dimes then sure, Knicks have a killer playoff schedule. That said, I do loove Kyrie though.

    @@Ifctor: Leaning Hansbrough who could do more damage in limited minutes.

  9. Or I could pick up Tobias Harris?

    Rest of my team: Jennings, CP3, Harden, Danilo, Dirk, David Lee, Joakim, Granger

  10. @Jess: Thanks for the kind words! If you need threes and some points, I’d lose Splitter for Al. I’d lean toward holding TRob for his upside.

  11. Hey hec, thoughts on Kaman’s DNP-CD last night and 8 minutes the night before? Do you see more DNPs in the future or could this be that he’s just not in game shape after being out so long? I mean, he could’ve at least played 12 minutes, said Al Harrington.

  12. Well, Tobias got scooped. Best players on the wire right now…E’Twaun Moore, Harrington, Devin Harris, Markieff, Odom, and of course Drummond (the debate on whether to shut him down or not has begun). Considering Nelson’s injury isn’t serious, I’m thinking Harrington’s got to be the best of the bunch (4 game week next week too). I probably shouldve made the move yesterday seeing as Dallas plays Memphis today. Tough matchup but i’m more interested in the minutes if he gets any but based on your reply, I think I know what I have to do…Thanks!

  13. I know yesterday you had said I should grab Wall and Sanders from Deng,Gortat,Wall, and Larry Sanders….at 5am Tomorrow morning. What do you think about Derrick Williams from Minnesota? I was looking at playoff schedules, Minnesota has a great one, and seen this guy was a free agent in my league, and Minnesota had given him 35 minutes of playing the last 5 games, and he scored 33.36.14,25,41 fantasy points those 5 games. Not too shabby eh? Wall laid a brick tonight, 6 fantasy points, because he has a terrible turnover problem(7 tonight) and never shoots any 3’s.What do you think? Sanders or Deng and Williams?

  14. Have Leonard, D. Collision, Derrick Williams as streamers. Picked up and stashing Love (already have D. Rose). Already made playoffs, so just tampering. Available are Knight, Tobias. Perhaps an even swap of Knight for Collision or for Derrick? This is after Brandon goes off Wed. night, heh heh.

    P.S. Dropped Drummond for Love. Incredibly, Love is already taking 18 foot jumpers. FYI for your readers!

    Thanks for the top-notch help as always.

  15. @JesseBlattstein: Nice info on Love, thanks! Williams is worth holding for now but once Love comes back he’s toast so long term I like him least and would consider losing him for Knight. DW is playing well in the meantime though so your call on when you want to make that move.

    @MrMonkey: May as well go with Harris for his upside.

    @decaf: Sure, nice move.

    @Bubba22: Problem with Williams is Love will kill his value when he comes back so his great playoff schedule may not matter. Roll with Deng and Sanders if you can’t handle Wall’s TOVs.

  16. So Hec peep this:

    I am in $100 money league for yahoo. So far the league has not denied a trade. And i have seen some ridic trade goes down. But I guess the trade that i am making for CP3 to receive Jeff teague/griffin is creating a lot of attention. The managers in the league finds it lopsided. But we shall see on Sunday if it goes through.

    Want to hear your thoughts? Do you think its lopsided?

    I’ve seen Aldridge for Gordon/Derozan happen.

    And they also think my trade for curry/kemba/gay for me to receive cp3/harden/knight was lopsided–did you think that was lopsided?

    But more to first question. CP3 for me to receive Griffin/J Teague. Lopsided? Anyone can answer.

  17. good morning everyone!

    tobias another great game!

    I added him for danny green and dropped avery bradley for brandon knight, he was huge last night

  18. hey hec, should i stashed mo williams? i’m virtually a lock for the playoffs and had a spot open for him. is he projected to come back in mid march when playoffs start?

  19. With my team sitting pretty well, (1.5 GB of 1st), I just want to see what you think of offering a trade of a few players to see if I can increase assists while not losing too much in return. As a refresher, my team in the 8-Team, 9-Category, H2H league is:

    Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, George Hill, Kemba Walker
    James Harden, JJ Redick, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh
    Tristan Thompson, Joakim Noah, JJ Hickson, Nikola Pekovic, Roy Hibbert

    The trade I am thinking of proposing would be:
    Chris Bosh and JJ Redick in return for Kevin Garnett and Steve Nash

    I’m iffy about proposing the trade because I really don’t like having players from the same team on my roster. (Already have Hill & Hibbert). However his team is 3PTM, FT%, and AST oriented so that’s why I think the trade might work. My other concern is about the playoffs (April 1-7, and April 8-14) and how the standings in each conference will affect teams resting players. Do you think the proposition of this trade would benefit my team or would it be a bad move? I know it’s alot to read but I enjoy your feedback, Hec. Thanks in advance.

  20. Need some help on the trade front. Had a guarantee that the following would be accepted: My Jennings, T Thomp and Splitter for his Kyrie and Hickson. (not sure if my being so high on Hickson has to do with my being a blazer fan…) I backed out once I read about Kyrie’s injury. Should I repropose or try another trade with this guy? He is willing and in 5th while I’m on 6th in a 12 team H2H, 9 cat. Any other trade scenarios you think I should try out?

    My team: CP3, Harden, Jennings, Danilo, Dirk, David Lee, Joakim, Granger, T Rob (consider losing for Donastas?), Splitter, T Thomp, Kawhi, Mo Williams

    His team: Kyrie, Westy, Greivis, Hinrich, Ariza, AK47, Hickson, Bogut, Gortat, Amir Johnson, G Wallace, Tony Allen, Faried

    Thank you in advance for the help… I know you gave me add advice on Harrington but I looked at my stats and decided rebounds were more important to my team. Thank you so much for your help! You’re a fantasy genius!

  21. @lpeezy: No, I don’t think it’s lopsided, you’re giving up the best player in the deal who also happens to be a top 5 fantasy player. It should go through.

    @Jess: Thanks for the kind words! I would make the Kyrie/Hickson deal.

    @Sean: I think I’d sit tight unless you really need the extra dimes. Bosh is having a great year and JJ should continue to be useful. Your call though!

    @Colin: Short term, sure.

    @Pepper: Rubio, especially if you’re in a h2h league. Minny has the best playoff schedule.

    @patrickdrd: I like both moves!

    @spursfan21: Sure, go ahead and add him.

  22. Hey Hec, what do you think about my Klay/J.Green/Drummond for R.Anderson/Hayward? I’m trying to simultaneously preserve my FT% (Anderson’s is great for a big, and Hayward gets to the line) and tank his because he’s got a few points on me in that cat, lol. Too much to offer?

  23. @Martin: leaning losing chandler for donatas. hold prince.

    @Drez1: I think it´s a bit much but close. Can you squeeze another player out of it otherwise who would you add with open spot?

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