Looking good, Jermaine! Feeling good, Luis!

When you hear a “pop” in your foot that can´t be a very good thing. I once heard a pop in my foot but it turned out to be a balloon I stepped on. Scared the shit out of me! Anyway, last night Marcin Gortat may or may not have gone down for the count with an injured foot bone. More news is coming after an MRI but it certainly doesn´t sound too good at the moment. If Marcin finally has decided to twist the knife that he already shoved in his owners´ back sometime ago then Jermaine O´Neal will be your Huckleberry in Phoenix. Fortunately for you, I had him in my Add/Drop last Friday so maybe you grabbed him and just totally stepped in a pile of doo doo. If he´s still floating around your waiver wire then it behooves me to behoove you to run and grab him. All he´s done over his last 9 is drop 11.6 ppg/9.6 rpg/2 bpg, numbers that should slightly improve if our good ole boy Marcin is donezo. Other beneficiaries could be the goof ball Morris brothers, Markieff and Marcus, I´d grab Markieff first because he´s more handsome. Lastly, Luis Scola should see an uptick in production so if you held onto him through his latest struggles then congratulations are in order, you´re more lucky then good but whatever works! Here´s what else I saw in a huge night of fantasy basketball:

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 17/5/1 with 2 steals. Another night, another Bobcats blowout. This is starting to remind me of when Michael Jordan played Double A baseball. Dawg, baseball and GM´ing aint for you!

Bismack Biyombo – 7/3/0 with a block in 16 minutes. With Josh McRoberts now getting burn, Bismack´s best fantasy days seem behind him. And when I say best I mean that in the most liberal of terms!

Mo Williams – 8/3/6 with a block and 2 threes in 27 minutes. Returned after Utah kindly announced he would on Monday. How considerate of them, said Mark Jackson! You best hurry and grab him if he was dropped. Hopefully you just stashed him like I suggested a few weeks ago. That would have been the wise thing to do!

Enes Kanter – 17/7/1 with a block in 21 minutes. I remind people, before they get too excited about Enes Kanter, that Al Jefferson has been out and may now return Friday. Ie. Don´t go dropping someone solid for Enes! You know what that may make you. Don´t make me say it!

Wayne Ellington – 16/6/1 with 2 threes. Continue to stream as long as Dion Waiters is puking his lungs out.

Avery Bradley – 13/1/4 with a three in 34 minutes. Courtney Lee also played 32 minutes while Jason Terry and Jordan Crawford came off the bench again. The C´s also won again! Not sure if Doc Rivers reads hecmanhoops but maybe we just finally think alike!

Danny Granger – DNP-Knee bone problem. And you have an asss-bone problem! I´d launch him for a hot free agent, his season is looking more and more lost by the day.

Arnett Moultrie – 8/7/1 in 27 minutes. This game was over by mid-way through the third quarter so I´m not going to read much into the lines of Damian Wilkins and Charles Jenkins. Both were good! I did tell you to keep an eye on Arnett yesterday though! One eye is sufficient. Use the other eye to do a Google search for the Bachelor Pad which is coming soon on ABC! Can´t wait! Sadly, I´m not even joking.

Anthony Tolliver – 21/8/1 with 5 threes. The kid was hot last night, oh, so hot last night, but where will he be, where will he be tomorrow-ow-ow? Sing it like Loverboy does, it´s fun! He won´t be on my team, that´s where!

Moe Harkless – 12/3/0 with 3 steals, 2 blocks and 3 threes. A lot of people had him trending down with the emergence of Tobias Harris but I still threw him in my Add/Drop post on the plus side last Friday because my Magic 8 Ball sees things that others don´t see! He aint dead yet! Moe I mean.

Andrew Nicholson – 8/2/0 in 17 minutes. Probably lost minutes last night due to a matchup play but still, the light at the end of the tunnell is getting dimmer for Andy. Or Andrew as his mother calls him.

Raymond Felton – 26/6/4 with a steal, block and 4 threes on 10-15 FG. Nevermind the 7 tovs. Hey, did you hear, Carmelo Anthony sat this one out! No, I didn´t hear anything about that, said Chris Copeland (DNP-CD!).

Jonas Jerebko – 12/4/2 with a steal and a three in 27 minutes. Greg Monroe sat this one out and if he sits out anymore then you’ll want to consider streaming Jonas. It will be like a salmon swimming upstream. You know, their favorite time of the year!

Eric Maynor- 12/4/4 with a steal and 2 threes in 26 minutes. My boy J-Fort covered him on Saturday, it was a fabulous post, go check it out!

Ed Davis – 3/6/0 with a steal and 2 blocks in 25 minutes. Not exactly what you had in mind when you knew he was starting for Zach Randolph, eh? Stay on the boat and keep streaming away though! Hiccup.

Jodie Meeks – 19/1/1 with 5 threes in 26 minutes. You want cheap threes, here you go Mr. Cheap Three Point Guy Seeker guy.

Austin Rivers – 10/2/0 with a steal in 15 minutes as his rookie season mercifully comes to an end with a fractured something or other. It doesn´t matter what he fractured because he fractured my hopes and dreams for him back in November!

Anthony Davis – 13/6/1 with 2 blocks in 17 minutes as the rollar coaster ride continues. I really don´t like rollar coasters but I´m going to stay on this one. Yep, I´m going to either stay on it until it blissfully comes to a slow halt or until I puke!

Trevor Ariza – 16/7/6 with a steal and 3 threes. Before you go dropping anyone good for him please keep in mind that Bradley Beal has sat out the last few games. I even said please so you better do it!

Ricky Rubio – 15/7/11 with 6 steals. Even after Ricky started to get hot I was reading other, um, experts telling you to sell him high. Why!? Not here! (Or on the podcast)!

Thomas Robinson – 8/4/0 with a steal and 2 blocks in 28 minutes. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Donatas Motiejunas dropped 7/1/0 in 16 minutes. Here´s what I told you just last week about Donatas: Over his last 2 games he´s averaged 24.5 mpg/12 ppg/6.5 rpg/3 3pa/1.5 3pm/0 blocks and .5 spg. Small sample I know. It´s only two games! But you can clearly see Donatas can get you low double digit points, 6-7 rpg and possibly 2 3pm per. That´s some useful stuff! As for Thomas Robinson, if you´re holding him you have to make the move for Donatas. Short term it´s the only right thing to do. Long term (in a month?) you may be reading right here to go the other way but we´ll worry about that if/when that day comes. Live in the moment! You´re crazy like that. Um, that was really short term! Can´t say the rolls being reversed is shocking based on what I told you last week but that was quick! Monitor a game or two more to see the rolls and if the trend continues then make the move for Tommy or, if you´d like, feel free to stay away altogether as this has the makings of a fantasy headache. Nobody likes a headache unless you own the aspirin company!

Mike James – Started over Darren Collison and dropped 8/3/6 with 2 threes in 25 minutes. It´s comical sometimes the timing of the things I write, here´s what I told you this past Monday about Collison:  Darren Collison – If you read me regularly you know I´ve never been a fan of DC and now Dallas is 26-33 with him as their starting point guard all season. So, um, yeah, maybe Dallas fans may start to agree with me! Still useful for fantasy but, seriously, nothin´ special! Maybe the coach reads hecmanhoops! If I owned DC I´m still holding unless there´s a hot free agent out there but I don´t own him anywhere. Haven´t you heard, I´m not a fan!

Cory Joseph – Started again and dropped 4/5/2 with a steal in 24 minutes. I think we´re starting to get the idea about Cory up in here. Gary Neal looks to be sidelined for a while longer though so go grab Cory in deeep leagues if that flies your kite! Fly away!

Manu Ginobili – The other day I told you I´d love to see 27 mpg out of Manu instead I got 26 minutes and 18/3/9 with 3 threes. Sold!

Sebastian Telfair – 13/2/7 with 4 steals and 2 threes as Toronto blew out his old team. It´s always against the former team, eh? Assign same value you had for him yesterday morning and not a morsel more! Not even an iota!

J.J. Redick – 3/3/2 with a three in 22 minutes. As I´ve always said, it´s very hard to provide consistent fantasy production with limited minutes but I still have faith in J.J. Let´s call this a burp. Just a tiny one. It still smelly though! Get out the Listerine!

Matt Barnes – 20/2/2 with a steal, block and 6 threes in 29 minutes. Just as I was about to leave him for dead he revives! Actually, I did leave him for dead, I dropped him the other day in one league. Oops, nice timing! My Magic 8 Ball says useful in 14 team leagues, frustrating to own in 12 team leagues. Do what you will with that info!

Patrick Patterson – 15/8/4 with a steal and a block. Monitor! NOT MORE, NOT LESS! Not sure why I just felt the need to go all military on you!

Isaiah Thomas – 9/1/1 with a steal and a three in 20 minutes. Is it me or were there lots of hiccups and burps last night. At least nobody farted on your pillow! Maybe a little poof. Carry on with Isaiah.

DeMarcus Cousins – 5/4/3 with 4 steals and a block in 20 minutes. He was benched in the 2nd quarter and then again in the 4th quarter. For Keith Smart´s next trick he´s going to make his job disappear.

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  1. Hey Hec –

    I like the new look of the site. What are your thoughts on Livingston? Sounds like Kyrie’s knee is still bothering him. Livingston worth a look in deep leagues?

  2. Alrighty, I’ve finished my bowl of oatmeal. I didn’t get to add the bananas though because they were in the freezer. No matter. Oats are what a champion thoroughbred eats before he or she wins the Kentucky Derby! No, I’m not a horse but I’m sure it still applies.
    What to do, what to do. I agree T-Rob and Donuts will probably give me a headache so I’ll keep an eye on the situation. He’s got a couple days before he clears waivers, anyway, so I can evaluate. In the meantime my other eye was on Maynor but now it’s wandered over to Livingston (your next post might have to be called “Livingston a little!”…you know like “live a little?” meh..I try) I think I’m going to go ahead and grab Shaun right now and drop, oh i don’t know…Carl Landry. I don’t get what’s up with Kaman but I’m not sure I want to stick around to find out. I guess I’m a little afraid that if Dallas misses the playoffs, which it looks like they will, that they will give Kaman a chance to audition for next year (or do teams pretty much already know what they are getting?). Also afraid Bogut gets hurt again but not like Landry really did much while he was gone. Thoughts?

  3. @Gonz: thanks, glad you like it. Depends on your drop but I think Livingston is worth adding for now.

    @allballs: go ahead and add Livingston for now but I think you have to give bogut serious consideration over kaman.

    @teen wolf: I might drop Drummond, especially if you need to win now.

  4. Once again, I’ll refresh your memory of my team. Keep in mind: 8-team, H2H, 9 category.

    My current roster has Paul, Harden, Curry, K. Walker, G. Hill (Ind), Redick, Pierce, Bosh, Hickson, Hibbert, Noah, T. Thompson, and Pekovic.

    The only players I would consider droppable would be Thompson and Redick, and possibly Pek. I have two questions. One would be, would Jermaine O’Neal be replacable for a player of Thompson or Pekovic’s caliber with Gortat potentially missing up to a month and Pekovic suffering from an abdominal strain? Also, the only other player I would consider cutting would be Redick. The teams who contend for the fantasy championship have high assist numbers and I’m right in the mix. So in my situation, would you drop JJ for a player such as Andre Miller, Jarrett Jack, or Evan Turner? (Yes, it’s crazy these players are there but only 4 of the 8 teams check their teams every day.) Thanks for your opinions.

  5. I have Tyreke Evans and Gordon Hayward for my SG’s. Evans seems to be regressing and I heard once everyone gets healthy in Utah, Hayward will regress. What do you think? I thought about replacing Evans with Beal and Hayward with Jamal Crawford or Kawhi Leonard. Do you think this is a good plan for ROS and who do you like from Evans,Crawford, and Leonard? Rose better start playing pretty soon or he will be of little value if he is getting the rust out and playing every other game during playoffs. At what point do you cut ties with Rose?

  6. Oh my bad didn’t mean to make it sound like I had Bogut! I have Carl Landry so I meant I was afraid if I drop him that he might become relevant again if Bogut gets hurt. Who would you drop first between Landry, Kaman, and Biyombo to pick up Livingston? Then would you drop second to pick up T-Rob (found out they play the Suns 4 more times though I’ll miss one of those since he’ll still be on waivers). And finally who to drop last to stash Drummond? If all works out, my team would look like this (with other position eligibility in parenthesis):

    PG – Teague, Livingston (SG)
    SG – Wade (PG), Ellis (PG), Beal, Foye (PG)
    SF – LeBron (PF), Deng, Delfino (SG)
    PF – Ibaka (C), Mullens (C), T-Rob
    C – BroLo, Drummond (PF)

    How’s it look?

  7. ; @SeanH5: A guy like JJ in an 8 team league has limited appeal based on his minutes so I’d consider losing him for Turner if you want best available or Jack if you want best G available. I’d hold Pek if you can afford the stash since Minny has the best playoff schedule.

    @Betty99: Right now I’d hold both and monitor Beal and Kawhi. I don’t see how you can drop Hayward until he slows down but losing both for Beal and Kawhi isn’t a bad idea. I’d look at playoff schedules though first. Good luck and keep me posted!

    @allballs: I like it, I’d lose Landry, Kaman, Biyombo in that order for those guys. Keep me posted on what you end up doing!

  8. Hey hec. When your opponent add and drops a player everyday making a plus 1 in his gp. How do you counter it? It sucks

  9. If you were in need of a SG and had a million SFs, would you trade Deng to get George Hill? Fair value or should I ask for more? Should I ask for Mo Williams instead?

  10. hey hecman,

    Is there anyone with taking a flier on with news that R.Sessions will be out for the next 2-4 weeks. I was thinking…. Ben Gordon??


  11. @thenameisjays: Many leagues have a weekly moves cap. If not consider implementing one next year. Until then just have faith in your team’s depth. Good luck!

    @ohanna: I think both are not equal value. try for a 2 for 2 if possible but I’d not then Hill seems safer from an injury risk pov. Or offer a lesser sf if possible.

  12. @Thenameisjays — I’m actually one of those that does this often but it’s only because I had no clue how to draft & also due to injuries so my team was horrible. I have to try to win via quantity over quality. I have wondered what others in my league think about it though…but luckily for me there are no cap moves

  13. Hecman!! Trade advice.
    I give: Mo Williams, Paul George & Eric Gordon
    Jrue Holiday, Asik & G Henderson

  14. How do you like dropping BJ Mullens for Jermaine O’Neal? Mullens has been shaky as of late, and I hear some injury concerns floating around.


  15. Sorry for all the questions but today is the trade deadline in our league.

    Deng and Anderson for Rubio and DeRozan?

    Also possible: Deng, Anderson, Lin for Rubio, DeRozan, Hickson.

    Which side wins? Is Rubio the best player in this deal?

  16. @Luis: Considering Sessions is out for the year and Jrue is having a monster year, I think it’s pretty good even though moving George hurts.

    @WarriorsFan: Nothing wrong with that if that’s in the rules!

  17. @phanna: no worries on the questions, ask away! if you need rubio’s dimes and steals the first one is nice. The second one depends on the makeup of your team but it’s pretty fair also if you need a big man like Hickson to balance things out. You do seem to a lose a lot of 3s though.

  18. Jrue, Tristan, A Davis or Sanders, Dirk, Jameer

    12 team H2H, 40 minutes to decide before trade deadline. Help please!

  19. My team

    Mo Will
    A Davis

  20. oh, I will keep you posted alright, no doubt about that lol…
    As of right now, I haven’t made any moves considering the uncertainty with Kyrie. It sounds like it’s just a matter of pain tolerance. His knee will only get better if he sits out, but he also said it couldn’t get worse (unless he bangs it with someone else). If that happens I’ll already know what to do.
    So, what I’ve decided so far is to put that claim in for T-Rob (dropping Landry). If it doesn’t go through, I’ll probably go with Maynor if he can show me one more useful statline against San Antonio tomorrow. As for Kaman, even though I can’t predict what will happen the next game, he can still be useful and is probably better than any center on the WW wire right now. The thing is, if he’s just going to be on my bench most days anyway, I wouldn’t have a problem dropping him. I’ll probably keep him till the end of the week with the off chance he plays Sunday since blocks are going to be really close. Probably won’t play him tomorrow, though, with a full lineup. So as of now team still looks like..
    Wade, Ellis, Beal, Foye
    LeBron, Deng, Delfino
    Ibaka, Mullens, Landry
    BroLo, Kaman, Biyombo
    On the wire still..
    Belinelli, Salmons, Markieff, Maynor, Drummond, Wes Johnson (does he get a boost too with Scola sliding to center?)
    I feel like I have enough shooting guards and would really like to strengthen FG%, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks. Those would be my 5 go-to categories if I can land T-Rob and stash Drummond. Would you agree? My 3s should be enough for my last two opponents but if necessary, and if still available next week, how would you rank these 3 point gunners…
    Belinelli, Salmons, Battier, Roger Mason Jr., Gary Neal.
    Thanks, Hec!

  21. @Boleros: Leaning Livingston for now.

    @Big Baby Hey Zeus: Hopefully, I’m not too late answering. Hopefully, you went with the Jrue side, leaning that side.

  22. @allballs: Ha, funny stuff. I agree on trying to add T-Rob and Drummond if you can afford to stash Drummond, especially if you think Kaman will be on your bench many nights anyway. If you really need 3s in a pinch, right now Salmons is at least getting the minutes so I’d lean him.

  23. Hey Hec, so yesterday was the trade deadline, and I managed to pull off one final move. Now I’m wondering if I made the wrong decision. I traded my Manu/Faried/Kirilinko for his Millsap/Amir/Korver (tried to sell high on name value).

    I think I did ok because Kirilinko is done for awhile (with no reason to rush back/shutdown candidate), Manu, as much as I like him, will probably get hurt again (especially with increased minutes), and Faried was killing my FT% (9 cat roto). I’m desperate for 3’s, so Korver fits the bill on that, and his low TOs help loads too. Millsap and Amir will more than cover the loss of Faried and a few games from Kirilimpo (and Millsap will help salvage my FT% since he gets to the line). Millsap/Korver also help cover the assists/3’s/stls lost by Manu, but with way less TOs.

    The reason I targeted this guy for a trade is because he’s right on my tail, but is just ahead of me in FT%, Rbds, and TO’s. This trade pretty much hurts him/helps me in all of those cats, and doesn’t give him an edge on me in any other cats (and now he’s left with Asik/Faried/Bargs/*Gortat making it difficult to sustain that lead). The trade seems to favor him until you really break it down, but did I overthink it and make a bad move? I might have even overthought this post, lol. Thanks man.

  24. @Big Baby Hey Zeus: sorry, man, still travelling but if it’s any consolation, both sides are very good so not the end of the world if you pulled the trigger. You can just as easily win the deal.

    @drez1: I think it was a nice deal for you. Manu may also sit back to backs so you sold him a bit high there.

    @Boleros: I might give Mullens a game or 3 more to see if he’s healthy.

  25. welcome back Hec!

    my fantasy grand final is next week. thx for your daily blogs – it’s helped me get there.

    any of these guys droppable for Keef Morris – he has 4 gms next week. Sef (across board production except pts)/Collison (slumping)/avery bradley (good schedule plays CHA twice)?

  26. Hey Hec,
    Should I be trying to move Kyrie with the potential for a shut down looming? I don’t trust the Cavs and injuries after the Varejao fiasco, so I am not sure I am buying the idea that he is going to play through it. What type of player would you target in sending out trade offers? 2nd round value guys? Would you trade him for Dirk? I thought about offering Kyrie for Dirk and Rubio, but I am not sure I would be giving up enough. Here is my team if it helps.
    Kyrie, Jennings, Jrue, IT2
    Mayo, Matthews, Korver, Tobias,
    Pek, Cousins, Sanders, O’Neal, Love, Drummond

    As you can see, I am good with assists and 3s, but hurting in rebounds.

    It is a weekly h2h league

    Also, I just picked up Drummond, but now I am second guessing myself. I am currently in 2nd place with a potential 1st round bye, but the playoffs in this league don’t start until Week 22. My lead has been reduced to 1 game over last few weeks, so I am still fighting for it. Would you drop him for Clark, MKG or Markieff and play them next week? If I don’t do that, I will have to play Cousins or IT2 with 2 games. Either way I am going to probably have to play O’Neal and hope he plays all 4 after daughters surgery. Do you think the upside of Drummond is worth the stash since I am short on blocks and rebounds? I hate to assume Love will just bail me out when he comes back.

    Thanks for all the help

  27. @HVR: Glad I can help you get to the final and thanks for reading! I´d monitor Morris this weekend before making any move for now, those other guys are giving at least as much production as Morris might.

    @Colin: I´d consider strongly grabbing Clark and trying to get that first round bye. As for Irving, if you can get Rubio and a guy like Dirk for Irving to hedge then that´s a no brainer but I can´t see the other guy going for it. You´ll probably have to throw in a Tobias or something. Feel him out.

  28. How long would you hang onto Rose? I will need 13 guys in 100% shape, playing for my playoffs, not someone playing every other game or limited minutes or rusty, you know? I think they need to get Rose in the game by Monday at latest to get him in playoff shape, don’t you? If I drop Rose on Monday or by whatever day you suggest, which one of these free agents do you like best for the playoffs? Deng 4-3-4-4, Felton 4-4-4-4, Okafor 4-4-4-3, J.O’Neal 4-3-3-3?

  29. @Betty99: I just discussed Rose in my Add/Drop post today with your reasoning. Leaning Deng as he´s clearly the most proven and will play big minutes.

  30. I pulled the trigger. I feel great about it. No worries on being busy. You are the man. Gotta pay the cost to be the boss. James Brown.

    Hey Zeus

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