Down goes Deron!!

I hate to start this tiny fantasy basketball journey with bad news, but it just has to be said. One of the more popular picks for “fantasy bust of the year” is right on track so far. Deron Williams left in the first quarter of last night’s game with a sprained ankle, one of which he could not put any weight on. Williams is reported as saying the sprain was not as bad as his last one, where he missed an entire month of action. So…..half as bad? So……maybe he misses two weeks instead of four? We won’t know more for a few days, but my guess is that he misses in between one and two weeks. That’s a guess. In the meantime, Shaun Livingston (18/3/6/2/1) will be a nice short term add until D-Will returns. I started off the with the worst news, so it can only get better from here on out right? Ok, lets get to the rest of last nights fantasy basketball action……

Khris Middleton – 11/7/1/1/1 Got another start and is definitely useful at the moment, but I’d much rather own John Henson (8/8/1/3blks) right now.

Kobe Bryant Update – Kobe told NBATV that if the playoffs were going right now that he would be playing. This is good news and I’m still hoping he can return around the end of the month.

Derrick Rose – DNP Rose got the night off after knee scare in his last game. He’s expected to play today against the Pacers though, so you can exhale now…..

Amir Johnson – 3/4/1/2/3 The Toronto Raptors were outplayed all night by the Bulls and Amir got just 20 minutes of run as a result. He should be just fine.

Dejuan Blair - 9/7/5/1/1 in 27 minutes. It looks like Blair has a big role in the rotation, at least until Brandan Wright returns.

Mario Chalmers – 4/2/3/1/1 Was ejected in the 4th quarter after elbowing Dirk Nowitzki in the head. He had to jump to get that high to deliver the elbow. Mario will likely be suspended a game or two.

Al Jefferson – DNP – Al Jeff is going to be a nightmare to own all year. The Bobcats will not hesitate to sit him down the stretch as they continue to lose games.

Bismack Biyombo – 0/12/3blks Need cheap boards and blocks?

Cody Zeller – 8/4 I think its safe to jump ship with this kid for right now.

Dion Waiters – DNP Will not play today, but he should be back for the Cavaliers next matchup.

Tony Wroten – 22/6/stl Had another nice game filling in for MCW who is still in a walking boot. He’s a very nice short term add.

Demarre Carroll - 21/6/2/stl w/ five treys. Carroll did his best Ray Allen impression last night. Im not real impressed, yet.

Mo Williams - 18/1/8/3stl Getting a lot of run right now as the Blazers want to keep Damian Lillard’s minutes down. Lillard led the NBA in minutes played last year.

Jared Sullinger – 26/8/2/stl The only Celtic big man I want to own right now.

Nikola Pekovic – 14/6/1/stl Pek had his foot wrapped in ice after last nights game. Hopefully it is just precautionary. He’s just got too many muscles for those feet to handle. He’s got muscles on top of muscles.

Wilson Chandler – 19/4/3/2stl Going to be a real nice player to own and should still be good once Danillo Gallinari returns.

Goran Dragic - 19/1/10/2stl Back in full force.

Line of the night – Josh Smith 21 points/8 rebounds/7 assists/5 steals/4 blocks. Just beautiful.

Isaiah Thomas – 18/2/7 Continues to outplay Grievis Vasquez (13/6/8turnovers). I.T. should be the better play all year.

Jodie Meeks – 25/3/stl w/ 5 treys. “Jodie shoot three-pointer. You need three pointer? Jodie shoot them.”

Lou Williams - 7/3/2/stl Big congrats to Lou Williams on finally returning from the dreaded knee injury. Always good to see guys back healthy. I’ll be monitoring Lou closely from here on out.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Hec,

    Larry Sanders just got dropped in my 12 team H2H standard CBS points league.

    I have the 2 position on the waiver wire, not sure if I want to burn it on a guy out 5 weeks who was scoring 25 fantasy pts. A week average last year.

    What is your recommended course of action?

    My team:

    Sf-PF D. Favors
    C Vucevic
    Flex Lowry
    Flex 2 Jonas V
    Flex 3 Kanter

    Jordan Crawford
    D. Gallinari

    Guys available on the wire: Larry Sanders, Terrance Jones, Middleton, Danny Granger, Derrick Williams, Omar Asik, Marcus Thornton

    ….2-0 record, most pts in league, but no. 2 on the WW.

    …….Thinking about making a Gallinari for Tobias trade offer and try a buy low on the breakout candidate.

    …….Can I at least wait for Sanders to clear waivers and who do I drop??

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Morning ! An owner offered me dirk and Henderson for my j green and jimmy butler. 9 cat H2H 12 team.

    I feel like jimmy is going to have trouble being productive since rose is back and Jeff green may have been overrated? Or just hang tight lol?

    May you give me Feedback please: here’s my squad.

    PG: Conley
    SG: Ellis
    G: j butler
    SF: j green
    PF: b griffin
    F: Marion
    C: Anthony Davis
    c: k love
    Util: illyasova
    Util: Tobias

    Bench: Beverley, tyreke, kanter, Larry sanders

  3. In a 8 team league- H2H- current standing 5/8 :/

    My squad:
    c. paul
    j. butler
    P. pierce
    P. millsap
    D. lee
    J. calderson
    b. griffin
    v. oladipo
    n. Pekovic
    m. Gortat
    R. gay
    k. leonard
    k. lowry
    t. chandler -IR

    Available: P. gasol
    t. ariza
    t. evans
    g. vasquez
    s. blake
    m. ginobilli

    AND A few others but my internet is messing up at work! grrrr. but any sugestions?? i asked the other day and did some adjusting according to some of your advise but i need to win this week!

  4. Hey Hec!

    What are your thoughts on Markieff after his recent two games? Should I hold on or probably drop him for someone, say T Chandler or Brewer?

  5. @armin – Since you’re at the top of your league, and you can afford to, I would stash Sanders if I were you. He should be very good once healthy. Also, I love the Gallo for Harris idea. I would definitely go for that.

    @Bren – I would do that deal. You’re getting the best player in the deal and I expect Green to fall off a bit down the stretch and Butler has’nt been quite as good with Rose in the picture.

    @colaroaster – LOL!

    @Jillian – I would hold on to the guys you have. It’s pretty solid. If Markeiff doesnt pick up the pace again after these two bad games, I would add Pau. Pau will be much better once Kobe returns.

    @Brad – I would give him a couple more games. If he doesnt pick it back up again, you could probably go ahead and add a hot FA.

    @teeque – Dalembert. If you wait til Dargic has a couple good games in a row, I’d say anyone returning 3rd to 6th round value. You wont get a Marc Gasol or a Kevin Love but guys below them are at least reachable. Doesnt hurt to try. And no on Lou. Not yet.

  6. Bynum was just dropped in my league. I’m in last place right now but have 2nd waiver pick. Do I pick him up? I have Jordan hill, Wilson chandler, Tobias Harris, Gerald Henderson, markeiff Morris who I could drop. Looking for long-term gains. Still so early in the season.

  7. yo Jfort- im sitting comfortably at first and can’t see myself losing in a h2h points league for the next few weeks.
    I’m thinking about stashing tobias harris, who do you think I should drop for him?

    G: lowry, teague, felton, Klay thompson, jamal crawford, oladipo
    F: , paul george, faried, parsons
    C: davis, horford, bogut, plumlee

    thanks for the advice!

  8. J-Fort and Hec, Howdy!

    Ryan Anderson is on waivers and I am thinking of nabbing him. My team consists of MCW, Bledsoe, Teague, Holiday, Beal, Reddick, Kobe, Batum, Love, Howard, Jordan, Bargnani, Plumlee and Markieff.

    Should I drop anyone to add him? I am thinking I should drop Markieff. Your thoughts?

    Thank you.


  9. Drop Marion for Terrence Jones (willing to lose Marion’s consistency for Jones’ upside). I’m also thinking of McBob for his threes and assists (10-team, 9-cat, H2H). Thanks and keep up the great work! Cheers

    G: Conley, Dragic, GHill, Nelson, DGreen
    F: Durant, KLeonard, Millsap, JGreen, THarris, Marion
    C: Horford, DJordan, Varejao

  10. Hi… i have another league with 14 team.. 9-cat… 10 PLAYERS only.. sanders/knight/asik/rondo are on the waivers… my players are
    is there anyone here that can be dropped for the ones on the waivers? Thanks…

  11. I picked up Livingston. His two steals last night could be big but I kind of regret dropping Marcus Morris for him. He’s playing better than Frye, is younger, and has more consistent minutes whereas Frye is up and down. I’m not sure how much of Marcus’ recent success has been due to Markieff being sick and Dragic being hurt (causing Green to shift to SG to free up minutes at SF). In the games where both Markieff and Dragic were healthy, Marcus only got 9 and 18 minutes. Frye is still starting if that means anything but it feels like Markieff could take over at any time. If Marcus clears waivers, would you drop Frye for him and use up my 4th move (out of 35)? Is he worth my my 2nd waiver claim or should I hold on to that? thanks guys

  12. Rajon Rondo was just dropped in my league. I have too many PG as it is and really need a SG. Should I pick up Rondo and drop one of these players – Markieff Morris, Patrick Beverley, John Henson? As much as I like Rondo, I don’t need assists and struggle with FG% and FT%, so Rondo might just end up sitting on my bench with the hope that I could trade him or another PG.

    Also, my only two SG are Brandon Knight and Martell Webster. Should I drop Brandon Knight and pick up either Jarrett Jack or Lou Williams?

  13. Hey guys im in a h2h pts league pts,reb,ast,stl,blk looking to pick up a free agent or 2 . jordan crawford, hickson, webster, blake, j.hill are available and I have beverley and tyreke to drop. im leaning hickson and crawford whatcha think??? thx

  14. @Devin – I’d lose Jordan Hill.

    @Allister – Jamal Crawford.

    @King Jesus – I would go with Markieff for sure.

    @RP – I’m ok with the Marion drop for Jones….Hold Varejao.

    @all balls – I would hold onto Frye. He will get better. Remember he is just coming back from taking a year off from basketball.

    @Brendan – If you can afford it, Markeiff, but I’d be surprised if Rondo was back before January……If you want consistency, add Jack, if you want the upside wait til Knight is fully healthy before making the drop. See if he gets better.

    @icecat – I could see dropping Beverly for JJ if you need the boards, but I would hold onto Tyreke right now.

  15. hi jfort… I think you skipped on my post.. I reposted it here since it was also not answered in your last entry.. Thank a lot!! :D

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