Jones-ing for Terrence!

With Omer Asik (DNP) demanding a trade from the Rockets, Mr. Terrence Jones (14/12/2/stl/3blks) has replaced him in the starting lineup and is playing very well so far.  Jones is the very definition of a “hot free agent” as he will become a must own player if Asik does get his wish and is shipped out of Houston. I think there’s a good chance Asik does get moved with Donatas Montiejunas (12/3/1/1/1) available and Greg Smith returning from injury in a couple weeks. Until then, Jones owners need to monitor this situation closely. In other Houston Rocket news, Dwight Howard shot 17 of 24 from the charity stripe last night which is over 70 percent! Wowsers! Unfortunately I don’t think it’s a sign of things to come. Lastly, Patrick Beverley (11/5/2/blk) and Jeremy Lin (16/4/7/stl/blk) both continue to hold value, while hurt each others value. It’s just how the cookie is gonna crumble until one of them is demoted or misses time. There were an eleven pack of NBA games Saturday night, so heres what else I saw in fantasy basketball ….

Ty Lawson - 28/2/17/2/blk Line of the night. The Rockets versus the Nuggets was a fantasy basketball owners dream matchup. The two teams totaled a whopping 233 points last night.

Vitor Faverani - 9/14/1/3/4 While it is a great line, I think the extended playing time was due to matchups with Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic. I’m not falling for it again. Yet. Meanwhile it killed Jared Sullinger (3/4/1) and Kelly Olynyk’s (6/2/1/blk) value. What a dumpster fire!

Tony Wroten – 19/3/2/2stls Continues to fill in well for Michael Carter-Williams.

Anthony Davis 13/9/1/2stls and eight blocks! AD can single handedly win you blocks in any given week.

Ryan Anderson – 26/1/stl with 6 treys. Returned to the Pelicans lineup with a bang!

Josh McRoberts 6/7/9/stl and Dejuan Blair 18/5/2/2/1 are two good players to stream on a four game week. Not quite ownable in 10 team leagues but ownable in 12 team leagues or deeper.

Victor Oladipo – 10/4/6/stl and 9 turnovers. Yikes. He’s a rookie. He’ll be fine.

Tristan Thompson – 15/12/2stl/2blk Sell high? Or enjoy the ride? Either way. Either way is fine.

Andrew Bynum – 6/3/stl/blk in 21 minutes. If you can gets a decent center in return for Bynum, I would go for it. Relieve yourself of the headache. I would.

Trevor Ariza – DNP – Sounds like he’ll miss about a week.

Martell Webster - 14/7/1/stl Will be your starter while Ariza is out.

JR Smith – 7/5/1 JR shot 3 for 18 from the field last night. Yuck. He will come around.

Andrea Bargnani - 16/9/2/2blks Continues to play well, but it will end once Tyson Chandler returns.

Serge Ibaka - 15/20/1/4blks Went off against a Bucks front line which is in shambles right now. Nothing more.

Brook Lopez and Deron Williams both sat out with the sprained ankles.Andray Blatche (19/8/2/stl) and Shaun Livingston (11/5/5/2stl) will the guys to own until the two Brooklyn starters return.

Mason Plumlee – 19/6/stl/blk Might be useful while Lopez is out in deeper leagues.

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you next weekend!

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  1. Hey Hec – I’m in a Dynasty with FAAB so I have to be a little more shrewd about pickups. Do you have Caron b, Gerald Green or Re

  2. Whoops! Sorry. That was Reggie J. I’m wondering if any of those guys are drops for you in a Dynasty league to pickup Terrence jones, M. Webster, McBob or D. Blair? They’re all end of bench types for me but I’m trying to factor in Dynasty, FAAB and current needs. Thanks!

  3. hi jfort… I think you skipped on my post in your last 2 entries… reposting my questions here again..

    Hi… i have another league with 14 team.. 9-cat… 10 PLAYERS only.. sanders/knight/asik/rondo are on the waivers… my players are


    is there anyone here that can be dropped for the ones on the waivers? Thanks…

  4. hey jfort,
    what do you think about buying low on kawhi leonard?
    I’m thinking about offering jamal crawford and faried for him and pick up tobias harris as a stash?

  5. @Jon – I would drop Reggie Jackson for Terrence Jones. I like that move.

    @Schumi – I’m ok with that swap. Sure there’s not anyone else you could drop?

    @Onair – Sorry man, accidentally missed you on the last one. I answered in previous post, but team looks good.

    @Allister – I like that plan for you. If you can swing it, go for it.

  6. thanks j-fort. If the trade goes through should I go for the stash and grab tobias harris right away or stream terrence jones for maybe another week first?

  7. Two questions:

    1.) Is John Henson worth dropping for Terrence Jones in a 10-team category league?

    2.) Who’s getting the better end of this trade: Durant and Amir Johnson for Melo and Boozer?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. @Mark – Yeah, Blake will be a better play.

    @Mushi – Wall, but it’s close.

    @decaf – I think Thad will have the better year.

    @Allister – You could ride Jones as long as he’s good and then add Tobias at first sign of returning.

    @Adam – 1) yes. 2) KD and Amir side for sure.

    @Mike S – I’m ok with that. I’m not sure if Knight will ever come around.

  9. Hi Jfort,

    14 team H2H
    Afflalo/Ginobli for Noah/Pierce? Or Afflalo for Spencer Hawes?

    Much thanks to you and hecman!

  10. @Jack – Ignore for now. You have time.

    @onair – Hold on to Thad! he’s very good and not worth it right now. Stay tuned.

    @Drizle – If you can get Noah/pierce for afflalo/Ginobli you do that deal asap. asap!

  11. I was recently offered James Harden & Kyle Korver for Kevin love and Gerald Henderson; should I go for it? Love has easily been my leader in rebounds, and FTM on my team along with consistent %; I’m currently sitting in first place but I’m thinking more towards the end of the season, love might get more time in the last portion of the season to make a playoff push. As good as a season as love is having, re injury is a bit worrisome.

    Here’s my team:

    Pg: Dame Lillard, Jrue Holiday, George Hill, Mario Chalmers

    Sg/G: Aaron Afflalo, Gerald Henderson

    F: Dirk Nowitzki, Chandler Parsons, Markieff Morris

    C: Kevin Love, Spencer Hawes, Amir Johnson, Steven Adams

    Thank you

  12. @John

    haha actually it was the opposite. it would be my afflalo/ginobli.
    I was leaning towards the deal for spencer hawes (since he fills out the stats sheet pretty nice) but would giving up afflalo this early be worth it?

  13. Is Corey Brewer a sell high candidate? What do you think about trading him for Asik or Trey Burke? I could try to trade for Tobias but the owner is pretty smart and probably won’t go for it. Thanks guys.

  14. Some background, the other team offered me Jameer for Felton. I really don’t want Jameer but thinking of a counter trade. Something like Felton/VC for Jameer/T.Harris. What do you think? Here’s my team and I’m currently in 1st place h2h, 9 cat daily.

    Conley, Kemba, Felton, Chalmers
    Beal, Afflalo, VC, Parsons
    Ibaka, McBob, Amir
    M.Gasol, J. Hill, Tyson

    Or can you think of another good structured trade for me? Here’s his team:

    D.Rose, Lowry, Jameer, A.Bradley
    T.Evans, Iggy, Hendo, P.J. Tucker, Martell, Harris
    AD, Duncan, Gortat, Cousins

  15. hey j-fort, you got back to me on twitter already so thanks for that. got one more for ya. this one’s a 10-teamer h2h 9cat, my roster…
    PG/SG/G: Jennings/Mayo/Beal
    SF/PF/F: George/Love/Hayward
    C: Vucevic
    UTIL: Iggy/Holiday/Tristan Thompson
    Bench: MCW/Tobias/Pekovic
    Would you drop anyone on my team for Sanders or is it too early to try and stash him?

  16. hey hec, how bout that Marvin Williams, eh? Gave Curry a concussion. If he’s not ruining one guys fantasy value, he’s ruining another lol

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