Bogut got back and Landry got kicked there!

What´s up with the Golden State Warriors and injury news? Sssh, we have a monster game against Toronto tonight, don´t tell anyone Andrew Bogut is coming back, we want to surprise the hell out of them! It reminds me of Bill Belicheck´s injury report that had Tom Brady listed as “probable” for like 49 straight weeks. Um, is that even allowed? Brady hasn´t missed a game since in forever so it gets to be kind of a joke. Anyway, for the second time this season, Andrew Bogut suddenly returned to the lineup out of the blue, taking his fantasy owners by surprise. Not only that but he played 30 minutes and dropped 4/8/1 with a block. Certainly not a great stat line but definitely useful! This underscores the importance of getting yourself on Twitter if you haven´t already. Those of you already on it almost certainly saw the news that Bogut was returning and, hopefully, you were able to get him back into your lineup. Edge: Fantasy owners on Twitter! Follow me at @hecmanhoops for new post updates and real time fantasy hoops news. It´s fun! As for Carl Landry, well, it was fun while it lasted. Hmmph! Maybe hold onto him for a game or two more to make sure Bogut doesn´t reinjure himself but 12 minutes of burn last night is hardly inspiring. Here´s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Amare StoudemireCarmelo Anthony went down for the count early so Amare and J.R. Smith did the heavy lifting. Assign same value you had for both of them yesterday morning. Pimp them out if Carmelo is too miss tomorrow though. Don´t forget your pimp hat though! Feather and all!

Marreese Speights – Marreeeeeese is a must stream if Tyler Zeller is to miss any time. Otherwise, meh.

Randy Foye – 0/1/1 with a steal on 0-6 FG in 20 minutes. First of all I´d like to thank the Utah Jazz organization for announcing that Mo Williams is due back on Wednesday. Mark Jackson take note! Damn foo´! Anyway, you´ll have to reasonably expect regression from everyone in the Utah backcourt with Mo now back. That includes Randy, Alec Burks and the other deep league scrubs you´ve been scraping by with at the end of your bench a/k/a Jamal Tinsley and Earl Watson.

Enes Kanter – 18/10/1 with a steal and a block. I´ve been getting a lot of questions about Enes like he´s going to be some stud going forward. Answer: No! Not sure if you noticed but a large black man named Al Jefferson has been out. Another large black man named Paul Millsap has also missed time recently. How can you not notice two large black men missing in Utah! Keep it realz with Enes, y´all! Ebonics!

Gordon Hayward – 13/7/5 with a three on putrid 3-16 FG. I expect regression once everyone is healthy but enjoy the hot sreak while you have him. His “regression” stats will still be pretty useful!

Sam Dalembert – 8/9/0 with 2 steals and a block in 22 minutes. If Sam Dalembert, or Dalembear if you want to speak French and impress your lady friend, gets 22ish minutes of burn there is no reason why he can´t get you 6 boards and 1.5-2 bpg, said Javale McGee.

Al Harrington – 10/5/3 with 2 steals and 2 threes in 18 minutes. Yeah, I´ve been pimping him for a couple of weeks now, I know nobody else really has but my Magic 8 Ball sees things that nobody else can see. I bought him on eBay! Al´s minutes are slowly coming up and so is the production. Monitor or grab him to see if both continue. I think both will but you already knew that!

E´Twaun Moore – 7/3/1 with a block and a three in 17 minutes as he returned to a bench role, or roll if you´re hungry. I still think he can get decent combo minutes so I wouldn´t lose him just yet in deep leagues. Oh, that and the fact Jameer Nelson is a wuss!

Anthony Davis – 17/15/0 with 4 blocks in 39 minutes. These are the types of days that make me happy. I have shown a lot of faith in AD this year and preached patience but you peoples be fickle, y´all! Can´t blame you sometimes.

Robin Lopez -9/4/1 in 11 minutes. Burp. Belch! I´ve never been a fan and I´m not shy to say it. Hell, I´m not shy to say lots of things that´s why I write a blog!

Derrick Williams – 25/10/1 with a three in 45 minutes. Basically the whole team frontcourt was out. No, literally! Andrei Kirilenko is trolling Craigslist with his wife and trying to pick a girl he can have sex with. Kevin Love is in Hollywood interviewing to be the next Bachelor and Nikola Pekovic is trying out for Top Chef in New York. Yes, he can cook, who knew! Enjoy Derrick while you can or try to sell him high. His value will not be as great for your fantasy playoffs assuming Love is back. Your call though!

Dante Cunningham – 8/11/2 with a steal and a block in 39 minutes. See Derrick Williams 1/4 inch above. Keep streaming if everyone is to miss more time. Looks like they will!

Anthony Tolliver – 9/2/0 with a block and 3 threes in 39 minutes. Kyle Korver sat out so Anthony saw extra burn but he´s barely useful as a streamer even given the opportunity. In seven games as a starter this season he´s averaged 23.7 mpg/5.6 ppg/3.6 rpg. Thank you for making me waste 3 minutes of my life to report that.

JaVale McGee – 9/4/0 with 5 blocks in 17 minutes. Now averaging 9.8/4.8 and 2 bpg in 18.7 mpg on the season. Um, not what you envisioned when you drafted him, eh? Sigh.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 17/10/0 on 8-11 FG. Took advantage of Byron Mullens going down for the count and couldn´t miss. Assign same value as you had for him yesterday morning. I´m serious, man!

Byron Mullens – Went down for the count after only 3 minutes. Looks like he´ll be ok to continue killing your FG. FG? What´s that, said Monta Ellis!

Andrea Bargnani – 26/7/0 with 5 threes in 36 minutes. You say Barg-naaa-ni. I say Barg-na-neeee. Nevermind that they sound almost exactly the same, let´s call the whole thing off! Quick, quick ship his ass out if you can!

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  1. I have Tobias Harris on my team. Doesn’t matter who I have in that spot, position or categories wise, just need a big FP point person. What’s your assessment of Harris, now that he got a couple more games under his belt?Ride him until April 9th or I have Deng,Chandler,Motiejunas,Rose,Mo Williams,Ariza,Favors,Bogut,Gortat,D.Williams available.I have the number 2 seed wrapped up, can’t go up or down, so I can lose my last 2 games if you thought Rose was coming back.I think the way all the playoff teams are now in my league, I would win it. But if someone else gets Rose and he actually starts averaging 30 fp a night, that would be a playoff changer.If I guessed,I think Rose is just showing up some night without any warning, just like Bogut.If Rose isn’t back by 1st week of playoffs, then I have to scramble filling that spot. What to do? Stay with Harris or grab one of those free agents or Rose?

  2. Hai Hec,

    I like your daily blog and I need your advise once more.
    Recently I traded Vasquez for David Lee to pump up my percentages and Rebs. John Wall came back from injury, so i wouldnt miss the assists too much because I also have Jrue Holiday in my lineup.

    As expected I’ve been climbing a little in FT% and rebounds, and im giving up a little on assists. Mo Williams is on the waiver tough and i’d like to pick him up to cover the loss in assists.
    I don’t know wich bench player to drop!

    Bradley Beal
    Derrick Favors
    Derrick Williams

    Thanks in advance!

  3. @SDPZ: drop thabo

    @pbr: like the beer? lots of options on wire and since you’re locked into 2nd spot, go ahead and stash Rose. It seems like you can always drop him for someone productive like Deng, gortat or mo if you have to.

  4. Currently I have two trade offers on the table… What do you think about accepting one or both? Thinking playoffs.

    Current team: CP3, Jennings, Harden, Mo Williams, Danilo, T Thomp, Joakim, David Lee, Granger, Dirk, Kawhi, Splitter, Donatas

    Offer 1: My Jennings, Thompson and Splitter for his Kyrie and Hickson

    Offer 2: My CP3, Danilo and Granger for his Carmelo, George Hill and Tyreke

  5. Hi Hec,

    I picked up Mo Williams & dropped Nick Young this morning. I need someone who’s going to play and I hope that was a good pickup.

    Also, you think Al Harrington will be a better play than Byron Mullens or Donatas ROS?

    Thanks Hec!

  6. Alright Hec, so since my last comment my team has been hit by the injury bug a bit. Al Jefferson, Nikola Pekovic and about 3 others are all throwing up zeroes for the past week. With my playoff spot and bye clinched I won’t have to worry about them getting healthy until the week of the 18th, but one of those injuries came to Nick Young, who is holding onto his spot on my roster solely for 3’s. Is it worth losing him for another player at this point with his minutes trending down even before the injury? Some interesting names on my WW

    Metta World Peace- Was just dropped, but I do not have waiver priority so I would have to hope no one wants him for me to get him
    Al Harrington
    Donatas Mantiejunas (or however he spells it)

    With 3’s and peripheral stats being my primary concern as apposed to points and fg% are any of these worth making a move on?

  7. @Frenchie: I’d go for MWP. If you don’t get him I’d go for Bargnani and hope he keeps it up. You can always lose him for Al or Motiejunas. Good luck and keep me posted!

  8. Yo white guy! I’m in a 14 team h2h. Currently in 5th place. Are any of these guys worth rostering based on my teams strengths and weakness: deandre jordan, splitter, aminu, t-rob, webster? Trying to make a final push before playoffs (week 21). thanks.

    my team:
    pg: deron williams, george hill, derrick rose
    sg: james harden, monta ellis, beal
    sf: kawhi leonard, jeff green
    pf: zbo, ersan ilyasova
    c: gortat, robin lopez

  9. Hey I’ve started reading your site about a month ago and really enjoy it. In a 12 team h2h looking to make minor moves before playoffs. Do you think i should offer up Mullens for bargbani? Mullens minutes have been dropping of late and bargnani has been playing better of late and getting minutes.

  10. @Big Black Guy: Team looks pretty good. Ironically, I don’t really see any big black guys on the team except z-bo. Ha. Leaning hold what you have but monitor Rolo as he’s definitely your weakest link at the momenty.

  11. @Nohandle: thanks for kind words. Leaning loose Favors if you can’t move him or Williams in some type of two for one to upgrade somewhere and open up a spot.

  12. Heya, Hec. Fancy new layout you got here…very nice. Of course the blog itself is awesome and always makes me laugh. After all, it’s the inside that counts (which I’m sure you learned from The Bachelor…).

    So, with Pekovic ruled out for the rest of the week, I’m now projected to win the rebounding category. My projections show I’ll win by 4 which means it’s going to be really close. Big Al is doubtful for Wednesday already but if he is ruled out for one or both of his last two games (Fri@CHI, Sat@NY) then my chances look much better. But, with Byron banged up, I’m Mullens over a few options to help put me over the edge. Pop quiz! For rebounds, blocks, and FG% would you…

    a. Keep Carl Landry (SAC, HOU, MIL)
    b. Pick up Perkins (@NY, @CHA, BOS)
    c. Pick up Ed Davis (POR, @CLE, NOH) with Randolph still “limping badly.”
    d. Pick up Dante Cunningham (WAS, @DEN, DAL) with Pek and AK out for the week.

    Landry looks like the clear drop now that Bogut is back but it’s still the usual suspects: Biyombo, Kaman, Foye, Delfino (sorry for being so repetitive, so repetitive). To me it’s pretty close between c. and d.

    Extra Credit: Drummond went bowling the other day. One very unreliable twitter source tweeted that he would be back in a week and a half. First week of playoffs, Detroit plays 2 games on days where only 6 and 10 games are played, and second week of playoffs they have a 4 game week. Would you…

    a. do one of the above choices and wait for a bit more news.
    b. grab now and hope for the best with my lineup.

    Thanks a bunch man

  13. oh yea, and I currently have 21 moves left for the remainder of the season. I’d also say about 7 teams are in a tight race for the last playoff spots.

  14. @Joe: thanks for reading! Leaning hold Mullens.

    @allballs: just upgraded the site slightly. Hopefully, its sharper looking. Look for more changes in the coming weeks but I don’t want to disrupt what’s working. I definitely think everyone will like the changes though. Hope so anyway. Since you will win boards this week I might hold landry for a bit longer. If al comes back tomorrow then I might grab Dante. If not then lose landry for Drummond sometime soon.

  15. Hey Hec,

    My season is getting bad these last few weeks for me. My roster has not been the same since i lost drummond, lou williams, and traded away Anthony Davis (during his slump) for kirlenko who is injured now and his news keeps getting worse. The only good was the addition of Chandler.

    My roster currently is:
    Jeremy Lin, Isaiah Thomas, Carl Landry, Earl Clark, L.Aldridge, Brook Lopez, Martell webster, Gordon Hayward, Dion Waiter, and Wilson Chandler.

    Should I drop Clark, Landry, and Kirilenko? I got players like Al harrington, ed davis, enes Kanter, Corey Brewer, Jimmy Butler, Meyers Leonard, Maurice Harkless, D. Cunningham etc. on the FA.


  16. @Hecman Owning Rodney Stuckey has been such an emotional ride this season! Some days you root for him and lately you feel like cuttin him loose just because!! What are your thoughts on possible replacements in: Shaun Livingston, Kirk Hinrich, Steve Novak, A.J. Price; primary looking for someone who can get Stls, Ast, 3s for the next few weeks. Thoughts??

  17. Hey Hec, great read as always! I wanna say a big Thank You for recommending Tobias, that was gold!

    Question: my team is hopeless in Reb, and just got a trade of Speights for his Waiters accepted, good move?

    Also, hold or drop Granger if playoff in wk21 is guaranteed? What’s your take on Waiters and Granger?

    Thanks Hec!

  18. Bogut is FA right now, the only droppable people I have is Okafor or Wilson Chandler, would Bogut be a good replacement for Okafor?

  19. That line about Kirilenko bro – some cold sh*t right there!!!

    In other news, looks like Cleveland are going to keep starting Zeller because they LOVE TANKING, right?

    Which makes my Speights pick up redundant. Would you drop him for Bogut?

    Also, do you reckon I should hold Salmons or is he going to return to Being John Salmons?

    Thanks man.

  20. @Francis: may as well hold salmons for now. As long as zeller is healthy then dropping speights for bogut makes sense.

    @mac: losing Chandler for bogut makes a bit more sense. okafor is playing just as well as bogut will, if not better.

  21. Hi Hec,

    “Granger out indefinitely”. What do you make of this? Should I bail on him for a hot… er, lukewarm agent left out there?


  22. Hey Hec, trade deadline is tomorrow, so I’m wondering if I should make anymore moves. After a terrible draft (guy picking before me must’ve been reading my mind, lol) I’ve managed to put together a pretty decent team, but I’m in the middle of the pack with waaaaay less games played than most of the people in front of me, so it’s hard to gauge where I’m really at (12 team 9 cat roto). Anyway, my team is:

    Pg-Jennings, Lowry, Lillard
    Sg-Harden, Klay, Beal
    Sf/Pf-Gay, Illyasova, J.Green, T.Harris
    C-Horford, Amir, Splitter

    I think I’ve got pts, ft%, 3’s, and stls covered. I’m hoping to make up ground on blks with the recent additions of Amir/Green/Harris, but I feel like I should try to upgrade one of my starters with a 2/1 because these guys will be on my bench most of the time. Anyone you think I should target with a combination of Klay/Green/Harris? Anyway, sorry for the long winded post. Deadline time, so shiz just got real, lol. Thanks man!

  23. @Drez1: How about targetting someone like Anthony Davis or similar? Hard to say in general because you really have to target teams not specific players. Check out my trade strategy post from back in November for ideas! Good luck and keep me posted!

  24. Actually, it’s funny that you mention that. AD’s owner is desperate for 3’s, so I thought about offering Klay for him, but I’m not sure he’d bite (active, but hasn’t made a single trade all season). Would Klay and Green/T.Harris be too much? He doesn’t really have anyone else that I’m interested in, and I kinda want to keep a spot open for streaming, but I don’t want to overpay either. Thanks again.

  25. Hey Hec and Company,

    Trade Deadline Tonight!

    I need to do something. How would you improve this squad for the playoff run?? 12 team, 9 Cat H2H, we keep 6 at the end of the year.

    PG- Westbrook
    SG- Joe Johnson
    G- Deron WIlliams
    SF- Toby Harria
    PF- AMare
    F- Earl Clark
    C- Tim Duncan
    C- Al Horford
    UTIL- Devin Harris
    UTIL- Jameer Nelson
    B- Zach Randolph
    B- Andrei Kirilenko
    B- Gerlad Henderson
    B- Alexi Shved
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  26. Will you drop henderson for bargnani?

    And i was offered Sanders/Boozer for my Paul George/Aminu. I was thinking of asking for Sanders/Lawson instead. What do you think?

    Thanks idol hec!

  27. @Drez1: Klay/Tobias or Green is a bit much so I´d try for a 2 for 2 that works there. Sounds like you may have a match with him so work it.

    @Boleros: I don´t think he´ll give Lawson there but I´d probably hold George. Aminu is doing enough. If you can get Lawson then yes, I´d do that.

    @SDPZ: In a vacuum hard to say, look for two for one deals to improve quality. Check out my trade strategy article from back in Novemer for ideas! Target teams not players.

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