Friday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

By: John Fortney – Staff Writer (@jfort753)

I’m sorry to say, but it might be time to Parker in the garage.

One of these weekends I’m gonna come at you with nothing but good news where the Fantasy NBA season is made of lollipops and gumdrops covered in chocolate sprinkles. On second thought, that sounds disgusting, but you see my point right? I hate to keep being the bearer of bad news but it is very necessary. Tony Parker. Ok, now take a deep breath……. Calm now? Last night, Tony Parker went down with a nasty ankle injury where he was later carried off the court. $%*^! I know right. We cant change the result. All we can do is deal with the consequences. Latest news is that TP will miss about a month, but I will gladly take the under on that, say three weeks or so. Even then, most leagues playoffs start in three weeks and even IF he is back and healthy then, you know Popovich will rest his starters often down the stretch for their very own playoff run. Greg can be so selfish….. Anyways, Tony Parker owners are at a fork in the road. Do you cut bait and try your best to find a replacement for the stretch run? Or do you hold on and hope he returns in time for your playoffs? That answer lies with you depending on your leagues timetable, roster requirements, etc. I just want everyone to be aware that the end of the fantasy season may be closer than you think. Take Kevin Love for example. He is being held onto in most of my leagues and sounds like he wants to play in the last 15-20 games this season. Say he comes back in time, healthy, say you still make the playoffs, what if he doesnt produce in that first week back? What if he sits a game or two? Your answer is that you get beat in the first round and your 20 week regular season was a waste of time. My point is that you need to evaluate your timetable along with injury timetables, minute restrictions, and how motivated your player will be to come back and play the last few weeks. My gut says hold on to Parker in case he comes back in a couple weeks and is ready for playoffs. On the other hand I wouldnt blame anyone for grabbing a hot free agent point guard for him in the meantime. TP’s replacements will be Patty Mills (12/3/1) and Gary Neal (DNP) with Manu Ginobli (9/4/15/3stl) needing to step up for the Spurs. I like Patty Mills to get most of the point guard run, but that’s just a guess. Well see what Popovich has up his sleeve this time…….

There was a lot of action last night so lets get to it. Here’s you best (and worst) of the rest……

Roy Hibbert – 18/3/2blk in 33 minutes. Returned from suspension but how a 7 footer can only collect 3 rebounds in a full game is unbelievable. You should be embarrassed Roy.

Danny Granger – 8/3/stl in 10 minutes. Will be on a minutes restriction for awhile. I would expect him to be starting with a full work load by playoff time.

Amir Johnson – 2/3/1/blk Yuck. Dont worry though, he was in foul trouble all night.

Alan Anderson – 14/2/1/2/1 Got a lot of run with the Raptors being behind the entire game. Ignore.

Bradley Beal – 29/11/2 Bradley is scorching hot right now and the full minutes should be there all season. Enjoy the ride.

Trevor Ariza – 15/6/5/2stl Playing well right now as the Wizards 6th man. Very ownable in 12 team leagues or deeper. Maybe even 10 teamers if you need steals.

Donatas Motiejunas – 17/3/1 Starting and producing. The Thomas Robinson (2/2/1) project may have to wait til next year as the Rockets are trying to hold on and still make the playoffs. D-mo is the guy to own right now.

Tobias Harris – 27/10/2/stl with 3 treys. The fact is he is a better player than Andrew Nicholson (17/1) or Moe Harkless (13/4/3) right now. Make the move if you havent already.

Beno Udrih (4/1/8/stl) and E’Twaun Moore (9/3/11/stl) are useful if you need assists.

Carl Landry – 11/4/1 Carl is a nice play with Bogut out but I’d rather own Tobias Harris right now just for the added threes and blocks.

Jeff Green – 18/5/2/3blk Officially the 3rd most valuable Celtic right now for the rest of the season. Will get all the run he can handle. (See Bradley Beal)

Lamar Odom – 10/7/1/1/1 In game shape and is starting to shoot a higher percentage. Very nice play when he gets the minutes.

Dirk Nowitzki – 20/8/2/1/1 Looking more like the old Dirk Nowitzki and less like the Dirk Diggler. Which is very good.

Chris Kaman – 8/4/1/3/1 Back and starting (23min) and Elton Brand (8/2/3/2/2) is coming off the bench. Both are doing a nice job of destroying each others value.

Ryan Anderson – 19/13/1 Got the start with Anthony Davis out with injury and Jason Smith out for the season (torn labrum).

Marcus Thornton – 25/1/5/stl Getting all the 6th man minutes and is shooting with confidence. Attacking the second units. A very nice add if you need a scoring punch.

Derrick Favors – 8/7/1/blk Got the start with Al Jefferson out but was in foul trouble much of the night. He’ll bounce back. That is if he sees another start.

Enes Kanter – 23/22/1/blk Was in absolute beastmode last night. Couldve been my headliner had he not got the start for Paul Milsap (DNP) and played the lowly Bobcats. Definitely worth monitoring though. Congratulations to the Utah Jazz on stockpiling 17 very good power forwards and having no talent anywhere else. As soon as im done with this peice Im heading to the post office to mail them my resume. Sorry Hec, they might pay better….

Goran Dragic – 19/2/6/3stl/blk Went down with a nasty fall, played a few possesions afterwards, and then left the game. It didnt sound good last night but apparently Goran says he’s playing in the next one. Thats my warrior! Someone get this guy a raise!

Jermaine Oneal – 12/5/2/stl Continues to get more run that Gortat but I’m not buying it. Oneal will be injured within a week or two and Gortat will be back to full minutes. Lindsey Hunter really thinks he’s playing his cards right but someone needs to tell him that beating the Hawks is not a legitimate win. Its ok though Lindsey, I’ll send you a cookie in the mail.

Fart of the NIght: Marcin Gortat – 2 points and 2 boards in 20 minutes. Wooof!

Wesley Johnson – 15/6/2stl/blk Nice add right now in deep leagues. I love the threes and goodies he adds. Lets just hope he keeps getting the minutes.

Danilo Gallinari – 7/2/stl/blk Returned from injury and looked very rusty.

Wilson Chandler – 35/3/1/2stl with 6 treys. If Wilson ever gets a starting gig, he becomes a must own throughout the universe. Either way he is ownable virtually everywhere.

Andre Iguodala – 4/6/5/stl Fell back to earth after his big game in the last one.

Thabo Sefalosha – 8/12/5/2/3 Meh. Chalk this one up a nice game. I dont see it coming again for quite  a while.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions or comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. See you all tomorrow!

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  1. parker is on my cant cut list:-( it means that the only solution is to trade him? do I have any other option?

  2. I picked up Harris and Monatas last week, but now I am wondering if I should drop Monatas for Chandler, Ro Lo or Harkless? Who do you think is the best the rest of the year? I am in a weekly h2h. I am leaning Harkless, but wanted a 2nd opinion

  3. @R – I might considering the upside if you want to take that chance. Otherwise give Tobias a couple more games to prove himself.

    @martin – Your league commish should be able to change that setting if needed.

    @Colin – I would hold on to those two for right now. They are both up and coming and we dont even know what they can be yet. No on the backup spur point guards. Their minutes will be unpredictable.

  4. hey j-fort,
    what do you think of stashing rose since my team is already locked in at first seed for the playoffs?

  5. I am in a league where the gap between 4th and 3rd is double digits.However, for whatever reason no one is trading or even countering with less than a week to go before deadline.

    What is the best way to go for me here? As I am an owner that hase to make a move if I want any sort of chance to win.However, it looks like the majority of the league has already waved the white flag due to the gap.I’m not even getting counters to fair offers now.

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Aminu PF – Millsap F – Melo
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – T.Harris Util – Igudola
    BN – Ridnour BN – Kirilenko BN – O’Neil

    FT%/TO are 12th and FG%/BLK are the next big problem areas. Looking at WW only Jordan/Hawes/Valanciunas really stand out as blockers.Even Biyombo is gone.

    Any advice?

  6. I picked up Tobias Harris after what you said and another site said to run, don’t walk on picking Harris up. I dropped Deng for Harris, do you think that’s an okay move? I read where Deng took an elbow in the lower jaw and is having some tooth problems, possibly?

  7. Hec or J-fort, have been offered Ersan & Monroe for my Smith & Korver. Big gains in rebounding, assists about the same, percentages improved, defensive stats about equal, but fewer games the rest of the way and a drop in 3s. I have a week coming where I’ll only have 5 games for the week from my 2 Center slots, which Monroe would address.

    Would you make this move?

  8. Hey guys, I’ve had Pek and Kirilinko taking turns getting injured all season, and now they both seem to be out indefinitely (with no reason to rush back). Any idea what to do with them? Seems like they play in 5-6 game spurts, and then get hurt again anyway, lol. In a roto league, so playoff schedules don’t matter either.

    I’d probably make the swap for Bargs. Not something I’d normally do, but he’s starting to pick it up, and at least he’s healthy… for now.


  9. Hi John and Hec,

    I’m locked into either 1st or 2nd place with fantasy playoffs coming up.

    The worst guys on my roster are Korver, Mo Williams, Carl Landry.

    Would you lose any of these guys for any of the following who are available on the wire?

    Ridnour, Andre Miller, Ariza, Jermaine O’Neal, Harkless, Vince Carter, Motiejunas, Gary Neal.

    Thanks guys!

  10. Hey, would you mind rating these teams for the playoffs and picking the best 3 teams?

    Team A:
    PGs: Kemba, Lawson, Calderon
    SG/SF: Kobe, Clark
    PF/C: DMC, KG, Bosh, West, Scola, Brand, Stoudemire, McGee

    Team B:
    PGs: Westbrook, Wall, G. Hill
    SG/SFs: Batum, George, Gay, J. Green, Aminu
    PF/Cs: LBJ, M. Gasol, Z. Randolph, T. Chandler, Vucevic

    Team C:
    PGs: Irving, Vasquez
    SG/SF: Harden, Pierce, Joe Johnson, Korver, Ariza
    PF/C: Horford, Duncan, AK47, Hickson, Nene, Amir Johnson

    Team D:
    PGs: CP3, Curry, Lowry,
    SG/SF: Beal, MWP, Ilyasova, Harkless
    PF/C: Pekovic, Noah, T. Thompson, J. Thompson, Bynum, K. Love

    Team E:
    PGs: D. Lilliard, D. Collison, J. Teague, D. Rose
    SG/SF: Melo, J.R. Smith, Mayo, T. Young
    PF/C: S. Ibaka, R. Anderson, G. Monroe, M. Gortat, J. O’Neal


  11. Good morning everyone at hecmanhoops! I have another lineup question. this is the score right now in my matchup:


    and here are the players available to play (EST):

    My team________________________________Opponents team
    Teague@LAL-6:30_______________________Hill vs CHI-8pm
    Beal vs PHI-6pm_________________________J.R. Smith vs MIA(playing)
    Deng@IND-8pm_________________________Parsons vs DAL-7pm
    Kaman@HOU-7pm_______________________Jamison vs ATL-9:30pm
    Delfino vs DAL-7pm_____________________Asik vs DAL-7pm
    Biyombo@SAC-6pm_____________________Griffin vs OKC-3:30pm

    If I try to win 3PTM, I risk losing TOVs and FG%.
    If I go for FG%, I am an underdog with Ibaka/Kaman vs. Griffin/Asik.
    If I sit players in the 6pm games to limit TOVs, He will see that and if he has a lead in TOVs already, can choose to sit his players as well.

    What do you guys think? Every game counts! Thank you!

  12. @bill – Definitely, go for it!

    @Mr Monkey – If most of the teams have checked out you may only have the option of trading with top tier teams. They will have the leverage but if you can get something close to change the outlook of your team, that might be worth a shot. I dont think any of the guys on WW will move you the rankings very quickly.

    @Chuckles00 – Losing Deng is a bold move but he hasnt been great this year and has been fairly inconsistent. Tobias definitely has some upside with all the run he’s going to get. Couple that with Rose possibly coming back and thats an ok move with me.

    @Andrew – Yes I like that move. Go for it.

    @drez1 – Normally I would say hold and sell when they come back healthy but if your forced to move them Im ok with that. Thye have been frustrating this year. Especially Pek.

    @francis – If Bogut ever returns, you could lose Landry for VC, D-Mo, or Ariza. Otherwise Korver has been solid and Mo Williams is still expected to come back so I would hold onto him. As for Jameer, if he returns healthy, you could drop any of those three for him.

    @Boleros – Henderson by a hair.

    @bigman – team B, then team A, then team C

  13. @allballs – You should be fine on ft% and turnovers is so unpredictable. I would let them all buck and win as many other Cats as you can. I been hosed on trying to manipulate TO’s so my rule is to basically ignore them unless you had a couple 9:00 guys and your opponent did not. Good Luck!

  14. yo j-fort,
    drop harkless and stash mo williams? sitting comfortably at first but already stashing one other player


  15. @allballs – Good Luck!

    @felix – Thats not a bad idea if you can hold 1st place. Harkless is a very average fantasy player at this point.

  16. Quick question.

    Would it be a good move to pick up Tobias Harris and drop Paul Millsap.. Harris is just killing it right now.

    let me know thanks

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