There is a new Pope in town. No, not that one!

With Chauncey Billups and Will Bynum both sidelined, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope started and dropped 13/4/0 with a steal and 3 threes in 29 minutes last night. It’s not much but it’s a start considering he didn’t crack double digit points in his previous two starts this past weekend. Do I think he’s worth grabbing in 10 team leagues? Hellz to the no! Is he worth grabbing in 12 teamers? Meh, you can monitor but if you have some doo doo brain averaging like 17, 18 mpg with no upside sitting on your reserves then go ahead and take a whirl. In 14 teamers and beyond he should be rostered. If he blows after Billups and Bynum come back, you launch. There really isn’t much downside here, only up! Up is good. Down is bad. Where is the down? You’re already on the floor! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night.

J.J. Barea – 12/2/7 with a three. He saw some inexplicable run over Ricky Rubio but it’s probably more of an aberration then anything else. It better be an aberration! Keith Stupid isn’t the coach so it’s probably just an aberration. I think I’ve now set a record for using the word aberration in a paragraph. Oops, I did it again!

Nene Hilario – 20/5/4 with a steal and a block. Come on you  know he’s going to get hurt soon. Come on, he’ll probably hurt a nose hair and miss 5 weeks. If history is any indicator anyway! Shop him around for someone desperate for a big man. Nene, oooooh.

Iman Shumpert – 11/2/1 with a steal and a three. I don’t know about the rest of the country but here in New York Iman is talked about like he’s something really special. I’m more of a kind of call it as I see it kind of guy. Meh! He did invent #KnicksTape so there’s that. At least!

Rodney Stuckey – 21/2/5 with a steal in 31 minutes. Definitely useful in 14+ team leagues. If he’s on your 12 team league roster you can probably do better. Depending on the player pool! Maybe you can’t. Sigh.

Mike Scott – 15/10/1 with a steal and a three. The guy who used to throw a spit ball for the Houston Astros? He was sooo good for a few years. You probably weren’t even born though! Anyhoo, blow out city last night. Monitor! Or don’t! Your call. I’d stream while Paul Milsap is out. That much I know!

Mario Chalmers – 14/3/4 with 3 steals and 3 threes. It’s like the same crap every year with this guy. He is what he is, yada, yada, yada. Useful! In some leagues anyway.

Michael Beasley -6/5/0 with a block.  Eww, ewww, ewww. Shoo.

Norris Cole – 8/5/9 with a steal. He’ll have games like this but hard to predict when. Blow outs are random!

Jeff Green – 4/2/1 in 22 minutes. Here’s the thing about Jeff Green. Buy low! Try anyway. You better try!

Courtney Lee -17/2/1 with 3 threes in 23 minutes. Let’s see blow out plus playing against a former team equals inflated numbers. Oh, right, nevermind.

Omer Asik – 4/4/0 in 7 minutes. He demanded a trade but I demanded dinner from my wife last night and didn’t get that either! Can certainly be lost in 10 team leagues but I’d probably hold onto him elsewhere to see if he gets his wish. Doubt it anytime soon but you never know! By the way, I’m still hungry.

Alex Len – 0/0/1 with a steal in 5 minutes. Returned from his cankle injury. You know what cankles are, right? Hopefully, you’re not dating a girl with some. Scoop him up in deeep leagues. Monitor elsewhere!

Ben McLemore- 19/5/0 with a block and 4 threes. Same team, different coach. Same bullshit! I mean, do 12 guys really have to play?

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  1. Looking for some pro advice, i’m in a 12 team H2H 9 cat. oladipo, and burke are free agents. would you drop Tyrek evans or MKG for one or both of them. All are bench players. Also have the opportunity to trade evans for goran….evans for goran ?? trade one of these guys ??

  2. hi hec! do you think it’s worth dropping jvalanciunas for sullinger or stashing glen davis? if yes, which one’s better to pick up? thanks!

  3. @Tentyme: Drop MKG for Oladipo and trade Evans for Goran.

    @teeque: Hmm, if you have the depth, sure. Otherwise, I’d probably hold.

    @nbaball: Right now Sullinger is on the rise, JV is up and down so, honestly, toss up. That said, I might roll with Sullinger but end of day it may be a wash.

    @w: Sure, if you need the 3s and can deal with the putrid percents.

  4. Hey Hecman,

    Butler’s frustrating me right now and I’m wondering if you think his situation will get better. There’s a bunch of sweet FAs on my WW right now like Mo Williams, Ariza, Lou, T Ross, or Sullinger ><'

    Any advice?

    Btw, I dropped MKG for Jordan HIll out of impatience. Was this a bad move? =/

    Thanks! As usual, appreciating your sage advice!

  5. @teeque: Sure, they each have their strengths and weaknesses so whomever suits your team best.

    @Chance: Depends on if your tanking FT. If so, then Dwight, otherwise leaning Ibaka by a smidge.

    @Colaroaster: Yah!

  6. @Colonel Kitchen: If you need a big man then Sullinger isn’t a bad option. I’m not so concerned about losing MKG for Hill. Plus your wire seems deep so if Hill tanks you can always grab someone else.

  7. Hey Hecman,

    I am in a h2h points league. Who is better to own between Arron Afflalo or Gordon Hayward? (now and rest of season)

    Thanks a lot buddy!

  8. Hec, I’m having trouble structuring a trade involving Afflalo. Some help please! What do you think about targeting Monta or Kobe? The owner with Monta is losing. But it would probably have to be a 2 for 2.

    My team again:

    Conley, Kemba, Felton, Chalmers
    Beal, afflalo, parsons, vc
    Ibaka, amir, m.gasol, j.hill, mcbob, tyson

    His team:

    Dragic, Ellis, Jamal C, Jordan C., Jack
    Joe Johnson, Stuckey, Pierce, Melo
    LMA, booz, dwight, deandre, hickson

    Suggestions on a good offer? Unless you think Kobe would be a better target? Riskier for sure…


  9. Damn, just missed out on oladipo and Burke cuz I was low on the waiver wire. So now I ask drop MKG for J sullenger, Tyson Chandler, wolters n Nash are some of the recent drops and top on the wire. Pick up any of these guys for MKG or hold tight for the next hot free agent ? Thx hec

  10. Thanks again for all the help Hec and J-Fort.

    I currently have Jordan Crawford, Grevis Vasquez is available on the waivers…do you think he’ll be a good pick-up over Crawford? I know when Rondo come back, Crawford’s production will probably decline some.

  11. Hey Hec, I got two trades on the table and wonder if I should pull the trigger for both of them:

    My Batum, Iggy, Waiters for his Paul George, Sanders

    My Hayward, Nene for his Horford, Felton.

    My key guys left are KLove, Rubio, Jsmoove, Bev, TJones, Jack, Jason Smith, Lou Will.

    Please help!

  12. @Jessica: Sure.

    @colaroaster: Yah, that sounds good!

    @Baller: I don’t really value Waiters for trade purposes so if you can get Sanders for Iggy/Waiters on the backend of moving Batum for George, I’d probably go for that.

  13. @Nick: Monta is kind of out of his mind right now so tough to trade for him. I’m guessing the guy will want a ton, probably at least Beal and Afflalo back in a 2 for 2. See if he hates Joe Johnson. If his ask is too high for Ellis then you’ll still probably need to move two solid SG to get Kobe. JJ is a great 2nd guy to try for back in any deal though IMO. GL.

  14. Hello Hecman and J-Fort,

    I’d like you advice.

    I’m in a 10 team h2h league
    We start 4G/4F/2C/2U and have 2 bench players

    My team is Beal, Bledsoe, Teague, MCW, Holiday, Kobe, Reddick, Ryan Anderson, Love, Batum, Howard, Jordan, Bargnani and Plumlee.

    Amir Johnson is a FA, and I’d like to grab him. I am thinking long term – h2h playoffs. Would you drop Plumlee or Bargnani for him.
    Jordan Hill is also a FA

    Thank you for the input.


    (my bad on the other post)

  15. Damn you hec, you have me hooked. Ya got me checking this site like 25 x a day waiting for daily updates and weekly add drops. Like a kid on Christmas opening up a gift that’s how I feel everytime I log on lol…

  16. @Ray Jesus: I’d probably lose Bargnani or try to move him now while his value his high in a 2 for 1.

    @tentyme: Ha! Sorry for unusual delay in daily posts. My schedule is killing me! Thanks for reading!!

    @Robert: Leaning Favors, I think he’ll get even better as the season goes on.

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