There is Moore opportunity in Orlando!

With Arron Afflalo down for the count there is even more opportunity in Orlando. Orlando is the land of fantasy basketball opportunity! You’ve got Moe Harkless, you’ve got Beno Udrih and you’ve got E’Twaun Moore. Moore is 6% owned in Yahoo! leagues. 6! Beno is 5% owned and jealous of E’Twaun. Moe is at 36% owned but that also means he’s also available in 64% of leagues! I used a calculator since I only have first grade math skills. Anyway, last night E’Twaun dropped 13/9/7 with 3 steals and a three. Ownership percentages aside, Moore is my number one guy of this bunch. Beno posted 7/4/5 with 2 steals in 37 minutes and should see nice combo minutes the rest of the way and Moe continued his low level type fantasy production with 7/9/0 and a steal. I’d go Beno or Moe based on position need after E’Twaun. Your call! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Darrell Arthur – 6/4/0 in 19 minutes. We told you to grab Ed Davis over Darrell. It’s called talent! Or cream if you want, it eventually rises to the top. Not that Ed is cream, he’s more like that stuff that accumulates when hot tea sits around too long.

John Wall –  47/7/8 with 2 threes, a steal and a block. The kid was hot last night, oh, so hot last night, but where will he be, where will he be tomorrow-ow-o-o? Go back and sing it like Loverboy does, it’s fun! You know something is up when John takes 4 three point attempts and even hit two of them! He’s only averaging .8 3PA on the season. I guess he took one each for Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster. It’s called an homage! If he wants to take his fantasy game next year to another level, he’ll need to work on his 3 point game, not sure if that’s going to happen. That said, he’s pretty good!

Chris Singleton – 10/7/3 with 2 blocks while Nene Hilario sat out. Nene means baby in Portuguese. Really it does. Babies get hurt and cry easily. Now you know why he misses games! Oh, and Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster also sat out. Hey, someone had to play big minutes! And you wonder why John Wall dropped 45 last night.

Mike Miller – Started in place of Dywane Wade and posted 7/5/1 in 20 minutes. Anyone remember him? He’s the guy who cheers on Ray Allen from the bench but warned you not to draft Ray way back in October. Really, he did. Go check it out in the Top 200 under the Draft Guide tab up top! It’s true!

Kyle Korver – 7/6/2 with 2 threes in 24 minutes. Kyle been in a shooting slump lately, y’all. He’s still averaging 30 mpg over his last 5 so I wouldn’t lose him unless there was a hot free agent out there. Not like he’s down to 18 mpg or anything. Chill! Or don’t. Your call. I’m chillin’ if there’s nothing hot out there. See what I did there?

Tyler Hansbrough – 12/11/0. David West and maybe even that damn shootin’ fool Danny Granger may return tomorrow night so it looks like the end of the road for Tyler here. Stick a cig in his mouth, blind fold him and give him a pat on the back before shoving him off the plank!

D.J. Augustin – 6/2/5 with 2 steals and a three. The whole Pacer team is a walking hospital ward. Or maybe they are sitting, not sure. George Hill may be back Wednesday, he may not! Monitor and stream away if he doesn’t. Pay attention! It’s the playoffs! For some of you anyway.

Andre Miller – 9/4/6 with 2 steals. Is it me or does it seem like Andre Miller is like 50 years old? He was once traded for Alan Iverson, remember him? He’s the guy who has been out of the league for a couple of years now and seems, to me anyway, like he’s at least 5 years younger than Miller. (I didn’t look though). Anyways! Keep streaming Andre everywhere while Ty Lawson remains sidelined. But you already knew that! You’re so astute.

Darius Miller – 16/2/1 with a steal and 4 threes on 6-7 FG. Eric Gordon didn’t play. What, Gordon didn’t play!? WTF! Monitor.

Brian Roberts – 13/5/18 with a three and all this time I thought it was just that Greivis Vasquez was so talented! Stream Wednesday if GV is to miss more time!

Evan Turner – 6/6/0 with a steal in 31 minutes. I’m not dropping him in standard 12 team leagues. That’s all I know. If you drop him there then you is crazy. You smokin’ the crack or something?

Arnett Moultrie – 14/8/0 with a steal. The 76ers are like 16 games under .500 so maybe, just maybe, Arnett will start to get a look-gander by the coach. I’d keep my eye on him if I were you. Just one eye is sufficient, use the other eye to watch The Voice tonight on NBC!

Randy Foye – 17/3/1 with 3 threes. The game was a blow out so Randall, or Randy as he’s more popularly known, or suck ass as his fantasy owners like to call him, got a chance to launch some extra shots. He’s still good for threes though!

Pau Gasol – 7/8/2 in 23 minutes. What did you expect after 8 weeks off, 20/10 and 2 blocks?? Come on, now, son. You gots to keeps it real! Hope for better.

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  1. Heya hec, I don’t know but I think I may be in some trouble. I know you guys are in the middle of your playoffs and stuff too, but I really appreciate you guys taking the time to check out our problems (and reading my novel-like comments). This is my opponents team:

    Rubio, Lillard, Lowry, IT2, NateRob
    Paul George
    Hayward, Webster
    Dirk, Ilyasova, Tobias, Hansbrough
    Cousins, Kenyon Martin

    Pretty decent team. It’s almost as if he reads your blog! I made some add/drops so here’s what my team looks like right now:

    Teague, Udrih (dropped Beal)
    Wade, Ellis, Foye, Moore (dropped Drummond)
    LeBron, Deng, Delfino
    Ibaka, Mullens, B. Wright (dropped Kaman)
    BroLo, Biyombo

    I’m not sure what to do. I’d like to try to win one or both of the % categories (right now i like my FT% but historically he doesn’t have great FG%). I think I can win steals and blocks. That’s 3 categories. I’m an underdog it seems from my projections in 3s, points, and rebounds. It’s very close in assists and steals. Since I’m punting 3ptm, should I drop Foye and Delfino (who will be on my bench since I have a full lineup anyway) to pick up Augustin, Gerald Green, Marquis Daniels, or Salmons for Thursday? Not the greatest choices I know, but I desperately need the games played, esp if Wade or LeBron sit again. Then for Friday I can drop those 1 or 2 who just added to pick up guys from a better pool: C.J. Watson (if JJ sits), Damien Wilkens, Ellington, Ross, Telfair (if Lowry sits), Bledsoe (CP3), Maynor, Darell Arthur, Budinger, Booker/Seraphin. The good thing about those guys (except Booker/Seraphin) is they all play back to back for saturday as well. I still have 16 moves left, so I think I feel ok using up at most 6 more this week.

    The dilemma I face is whether to go for rebounds or points. If I elect to go away from points, then I can put in a bigger lineup (I’d probably add O’Quinn). That way I can try to keep my FG% up, add rebounds (since I don’t feel he’s that much better than me in that category) and at the same time limit turnovers. Some bigs I can target: Humphries, Perkins, Maxiell, T-Rob, Kanter, Seraphin, Booker, O’Quinn

    If I do go for points, I’ll be playing more guards which should help my assists and points (maybe steals and FT%) but my FG% and turnovers will get worse.

    sorry for the long comment again….and thanks in advance for the insight

  2. ^damn that’s a lot to digest there. let me just start going one day at a time. Just for tomorrow my starters will be:
    Teague, Ellis, Wade, LeBron, Deng, Mullens, BroLo, Ibaka, Moore, Udrih.
    Bench will be:
    Foye, Delfino, Biyombo
    Am I playing the best guys if punting 3s and already feel good about blocks? Should I make any changes or add/drops? Guys available for tomorrow (need points, assists, steals):
    Watson, Bledsoe, Brian Roberts, Augustin, Prigioni, The Shumpert, Ellington, Humphries, Wilkins, Salmons, Ross, Temple, Maynor

  3. @allballs: I like your lineup for tomorrow. See you’re doing after Wed night then re-evaluate then for your moves to load up on cats you need to get to 5-4. Keep me posted!

  4. 12 team roto GP not a problem at all.In 7th

    PG – Conley SG – Derozan G – Ridnour
    SF – Igudola PF – T.Harris F – Millsap
    C – Monroe C – Asik
    UTIL – Hawes UTIL – Melo
    BN – AK47 BN – Valanciunas BN – C.Lee

    BLK,AST,STL single digits from moving up
    FG%/FT% within .002

    Moore,Blake,Wright,O’Neal,T.Allen,E.Davis,Biyombo,Robinson/Hinrich,Mullens,Brewer some names on WW.

    Any start/sit/drop changes you would make? I know a team or two above me is alread about to run out of games while I am only +1 in 2 positions.Does this influence roster decisions at all when i can potentially make up ground after other teams run out of games?

  5. Picked up livingston instead for lee.Is Livingston > or < Moore?

    What is the AK47 barometer does playoff schedule still warrant a stash until he gets going again?

  6. In your last post, J-Fort asked me if there were any other good pickups. Basically, I had already lost Kyrie before playoffs and was the 2nd seed so I got a first round bye, then West, Webster, Vucevic, and Joe Johnson went down. I’m in the semifinals right now and not sure what I should do. I already picked up Bayless on Sunday so that helped me on Monday. I dropped Webster and picked up Kenyon Martin for today’s game then dropped KMart for Knight. No other decent adds except for maybe Alan Anderson, Budinger, Wilkins, Hinrich, Brand, Moore, Udrih. So now I’m just holding West, Vuc, and Johnson. I have a full day on Wed and Fri where i can bench them. But Thursday West plays and Sat ill have to play 2 of them.

    Just in case it helps, here’s my team:

    Dragic, Rubio, Jack
    Joe Johnson, Bayless, Knight
    Jr Smith, Parsons
    West, Favors, Amir, Zbo,
    Vucevic, Monroe


  7. @Nick: I’d go for Moore if he’s playing Saturday and just keep streaming players if you’re losing this weekend, can’t go down with hurt guys on your bench.

    @Francis: Green. Cheers!

  8. Hec,

    H2H PTS Semi’s this week. My current roster is (Yahoo eligibility, we play 2 C’s, 2 Util):

    Jennings, Dragic, Jack
    Mayo, Klay, Wes Matthews
    Smoove, Tobias, Jeff Green, AK-47
    Boogie, Pek, Hibbert

    Two part question:

    1. West (3/29), M. Gasol (3/29), Tristan T. (3/30), and Drummond (3/28) all on WW. Looks like West and Drummond are close to being back. Gasol’s injury doesn’t seem too serious/like they’re resting him for playoffs. Would you drop anyone on my current roster to grab one of these guys?

    2. I currently have Pek and Jack benched for tonight. Mayo doesn’t play. Would you roll with that LU tonight?

    Additional info: we can make 4 moves/wk. I’m currently +1 player for the week, and up 228 pts.

    Thanks for the help.

  9. Hey Hec,
    I am going to follow suit and ask a really long question as well. I have a bye this week, but I am trying to prep my lineup for next week and could use a second opinion. It is a weekly h2h league with 11-cat (adds ftm and fgm) and it is in Yahoo so I have to set my lineup Sunday night. We play 10 players per week: pg, sg, g, sf, pf, f, c ,c, util, util.

    Here is my current team: Jennings, Jrue, IT2, Wes Matt, Mayo, Pek, Cousins, Sanders, Harris, Harkless and planning on benching Korver and Ed Davis (I also have Kyrie and Love stashed, but since they aren’t affecting my active lineup I planned on just keeping them).

    My opponent’s lineup will probably be Westbrook, Wall, Monta, Parsons, Thad Young, Blake Griffin, B Lopez, Zach Randolph, Ant Davis and either Nene or Kev Martin (also has Pau and Livingston).

    His team seems to be peaking now with Monta and Wall going crazy. I was thinking about just trying to focus on 6 categories and setting my lineup accordingly. I think I can get him in 3s, assists, ft%. My question is should I load up on rebounders and shot blockers and try to take him in fg%, blocks and rebounds or load up on guards and try and get him in scoring, steals and fgm? Or just play my ten best and hope that it all works out?

    I have some flexibility in that I could start someone else for Mayo, Harkless and Harris, or even IT2 or Cousins since they have 3 games next week. Lately, no one has been using the WW so there are some interesting options available. Drummond (4 games next week), McRoberts (4), Bayless (4), Moore (4), Delfino (4) or even Reggie Evans (3) and a few others. I was originally thinking about dropping Ed Davis and either rolling the dice on Drummond and hope he gets the minutes next week and can provide 12ppg, 8rpg and 1.5 bpg (with bad ft%) or even Bayless and going in the other direction. I could also drop Harkless, but I do like his steals and rebounds. Any thoughts? I appreciate all of your help this year.

  10. @Colt Speedman: AK47 isn’t getting the minutes so if he doesn’t minutes tonight I’d probably put in a claim for West who may be back tomorrow.

  11. @Colin: Play your best guys to start the week and, if it’s not working, then start streaming and target specific categories to win 6-5. Good luck!

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