JV is moving up to the Varsity!

Last night Jonas Valanciunas dropped 18/8/2 with 2 steals and 2 blocks in 31 minutes. As usual, I examined the box score closely for you to make sure there were no obvious reasons for such a line, you know, like an injury, a blow out, etc. and, sure enough, there was no obvious outlier! Here’s what I told you last week when he wasn’t playing great but sometimes you have to look past that. You have to look at opportunity and strike! Jonas Valanciunas – Yes, I’m well aware that Andrea Barganani has been lost for the year and maybe you Bargnani owners are looking for some pity words but you won’t get none of that here, man. Nope, let’s just let him go silently into the night! JV is back, y’all! Go ahead and grab him in your 12 team league if he was dropped. You can always launch him if he farts on your pillow … again! I’m guessing he’s still floating around out there in some leagues so go for it if you haven’t already. It’s called opportunity, ladies and germs! Old school joke! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Wayne Ellington – Started and dropped 20/7/4 with a steal and 3 threes in 41 minutes. Fabulous! C.J. Miles was also productive with 10/3/5 with 2 threes in 24 minutes. Just grab whomever is on the wire, if both are still on it then I still lean C.J. but if starters are your thing then no shame in grabbing Wayne-o. This could be a 7 of one, half a dozen of the other type thing! Who’s the 7 though? That’s the question! You know where I stand, hoss, but it’s a toss up. What’s a hoss?

Shaun Livingston – 14/3/6 with 2 steals. Here’s what I told you last week: Next on the pecking order for me is Shaun Livingston who I said this about on FridayShaun Livingston – 1% – If you own Kyrie Irving than you best make room for Shaun, son! If you don´t own Kyrie Irving then go ahead and stream Shaun until Kyrie comes back and even then I might hold onto him a bit. I hope you listened, I don’t mess around up in here, at least my Magic 8 Ball doesn’t! Shaun is the closest thing to a true point guard the Cavs now have, temper expectations though, he hasn’t exactly lit it up but he offers the most upside. Over his last 5 he’s at 12.6 ppg/3.4 rpg/5 apg/1.4 spg. Actually, I didn’t say any of this stuff, my Magic 8 Ball dictates everything, I just type it!

Kyle O’Quinn – 12/14/4 in 25 minutes. I’ve seen O’Neil, O’Reilly, O’Flanagan but never an O’Quinn! Now I know it exists. O’Brother! Leave him on the wire or stream if Nikola Vucevic is to miss more time puking his lungs out.

Kenyon Martin – 11/3/0 with a steal in 28 minutes. If you’re desperate for a low level production then I have the perfect guy for you, said Kevin Martin!

Larry Sanders – 19/14/2 with a steal and 4 blocks. I wonder how many people grabbed Larry Sanders way way way back in November. I hope you did, that was certainly your only shot to add him. If you weren’t reading me then, don’t worry, I promise next November I’ll have your next awesome free agent(s!) right here for you, man. I care! Sniff.

Andre Drummond – Won’t be returning Friday as hoped and seems to be out indefinitely which blows because I grabbed him in my FSWA league where I’m in a dog fight for first place out of 24 and I needed those damn blocks! I’ll probably be losing him soon and if you’re in a H2H league where you need to win now then lose him pronto! No times to waste, son! ****** UPDATE ******* Andre practice today so hold for further news!

Kevin Martin – 17/1/0 with 2 steals and a three in 31 minutes. The day after I complained he’s not getting enough burn he goes out and plays 33 minutes. Halelujah! Now give me an Amen! Now pray he continues to get 30ish MPG. He better! Don’t hold your breath though, you may suffocate!

Brandon Bass – 11/6/2 with a steal and a block in 31 minutes. He’s got a great playoff schedule so use that to your advantage. It’s called production by volume! With Brandon you’ll need plenty of volume, because, he, um, aint not very good. Double negative! Or something like that.

Gordon Hayward – 27/8/2 with a steal and 3 threes. On the podcast I have mentioned numerous times how I hate Marvin Williams because all he does is block our wanna be fantasy heroes like Gordon Hayward. Get out your cape Gordon, you’re my hero! As long as you’re starting anyway.

Donatas Motiejunas – 5/5/0 with a steal and a block in 26 minutes. Not much new insight I can give you here. It looks like he and Thomas Robinson are canceling each other out making them both only deep league plays only. Hmmph!

Darren Collison – 8/0/3 with a steal in 20 minutes. You know I’m not a fan but when he starts he’s ok, when he doesn’t start, he’s fantasy fodder. You don’t like fantasy fodder, do you? Rhetorical!

Brandon Wright – 9/3/0 with a block in 12 lonely minutes. The other day I told you I wasn’t giving Wright much love but since he was getting burn go ahead and take a whirl. Looks like the ride stopped. Hope you didn’t get whiplash!

Manu Ginobili – 16/3/7 with a steal and 2 threes. Unfortunately for Manu’s owners, it looks like Tony Parker may return as soon as Friday so expect some regression in minutes and production. Hey they go hand in hand, like boyfriend and girlfriend! Same goes for Danny Green. Just an FYI. Don’t kill the messenger! (me)

Kevin Seraphin – 16/5/1 with 2 blocks in 30 minutes. Sure, leave it up to Kevin to beat up on a Suns front court that the Duke girl’s basketball team could have schooled. Let’s see him do it again before even considering a pick up. I dare you, Kevin! I triple-dog dare you! Emeka Okafor will be back anyway so whatevs on Kev. Bully!

Bradley Beal – 6/5/1 before leaving with an ankle bone injury. This brother from another mother seems cursed and if you want to lose him then go for it. It’s a shame though because he’s sooo good when he’s healthy but we gots to win now! No time for dreamers!, said Derrick Rose.

Markieff Morris – 0/2/0 with a steal in 11 minutes. Benched! I seriously, seriously hate the Suns from a fantasy perspective. Weeks ago I told you that Lyndsey Hunter was looking like that coach. You know, the one who is clueless and consistently tinkers with his rotations all while simultaneously losing like every game. He graduated from the Keith Smart School of Coaching. Fake diplomas are apparently given there!

Luis Scola – 11/5/2 with a steal and a block. As long as Jermaine O’Neal is sidelined I trust Luis. Otherwise, I’m only trusting Goran Dragic, Jermaine O’Neal and, like I told you last week, Wes Johnson. The rest can go F off. Pardon my F-rench!

Byron Mullens – 25/5/2 with 2 steals, 3 blocks and 4 threes. Dayum!! Best hurry and grab him, suddenly he’s back! Talk about ups and downs! Jeez.

Gerald Henderson – 21/7/5 with a steal. Did you add him quick when I told you to last week. I don’t like to beg. Is he helping you to fantasy basketball glory? If so, you’re welcome! Now buy a damn t-shirt!

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  1. Hey Hec,
    The reason I began following your blog was because of you originally following me on twitter. As a first year fantasy player, following you back was the best decision I ever made! After reading your blogs regularly, I have finally stockpiled a team that I believe will surely win my fantasy championship in a few weeks and I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for all of your help!

    My 8-Team, H2H, 9 Category final roster includes:
    Paul, Harden, Curry, Rubio, K. Walker, G. Hill, Pierce
    Bosh, T. Thompson, Noah, Hickson, Hibbert, Pekovic

    With the fantasy basketball season nearing an end, I have now found myself in a fantasy baseball league for the first time. I have already followed your new @hecmanbaseball account and started reading your blogs, but I have some questions on possible draft strategies. Any particular forums where I can pick your brain about that? Once again though, you’ve been a fantasy lifesaver for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. @Sean: Nice work dude

    @hec: do you think I should hold on to Beal? Is it safe to assume he will be out next week since he missed two weeks prior injuring the same ankle? It’s must win next week so I need a replacement for what he would usually provide (not so much his 3PTM but more his points, assists, steals). Who do you like best?
    Tier 1 – the “Precious Minutes Crew” (guys that are getting/will get the burn)
    Temple, Ellington, Salmons, Prince
    Tier 2 – the “Ooo I Might Get Hot if you gimme chance crew” (guys to roll the dice on)
    Daniel “Boobie” Gibson (I wonder how he got that nickname?), Alan Anderson, Wilkins, Budinger
    and finally,
    Tier 3 – the “I-pray-every-night-for-the starter-to-get-injured-but-not-the-career-ending-variety-because-that-would-be-mean upsiders”
    Bledsoe, Udrih, Augustin

    So, I’ll probably add one of those guys for Beal if he will miss time (possibly shut down), and I may add another in place of Foye. Thanks, Hec.

  3. @Sean: Thanks for the kind words and cheers to your continued success! As for baseball, you can ask me questions in the Comments section of any post over at http://www.hecmanroto.com and just put @hecman like usual and I’ll answer your fantasy baseball question. Thanks for reading!

    @allballs: Leaning Ellington but I’d hold Beal just a tad bit longer for more news on him and Waiters. If Waiters comes back next week Ellington won’t be worth much. As an aside, Drummond practiced today so don’t lose him just yet if you haven’t. Hold him for more news if you can.

  4. Good morning Hec!

    Season is just about over and it has been a blast since finding your blog!! I double posted this as I had put it on yesterday’s post and wasn’t sure if it would be easier since this one is about JV!

    Ok, so I came in as 8 seed v 1 seed this first week and am down but close in all categories. The bad part for me is she has Durant, Duncan and Zbo who have been on fire lately.

    My team: CP3, Harden, Jennings, Mo Williams, Belinelli, Gallo, Noah, Lee, T Thomp, Splitter, Webster, Dirk and Kawhi

    I have 2 pickups left for the week. Picked up Belinelli yesterday for at least today, thinking about holding since he plays Sat-Sun. That said, I am thinking of picking up JV today for his B2B and then using my other pickup to drop him and maybe grab Wes Johnson on Sunday.

    What are your thoughts on the strategy? Who would you drop to grab JV?

    Thanks Hec. My work life is going to be much more productive in a couple weeks!!

  5. I’m looking to add a Bobcat for their back to back games this Sat and Sun. Who is the better pickup between McBob and Mullens??


  6. @SDPZ: With Gasol and Kobe both back leaning lose Clark.

    @Jess: Thanks for the kind words! Now let’s try to get you past that 1 seed! The only one I see possibly losing JV for is Marco but it really depends on who gives you the best chance to win 5-4. Roll with whomever can get you that fifth category. If it’s JV for his boards then go for JV this weekend. If it’s Marco for his 3s then stick with Marco. Focus on the 5 cats you want to win. Good luck!

    @Adrian: Leaning Mullens whos seems to be healthy. Good luck!

  7. Hey Hec,

    I am down 4-6 in my match up this week. I followed your playoff startegy and saw the teams that are playing friday and saturday. Should I get rid of either lamar odom or wilson chandler for either w. bynum, j. bayless, or maybe drummond? I have one add/drop left for this week so I have to choose wisely. Any advice would help.


  8. Hey Hec,

    First off, just wanted to give you and your crew a big thanks for getting me this far. Ever since I started following you, I’ve now won 2 championships and going for a Three-peat this year.

    The first week of playoffs are here and I’m currently in 2nd, so this week is a bye. There’s been a lot of moving and shaking going on and currently Mo Williams is on Waivers, in which I’m 3rd in line. Should I use my claim on him, with back to back 4 game weeks coming up? I have a feeling he’ll get claimed regardless. I need help in PTS/3s/STLs/ and Percentages against either opponent next week.

    My Team:
    G- Jennings, Lillard, Walker, Barea, Wade, Danny Green
    F- Batum, Ilyasova, Brand
    C- Jefferson, Gasol, Hawes, Bogut

    Would drop Brand for Williams? Also, should I scoop Mullens? If so, who would you drop for him? Thanks!

  9. @beantown: I’d lose Chandler for Bynum. Good luck!

    @Doog: Thanks for the kind words, happy to help! I’d lose Brand for Mullens if you don’t get Mo off waivers. Good luck!

  10. Thanks Hec!!

    New news… David West likely out Friday and Saturday. Hansbrough averaging 16 and 12. Would you drop Belinelli for him?

    I’m double dipping… I know. Forgive me! And thank you!!

  11. @Jess hansborough’s injured too.. i think belinelli has good game tonight and grabbed him. g’luck

  12. @Jess: Tyler is expected to play tomorrow so, if possible, roll with Marco tonight then grab Tyler quick in the morning barring no set backs. Good luck!

    @colaroaster: Let’s hope Marco has a nice game. I think he will, also.

  13. Is it just me, or do the words “most likely out” by Thibodeau sound like Rose is going to return very soon? Being the quiet, non spotlight guy that he is, I don’t expect him or the bulls to announce his return. He is available on waivers, I am considering putting a claim on him for Beal.

  14. @Big Baby Hey Zeus: I think he returns in the next 7 days but just a guess so if you feel like trying for it, then ok. Kind of a toss up though so I might wait on more news on Beal’s injury first. Hopefully tomorrow.

    @Beast: Leaning Webster.

  15. Thanks for the advice. I was going to pick up Webster like you said, and noticed Gordon Hayward had been starting the last 3 games, seen he was a FA, and decided I’d grab him 1st, and if Lowry throws in a couple more crappy games this weekend, like a couple games ago, I will have Webster replace Lowry. I ran out of moves until Sunday, so I have to wait. How do you like this game plan? What do you think about Gortat? He is getting over 30 minutes now a game too. Love these 8 team leagues.

  16. Thanks Hec,

    I know you get this all the time but you have been my number 1 source of help in my league, could not have made the playoffs without ya. I really appreciate what you are doing for us nba fans.

    Thanks Again!

  17. Hecman,

    My season is teetering here. I’m down in my h2h playoff matchup. 3s and assists are close, so that’s what I’m targeting.. I can only make 2 more waiver moves this week and need to maximize games played. Dropping Barea and J O’neal. In desperation, my options are Ben Gordon, Byron mullens, Janero Pargo, And Kirk Hinrich. Hinrich is a big question mark. Pargo has been surprisingly solid the past few games.

    Which 2 would you add? I’m leaning Gordon & Pargo.

  18. @Peyton: Hinrich is scary for sure. Gordon makes sense for 3s so yes on him. If you want cheap dimes then Pargo makes some sense but with limited minutes, it’s hard to say if he’s going to continue to produce the way he has the past couple of games. I might just go for Mullens who is the best all around unless you fear losing FG. Otherwise, roll with Pargo for the dimes boost. Good luck!

  19. Thanks, hec. I appreciate all the advice as always. Especially on twitter. My season may end as it began – ilyasova missing games this week might cost me my season. Maddening!

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