Donatas walk to pick up Motiejunas, run!

I admit I didn´t really know much about Donatas Motiejunas two weeks ago. Hell, nobdy knew much about him except his mother and the 3 members of his fan club but I read up on him and now I know lots of stuff! For starters, he´s just 22 years old and was born in Lithuania. He´s also really, really tall. Like 7´0 tall! That´s pretty damn tall! He´s also Houston´s new starting power forward so he should be grabbed in all 12 team leagues right now. What I think he can give you is very European of him. Over his last 2 games he´s averaged 24.5 mpg/12 ppg/6.5 rpg/3 3pa/1.5 3pm/0 blocks and .5 spg. Small sample I know. It´s only two games! But you can clearly see Donatas can get you low double digit points, 6-7 rpg and possibly 2 3pm per. That´s some useful stuff! As for Thomas Robinson, if you´re holding him you have to make the move for Donatas. Short term it´s the only right thing to do. Long term (in a month?) you may be reading right here to go the other way but we´ll worry about that if/when that day comes. Live in the moment! You´re crazy like that. Here´s what else I saw in fantasy baskteball last nigh:

Isaiah Thomas – 2/0/2 with a steal in 14 minutes. Burp! That wasn´t just a little burp, that was like a gigantic belch after you chugged a fo-tee! Carry on!

Tobias Harris – 23/6/2 with 2 steals and a three. My Tobias toward Harris is growing!

Moe Harkless – 12/4/0 with a three in 28 minutes. I told you yesterday not to lose him so quick. So far so good. Hold but don´t expect any explosions. Unless you eat a burrito or something.

Andrea Bargnani – 0/1/1 with a block in 16 minutes. When he´s playing well we are all willing to overlook the fact that he has a girl´s name. When he sucks, we make fun of his girl’s name. That´s how we roll! Lose him faster than you would lose an Irish kilt the day after St. Patrick´s Day.

Brandon Knight – 32/3/4 with a steal and 5 threes. Not only does he return on a night where he was a game time decision but he drops a career high 32! Of course, I had him benched in my games cap 14 team rotiss league. Damn you, fantasy basketball gods!

Charlie Villanueva – 3/3/2 with a steal and a three. I had higher hopes for CV but he´s getting lost in the Detroit Shuffle. Not to be confused with the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Trevor Ariza – 22/6/3 with 3 steals and 4 threes. Fine, fine, Uncle! Go grab him if you want less than a three per game out of your “three point specialist” and bad percents. Whatever.

Kevin Seraphin – 12/3/1 in 17 minutes. If Nene Hilario is to miss time then Kevin Seraphin > Trevor Booker. We straight, Skippy! That´s your new name! But you already knew that.

Stephen Curry – 54/6/7 with 3 steals and 11 threes on 18-28 FG and 7-7 FT. Insane line. There´s something about Madison Square Garden that makes great players want to go on a points explosion. Eh? Congrats if you drafted Curry this year. Back in December on the podcast I told you that I had a feeling he would stay healthy this year. So far so good! Hope I didn´t just put the hex on! That would suck. Oh, and note to the Knicks defense. Don´t let Curry shoot an undefended three! Maybe they didn´t notice but he´s good!

Tyson Chandler – 16/28/1 with 2 steals and a block. The next most boards on the team was 5 by J.R. Smith. Must have been the long rebound type! 28 boards is a shit load of boards, man. There is no truth to the rumor that the rest of the team is alergic to glass.

Mike Dunleavy – 16/6/3 with a steal, block and 2 threes. That´s 3 out of 4 in double digits for Mike which is great news for his owners. I was scaauuured he would be negatively impacted with the J.J. Redick trade but it hasn´t happened. This is why you don´t drop guys immediately. Never assume things! You know what it makes out of you and me when you do. I´m not even going to say it!

Anthony Davis – DNP – Shoulder as the shroud of mystery continues about his injury. It doesn´t look good for this weekend either so plan accordingly! By the way, the Hornets lost by 45 last night so I´m not going to bother blurbing about anyone in this game. That´s like talking to a wall. Nobody likes talking to a wall. Unless you´re in prison or something.

Jermaine O´Neal – 22/13/1 with 2 blocks. It appears that he´s going to hold value for possibly the rest of the season. Mature seasoned veteran leadership from Jermaine O´Neal? Who knew! The Suns are only 19 games under .500 so may as well give young guys like Jermaine a shot. Makes sense!

Manu Ginobili - 10/3/3 with a steal and 2 threes in 30 minutes. The mediocre line is almost as surprising as the number of minutes he played. The last time he played more than 30 minutes was January 11 and on December 18 before that. By my count he should be good for 30 minutes again in late March. Sigh. Prove me wrong, Manu! I really want you to.

Derrick Favors – 17/15/3 with 3 blocks as he started in place of the injured Paul Millsap. This is why I told you to stash him everywhere if possible just in case Millsap or Al Jefferson were to get traded. What could have been! Sigh.

Gordan Hayward – 11/3/4 with a steal, block and a three. Nice line but this is also more realistic out of Gordan, maybe an uptick in points but the rest looks about right. Hope you didn´t trade high for him based on his last few monster games! I warned you!

Kyle Korver – I´m going to choose to focus on the positive here. 37 minutes! If he gets that type of burn he´ll be fine. Assuming he takes more than 4 shots from the field I mean. He better start taking more shots! I think he will.

Nicolas Batum –  10/6/9 with 5 steals, 3 blocks and 2 threes. Boys and girls, that´s what we call filling it up!

Andre Iguodala – 29/7/8 with 5 steals, a block and 2 threes. When Andre heard hecman said Nic Batum filled it up he yawned.

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  1. “@Drez1: I think it´s a bit much but close. Can you squeeze another player out of it otherwise who would you add with open spot?”

    He’s got mostly crap, lol. Figured it was a bit much, but that’s my bench (Klay, J.Green, and Drummond), so I wasn’t too concerned about the open spot, just wanted to upgrade. I think the best that’s available in that league is Aminu at the moment (could make up for losing Drummond though). So basically my Klay/J.Green/Drummond for R.Anderson/Hayward/Aminu. Thanks!

  2. Oh, Montiejuntas is available, but I’m not sure he will be once the trade goes through (and Harkless might be if he clears waivers).

  3. who is the best pickup: donatas, harkless, robin lopez, aminu, jeff green, kaman, henderson, nick young, kofous?

  4. @mike brown: Anyone else? ha. Toss up, Mike. A week ago I would have said Young but now leaning Green. Donatas is very intriguing but I do think Robinson will cut into his time at some point so long term he´s probably not as god an option as Gren or Henderson. Monitor Young though, I think he can bounce back.

  5. hec! I’m down with some donatas but as I gear up for the big postseason dance Im concerned with houstons schedule of 3 game weeks so Im thinking about dropping a.nicholson for tobias harris, ariza, t.allen… would appreciate your expertise!


  6. lol hey Mike, sorry things didn’t work out with the Lakers, but it’s good to see you’re back with a team…even if it is just a fantasy team.

    Hecman, I’d like your thoughts on trading with teams who are very likely not going to make the playoffs. The second place team (88-60-5) is trading away Danny Green and JaVale to the 13th place team (63-88-2) to get Kevin Garnett. Another team fighting for a playoff spot (79-73-1) is trading away Sessions to that same 13th place team to get Joe Johnson. Now if someone wants to argue that the 13th place team is still not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, I would like them to see his current roster…

    D-Wade, Shannon Brown, Eric Gordon, Caron Butler, Nene, Clark, Okafor, Bargnani, Nicholson, Ibaka, Dudley, A-Davis, Garnett, Joe Johnson (who he received by giving up Rubio).

    thanks hec

  7. I mean you’re in second place in your 24 man league. Would other managers in your league say something if you traded with the 20th place team?

  8. i mean i don’t think the trades are tooooo lopsided ..but it just makes me wonder because they are all friends and I’ve tried to contact that 13th place team for a trade and have not got a single response

  9. anyway, if everything is legit, I would want to see if I can get Ibaka from his team. what do you think of offering either Deng or ZBo + foye or delfino?

  10. I offered Deng + Delfino for Ibaka…we’ll see how it goes…If it doesn’t go through then I’ve gotta do something else…The 2nd place team offering the 2/1 has to pick up someone from the wire but I have to figure out who it is…I have a feeling it’s going to be either moore or drummond.

  11. he just countered with his Wade+Ibaka for my Lawson+ZBo…what do you think? wade might rest a lot and lawson is a beast right now

  12. oh, so the owners of Sessions and Joe Johnson are BF/GF…hmmmmm…also i realize i am commenting a lot…no i did not lose my job i’m just addicted to fantasy basketball

  13. Is it not recommended to have more than one player from any team on your fantasy team? Or if you do, maybe have 1 guard and 1 Forward/C, not 2 big positions or 2 guards? I suppose when it’s all clicking it’s great, but then when it’s bad, you have 2 players dragging you down? How does Rose usually affect Deng’s fantasy numbers? I can’t remember if Rose helped Deng’s fantasy numbers or was a ball hog.What’s the word on Rose, by the way for a possible return date?

  14. @Beast: Depends on the players. Owning Deng and Rose is not a bad thing. Deng is around a top 50 player with Rose. No word on Rose but hopefully sometime in March.

    @Chile: I’m great, thanks! Leaning Salmons unless you need boards while AD is out.

    @MrMonkey: The order you listed.

    @allballs: Comment all you want, that’s what it’s here for! I’m addicted to fantasy basketball too. Not sure if you could tell or not. Ha. The bf/gf deal stinks to high heaven. That’s not cool at all. Generally speaking I don’t like to veto deals barring proof of collusion. A bf/gf deal definitely smells which is unfortunate. The Ibaka deal you may have to offer more than Z-bo/Delfino but start with that.

  15. @allballs: Lawson is going off but Wade/Ibaka is really tempting. What do the playoff schedules look like? I think that would make a difference for you here.

  16. If Steph Curry gets hurt I’m going to start calling you Hexman. For my teams sake let’s hope that doesn’t happen, though.

    – Danny

  17. Trade deadline for me is coming up, and I am looking at a large gap from even the team above me.I am seeing swings of 2.5 points nearly every day this week.However, I am struggling to find a fit trade partner wise.Have some matches need wise but struggle to find fits price wise.What is my best course of action as if I want any shot at winning I have to do some sort of move before deadline?

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Aminu PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – T.Harris Util – Kirilenko
    BN – Ridnour BN – Igudola BN – Mullens

  18. @Danny: Ha, nice, hope it just say hecman for all our sake.

    @RZA: All solid options, obviously. If you’re in a H2H league I’d go Pek who has the best playoff schedule, then JJ.

  19. @Danny: Ha, nice, hope I just stay hecman for all our sake.

    @RZA: All solid options, obviously. If you’re in a H2H league I’d go Pek who has the best playoff schedule, then JJ.

  20. @MrMonkey: The team looks pretty decent on paper. What are you looking to improve in? Have you checked out my trade strategy article on the left side bar under the Fantasy Strategy heading? It was from back in November. Hopefully that can help give you some ideas.

  21. Going into tonights games I am in a 4 way tie in 4th with 61 pts, 3rd is 72.

    Below 5th in FG%,FT%,BLK,TO

    FG% and FT% are within .001. While REB,AST,STL,BLK are within 30 from either going up or down.

    The issue for me is this isn’t a league that communicates or really even counters with offers.I can tell you what category needs are but with no communication from the other side not really much i can do in terms of coming up with fair trades with no feedback from other owners.

  22. Hi Hec,

    In honor of your headline, would you drop any of these for Donatas?:
    Matt Barnes, Courtney Lee, Nate Rob.

    Thanks as usual!

  23. We have a facebook group with our 14 members but apparently the one girl in it really isn’t part of the league (claims she was added as a joke) but I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it..

    I agree it is tempting especially seeing as my team isn’t the greatest rebounding team so Z-Bo wouldn’t be a huge loss. It would really help with blocks. I would then have BroLo, Biyombo, and Ibaka (and Wade of course). My assists and 3s would take a hit but I could counter that loss by losing Kaman (or landry?) and pick up Moore. Playoffs will begin week 22. I’m not “in” yet but it’s looking better each week. Also my loss in assists and 3s won’t hurt me in the next three weeks either based on my matchups coming up. The extra points from Wade will also help.

    for the weeks leading up to the playoffs not including this week (week 19-21) the schedules go..
    Miami 4-4-4, OKC 4-4-4, Denver 4-3-4, Memphis 3-4-4
    So far so good.
    Then during the playoffs weeks 22-25 (championship week is 24+25 from April 8-17)..
    Miami 4-3-6, OKC 3-3-5, Denver 3-3-5, Memphis 4-4-5
    Looks like I lose 1 game in week 23 but get it back during championship week. Also Miami is one of those teams that plays a lot on the off days. How concerned would you be having both LeBron and Wade on your team and the possibility of them resting?

  24. I actually wouldn’t be losing too many rebounds in this deal. Serge doesn’t steal the ball as much as Zbo but it’s a small difference and my team is strong in that category anyway. My fg% would go way up too

  25. Hec,

    I gave you my team and asked about a trade regarding Bosh and Redick for Garnett and Nash to increase my assist without losing much. Well I’ve scratched that idea. Now I’m pondering trading my JJ Redick for Jarrett Jack. Thoughts?

  26. @David: I might drop Barnes for him seeing as how it’s a bit more crowded in LA now.

    @allballs: Would be fun to have Wade and Lebron but it wouldn’t shock me if they each sat a game or so of those 6 games in Championship week. That said, I think I’d make the move and worry about it later. Miami and OKC have favorable schedules that could help you get into the playoffs and you need to get their first.

    @Sean: I think it’s pretty fair, Jack could easily outproduce JJ going forward given their situations.

  27. Hey Hecman,

    I am thinking about trading Ersan Ilyasova and Jeff Green for Al Jefferson. Do you think that is a good trade? Thanks buddy!

  28. Hey Hecman,

    I don’t think the owner will accept the offer. I am thinking about Ersan and Green for Monroe. Am I giving up too much or too little? Thanks buddy!

  29. Hey hec!

    Somebody offered his Hayward for my Jeff Green. What do you think? I have a feeling they’ll both have big 2nd halves of the season, but who’s better in your opinion? The only advantage Green has over Hayward is the last week of the playoffs schedule wherein Green goes 4-3-2 and Hayward goes 4-2-2, that 1 game could be huge in the last week of the playoffs. Any thoughts? Thanks for caring man.

  30. Also theres another offer on the table, im getting Wade and Favors and giving away Conley and Hibbert. Ill be dropping favors to stream for the playoffs, good idea or stay put?

    Kyrie, Curry, Conley
    Harden, George, Batum
    AlHorford, ThaddeusYoung, JeffGreen
    MarcGasol, LarrySanders, RoyHibbert

  31. Hec,

    I have been offered Ryan Anderson for my Z-Bo and a 3rd round pick.

    Andersons playoff schedule is terrible. Is that enough to deter me?

  32. @SDPZ: Yes, plus no real advantage outside of a ton of 3s which you lose in FG. I’d only consider it if you really needed the 3s.

  33. Hey man, theres another deal on the table. My Conley and Hibbert for his Wade and Favors. Should I pull the trigger or stay put? Ill be dropping Favors to stream.

  34. Hey Hec,
    I have been offered Carmelo, Hibbert and Hendo for Kyrie and Larry Sanders (I would drop Harris or Donatas). What do you think about the deal? I am in 2nd place and should make the playoffs. It is a weekly h2h league with playoffs starting in week 22 and running until the end of the regular season. It is 11-cat league that adds ftm and fgm. Here is the rest of my team
    Jennings, Jrue, IT2 Kyrie
    Mayo, Matthews, Korver, Harris, Motiejunas,
    Cousins, Pekovic, Sanders, Clark, Love

    I gain several games the rest of the year in the Kyrie/Carmelo side, but lose several in the Sanders/Hibbert side. I feel like this hurts me in fg%, assists and possibly blocks, but helps me in several areas and takes away the slight Kyrie injury risk. What do you think? I am a little hesitant because I am going into the playoffs anyway, but my team has been on a downward trend lately with Jennings, Mayo and Clark slumping and Kyrie, Sanders and Pek getting over injuries. I could also just tell him to keep Hendo if you don’t think he is an upgrade over Harris or Motie. Any help would be appreciated.

  35. @Zix9: Depends on the add.

    @Colin: I´d hold Kyrie and Sanders.

    @JohnyG: Interesting depends on the types of players out there to stream. Also, Wade may rest a game here and there the final couple of weeks so be mindful of that.

  36. Heya hec I’ll post this here for now but if a new post comes up while I’m writing I’ll post it there as well. I accepted the trade and should be able to welcome D-Wade and Ibaka to my team shortly. My new team will look like this…

    Wade, Ellis, Beal, Foye
    LeBron, Deng, Delfino
    Ibaka, Mullens, C. Landry
    BroLo, Kaman, Biyombo

    I’m in 4th/5th place right now (I’m tied with another team at 86-73-3 but since he had better outcome last week he’s technically ahead of me). Both of us have a small lead ahead of the 6th place team (81-79-2) which is the cutoff for playoffs so my chances aren’t too bad at all. The final three weeks my opponents look like this…

    Afflalo, Stuckey, Billups
    J. Green, Kirilenko
    D. Lee, Faried, T-Rob, Patterson
    Jefferson, Sanders, Pekovic, Bosh

    Jack, W. Bynum
    C. Lee, T. Allen, Kidd, Salmons
    J-Smoove, Thad Young
    Noah, Dwight, DeAndre, Reggie Evans, Lavoy

    Lawson (I miss him already)
    Joe Johnson, Danny Green, E. Gordon,
    Dudley, Butler
    Z-Bo, Unibrow, Nicholson, Clark, Bargs
    Nene, Okafor, JaVale

    *catches breath*

    So my question is, considering my standing, would you make any trades to acquire Kevin Love or Mo Williams from a team fighting for a spot? It would be nice to catch 2nd place (92-65-5) so I’m not sure if stashing either of them is a great idea. I tossed Deng’s name out there and he’s interested. What do you think?

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