Look West! (brook), the sun has set on Reggie Jackson!

Surprise! Surprise! Russell Westbrook is back. The Oklahoma Thunder are listing thats Russell is active today and will start against the Suns with no minute restrictions. This is obviously phenomenal news for Westbrook owners, who need to get him in their starting lineups immediately. As for Reggie Jackson owners, he can safely be dropped in shallow leagues and possibly in deeper leagues, but lets see how the minute distribution plays out for now. See, I dont always bear just the bad news! Now to the rest of Saturday night’s fantasy basketball action…….

Andrew Bynum – Sat out last night as the Cavaliers are just being very cautious with their expensive new toy. Bynum owners will just have to be patient.

Dion Waiters – 17/2/4stl Waiters bounced back and will most likely be real streaky this year.

Lance Stephenson – 22/5/3 Playing very well right now and I expect him to hold value all year. My gut feeling is that Granger will head to a bench role when he returns.

Derrick Rose – 13/4/6/8 to’s Still trying to knock some rust off. He’ll get better.

Taj Gibson – 12/7/stl/blk A nice game off the bench and will be a must own player if Joakim Noah or Carlos Boozer ever happen to miss time.

Thaddeus Young – 13/7/2/1/1 and three treys. Young hit one three pointer in all of last year. He hit three last night. If this keeps up, Young’s value takes a pretty big jump.

Cody Zeller – 4/1/2stl in nine minutes. Zeller got just nine minutes of run with Al Jefferson out again. This is bad news and Zeller can probably be dropped for a hot free agent.

Anthony Davis – 25/8/4/6stl/6blk Wowsers! If Davis can stay healthy watch out. He will surely return first round value.

Tyreke Evans – 15/6/7 Tyke finally had a nice game off the bench and expect more to come as he gets healthier.

Jose Calderon – 15/2/5/stl Calderon bounced back. No worries.

Jonas Valancuinas – 7/6 in just 16 minutes. The Raptors looked to go with a smaller lineup and JV was the one to lose the minutes. He should be fine.

Nate Wolters – 7/4/10 Need some short term point guard help?

Larry Sanders – 4/4/1/blk in just 21 minutes. Sanders reportedly is not happy with his playing time. Hopefully for us, his complaining will get hims more minutes. Hopefully!

Alec Burks – 15/3/2/3/1 Still playing very well off the bench.

Tim Duncan – 24/7/1/blk Returned. Get him back in your lineup.

Nicholas Batum – 11/12/11/blk Nic got his first triple-double of the year.

Demarcus Cousins – 8/7/3stl Was apparently benched last night. Dont be surprised here. Along with the talent, you get all the headaches too.

Ben McLemore – 19/4/1/stl Had a nice game last night, but will continue to have off nights.

Travis Outlaw 15/12/1/blk and Jason Thompson 12/10/2 got more run than usual with Cousins being benched.

Klay Thompson – 27/7/2/stl with three treys. Klay will be a fun player to own this year.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you tomorrow!


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  1. hey hec should i trade klay thompson for ellis? Is he worth the poor FG? I’m gonna win 3s regardless and could use the assists, what do you think?
    Thanks :)

  2. Hey Hecman, thanks for all your advice , ti really makes a huge difference.

    We have introduced a FAAB system in our league for this year and since I am inexperienced with it , I’d like some advice on determining values. We have 100$ for the whole season. How much would you value Faverani and Stephenson at the moment given your assessments on them?

    Thanks man and keep up the good work!

  3. @allister – I would hold on to Klay. You can add dimes through the waiver wire eventually.

    @II Mago – I would say about $6-8 each. maybe add a buck or two if you short on one of the positions.

  4. Hey J-Fort, welcome back! Couple of questions…

    1) For a stream tomorrow night, do you like Vitor (vs. Memphis) or Tristan Thompson (vs. Minnesota)?
    2) In my 14-tem H2H (10-Cat) daily league, I own both Russ and Reggie Jackson. Our league has a weekly acquisition limit of three players (and no max games limit). Would you hold on to Reggie or drop in favor of streaming?

  5. I’m needing a PF/C…

    Given Bynum’s history, would you recommend him over prospects such as Tristan Thompson, Kelly Olynyk, Taj Gibson, or Cody Zeller?

  6. Hello,
    I’m desperate for some help. I’m looking to drop Reggie Jackson since Westbrook is back. Who would be the best pickup below for a 10team, H2H, 7cat league (no %s or TOs)? I’m looking for the best long term add since this league only allows 15 pickups all season



  7. my team is horrible this year. I lost 2-6-1. My team consist of:

    Rose, lilliard, bledose, mayo, waiters, jjohnson
    Boozer, Bass, Griffin, Lee, Tthompson, hickson, monroe

    I regret dropping asik. My strength are rebounds and points, ft%. I am average on fg% assist, and steals, 3ptm , and tovers are over 100+

    Waiver wire: Nate Robinson, trey burke, gwallace, foye, aburks, xhenrey, janderson, blake, hilario, neal, blair. henson, .

    I am not sure who is droppable in my team , but my thoughts are joe johnson, hickson, and possible bass. Let me know if you agree. and which adds on the wire i should target.

    Thank you hec and fort–please advise :)

  8. @Mike S: Definitely not Henderson and leaning hold MKG.

    @itee: All your guys are useful so some nights they will do stuff and others not so much, makes for owning a Bass frustrating. I’d lean toward grabbing Henson who has more upside. I’d also consider losing Hickson for Alec Burks in general but you don’t want to be short big men so your call.

  9. Hec,

    Add a couple more to that list: Kaman, Henson, Jason Smith, Jason Thompson, Patterson?

    I’m holding Kaman now. 168 player league. Just looking for boards and blocks from this roster spot.

  10. Hi Hec/jfort!

    I dropped Henry for JHill.. I thought hill will get more minutes. He helped me win last week with his rebs though. Should I be patient with hill? Frye and Bargnani is still on the wire. and btw, Marc Gasol is on the trading block. Another team has put Sanders in the trading block as well. But I am not sure which of my players should I offer. They need mainly need an sg/sf/pg. But I can’t giveaway my only 2 PGs. :D

    Here’s my line up again.
    A.Bynum c
    Love pf/c
    Bass pf/c
    J.Hill pf/c
    Griffin pf
    T.Young sf/pf
    Kirilenko sf/pf
    Granger sf
    C.Miles sg/sf
    J.Johnson sg/sf
    Waiters sg
    Ellis pg/sg
    Lowry pg

  11. @onair – You look to be just fine on big men, so no need to try for Gasol/Sanders. If anything you could use another PG. Keep your eye open.

    @decaf – Green all the way while Dragic is out.

  12. Hey guys I have Lawson, Farmar, Jamal Crawford, Ray Allen, Paul George, thabo, Matthews, Plumlee, Howard, Horford, Ryan Anderson, Kirlenko and JR Smith.

    Was offered Brook Lopez and Teague or Holliday for Dwight and JR Smith. I could use the Pg help and with %’s is this a good move? Thanks!

  13. Hec/Jfort,

    Someone just dropped Nene in my league. No brainer, drop Kaman for him? Or is Nene’s injury risk that big of a red flag?

  14. Also, I currently have the #1 waiver priority. Not sure I want to use that on Nene. Again, 12 team, 168 players.

    Conley, Kemba, Felton, Chalmers
    Afflalo, Beal,
    Parsons, VC, G.Wallace
    Ibaka, Amir
    M.Gasol, Bynum, Kaman

    Thanks guys.

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