Time to Mullens picking up Byron again!

I tried to figure out who I should lead in with today so I looked at Gerald Henderson and remembered I led him with him last week. Then I thought, oh, how about Tyler Hansbrough. Nope, already led in with him the other day! Then figured maybe I can go with the C.J. Miles/Wayne Ellington Cleveland combo. Xnay on the CJnay! Already discussed them this week here and here. Then I looked at guys on Toronto, that’s it! Jonas Valanciunas! Yes! Um, no, already went over him yesterday! Hell, everyone of the guys on my Friday Add/Drop posts have already been covered at one point or another. Soooo, this list is just a handy dandy summation, reminder and what not of the fantasy basketball players who are trending up and who are trending down this week. As always, availability depends on the size of your league so don’t yell at me on Twitter for recommending a player who to is obviously owned. I hear you, imaginary internet friend! Also, feel free to go back and check out my Add/Drop post from last week for more players since I can’t re-list everyone here. Oh, and lastly, don’t forget to check out my Advance H2H Strategy post for Week 21. if you’re neck deep in your H2H Playoffs! Note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!


Gordon Hayward – 69% – He’s been starting and killing it so if he’s floating around on the wire in your shallow league where everyone is good! then go ahead and consider adding him.

Gerald Henderson – 54% – Went over him last week. You can read all about it right here!

Byron Mullens – 30% – You see what he’s done lately? If you haven’t then go grab him and look afterward.

Rodney Stuckey – 28% – Playing ok with Brandon Knight out. Will be playing not so ok when Brandon Knight comes back.

Corey Brewer – 22% – He and Andre Miller should be streamed everywhere if Ty Lawson and Wilson Chandler continue to miss time. Check out last night if you don’t believe me!

Devin Harris – 22% – His ownership percentage won’t move +- 2 the rest of the year probably but I’ll show him some love anyway.

Jermaine O’Neal – 21% – If he’s healthy he’s better than 21%. He’s at least 22% good! Actually, I joke. He’s solid if he’s healthy. That’s just my opinion though. That’s what I does, I give my opinion on things like The Bachelor and fantasy basketball!

Jonas Valanciunas – 21% – Opportunity is knocking. Whether he can answer the door this time remains to be seen but I’d take him on my team to find out!

Moe Harkless – 19% – Stream away! If streaming is your thing and there is nobody better out there I mean. Lots of pre-conditions!

Marco Belinelli – 18% – See C.J. Miles 1/4 inch below. Reverse psychology! Or something like that.

C.J. Miles – 16% – Cheap threes!

Shaun Livingston – 15% – Been over him quite a few times. Don’t make me repeat myself. Use the search box if you don’t believe me!

Josh McRoberts – 15% – Seems entrenched in the rotation. I’m so happy for him I may go buy a meal that is, um,  happy!

Andre Drummond – 14% – Still considered out indefinitely but, hey, you never know when he might appear in a game so keep your eye on him. Just one eye is sufficient. Use the other eye to watch American Idol! You’ll need your ears too! And maybe your hands to cover your ears.

Tyler Hansbrough – 9% – Must stream everywhere this weekend but you already knew that. Hell, you already know all the guys on this list! I wonder why.

Lance Stephenson – 6% – Been useful and should continue to be useful even if Danny Granger comes back. That’s better than being useless!, said D.J. Augustin.

Wes Johnson – 5% – He seems to be in Lyndsey Hunter’s good graces which leads me to question Lyndsey Hunter’s NBA talent evaluation skills but whatever, Wes is getting burn right now so do what you gots to do!

Wayne Ellington – 5% – Starting until further notice so feel free to grab him. Further notice means until Dion Waiters comes back which could be next week so don’t get too comfy!

Chase Budinger – 4% – I actually had Chase on my pre-season Sleepers list before he got hurt and missed like … the entire season! Almost the entire season anyway.

Gerald Green – 4% – He’s not bad, not good either. Mostly bad but right now he’s getting a little extra burn with David West out. Let’s call it what it is!

Will Bynum – 4% – Definitely useful while Brandon Knight remains sidelined which he is so Will is useful! Full circle!

Mike James – 3% – He’s playing aaigght but he’s mostly just killing Darren Collison’s value, said Marvin Williams!

Damien Wilkins – 3% – Hope you streamed him the last two nights like I suggested. You see what homeboy did? He did pretty good! (Well!)

Kenyon Martin – 3% – You’re desperate for some cheap boards and maybe a block per. Maybeeee a block per, no promises! Here you go Mr. Desperate for Cheap Boards and Maybe a Block Per Guy! (Girl!). See also, Dalemebert, Sam.

Garrett Temple – 1% – Stream while Bradley Beal remains sidelined. By the way, I recommend a hold on Bradley but do what you want. I can’t control you!


All the injured guys out there who are on your team if you’re currently losing your H2H Playoff Matchup this week. Nobody is impressed by you owning Derrick Rose, son!

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  1. Your wk21 H2H strategy has done me quite well this week. Thank you!

    If Parker does start tonight, please help me choose one to bench for him:
    Tony Allen
    Aaron Afflalo
    Tobias Harris
    Jeff Green

  2. hey hec, you owe me for telling me to grab koufus over mcroberts this week! jk, but who do you like tonight better, redick or stuck? I see knight is out tonight but the pistons are playing the heat…. Redick had a nice overall game with points, 3’s and dimes last game but playing the pacers tonight. In my playoff matchup im barely down in points, 3 and dimes, who ya got?!

  3. Very entertaining read Hec got a few chuckles out the humor like McRoberts & the American Idol cover your ears. Great stuff

  4. Hey Hec, im in a 12man H2H.

    G: Cp3, Nash, Rubio, jamal Crawford, Nate robinson
    F: CJ Miles, Batum, Dirk, Nene, Faried,
    C: Jermaine, Duncan

    Im about to start playoff next week and was considering droping jermaine for bogut. i believe thats the only interesting guy on the wire at the moment. other notables are Matt Barnes, J Kid, C brewer, Dalembert, josh mcrobert, dummond.

    My weakest stats week to week are 3’s, points, and boards. Strongest being blks, ast, and fg%. how should i proceed going into next week? Thanks Hec

  5. Mullens! nothing wrong with recycling some old material. It’s good for the environment. I also got a laugh out of the American Idol thing, and it’s funny you used that reference for Andre Drummond. I was thinking yesterday when I heard he practiced fully that it was music to my ears. My guess is he’s ready but will play when they get back to Detroit. Gotta give the fans something to get excited about for next season, right? Isn’t that right Rodney Stuckey? Nods.

  6. @Roger: Good luck next week! Bogut for O’Neal is fine if games are level. GS has a pretty poor playoff schedule so just make sure you’re not going to lose games if you make that move.

  7. PG – Conley SG – Derozan G – Ridnour
    SF – Igudola PF – T.Harris F – Millsap
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes UTIL – Melo
    BN – AK47 BN – Valanciunas BN – C.Lee

    I am essentially in a situation where i may have to go unorthodox and stupid to give myself any glimmer at a top 5 finish.I am in 8th 5.5 behind 5th.At this point do i just choose whats close category wise and chase those points as opposed to “best team out there?”

    FG% – .002 moves me up or Down
    FT% – .001 moves me up 1 (.010 moves me up 2)
    3PT – 3 moves me down, 38 moves me up
    PTS – 40 up 50 down
    REB – 43 up 32 down
    AST – 4 up 18 down
    STL – 26 up 9 down 2 places
    BLK – 12 up 2 26 down
    TO – 2 teams within 26

  8. FG%,FT%,PTS,AST,REB are close enough that 1 day could change.Does that influence things for me as far as start/sit lineup changes go? as i really dn’t have a true 3rd apg guy beyond Lowry/conley.

    Shaun Livingston is available as is Barea,R.Allen,Bayless,Ross,Blake,Wright,Bass

  9. Hec,

    Alan Anderson a must grab going into next week? Harkless also on WW. H2H PTS. I’m on a bye this week. Have 4 p/u limit per week. AK-47 & Jack are really only players I could potentially see as expendable without knowing who I’m playing next week. I’d prefer not to let AK go since he has 4 games.


  10. Well shucks, I gotta say I should’ve listened to you about Wilkins. In any case, I am very close to a 7-2 victory which would mean a bye. 6-3, so close. Corey Brewer, Alan Anderson, Wilkins, Patrick Patterson (2 games) are my main options. Need percentages. Either or will do. I am leaning Patterson for his 2 games and decent numbers for both cats.

    You the man,
    Hey Zeus

  11. Hi Hecman,

    It looks like I might have to drop Rudy Gay for my matchup next week. Is Moe Harkless a strong pickup option? I noticed you mentioned above to stream him. does that mean he is only seeing a short term boost due to someone else being out??


  12. Hey Hecman, thank God I found your site! Cool stuff!

    I need help if it is worth it stashing MKG and Love on the first round of the playoffs. I’m still waiting if MKG’s minutes will be brought up but so far it’s a disappointment. Also trying my luck if Love returns again sooner as expected. There are considerable pickups like Ellington, D. Wilkins, Bayless, Beasley. Do I drop both or one of them or just hold on?

    More power!

  13. who would be the best option for next week?

    MOE HARKLESS (in 2 games)
    BRANDAN WRIGHT (in 3 games)
    TYLER HANSBOURGH (in 3 games, as long as David West is out)

    thanks again

  14. Hi Hecman,

    I just found out that Marc Gasol it out indef with a abdominal tear. I own both him and Gay and I only have one add/drop left. Who would you say has the better chance of playing next week (since I could only drop one of them)?

    Also, if Gasol is out, who is the better pickup between Ed Davis and Darrel Arthur??

    thanks again, I’m so bummed right now!!

  15. Got another Ed Davis/Arthur question for you (I’m sure you’ll get loads in the next 24 hours, lol). Anyway, worth dropping McRoberts for either one of them? Thanks guys!

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