Friday Night Fantasy Basketball Recap!

Tony’s out of the shop, so it’s time to Parker in the lineup!

If you haven’t heard, our favorite Frenchman, Tony Parker (22/2/5) returned Friday night as expected and played nicely. Old owners and new owners of TP rejoice! Phew…. Just in time…. Now let’s just hope Popovich doesn’t start to be a d!ck and bench all of our favorite Spurs down the stretch. If he does, you can’t blame me! I’ve been telling you to sell for two months now! Either way, those who have playoffs are in full playoff mode now. It’s that time of year where we are forced to make the toughest decisions of all, especially when your waiver adds are limited on a per week basis. The hecmanhoops crew will be available the rest of the way so don’t get your Superman underoos in a bunch. I’ll be coming out with a “prepare you for the first (or second) week of playoffs post” tomorrow. You will be enabled to make the best educated decisions of your lifetime, or at least for the next week in fantasy basketball. Until then, this is what I saw in Fantasy Basketball last night……….

Rudy Gay – 4/3/1/stl Left with a sore back in the first half last night and will not travel with the team for its next game. It could be time to cut bait depending on who you can add within your league. Raps play today and not again till Wednesday.

Alan Anderson – 35/6/3/1/1 Pickup of the night with Rudy Gay going down. Should see a lot more minutes but I wouldn’t expect this line again anytime soon. Still worth an add though if you’re carrying some dead weight.

Kyle Lowry – 9/1/10/2stl Probably the biggest winner with Gay going down as he should get more looks down the stretch.

Amir Johnson – 4/6 Had a quiet night due to Anderson being on fire. Rudy Gay’s minutes will mainly be split between the Anderson and Johnson when he is out. That’s being said, I wouldn’t rule Gay out past Wednesday, just yet.

Kenyon Martin – 19/11/2stl/blk This was a huge game for K-Mart and will only be possible as long as Chandler is out.

Moe Harkless – 25/9/1/4/4 Now that’s potential! But I’m not running out to grab him. Got all the run he could with Nikola Vucevic out.

Kyle O’Quinn – 11/9/stl Got his first start of his young career last night and wasn’t too shabby. I’m ignoring for now though. You get an “E” for effort kid!

Aaron Afflalo – 6/3/1 Went down with a hamstring injury. I’m guessing he’s out for a while. Make the add if you have someone in mind.

Samuel Dalembert – 10/13/1 Got the start with Ilyasova out again. Very streamable!

Tyler Hansborough – 22/12 Got the start with David West out, who sounds like he could be out into next week at the very least.

Anthony Davis – 18/15/2/2blk Looks like a full go after overcoming the flu.

Eric Gordon – 11/2/4 To’s. Will not play back-to-backs the rest of the season so is he really someone you want to hang on to?

Cavs vs. Rockets – This game was a complete blowout so you can’t take anything fantasy wise from it. Wait for the next one.

Jeff Green – 10/3/4/5 TO’s I hope you didn’t drop a good player for him after that Heat game last week. He looks to be cooled off now….

Shawn Marion – 11/13/3 The matrix is back in full force. Get him back in your lineup.

Brendan Wright – 23/8/stl/blk Might be his best game of the year. Ride him through the playoffs if you can.

Mo Williams – 23/1/8/3stl in 41 minutes. Yes! Finally our man looks to be back and ready to help get us to the SHIP!

Andre Kirilenko – 20/7/1/blk Yes, it was a good matchup but I’ll take it however I can. He’s still working his way back into shape so I expect improvement along the way. Oh and more stls and blks! C’mon AK!

Nikola Pekovic – 11/2/stl Was in foul trouble all night so no worries. Just dust yourself off and try again.

Greg Stiemsma (14/10/1/3blk) and Dante Cunningham (18/8/2stl) got to share Pek’s minutes and played very well.

Chase Budinger – 11/2/stl with a trey. Deep leaguers, be aware!

Hamed Hadaddi – 6/8/1 Got the start with Jermaine O’neal out and was a huge disappointment. Pray for JO or Gortat to return at some point.

Jason Collins – 2/2 Got a start with Emeka Okafor out and wet the bed. Ignore.

Kevin Seraphin – 12/5/1/2blk Had a nice game while getting a lot of Okafor’s minutes. I wouldn’t pay much attention though as Okafor was out with an illness and should be back soon, if not in the next contest.

Pau Gasol – 9/4/2/blk Oh boy, the band is coming back together again! That may not be a good thing if they play together like they did two months ago…….

Kobe Bryant – 21/4/11/2stl The lead singer is back too? Oh my! Word around the NBA is that the Spurs are scared shitless. I don’t blame them though. They should! be scared. The Lakers are simply a plethora of superstars. And one Canadian. But who knows. I’ve seen crazier things happen in the NBA……

Antawn Jamison – 11/7/blk Suffered a sprained wrist last night, but X-rays were negative. AJ is probably droppable, almost everywhere with Pau Gasol back.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions or comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. See you all tomorrow with our Master Playoff Plan! Championships!

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  1. beno udrih? You think he will have a good game against the miami on monday?

    Earl Clark? good gamae against gsw?

    hansborough? should i pick him up to play on monday? or too risky if west comes back?

    koufos? good game against NOH?

    Let me know which one is a good pick up for monday… hecman and jforte please advice :)

  2. Gordon Hayward just have an off night last night? McRoberts,R.Evans,Bogut,A.Miller,Harkless,Cory Brewer,Kawhi Leonard are some other options for me.Thoughts? I heard Kyrie was tossing up some shots on Thursday. Hope he is back soon. Man not getting Hansbrough on Monday, very costly. He will be good for a couple more plays at least, 33 point FP in the last 3 games. I’m out of moves until Hansbrough’s Monday game. Had Ilysova too. Poster child for not diving into the stands.

  3. Hey hec. Heres my dilemma. I just picked up Harkless and Psycho T off the wire. Alan Anderson is floating on the wire as well. Here is my team

    Stephen Curry
    Raymond Felton
    Darren Collison
    Tyreke Evans
    Amir Johnson
    Kenneth Faried
    JJ Hickson
    Tiago Splitter
    Jameer Nelson
    Nikola Pekovic
    Tyler Hansborough
    Moe Harkless.

    Would you pick up Alan Anderson and drop any of these guys?
    Thank you sir!

  4. Should I drop Beal, Foye, or Kaman to pick up Udrih or alan anderson? E’Twuan Moore also available. Still holding Drummond.

  5. @lpeezy – ill go hansborogh for sure.

    @beast – hayward just had an off game last night. I see him bouncing back. Kawhi has also been hot if that’s an option.

    @salvatore c – I might add him for harkless if the news on gay gets any worse.

    @allballs – I would add him for kaman if you want the upside.

    @boleros – same order

  6. I need %s and insight on who to start/bench. The 6 categories I am already winning should be safe.

    Lillard @ OKC
    Mo Will @ DAL
    Rubio v. CHI
    Lebron v. CHA
    Dirk v. UTA
    Batum @ OKC
    Sanders v. ATL
    Favors @ DAL
    Isaiah v. PHI
    Patterson v. PHI

    I need to gain 0.020 FG% or 0.030 FT%. To get one or the other is certainly possible, and if I do my miraculous 2nd half comeback from bold moves and trades will have resulted in me going from 8th to 2nd. It will also mean I have a bye next week.

    Hey Zeus

  7. Hey guys, would like your opinion on something (link to picture included, just click “allballs”). For the first week of playoffs, which team would you rather face between A and B? (I say team A). If I get past that, which team would you rather play in the semifinals between C and D? (I think C based on the chance that Duncan or Garnett rest, but A isn’t bad either if Chandler and Waiters remain out though I would rather not face KD). Thanks!

  8. Some feedback would be much appreciated as there is an early game. Much respect.

    Hey Zeus

  9. Let me re-phrase that question.Who do you like better from Amir Johnson,Jarret Jack(now that Curry’s hurt), Ed Davis,JV, and whoever is going to benefit from Affalo getting knocked out for the season?

  10. @boleros – absolutely

    @Beast – Ed Davis

    @Zues – I would probably sit MoWill and Rubio. Bad FG %’s. Sorry, couldnt get to the comments til now. Im much more available by Twitter @jfort753 with urgent questions.

  11. @allballs – I’d rather see A and then D.

    @beast – Davis, Johnson, and Jack (If Curry were to miss time) will all be very good plays. If I have to pick one I say Davis.

    @Zeus – I like that plan. Good luck!

  12. I haven’t given twitter a chance, not a big social media guy (no facebook) but perhaps I should try it out.

    I am rolling with just Dirk and Lebron, catching him in fg% hopefully. Probably should’ve rolled with Sanders and Favors as well but hindsight is 20/20. I still can play Patterson and Isaiah. He is only playing Thaddeus Young tonight.

  13. @Zeus – I like the Patterson play. Philly is terrible at defending the post. I hear you on the social media stuff. Twitter is great for injury updates, news, etc. If Im not by a computer, twitter and email are much better for urgent questions as they are easier to access on my phone. Good Luck!

  14. Get the first round bye because Isaiah hit a pointless 3 with 9.1 seconds remaining… Amazing

  15. Wow, barely made it through the first round of playoffs. One of the teams was forced to drop 3 of his players for people with games, so since I have a decent waiver pick, I’m going to try and get one.

    Can you rank the following?
    JR Smith
    Jordan Crawford
    Raymond Felton

    I’m thinking of dropping Mullens for whoever I end up getting.

    Thanks guys!

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