Steve is sNashing his owner’s hopes and dreams!

Just last week Steve Nash admitted that he suffered nerve damage after breaking his leg last year. That’s all fine and dandy but don’t you think it would have been helpful if he had mentioned it before the season started!? Oh, yeah, by the way, I can’t feel my legs, sorry I didn’t mention it before you drafted me in late October. Psyche! Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be a lost first half of the season for ole Stevey boy but I’m still holding out hope he’ll contribute again. Maybe I’m just a damn fool, I probably am. If you’re in a 10 teamer and can’t hold him then go ahead and launch. I own him in a 14 teamer and can’t see myself losing him, there really just isn’t much else out there that offers his upside even if he sits back to back games for the foreseeable future, or, worse, the rest of the season!In 12 teamers, you have a real decision to make, I’d only consider losing him for someone getting minutes. In the meantime, Steve Blake is your Huckleberry but, if it were me, I’d grab him and try to ship him to someone desperate for dimes somehow. If possible! For you less fortunate folk who missed out on Blake, I suppose you can go for Jordan Farmar. In any event, Kobe Bryant looms, maybe early December, who knows, but it’ll suppress everyone’s value. Hence, the reason why you want to attempt a sell high on Blake right now. As if! Here’s what else I saw yesterday on a slow day for fantasy basketball.

Danny Green – 24/10/0 with a steal, block and 6 threes in 24 minutes. On Friday I told you not to lose him in 12 and 14 team leagues but to consider launching in 10 teamers. Hope you didn’t lose him! If you lost him in 10 teamers I can’t blame you, the talent pool is deep! Let’s see if this gets him jump started, the threes should be there anyway.

Tiago Splitter – 4/5/1 in 12 minutes. I own him in a 12 team league with position caps and am finding it very difficult to plug him in right now. I’d bench before losing outright. Unless you gots a nice wire!

Metta World Peace – 13/5/3 with a steal in 32 minutes. The game was a blow out so you can’t read much into any lines but I’d go ahead and grab MWP if he’s out there on your wire in standard sized (12 teams!) leagues. Steals and such!

Andrea Bargnani – 16/1/0 with a three. On Friday I told you to grab him. It’s called opportunity no matter how big and shitty you might be! On Friday night he also dropped 25/8 so that’s pretty good!

Trevor Ariza – 15/5/2 with a three while shooting 0-5 FT. How the hell does a non-seven foot guy shoot 0-5 FT! Seven footers get a pass, not sure why. Anyhoo! Sell high! Shoo, shoo Trevor.

Steven Adams – 1/2/0 with 2 blocks in 20 lonely minutes. What, you thought he’d be playing 30+ minutes every game?, said Kevin Martin.

Nene Hilario – 14/7/6 with a block in 25 minutes before being tossed. I’m selling Nene and Trevor Ariza. At least I’d be looking to if I owned them. I’m not that silly though. I’m silly in other ways!

Tyreke Evans – Sprained his ankle bone and played only 7 minutes. His line isn’t worth mentioning but he’s now averaging 7.4 ppg on .345 FG. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Markieff Morris – 23/5/2 with 2 steals, a block and a three in 34 minutes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The good kind!

Corey Brewer – 17/1/3 with 4 steals, 2 blocks and a three. Here’s what I told you in the Draft Guide: 26. Corey Brewer – Very, very underrated. Sleeper! I see value all over this pick. Like Target! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Damn, I’m pretty fucken repetitive.

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  1. Anyone out of faried, jamal crawford or plumlee worth dropping for any of these guys: MWP, Corey Brewer, or tobias Harris?

    Thanks hec

  2. Good afternoon Hec, question of the day for me to you is, would you drop either bass or tyreke for either nene or brewer ? 12 team H2H 9 cats… all these players are bench players for me but I would like to have a solid bench to ya know. Thx for your help and info again !

  3. @allister: In a vacuum I’d rather have Tobias over any of those guys but maybe too early to grab him.

    @tentyme: Good afternoon! I’d probably rather Brewer over Bass long term.

  4. Hecman,

    I like what I am seeing from MKG. Would you drop either Splitter or T. Burke for him? Even with the return of A. Jeff? Or will the Burke stash pay off/hope Splitter assumes more minutes down the stretch?

  5. Harrison Barnes just hit the wires. Should I race to pick him up and drop Nash, or go for another PG like Nate Wolters? Thanks

  6. Hey Hec,
    Im in pretty desperate need of assists, would you advise a drop of Alec Burks for an add of Brandon Knight or Steve Blake?

  7. Hello Hecman,

    How are you? Is this a fair trade: Eric Bledsoe+Miles Plumlee+ Markieff Morris for Kevin Love? What about Bradley Beal for Michael Carter Williams? Thank a lot buddy.

  8. Hey Hec. Lebron trade got vetoed….twice. (Crushing) I thinking about getting Kobe and Irving. I Sent him Boozer and Duncan. I know its a low ball but I have no idea where to start here. Any suggestions. H2H 9 Cat. My team.
    Evan Turner

  9. Hey Hecman, first post of the season as I’m having a few issues. running 3rd last in my league and need some help! Team is as foolows. Tried to put them into their respective positions as much as possible:)

    Trey Burke, Alec Burk, Knight
    Mayo, Brewer, Allen, Ariza
    Barnes, Josh Smith
    Love, Randolph
    Hibbet, Howard

    On FA and Waivers that are worth looking at are Blake, Stuckey, Gerald Green, Sessions, Meek, Butler, Nicholson, Jason Smith, Nick Young, Jack, Bynum, Sullinger, Gibson, J Crawford, Neal, M Miller, Biyombo, Blair, Hickson. sorry about the long list but I need help:) Seem pretty consistent across all categories just not having any luck in my H2H match ups:)

  10. Hey Hec,

    I just got offered Kyle Korver for Markieff Morris. What do you think? My brain says yes, and my heart also says yes, but I’m not an expert! I’m not sure how to gauge both of these guys, because they’re both overperforming right now.


  11. I dropped Chalmers for Jordan Crawford and G.Henderson for Caron Butler tonight. I have Kidd-Gilchrist, Trey Burke, Steve Blake on the wire also. Which 2 would you keep out of all my adds,drops,FA’s. I need to keep at least 1 guard. Weekly points league.Whoever scores the most wins, categories don’t matter.

  12. with recent news on Kirilenko.. should I stash him or add Jordan Hamilton/Anthony Randolph.

    other people on the waivers are Casspi, N.Wolters, F.Garcia, Wes Johnson, X. Henry

  13. I have been offered Josh Smith for Spencer hawes. I know it’s looks good on paper but hawes is beasting right now. And he is the only big man for philly. As for smoove, it’s kinda cramped up in Detroit’s front court. Should I accept the trade?

    12team h2h
    G- deron, kobe, kawhi, henderson, jrue, knight, blake
    F- Kevin love, MKG, thad young, amir Johnson
    C- kanter, hawes

  14. Sorry everyone, another travel day yesterday afternoon and this morning. To the questions!

    @Max: Leaning Beal.

    @Mike S: Easy question a week or so ago, now not so much. I’d lean toward grabbing Smoove but it’s close.

  15. @Nik: I’d give Randolph a whirl, you can always lose him if he disappoints as is the norm.

    @Leifur: If you’re looking for short term, sure. Probably longer term too with Bogut’s injury history but that’s more cloudy.

  16. Hey Hec! Thoughts on Ryan Anderson? Looking to target him as a buy-low candidate in my 14 team H2H. It is a daily league, so I’m a bit more worried about the injury (as well as his role in NOLA). Anyway, worth offering Bargnani and Steve Blake (the other owner needs depth)?

  17. @Blue Frog: Leaning Henderson and Crawford of that bunch for scoring.

    @Nick: Probably Wallace for McBob. McBob is nothing special but he does a little bit o dis and a little bit of dat, like Wallace used to!

  18. @Devin: If you need big 3s then sure. MM looks like the better all around guy right now. Korver is safer though. If you just want the sure thing then go for it.

  19. @Matt: Depends on your league. Any chance you can try to move Nash in a 2 for 1 based on name recognition then grab a FA? I’d try that first ideally.

  20. Hey Hec! I’ve been working on a trade. I offered Ellis for Horford to a guy looking for PG/SG and has a ton of bigs. my team after the trade will look like this (14team9catH2H)

    Parker, Knight
    Matthews, Butler
    Thaddeus Young, Brewer, Harkless, Marcus Morris
    Anthony Davis, Aldridge, Frye, Sullinger
    Horford, Valanciunas

    his team after the trade

    Jennings, Vasquez
    Ellis, Thornton, Meeks, Brian Roberts
    Carmelo, Gallinari
    Vucevic, Pekovic, Zaza, Bynum

    J-Fort’s on board with it. what do you think? Another owner contacted him so he’s giving him a day to make an offer. The PGs/SGs that team has to offer are Wall, D-Will, Jrue, Danny Green, Stephenson, Redick, and Ginobili. I feel Ellis is at the top of his list but Wall would be a very tempting offer too. I’m hoping I don’t have to do this but if I had to package another player with Ellis, who would you start with?

    You other peeps have trade questions? check out Hec’s trade guide thingy here. Hmm… hope that works. Anyway, thanks!

  21. Hey Hecs, The Barnes i have is Harrison. Think he’s worth keping until he gets some more playing time and hopefully gets back to the form where he was last season and improves or maybe try and trade him off for a decent offer?

  22. oh one more…would you drop any of my guys for Jordan Hill? He’s going to start at PF I wonder if that’ll make him any more reliable than he has been already.

  23. @allballs: I like the deal for you. I do love Ellis and don’t think J-Fort is as high on him as me. Must be a SD thing, he’s close to Milwaukee! Hehe. Stick with the straight up offer for now.

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  25. Thanks Hec! Another question. How do you feel about this trade offer: Jrue and Kanter for Steph Curry?

    12team h2h
    G- deron, kobe, kawhi, henderson, jrue, knight, blake
    F- Kevin love, MKG, thad young, amir Johnson
    C- kanter, hawes

  26. Hey hec,
    I’m thinking about dropping someone for hickson. Now that there are rumors about faried being traded is that more of a reason to pick him up?

    I’m looking long term and not really sure who to drop.
    Here’s my team:
    G: lowry, teague, felton, Klay thompson, jamal crawford, oladipo
    F: , paul george, faried, parsons
    C: davis, horford, bogut, plumlee


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