Ranking the best H2H Playoff Schedules by NBA Team!

It’s getting close! No, I’m not talking about that smelly guy on the subway sitting near you or the weirdo who keeps staring at you, I’m talking about your H2H Fantasy Basketball Playoffs! Initial caps and all because it’s that important! Maybe for some of you your playoffs are already here so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance of not knowing your particular league rules. I know, I know, how dare I, as if! Anyway, I was just hanging around the airport last night in Sao Paulo waiting to fly back to NYC when I realized everyone around me was using their laptop. Hey, free WiFi! Who knew! Apparently, I’m the only jackass who didn’t so I decided to try it and like magic, the internet came on my computer. What dumb luck! Or maybe I should have just read the sign on the wall that said “WiFi Zone”, that would have given me a pretty big hint so I started this post last night but ran out of time before I had to board. Anyhoo! We are starting Week 20 of the NBA season today which means for many of you your H2H playoffs are just around the corner – week 22!. This quick post is going to be a handy dandy guide to helping you get to fantasy glory. We all want fantasy glory. Who doesn’t want fantasy glory! If you haven’t already noticed, in the left side bar underneath Tools are two awesome H2H Weekly and Daily Matrix Schedules that you MUST check out. The Daily Matrix Schedule is especially cool because it helps you plan for days where there are less games, thus maximizing your overall games for the week if you plan correctly. This post will break it down for you but you can always refer to the the Daily and Weekly Matrix schedules whenever you deem necessary. Ok, let’s get to it, shall we?

Rankings of the best H2H Playoff Schedules by NBA team – Weeks 22-25

The First Tier – Let’s call this tier the “We can win, Jesse!” tier

Minnesota and New York

These teams play the maximum of 14 games from Weeks 22 through Weeks 25. 4 games each Weeks 22, 23 and 24 and 2 games Week 25. Moral of the story: You want T-Wolves and Knicks!

The Second Tier – Let’s call this tier the “Yay, I got guys playing 13 games and you don’t because you can’t afawd, it, you can’t afawd it!” tier

Chicago Cleveland and Milwaukee

These teams play 13 games out of a possible 14 max. The only difference between Chicago/Cleveland/Milwaukee and Minnesota/New York is Week 22 when Chicago/Cleveland/Milwaukee each play 3 games as opposed to 4 for Minnesota/New York. Weeks 23-25 all 5 teams are on par. Golf term!

The Third Tier – Let’s call this tier the “Eddie’s got his @$% in the sink again, he’s having too much fun!” tier

Boston, Memphis, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington

These teams also play 13 games out of a possible 14 max. Boston, Memphis and Washington both play 4x in Weeks 22 and 23 then 3x in Week 24 and twice in Week 25 so these teams should help get you to the Finals. Miami and Philly play 4x in Weeks 22 and 24, 3 times in Week 23 and 2 times in Week 25 so these teams look strong for the first round and the Finals.

The Fourth Tier – Let’s call this the, “Getting meh!” tier

Lakers and New Orleans

Both the Lakers and Hornets play a total of 12 games between Weeks 22 and 25 but only play 1 game in Week 25. Or, in other words, you best have a lead going into the final week of the season, son!

The Fifth Tier – Let call this tier the “You want meh, you got it, son!” tier

Brooklyn, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Portland, San Antone‘ and Toronto

These teams each play 12 times from Weeks 22-25. Brooklyn plays 3x each Weeks 22 and 23, 4x Week 24 and 2x Week 25, favorable for the Finals but unfavorable to get to the Finals. The rest of the teams in this tier all have the same exact schedule, i.e. 3 games Weeks 22 and 24, 4 games Week 23 and 2 games Week 25.

The Sixth Tier – Let’s call this tier the “Don’t cry, dry your eye” tier

Atlanta, Indiana, Clippers, Orlando and Utah

Each of these teams play 12 times from Weeks 22-25. Atlanta, Utah and Orlando have a great early playoff schedule with 4 games each Weeks 22 and 23 but just 2 games each Weeks 24 and 25. Hawks, Jazz and Magic players will help you get to the Finals but against a strong team in the Finals you’ll be at a severe disadvantage. The Clippers play 4 times Week 22 but then just 3 times Weeks 23 and 24 and twice in Week 25.

The Seventh Tier – Let’s call this tier the “Insert sad face emoticon here” tier

Denver, Detroit, Golden State, OKC, Phoenix and Sacramento

Each of these teams only play 11 games from Weeks 22-25. Detroit only plays 2 times each Weeks 24 and 25, 3 times Week 22 and 4 times Week 23. The other teams all play 3x each Weeks 22-24 and two times Week 25.

Tomorrow we’ll hit up the NBA Teams with the best “off day” schedule for Weeks 22-25 so be sure to come back, y’all!

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  1. Hec, Kyrie just got diagnosed with a sprained shoulder and will be out supposedly 3-4 weeks. Terrible timing for me with playoffs starting next week. What should I do? Do I drop him immediately? It’s my 12 team H2H lead. Thanks.

  2. Being 20 games back in standings at this point, is it time to white flag the season? Or is there still some time now that trade deadline has past? Really the Barnes spot is probably the most questionable. However, I needed another F just incase while Melo/Millsap/AK were out. Do you like Barnes(run with Crawford out?),Ridnour or another big at the util slot?

    PG – Lowry SG – DeRozan G – Conley
    SF – Aminu PF – Melo F – Iggy
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – T.Harris Util – M.Barnes
    BN – Ridnour BN – Kirilenko BN – Millsap

  3. Players I can grab for Kyrie, looking ahead to the playoffs, are Barea, Maynor, C. Lee, Chalmers, Augustin, Shumpert, Harkless.

  4. For what it’s worth the immediate categories i can move up in are AST/BLK.With Lowry and Conley wondering if BLK big may be better but not much stands out there. O’neil won’t clear waivers until mid week and that leaves guys like Jordan,Hawes,JV. Maybe a D.Harris or Bellini for Barnes instead of Ridnour?

  5. Hey Hec , what were you doin’ in Brazil?

    With Kyrie out, who to grab shaun livingston, boobie gibson, Jared Dudley or Avery Bradley?

  6. A fantasy writer on ESPN says he can’t see Derrick Williams not being fitted into the realm of things, after the way he’s performed for the Wolves, with everyone hurt….and anyone should play Williams hard until the end. How do you feel about this statement?True or bs? I own Kyrie, playoffs start next Monday, the reason I ask is I am looking for a replacement for Kyrie. Ariza, Felton,J.O’Neal, D.Williams,Tobias Harris, Mo Williams, Jamal Crawford, Kawhi Leonard, Martell Webster, J.Reddick, Dion Waiters, Okafor, I need that guy who shoots up to 35-40 fantasy points every once in awhile and stays in the 20’s. Any of these guys got this? Maybe Waiters, since he will take up Irving’s slack?The same guy spoke about Rose like” when” Rose starts playing, not “if”, for this year. How do you feel about that? I either have to drop Rose now, and pick up a second guy from this group, or plan on Rose being there next Monday. I heard if Rose starts playing, it will be every game, not every other, he will be in good shape. What have you heard on Rose? Grab another one of these guys and drop Rose or wait?

  7. Waiters is on waivers and Irving is on ice…Should I put in a claim? I would be dropping Tobias. I could definitely use a good SG for playoffs.

    Also, did you hear anything on Pekovic? I need him back! Do you think he will be back by fantasy playoffs?


  8. @Beast: If Love and Pek are both back then I don’t agree with that ESPN guy’s statement. Common sense says he can’t continue what he’s doing without being the main go to guy which he won’t be. I’d go Waiters.

    @phanna: Cleveland has a better schedule than Orlando so I’d make the move, especially since you need the SG. Heard Pek is feeling better, day to day still though but looks like he may be back by the playoffs barring a setback.

  9. @NCR: Was visiting my in-laws, my wife and kids are Brazilian citizens (and US Citizens too), we go every year there to visit. Leaning Avery, Boston has a nice playoff schedule, especially Weeks 22 and 23.

  10. So that’s how you understand portuguese!

    See if you understand this (you can cheat and ask your wife):
    Grande blog que aqui tens Hec!
    Continua o excelente trabalho!
    Reconhecido internacionalmente

  11. Hec! (14 team 9 cat. Yahoo H2h) I need to win this Championship! Are there any moves I should make for the final push? Do I have a shot at winning? Currently I am guaranteed playoffs and am in 5th place out of a maximum 6 playoff teams. our playoffs start next week (week 21). Thanks!

    Available players: Avery Bradley, Dunleavy, Matt Barnes, Earl Clark, Webster, Barrea, Jonas V, Foye, kofous

    my team:
    pg: deron williams, george hill, derrick rose
    sg: james harden, monta ellis, beal
    sf: kawhi leonard, jeff green
    pf: ersan ilyasova, tobias harris
    c: robin lopez, zbo

  12. Hec, would you rather own Livingston (starting for Kyrie) or Barea as a replacement for Kyrie? And for playoff strategy, if playoffs start for me next week (1 week away) and last for 3 weeks and Kyrie is scheduled to be out 3-4 weeks, is it advisable at all to stash him? Or would you just cut your losses immediately and start preparing for the playoffs?

  13. Yes, it’s getting close! I’ve climbed up to the 3 seed and I have two weeks to make a push for that 1st round bye. Check out the link to see the team I’m up against. I may need to call in some reinforcements if Beal sits longer and Mullens continues his fall from…where ever he was to begin with. I have FT% locked (opponent has Howard), but rebounds will be an uphill battle. Ibaka keeps me in the mix for blocks, and I should have points, assists, and 3PTM (could be close but I feel good about it).
    Do you suggest me holding on to T-Rob (who I just got off waivers. I want to see if he can turn it around since Donatas doesn’t seem to be locked in, but this may not be T-Rob’s year considering Rockets are trying to win now, also do you see Royce White playing anytime soon?), Kaman (unpredictable but came through with 2 blocks against Minnesota I needed to win the category last week), Biyombo (still getting burn, burn baby burn), and Mullens (wtf Byron)? or would you drop one of them for Livingston? I still need to win as many games as I can now to secure a playoff spot, so any dead weight can be lost at this point, I think.
    And finally, if possible to stash, would you say Drummond > Pau? Thanks and glad to hear that you landed safely! Welcome back to North America!

  14. @allballs: I might drop T-Rob for Sean, he has a decent playoff schedule too. Thanks, good to be back!

    @Nick: Leaning Livingston but it’s not clear cut. Stash Kyrie for now but if you find you need to cut to win then I wouldn’t hesitate.

    @99Problems: I know it’s hard to cut Rose but if you find yourself in trouble next week you’ll have to lose him since it’s win or go home. Top candidates are Bradley, Webster and Barnes. Good luck and keep me posted!

  15. hec, thinking of dropping hayward for mo williams and who do you think is better, jeff green or martell or trevor?

  16. So I got Waiters for Irving. I am streaming Derrick Williams for Beal tomorrow, and both Beal and Williams play Wednesday, so I have the option of playing who is around. I’ll give Rose until about Sunday to play or I’ll have to grab Tobias or O”Neal or someone for my Monday playoffs. Just hope Waiters puts up Kyrie type numbers.

  17. Because of golden state’s bad sched, should i drop Jack for CJ Miles/Delfino/Barea/Ridnour? thanks Idol Hec!

  18. hi idol hec, would you drop Mullens for CJ Miles? Thanks!

    *or should it be Livingston to be added instead? Thanks!

  19. @Boleros: Leaning adding Livingston over CJ unless you need the 3s. Dropping Mullens depends on your need of big v. small though. Your call! As for Jack, leaning hold for now to see if he gets it going and monitor the others but Ridnour is a possibility.

  20. @Beast: Nice grab on Waiters but you can’t expect Kyrie type numbers. He should be solid though. I’d give Beal one game on the bench if you have Williams as an option. Agree on Rose. Good luck!

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