Saturday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

You Maynor or may not want to add this guy!

It was a short night in the NBA last night with only four games going so I’m starting you off with a possible deep league add if you are looking for assists. It’s my man Eric Maynor, with 7 points 1 rebound and 12 assists in 31 plus minutes. Maynor was very quietly acquired by the Portland Trailblazers at the trade deadline and looks to be their new 6th man. Maynor’s 31 minutes were by far the highest by a bench player last night. While I would love to do the research, but don’t have the time, I would be very surprised if the Blazers have had anyone clear 30 minutes off the bench all year. Now, don’t get me wrong and go out and drop one of your better players for him, as he is only a deep league add, but looks like he could potentially be very useful. At the very least let’s keep an eye on him going forward. Now let’s get to best (and worst) of the rest……….

Nicholas Batum – 12/7/3/2/3 Big news here is that Nic re-aggravated that pesky wrist issue he’s been dealing with most of the season. Just as we were getting the old Batum from earlier in the season…..I’m hoping it’s not as bad as it was originally. Batum has top 30 value when he’s shooting a good percentage.

Dante Cunningham – 16/8/2stl/blk and JJ Barea – 14/5/2 will be receiving a ton of minutes while 3 of the 4 best T-wolves players are injured. What a disaster they have been this year…..

Klay Thompson – 29/3/3/3stl NBA Jam hot last night. Let’s hope for a few more of these lines down the road.

Jarrett Jack – 6/1/1/stl in 30 minutes with 3/13 shooting. JJ is in a bad funk right now, and I expect him to bounce back. The minutes and shots are there so I’m not worried.

Dorell Wright – 13/7/2/blk A nice game against his old team. I’m not impressed Dorell. Not even a little bit.

Evan Turner – 22/10/9/1/1 A very nice line but I’m taking this one with a grain of salt considering they were playing the Warriors. Definitely flashing his potential though…..

Marco Bellineli – 7/3/4 Got a start with Rip Hamilton out due to back spasms. Meh….

Landry Fields 15/7/4/4stl Got a spot start with Rudy Gay out (Back). Ignore.

Alan Anderson – 21/1/1 Seems to get a lot of run with Rudy Gay out. Rudy will be back. Adjust accordingly.

Kyle Lowry – 10/10/10/5stl There’s the Kyle Lowry I love. Let’s see what else you can do!

Ersan Ilyasova – 29/11/1/2/1 E.I.! E.I.! E.I.! UH-OH!!!!! C’mon…the Nelly song? Ok that’s my bad…. Again, there’s the potential. Now we just need consistency.

JJ Reddick – 16/2 with 2 treys in 34 minutes. Still getting plenty of run if you need threes.

Fart of the night: Spencer Hawes – 0/4/2/blk Even with Andrew Bynum not unlikely to return and a good matchup, this would be a very good time for Spence to step up and take on the work load. Maybe he needs to grow out the Mullet again. Either way Spencer Hawes needs to wipe it because he stinks…..

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter@jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you next weekend!




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  1. 9CAT 12 team H2H

    Jordan Crawford
    Jamal Crawford
    Chris Paul
    James Harden
    Joakim Noah
    Kawhi Leonard
    Serge Ibaka
    DeAndre Jordan
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    George Hill
    Ricky Rubio
    Earl Clark
    Gordon Hayward

    Would dropping Earl Clark for Jeff Green be a good move?

  2. Looking for help for setting lineup in a weekly yahoo h2h league with 11-cats (ftm and fgm added). Would you start Tobias over Earl Clark and the injured Pek this week? I am not sure I trust Harris, but his upside is higher than the struggling Clark and I bet Pek doesn’t play all 4 this week (if any). Thoughts? I am leaning that way, but wanted a second opinion. I could also play Donatas with 3 games or pick up some one off waivers (Harkless, Webster, Nicholson, Barea). Thanks

  3. They say Tony Parker is out for 1 month…which means, he will not be back until 1st week in April or so (final week of my playoffs, assuming i prevail in the 1st 2 rounds). Truth is, Parker’s absence does not hurt me that much (as the Spurs don’t have a great schedule, plus they play on days when you have many other teams playing…my strategy has been to find players who play more on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

    The thing is this; someone dropped Kawhi Leonard today. Is it worth it to drop TP and pick up Kawhi? Or will I be better served to find someone who has a more favorable schedule?…even though, we are talking, slim pickings?

    We got 8 players in my league. I am guessing that Jeff Green won’t be a great add for my league, heh?


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