That Webster, he’s soo cute!

Oh, man, bad news for Bradley Beal owners. He has a stress fracture of the proximal right fibula which is approximately near to the left proximal fibula but on the other side! The left side! Sigh. I’m not sure if you noticed but Bradley was a bit injury prone last year too and missed some games so I’m feeling like it’s the same old Bradley. Even though he’s young! Ironic! In the meantime (at least the next two weeks, probably a bit more is my guess), Martell Webster is own-able pretty much every where unless you don’t like averages like 14.8 ppg/5.4 rpg/3.2 apg/3 3pm per. That’s what he’s averaging over his last 5! If you picked him up weeks ago like I told you to then expect the good times to keep rolling for you. If he’s somehow still sitting out there on your wire then what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for-or-or. Like the song! Go! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Derrick Williams – Traded to Sacramento today and should get burn there until they find out how bad he sucks. Oops. Did I just type that out loud? I’d grab him just to make sure he doesn’t suck! Maybe he won’t suck. He probably will but don’t take any chances!

Gerald Wallace – 17/4/3 with 2 steals a block and a three. Just after you dropped him! Figures. Anyway, this is what happens when a guy plays against his former team. Incentive! Talk about getting old at the age of 31. Pity.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 4/4/0 in 17 minutes. Over his last 5 he’s averaging just 23 mpg/6 ppg/4 rpg. Here’s what I told you when he was hot back on November 12: I remember he started off last year pretty well also so I touted him as a potential darkhorse rookie of the year. Then he kicked me in the nuts. Anyhoo! Let’s see if he can sustain his play. I’m curious to see how he does with Al Jefferson in the lineup consistently. That said, I think his current numbers are probably close to the best you can expect. If not, blame my Magic 8 Ball, he told me to type that. Magic 8 Ball was right again. As usual!

Lance Stephenson – 11/8/2 with a steal and a three. He’s having a nice solid year and the only thing standing in his way from continued solid production is Danny Granger. Danny Granger! Hahahahehehaheheaheeehe

O.J. Mayo – 5/2/0 in 25 minutes. hecman smokes peace pipe and silently chants buy low, buy low. Mil-a-wa-kay!

John Henson – 15/7/1 with 2 steals and 2 blocks. Now averaging almost 11/6 and 2 blocks on the season. Not just a five game stretch! I didn’t tout him as a 6th man award winner before the season or anything like that. Oh, wait. I did!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 14/2/3 with 2 steals and 2 threes. Now shooting .347 FG on the season. Shooting problems anyone! Outside of the putrid FG though you could do worse on the wire. Steals and threes and what not!

Channing Frye – 16/8/3 with 3 steals and 4 threes.  Last Friday I told you to pick him up when he was 8% owned in Yahoo! leagues. Obnoxious first name and all! Now he’s 18% owned. Just sayin’. Go get him!

Norris Cole – 2/4/3 with a steal in 34 minutes. I still think his name should be Cole Norris but I digress. Stream while Mario Chalmers is sidelined. Or don’t! Your call.

Kosta Koufos – 8/13/2 with 2 blocks in 31 minutes. I really don’t see any reason why he can’t average close to 9ish boards and 2 blocks per while Marc Gasol is out. Use him for a few weeks then ship him out for better long term value. That’s what I’d do anyway!

Ed Davis – 6/4/1 with a steal and 2 blocks. Now if it were Zach Randolph hurt and not Marc Gasol I’d be telling you to grab big Ed instead of Kosta. Hope you didn’t get the wrong one! Drats!

Wilson Chandler – 11/1/1 with a steal in 19 minutes. Danilo Gallinari doesn’t seem anywhere near a return so I’m not going to get down on Wilson too much. He’ll bounce back! I think he will. Maybe. Yes!

Boris Diaw – 13/5/2 with a steal in 31 minutes.  You could do worse in deep leagues. I am right now on my bench! I said deeeep leagues to be clear! By the way, 13 guys played for the Spurs last night. Fun!

Mike Dunleavy -3/2/3 with a steal in 36 minutes. Cheap threes until Jimmy Butler comes back. After that, he’ll still be cheap threes. That’s what he do! Though he didn’t hit any last night. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Kirk Hinrich – 1/2/4 in 36 minutes. Minutes. Check. Stats. Meh. Let’s keep it real right now with Kirk, shall we? As a starter last year he averaged 29 mpg/7.7 ppg/5.2 apg/1.1 spg/1.2 3pm/.377/.714. Yeah! Wait, no! Ok, yes, on the dimes, steals and threes. I’ll take it in 12 teamers and beyond!

Marvin Williams – 17/9/1 with a steal and 3 threes in 44 minutes. Oh great, Utah won. May as well take a whirl on him for now if you’re in need. Enes Kanter is out! Keep an eye of Rudy Gobert too on Friday if you need a streamer. If Enes misses more time I mean.

Amar’e Stoudemire –  10/6/2 with a block in 25 minutes. I don’t know how often he’ll sit but in deep leagues you could do worse than Amar’e playing 22-24 mpg. Don’t be greedy! I don’t like greedy.

Andrea Bargnani – 16/6/3 with a block and 2 threes. I’m telling you, man. Sell him high! Like a kite!

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  1. Hey Hec,

    Give me your input please.

    I have some depth so I can gamble a little.

    I was offered Reddick or Jimmy Butler and Javale McGee for my Amir Johnson and Dion Waiters. Should I go with JJ or Jimmy?

  2. Hey Hec,

    Stuckey is sitting there on my FA list whilst I have Hinrich, Blake and Crawford in my PG slots. Think it’s worth dropping Hinrich for him as he is playing very consistently of the bench as the 6th man and running the second unit quite well. Hinrich seems to be taking his sweet time to step up?

  3. @Faiad: I’m liking Jimmy with Rose out.

    @Mark: If you don’t need the dimes then sure. Hinrich is probably going to be a little more steady though.

  4. Hey Hecman,

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    I have Kobe Bryant and someone wants my Kobe for his John Wall.. Trade it or don’t trade it? Also, who do you like better between Arron Afflalo or Spencer Hawes?


  5. What are some possible trade targets for Josh Smith, Andrea bargnani and Tim Duncan I need better FG% and assists? Could I package a couple of those guys for a gun PF/C as I have marc gasol.


  6. @Jimmy: As much as I love Kobe I don’t see any reason to deal Wall for him. Leaning Spencer. Happy Thanksgiving!

    @Tom: Check out my trade post from last year for ideas. I think you can probably find it in the 2012 Draft Guide on the tab up top. Good luck and keep me posted!

  7. Hey Hecman,

    I love Kobe too. But I hate waiting, and I am afraid that Kobe will play the D-Rose waiting game that he did last season. First, they said he would be back for the opening night, then later they said he would be back in a few weeks, and the next thing you know he is taking a year off. Man, it is hard to turn down John Wall, because he is on fire right now. With Bradley Beal being out, it’s only helping John Wall to get even better. Do you agree with me?

  8. Hec, figured I’d post the reply here. As a reminder, I’m the guy with over a 3rd of his team injured – M.Gasol, Beal, Tyson, Felton, Chalmers.

    Reply to your question. This is H2H. I’m comfortably in first right now and I’ve basically won every week 7-2. Sounds like Felton may come back tomorrow and Chalmers doesn’t sound like he’ll stay out for an extended period. I just don’t like the uncertainty surrounding Gasol’s or Beal’s returns. They marked Gasol as out 6-10 weeks (but I thought a Grade 2 is usually on the shorter end?) and Beal as being re-evaluated in 2 weeks, which means he could be out for longer. There’s not a ton on the wire. I was incorrect too…only Marcus Morris, not Markieff. Beverley, Thornton, Plumlee are on waivers. FAs are Gerald Wallace, Dudley, Gallo, Blair, Middleton, Steven Adams.

    My current team:

    Conley, Kemba, Felton, Chalmers
    Afflalo, Beal
    Parsons, VC
    Ibaka, Amir, McBob
    M.Gasol, Tyson, J.Hill

    Thanks, Hec!

  9. What up hec, long time no question asked..stuck between keeping one of the two and they seem really close cuz ones always in foul trouble and the other is in da dawghouse..who wud u keep? Amir johnson or enes kanter?

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!! 12 team, H2H, 9 cat

    Would you drop any of these two: Plumlee, Dalembert

    For any of these guys on the wire: Frye, Henson, Gerald Green, McBob, Harkless, James Anderson

    Thanks Hec!

  11. @Vicky: Leaning hold Anderson. Anyone else to drop?

    @Jess: Leaning hold Plumlee. I’d consider losing Sam for Frye, Henson or Green though. Even McBob. Probably in that order. Happy Thanksgiving!

    @hitmanwg4u: Hey, welcome back! Leaning hold Kanter. I like both long term so losing one depends on who you’re adding.

  12. @Nick: Luckily you’re cruising so aren’t desperate at the moment but that could change. I’d hold the course for now unless you can trade Gasol or Beal. I’d hate to drop them. Plumlee is tempting as an add though for say Chalmers if you could afford to lose the cheap steals and threes.

  13. Hecman! Thanksgiving is awesome for Turkey, awful for setting a lineup! Currently I’m sitting Thad Young, K Faried, & KG and playing: Lin, Oladipo, Curry, JR Smith, D. West, Kawhi Leonard, Ibaka, Lillard, & JJ Redick.

    I got a tough matchup this week against #1 in a league that uses all 15 stats. Any advice? (your advice counts double since I have the same problem Wed & Fri)

  14. @colaroaster: Probably Meeks since Kobe back soon.

    @BobbyScott: Deep bench is always a problem, you always pick the wrong guy to play! Murphy’s law. Play for categories if you’re up against a monster team. Pick 8 that you think you can win and adjust lineup accordingly. GL!

  15. Hey hecman,
    There really isn’t anyone to drop. I’ve also got Big baby, danny green, and Valanciunas, and corey brewer

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