Chris Paul does not suck but don’t buy him!

Don’t look now but someone is off to a rousing fantasy start this year. I’ll give you a hint who he is, he’s in the headline! Sometimes I’m not so clever with hiding who I’m talking about I guess. Anyhoo! To date Chris Paul has posted season averages 26.5 ppg/13.3 apg/3.8 rpg on .571 FG and .974 FT. He can’t miss! Oh, chuck in 3.3 steals per and 1. 5 threes while you’re at it. The moral of this story boys and girls is don’t even think about trying to trade for him. Don’t even look at his name in the box score if you don’t own him. Mmm-mm, don’t you do it. You feel what I’m saying, homey? While you’re at it, don’t even look at Klay Thompson either if you don’t own him. Fantasy basketball is a buy low/sell high game and you’re buying high on both players. Like the best pot you can buy high! Anyway, here’s what else I saw on a relatively slow night in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Corey Brewer – 13/3/1 with 6 steals in 38 minutes. Here’s what I told you in my Top 25 Small Forwards: “26. Corey Brewer – Very, very underrated. Sleeper! I see value all over this pick. Like Target!”. Fine he was number 26 but whatever. You know what I mean!

Kevin Martin – 23/4/3 with 5 threes in 34 minutes. I think I mentioned him in my Top 25 Shooting Guards, I’m not sure. hecman checks. Oh, yeah, here it is: “17. Kevin Martin – I know he seems kind of high but I’m willing to give him a second (third!) chance playing alongside Ricky Rubio who I would like to dry hump.” I hope you didn’t get distracted that I wanted to dry hump Rubio and drafted K-Mart!

C.J. Miles – 19/5/1 with 2 steals, 2 blocks and 3 threes in 19 minutes. Don’t go dropping anyone getting minutes for him. Even if the guy you currently have sucks ass. That is all.

Dion Waiters – 8/4/2 with a steal and 2 blocks in 20 minutes. I’m actually a bit of a fan and even predicted him as a Dark horse most improved player in our NBA Pre-Season Awards last week. Hold onto him in 12 teamers and beyond for now. In 10 teamers you can lose him if you happen to own him. I think it’s dark horse and not darkhorse. Not sure.

Andre Iguodala – 32/3/3 with 3 steals, 7 threes and a block. You ever see an ex-GF while you’re out with your new hotter girlfriend? How do you like me now!?

Michael Carter-Williams – 18/6/4 with no steals, a three and 6 tovs. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and germs, this is gonna be a wild, emotional ride! The good stuff: 20 ppg, 5 rpg, 7.8 apg, 2.3 3pm and 3.3 spg. The bad stuff: .406 FG, .704 FT and 3.3 tov per. The tovs will probably go even higher but I’m counting more good than bad and I did predict him as Rookie of the Year before the season started! With apologies to Victor Oladipo, of course. Boring! Anyway, you want to avoid the putrid percents go ahead and sell him high as a kite. Remember the opening paragraph. Look up. The kite!

Jared Sullinger – 16/5/0 with 2 threes in 21 minutes. I think he’s worth grabbing in 14 team leagues but you can go ahead and monitor in 12 teamers. Look but don’t touch! You can touch if you want. For your reserves!

Jordan Crawford – 12/2/4 with 3 steals, a block and 2 threes in 25 minutes. If Gerald “Glass” Wallace is too miss any games with a bruise of his knee bone, I’d go ahead and stream Jordan. Fill it up, Jordan!

Vitor Faverani – 5/6/0 with a steal and a block in 28 minutes. What, you thought he’d block 6 shots a game? I’d rather own Miles Plumlee for whatever that’s worth. My mother says it’s worth a lot!

Omri Casspi – 19/9/4 with 2 steals and three threes in 28 minutes. I’ve seen this bullshit before out of Omri. I’m not buying that shit. Peww. Ok, go grab him for kicks but don’t go losing Danny Green or someone struggling like that. You know who you are?!

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  1. Hey there hec good to have you back on. Question, any cause for concern with vitor not getting any real run in the 4 th. Seems like Kelly O is all over the place and active in the offense. Vitor is just setting screens late for everyone else. For the long haul pick up Kelly n drop vitor ???? I just have a hard time believing in and rooting for a guy that looks like Bob from Clerks….

  2. Hi idol Hec,

    1. Will you drop Reggie Jackson for Pat Beverley in roto?

    2. In another roto league i own both reggie and pat, would you drop any of them for Trey Burke?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Oh! Sullinger is still on the waiver wire. Might not get him since I’m 9th out of 14 in waivers. Should I drop Hill for henson right now then line up for sulli? or hold on to Hill for this week? thanks hec!! :)))

  4. Hi Hec:
    I’m tired of Waiters and also have Reggie Jackson and Tobias in my team. That said, those are 3 players that are giving me nothing or almost nothing. You think is a good idea to drop any one of them for maybe Beverly, McClemore, Markieff M. or even Andrew Nicholson?
    Thanks Idol!

  5. Hey Hec! What stream do you like more for tomorrow? Corey Brewer against Golden State or Gerald Green against San Antonio? Thanks!

  6. I dropped Danny Green for Gerald Green the other day… but this is a 10-team league, so I hope that’s ok. At least they’re the same color! =P

  7. Having said that, someone dropped Faried the other day and he’s about to expire from the waivers. Drop Gerald Green for him? I know, it’s actually mildly surprising that anyone would drop Faried, but the Nuggets are a mess right now.

  8. @R: Leaning hold Miles for now.

    @ballerzlife: Depends on the league, if you can afford to stash Trey, I’d probably go that route.

    @decaf: I’d grab Faried with waiver pick.

  9. Hola Hecman! I reached out to you on your Twitter but then remembered you would rather answer questions here. Hope you had a great basketball off season! Here was my question:

    Who will hold more value once its all said and done? Alec Burks or Tiago Splitter? Thanks in advance!

  10. I shot you a tweet also; Great to be back at Hecman Hoops, the best of the best! I have a draft this weekend and am curious as to which 5 – 7 players you wish you had either ranked a bit higher during your draft or else pulled the trigger on a bit quicker. Thanks and looking forward to a great season with Hecman Hoops!

  11. Hi hec/jfort

    sullinger and bargnani is on waivers right now.. with recent news on chandler being out 3-4 weeks… which one of these should i line up first? Jordan crawford is also available… thinking of dropping kirilenko/henson/bass… what do u think?


  12. Somebody beat me to Faried. Not surprising.

    Just picked up John Henson upon reading the Sanders off-court incident. May be a bit pre-emptive to drop Gerald Green, but you like Henson as a starter, right?

  13. @eric – Splitter long term. Duncan and the Spur starters will sit down the stretch as they blow teams out. Especially fantasy playoff time. That will probably be when Splitter is most valuable. A guy could take a chance and drop him and add him later in the year. Just an idea. Probably something I would do if I had an abundance of talent.

    @craig – Hey Craig! I’ll give you a couple of guys I would’ve drafted higher if I had the chance. Hope it helps! Anthony Davis, Paul George, Eric Bledsoe, MCW, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, K-Mart, Bynum, Stephenson, I.T., and you have plenty of bargain drafts at this time of the year too. Just ask if you want some help.

    @onair – Hey man, I wouldn’t drop AK or Henson. Watch the Bass/Sullinger battle though. Sully might end up being the better fantasy player and it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Stevens is constantly changing the lineup.

    @decaf – Henson very good right now. If I’m you, I’m just riding him until further notice. Especially with the Ilyasova B.S.

    @R – Drop Chandler, and hold Sanders. Who you have to grab in place of Chandler?

    @Chile – Cousins. and its not even close.

    @confused – Sorry man, We’ve had some “real life” and “technical” difficulties recently. I apologize. We’ll be back in full force ASAP.

    In the meantime, you can hit me up @jfort753 for any immediate questions or discussions. Hell, I just like to talk basketball.

    We are here to help. Because we care. Sniff….

    Hecman and JFort


  14. Lose Zeller for Henson? 12 t h2h yahoo.

    D. Green

    Cheers hombres,
    Big Baby Hey Zeus

  15. Hey John Fortney

    I am not sure why you think Cousins is away better than Hawes. Cousins is a good player, but also is an always trouble. And Hawes is killing it right now.

  16. Hec/JF,

    Contemplating a couple moves. Looking more long-term.

    Here’s my roster for a 12 team, 168 player H2H daily league:

    Conley, Kemba, Felton, Chalmers
    Beal, Afflalo, VC
    Parsons, G.Wallace
    Ibaka (thank you, Westbrook), Amir
    M.Gasol (been sucking ass), Kaman, Bynum

    I’m looking to drop VC possibly. My options are Martell Webster, Foye, Casspi
    Hang on to a more stable commodity in VC? Or is VC not going to replicate his stats from last year?

    Also, thinking about dropping Kaman (or Bynum). Leaning Kaman since Bynum just has too much upside if he actually is able to play at full speed sometime this year.

    Would you drop any of them for John Henson? I think he has a lot of upside for fg%, blocks, boards. Main reason I’m hesitating other than the fact that he’s playing behind Sanders is his FT%. Not sure if I want to bring that into my current lineup.

    Let me know your thoughts and advice! Thanks in advance.

  17. Or do I look at dropping G.Wallace instead or in addition to? Not sure what to make of his recent benching. He played better but only played 23 mins.

  18. I’m in a H2H 10 team, 11 cat league.

    I’m getting killed in all kinds of cats, but mostly %’s.

    My team is

    LBJ, Jeff Teague, Calderon, Al Horford, Ryan Anderson, Rondo, Carter-Williams, Westbrook, Ariza, Duncan, Batum, Raymond Felton.

    Been offered :

    Dwayne Wade, David Lee and Deandre Jordan for

    Westbrook and Al Horford.

    Do you think I should do it?

  19. In a 12 team h2h, I have the following team:
    Lillard, harden, butler, Kawhi, pau, millsap, garnett, plumlee, kanter, IT2, dalembert, beal, wesley matthews.

    What should I do with KG?

    Should I drop anyone for the following: Tony Allen, jarrett Jack, casspi, reggie jackson, pj tucker?

  20. Hey guys, this one is for my 18 team league (daily, 9 cat, h2h). Amazingly, my team has been winning (I’ll list my roster below).

    One of the teams only has one PF so he’s pretty desperate to trade for any PF. I think I may be able to pry away Big Pek since he’s not really high on him and already has other bigs. If I can somehow convince him to trade me Pek for McBob, would you do that? I also have JT and Bass.

    My team:

    Rubio, Kemba, Wroten
    Manu, Bradley
    Batum, H.Barnes, P.J.Tucker
    Ibaka, Bass, McBob
    Hawes, J.Thompson

    I do like how McBob fits my team given his multicat contributions, including 3s and assists. But not sure how sustainable it is. After all….he still is McBob and Al Jeff still hasn’t really played. Your thoughts?


  21. Hey her-

    I’ve been offered Kyle Lowry for my Jimmy Butler– I’m in a very deep league- 12 teams starting 3 at each position. I’m a bit scared by Lowry’s injury status, but need an extra push to pull the trigger- any insight?

  22. Hec and J-Fort, it is good having you back.

    I am in a bit of a bind, my squad is unbalanced.

    GUARDS: Bledsoe, Teague, Carter-Williams, Holiday, Beal, Kobe and Redick
    G/F: Batum
    FOWARDS: Plumlee, Kirilenko
    F/C: Love
    C: Howard, Jordan, McGee

    The 9 categories are:
    FG%, FreeThrowsMade, 3FGM, PTS RBDS, AST, STLS, BLKS, TOvers

    I can start 4G, 4F, 2C and 2Util. I figure I should be targeting FORWARDS in a trade. Who can/should I trade? Who would you trade?



  23. Hey guys! Looking for two out of Reggie Jackson, MWP, Splitter and Bargnani. For a 14 team H2H with daily lineups. Here’s my current squad:

    G – Westbrook, Bledsoe, Teague, Reggie, Korver, derozan, Hamilton (dropping)
    F/C – melo, Anthony Davis, Amir, Millsap, plumlee


  24. hey hec,
    anyone worth losing for danny green or henson?

    My team is:
    G: lowry, teague, felton, Klay thompson, jamal crawford, oladipo
    F: , paul george, faried, parsons
    C: davis, horford, bogut, plumlee


  25. I was recently offered Stephen Curry for Iggy/Vucevic. I declined because I already have a lot of PGs and I’d be too weak at C if I gave up Vucevic. My roster:

    Jrue, Jennings, MCW, Knight
    Mayo, Beal
    George, Hayward, Iguodala
    Love, Tristan Thompson
    Vucevic, Pekovic

    Was I right to decline so quickly or should I have given it a little more thought?

  26. John, thanks for the great recommendations. Yes, if you could provide some bargain names to consider later in a 12-team H2H draft, that would be great. The diamonds in the rough, the steals of the draft – Thanks and you guys should be charging for this great site!!!

  27. walking down the road i noticed a line and asked the guy waht it was all about, he said fans were camping out to take a dump in tyson chandlers mouth. my lucky day!!

  28. @ReyJesus: Thanks! You could definitely use some forwards. Don’t target specific players, target teams. Look to see which team needs a guard and has a big to move and start from there. GL!

  29. @Nick: I doubt VC duplicates last year but I’d hold him a bit longer. I’d probably try to add Henson. Once you get tired of hanging onto Bynum you could probably lose him for Henson.

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