Get your Henson John!

With Ersan Iylasova sitting due to illness and Larry Sanders going down for the count, the Bucks were left to turn to John Henson last night. You remember him? He was the guy I had high hopes for back in, oh, I don’t know, maybe December, early January. You grabbed him then you lost him because he blew chunks. See Ersan Ilyasova, he knows something about blowing chunks literally and figuratively! Anyway, John went off for a ridiculous 17/25/3 and 7 blocks last night. I suspect he’ll get some weekend run. My Magic 8 Ball also suspects it so go ahead and grab him. Hey, if he vomits a poor line you can always lose him. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

John Jenkins –  21/0/6 with as steal and 3 threes. We call these games garbage games so monitor who is sitting and throw Johnny boy on your watch list!

Nick Young – 19/3/2 with 3 threes. I told you  like 6 weeks ago Nick would be back. I love being right. Ha. Monitor.

A.J. Price – 23/1/0 with 2 steals and 5 threes. Here’s what I told you yesterdayA.J. Price also seems to be getting some back court burn so give him a look-see if you’re desperate! Not-so blind squirrel! Also, take a look-gander at Cartier Martin going forward. It’s fun!

Rashard Lewis – 17/5/1 with 3 threes. See John Jenkins like an inch or two above depending on the size of your monitor.

Doron Lamb – 16/4/2 with a steal and 4 threes. How does Orlando keep pulling guys out of their, um, Magic hat. Sorry, bad joke >>>>>>  lame. Just monitor and if he does again then pounce for the final couple of games. Like a tiger! Get it? >>>>>>>>>> lame!

Andrew Drummond – 29/11/1 on 10-11 FG and 9-17 FT. Wait, should that be the opposite?

Dion Waiters – Returned from a knee bone problem and 11/3/1 in 15 minutes. It’s kind of late to be monitoring guys so if you have a bare wire and need a streamer, take a chance. He could get 15 minutes again or maybe more!

Gerald Wallace –  2/2/2. It’s been a long season for Wallace owners. For those of you who stuck it out with him to the end, I will send you a condolences card.

P.J. Tucker – 17/10/3 with 2 steals and 3 threes. Last time I checked he’s still P.J. Tucker. Assign same value you had for him yesterday morning!

Markieff Morris – 12/7/1 with 2 threes. He’s up and he’s down, he’s hot and he’s cold, yada, yada, yada, said Katy Perry. Hey, you changed the words! Looks like he’ll finish up getting some useful burn.

Brian Roberts – 20/6/5 with 2 steals and 2 threes. Grievis Vasquez and Eric Gordon both played but Roberts stepped up anyway, said the guy who didn’t stream him. That’s all of us!

John Salmons – 22/3/3 with 2 threes. Are you seeing a theme here today? Yes, all scrubby guys!

Pau Gasol – 23/7/9 with 2 blocks. Where was this the first, um, 70 games! Grrrrr. Now the other guy has him and the guy who had him isn’t even reading this. He’s reading!

Metta World Peace – 4/2/2 with a steal. I told you yesterday he won’t help you much. Actually, I didn’t say it, I was quoting Ty Lawson.

Will Barton – 9/1/2 with 2 steals. Started and dropped 9/1/2 with 2 steals in 29 minutes. Keep streaming away. Yeah, I know the line wasn’t anything special. You don’t have to tell me!

Wilson Chandler – 29/8/4 2 steals, a block and a three. When he gets the burn, he gets it done. Hey, guess what? He’s getting the burn! Look at his line, he’s clearly getting it done!

Gary Neal – 17/2/2 with 2 steals and 3 threes. I’m not sure why I even bother blurbing about the Spurs. Tim Duncan has been a monster this season as has Tony Parker. I likes me some Kawhi Leonard but the rest have been kind of annoying to own, said Scott Skiles.

Chase Budinger – Got the minutes, just didn’t get it done. Hey, don’t forget to check out J-Fort’s post from this past Sunday that covered Week 24 H2H playoff strategy and streamer suggestions and what not. Really, you best go check it out. He wants you to win!

Matt Barnes – Was fantastical earlier in the season but now is kind of just an afterthought, kind of like fantasy basketball will be to you soon. Unless! Unless you play at Join in the fun, fantasy hoops doesn’t have to end!

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  1. Hi Hecman,
    I need to pickup a SG/SF to make up for the games I’m losing from Batum. Which of these options would be best?

    JON JENKINS (is he for real? He has 2 solid games in a row and has gotten solid minutes)
    MIKE MILLER (worried about Wade and Lebron coming back)


  2. sorry, one more…. would Delfino be a better option then any of the guys I listed above?
    thanks again

  3. What’s up hec! I need advice for my last waiver pick(s) of the season. I’m in the championship. Unfortunately I have metta, I thought he was gonna suddenly explode like gasol did coming from his injury. But you were right. A name is just a name. So with that I lost steals, 3 pointers and of course points. I also have d favors playing his last game tomorrow. I kept him this week for his blocks…. I think the closest categories are gonna be fighting for are: 3s, assist, steals, and maybe blocks too. For favors and metta who would you suggest adding out of the following:

    Brandon bass (he’s been consistent lately; would have him for his Saturday game)
    John Henson
    R. Lewis (stupid garbage games)
    Nick young ( assuming he plays sat or Sunday. I haven’t seem his schedule yet)
    Gary Neal
    Doron lamb
    Eric maynor

    Thanks man. Please help a bro out.

  4. @Roman: Leaning Bass. Good luck!

    @Adrian: None are a guarantee but give Jenkins a whirl or Mike Miller if the guys sit. If Delfino is in and Parsons is out then he’s not a bad option if you need 3s.

  5. sorry, there was one more option I forgot to mention.
    Dion Waiters is also available. Would he be better then Jenkins?
    thanks again

  6. Why leagues are set up to use the last games of the NBA season for the championship, i have no idea… this is a rant for another day… at least i’m in the championship, right?

    10 man league, I already grabbed Bass and Henson (i also own Sanders). My walking wounded/rested are Greivis, Bosh, & Parsons and i’m trailing, but close

    Should i consider dropping Greivis and/or Bosh at this point not knowing how much run they are going to get these last games? Options out there are:

    Corey Brewer
    Andre Miller
    Beno Udrih
    Brian Roberts
    Caron Butler
    JJ Redick
    Mike Dunleavy

    Thanks much. You got me this far… take me to the promised land!

  7. @morskie1: If Jameer continues to sit then Beno makes some sense over GV. I’d give GV one more game if he’s playing. If Jameer comes back and GV isn’t right then Miller is reasonable. As for Bosh, monitor, hate to lose him for any of those guys right now unless you really must.

  8. Hey Hecman,
    Who would you start tonight Bosh vs Bos. Drummond vs Cha. Henson vs Atl? I can start 2 of them.
    I’m worried Bosh could easily put up a weak line in his return.
    Love Drummond vs Cha lack of bigs. Can live with awful FT%
    Henson is the wildcard but is starting at center tonight.
    Thanks for the advice and daily reading all season! Great stuff!

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