Mo better blues! Or something like that.

There were, what, 6 games in the NBA last night? I think that’s what I counted. Relatively slow night but I’ve got some thoughts on a few players like Mo Williams and Kevin Garnett. You know, KG! I didn’t realize there was such a big difference between being 36 and 37. Someone got old fast! Or did he? Hmmm. Read on to see what I saw in fantasy basketball last night …

Mo Williams – 12/5/6 with 3 steals and 2 blocks in 31 minutes.  It looks like Mo is going to be pretty useful as the third guard in that back court. He’s averaging 14.4 ppg/5.6 apg/3.2 rpg and 31.2 mpg over his last 5. That’s not bad! Better than not bad!

Kevin Garnett – 16/8/0 with 2 blocks and 2 steals in 24 minutes. Yah, I’m frustrated too but I look at his numbers and and still see 7.8 rpb, 1.2 spg and .7 bpg in just 22 minutes of burn per. If you think he’s going to continue to shoot .326 FG and average 22.9 mpg then launch him. I don’t!

Joe Johnson – 13/4/3 with a three in 38 minutes. Everyone’s favorite whipping boy is still averaging 33 mpg on the season. Who’s gonna take his job, Jason Terry? As if!

Jeff Taylor – 20/5/0 with a steal and 2 threes in 33 minutes. Jeff is now averaging 13.4 ppg and a three per in 29.2 minutes over his last 5. Give him a whirl if that floats your boat. Better give him a whirl quick! The boat might sink soon!

Bismack Biyombo – 6/4/0 with a block in 21 minutes. Anyone with just Josh McRoberts and Cody Zeller to compete with should be getting minutes but Bismack is only averaging just 24.5 minutes per on the season. Bidrats!

Jimmy Butler – 14/5/0 with 2 threes in 22 minutes.  Here’s what I told you back on November 12: Jimmy Butler – 11/2/0 with a steal and a three in 24 minutes. Kirk Hinrich seems to be cutting into his  minutes a bit lately. Monitor! Or don’t. Your call. Um, I think you best start monitoring! If you haven’t been since November 12 anyway.

J.J. Hickson – 18/19/2 with 2 blocks in 33 minutes. Someone foolishly dropped him in my FSWA league and I scooped him up launching Tiago Splitter. I guess he didn’t read me last week! Damn foo! I hope you did though. My Magic 8 Ball did it again!

James Anderson – 14/7/3 with a block and 3 threes. Anyone else see a correlation between Michael Carter-Williams missing time and James’s resurgence? I do! Sell high if you want but he won’t suck either (that much).

Vince Carter – 6/4/2 with 2 blocks, a steal and a three. VC has been in a groove lately but still only averaging 24.6 mpg. If he flies your kite with 24.6 mpg then fly away!

Harrison Barnes – 17/5/1 in 29 minutes. The guy is averaging 11/3 on the season. Um, yay?

Diante Garrett – 8/3/5 with a steal in 21 minutes. I had him as my super duper sleeper in last Friday’s Add/Drop post. You can’t use 5 cheap dimes in your deeep league? What are you, a snob!

Richard Jefferson – I’m not sure who I hate more, Tayshaun Prince or Dick Jefferson. It’s Tayshaun! Hate is such a strong word.

Quincy Pondexter – 7/1/1 in 31 minutes. The minutes were unusual, the stats? Eh, not so much. Ignore!

Matt Barnes – 12/2/1 with a steal and a three in 23 minutes. Remember when he was good last year? Yeah, me neither.

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  1. Hey, Hecman! I traded away Harden and Bargnani for Millsap, MCW and Tobias Harris in an H2H Points League (twelve teams). I was in need of some depth, and feel like Bargs value will only hold up for about a month or so… But the question is: Would you now trade away Millsap for Kobe?

    Thanks :)

  2. Hey Hec, got a guy trying to dump Al Jefferson in my h2h 12team keeper. I was thinking about offering Noah, and maybe Noah/J.Hill if he doesn’t bite. Not sure what to make of Al Jeff’s ankle, but Noah and J.Hill are both fairly injury prone themselves. What do you think? Too much? Should Al Jeff’s ankles be more of a concern than Noah’s feet? Thanks mang.

  3. @Tor: Depends on the rest of your squad but assuming Kobe is healthy, sure.

    @Drez1: I like it. Nice buy low. I assume Al will be ok long term.

  4. Getting very little of Jeff Green and getting pretty tired of it. I’m wondering which players I should look to target in trades or whether I am just stuck with him. In dire need of fg help btw.

  5. hi hec/jfort!
    need advice again…
    I have a packed roster for tom and need to sit out TWO players.
    Which ones should I play and to sit out…

    B. Bass (2nd game of Back 2 Back, vs SA),
    J. Sullinger (2nd game of Back 2 Back, vs SA),
    D. Caroll (2nd game of Back 2 Back, vs DET),
    Lou Williams (1st Game of Back 2 Back, vs DET),
    D. Waiters (news said he’s coming off the bench, vs WAS),
    A. Bynum(well.. he’s Bynum ;p, vs WAS)…

    based on the match up at the moment, I’m confident to win pts/rebs, sure to lose in TO/FTs… currently leading in FGs (.455 vs .410)… 3s/ast/stls/blks are pretty close…

    Thanks A lot!!! :DDD

  6. Oh! and T. Ariza has been dropped… should i pick him up and drop one of these players?

    B. Bass, J. Sullinger, D. Caroll, Lou Williams, D. Waiters


  7. hey hec/jfort…
    this one’s a 10-teamer h2h 9cat, my roster…
    PG/SG/G: Jennings/Mayo/Beal
    SF/PF/F: George/Love/Hayward
    C: Vucevic
    UTIL: Iggy/Holiday/Tristan Thompson
    Bench: MCW/Tobias/Pekovic
    Would you drop anyone on my team for Sanders or is it too early to try and stash him? thanks!

  8. Comment from the last post:

    Another manager offered me Jameer for Felton. I really don’t want Jameer but thinking of a counter trade. Something like Felton/VC for Jameer/T.Harris. What do you think? Here’s my team and I’m currently in 1st place h2h, 9 cat daily. Not sure if I should try to shake it up too much.

    Conley, Kemba, Felton, Chalmers
    Beal, Afflalo, VC, Parsons
    Ibaka, McBob, Amir
    M.Gasol, J. Hill, Tyson

    Or can you think of another counter offer that would make more sense? Here’s his team:

    D.Rose, Lowry, Jameer, A.Bradley
    T.Evans, Iggy, Hendo, P.J. Tucker, Martell, Harris
    AD, Duncan, Gortat, Cousins

  9. Hi Hec,

    Got offered Derrick Favors for my Mike Conley.

    12-team 8-cat roto
    PG – Conley, Wall, Parker, Thomas
    SG – Beal, Butler
    SF – J. Green, Parsons
    PF – Duncan, T. Harris, J. Henson
    C – Horford, D. Blair

    I certainly need the REB and BLK, but am I giving up too much value? I’m thinking of a counter-offer of Parker + Butler for Favors instead. What do you think?


  10. Deeeep league (20 teams) I need assists:

    Shelvin Mack or Diante Garrett?
    Plus, is it worth stashing Devin Harris, I know he won’t light any fires but again its a deep 20 team league so will he deliver 18th-20th round value?

  11. @R: It’s always better to hold players when their value is lowest. Hold and hopefully he will turn it around. I think he will.

    @DrPukkaPie: For now Garrett until Burke comes back. Sure, on Harris in a league that deep.

    @decaf: I’d try to hold Conley but what about just Parker for Favors? I’d just start with that first.

  12. @Nick: I’d hold Felton straight up but can’t see him doing the 2 for 2 with Tobias either. That would be a great deal for you. If you want Tobias you may have to step out to Afflalo but make first counter and see where it goes. If you’re not comfy then hold off, you’re cruising right now.

    @allballs: That’s what I call the 10 team curse, loaded ass team with nobody to drop for a solid stash! How about doing a 2 for 1 trade first where you upgrade somewhere then grab yourself some Larry off the wire? I’d explore that first, if possible.

  13. @Brendan: Leaning hold, Ariza’s percents are in the tank but if you’re desperate for 3s, ok. I’d first try to deal Knight before outright losing him though. If possible!

  14. He didn’t seem interested in Parker. Can I counter with Conley for his Ibaka? I forgot to mention he has a lot of bigs.

  15. I was recently offered James Harden & Kyle Korver for Kevin love and Gerald Henderson; should I go for it? Love has easily been my leader in rebounds, and FTM on my team along with consistent %; I’m currently sitting in first place but I’m thinking more towards the end of the season, love might get more time in the last portion of the season to make a playoff push. As good as a season as love is having, re injury is a bit worrisome.

    Here’s my team:

    Pg: Dame Lillard, Jrue Holiday, George Hill, Mario Chalmers

    Sg/G: Aaron Afflalo, Gerald Henderson

    F: Dirk Nowitzki, Chandler Parsons, Markieff Morris

    C: Kevin Love, Spencer Hawes, Amir Johnson, Steven Adams

    Thank you

  16. Hey Hec, been negotiating a trade involving my Melo and his Horford (I need another big in a 14-team H2H). It looks like we are close to Melo+DeRozan+Amir for Horford+Redick+Wes Matthews. Do you still like this for me or am I giving up too much? Thanks as always!

  17. @Marc: Hi, Marc, it’s not unfair but I don’t think you can afford to move Love, your bigs might be a bit thin. Leaning hold as much as I love Harden.

  18. Looking for some pro advice, i’m in a 12 team H2H 9 cat. oladipo, and burke are free agents. would you drop Tyrek evans or MKG for one or both of them. All are bench players. Also have the opportunity to trade evans for goran….evans for goran ?? trade one of these guys ??

  19. Hey Hecman,

    I am in a h2h points league. Who is better to own between Arron Afflalo or Gorday Hayward? ( Now and rest of the season)

    Thank a lot buddy!

  20. Hello Hecman and J-Fort,

    I’d like you advice.

    I’m in a 10 team h2h league
    We start 4G/4F/2C/2U and have 2 bench players

    My team is Beal, Bledsoe, Teague, MCW, Holiday, Kobe, Reddick, Ryan Anderson, Love, Batum, Howard, Jordan, Bargnani and Plumlee.

    Amir Johnson is a FA, and I’d like to grab him. I am thinking long term – h2h playoffs. Would you drop Plumlee or Bargnani for him.
    Jordan Hill is also a FA

    Thank you for the input.


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