Taylor is playing your song! (Maybe)

With news that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be sidelined for 4-6 weeks Jeff Taylor stepped into the starting lineup and dropped 20/8/1 with a block, steal and 2 threes in 37 minutes. What can you expect from him going forward? Not 20/8! That’s of’ shizzle! How about 12/5 and maybe a three per? That sounds kind of reasonable, maybe a little better (doubt it!), maybe a little worse. If you like that song, than turn the radio up, Taylor is playing! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night.

Tony Wroten – 21/8/9/1/1 Wroten had a big game in place of Michael Carter-Williams, so dont expect this to continue but in the meantime, stream!

Khris Middleton – 29/7/2/2/1 Had a career night last night, but don’t go racing to pick him up. I’ll be surprised if he does it again all year.

John Henson – 19/17/4/blk I told you last weekend that Henson would be ownable throughout the entire universe had he earned a starting job. Well……

Brandon Knight – 20/6/6/3stls Suddenly playing very well and is starting to become ownable in most formats now.

Andrew Bynum – 20/13/2/2blks Bynum is a nice add for upside if you are willing to take the risk. Just expect disappointment. That is all.

Nikola Vucevic – DNP with a sprained ankle, so Andrew Nicholson (8/3/blk) got the start, but he will move back to the bench once Vuc returns and Glen Davis (4/9/2/1) will slide over to power forward.

Terrence Jones – 16/10/1/3/3 Got back on track in a big way and Omri Casspi was moved back to a bench role. Thank god.

Patrick Beverley – 6/1/2 Beverley has just been stinking up the joint. I’ve been dropping him for hot free agents.

Tyreke Evans – 11/2/stl Left the game with a sprained ankle but the X-rays were negative. I still think he will miss sometime though. Hopefully just a week.

Tyler Hansbrough – Left the game early in the first quarter with a shoulder sprain. Well that stupid experiment didn’t last long. Amir Johnson (17/10/3blks) can be picked back up.

Kobe Bryant – If you haven’t heard yet, the self proclaimed Black Mamba will return to the Lakers starting lineup tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

Robert Sacre – 11/5/1/2blks Mike D’antoni moved Jordan Hill to the bench but who knows if it will stick. i dont want to own either guys right now.

Nene Hilario – 10/2/2/2/1 Left the game with a foot injury. Wierd. I dont want to say we told you so, but hey, we friggin told you so!

Remember, you can hit me up with questions in the comments below or contact me through Twitter @jfort753. Good Luck everyone. See you next weekend!

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  1. Is Jameer Nelson worth a grab over a Chalmers/Vaszquez/Hinrich/Brooks/Knight? or does Olad’s play and his injury risk make it a no?

  2. hey jfort/hec, would you drop anyone on my roster (banged up)…

    Jennings, Jrue, MCW
    Mayo, Beal
    George, Hayward, Iggy
    Love, Tobias, Tristan Thompson
    Vucevic, Pekovic

    to pick up/stream/stash any of these guys…
    Sanders, Ilyasova, Hickson, Koufos, Amir Johnson, Lou Williams, Big Baby, Steve Blake, Plumlee, Wroten

    Would it be wise to add yet another injured guy (Sanders) and settle for 3-6 losses –at the very least, by playing a few guys to win just FG%, FT%, and turnovers — until my team starts getting healthy? Or should I be taking advantage of the 7 moves per week and stream a new player every day? You can tell by some of the names on the wire, and my roster, that it’s a shallow league (10 teams) and a few managers aren’t even paying attention.

  3. Hey guys,

    Thoughts on Tristan Thompson? He’s on our WW and I could cut the end of my bench for him. Is he back? Thanks.

  4. Ok time to cut ties with ty Evans and pick up aminu ? I have inj to a. Davis n now nene. Good or bad idea. Not much for bigs on waivers in my 12 team H2H 9 cat.. thx for the help here

  5. Hey Jfort!

    How do you think Sanders will do once he gets back? Will he have the minutes or will Henson limit his value after having some good performances? Is he worth the stash?

  6. Thanks for your awesome work Hecman!

    I may have dropped Faried for GIbson hastily.. and now I’m wondering if its worth keeping Gibson in the long run, and whether I should gun for Glen Davis (not sure how Dengs return may impact Gibson’s performance).

    Any opinions on this? =/

  7. I am tied in threes and losing in assists by a couple. Do I pick up Ray Allen, Ray Felton, or Tim Hardaway(meaning I would probably give up on the assists)? Thanks

  8. Almost at the 3 wk mark for Gasol’s injury & I’m already searching the wire for replacing Kosta Koufos. Here are some names on my watchlist: Dalembert, Middleton, Demarre Carroll, Andrew Nicholson, Dunleavy, Caron Butler.

    I’m also giving Derrick Williams a couple of weeks to pick up some steam before deciding to drop him. He’s not performing at the end of games!!

    Could you rank these guys on the wire to pick up for Koufos/Williams?

    Who’d be the best two in the long run?


  9. What do you think of my Kemba and Ryan Anderson for Kyrie, JR Smith, and Glen Davis? Am I paying too much or buying low on Kyrie?

  10. @Martin – If you can get better players in return, absolutely!

    @I need ast/stls – I’d much rather own Knight right now. More upside and Jameer has no motivation on a bad team.

    @allballs – Amir is probably the best add right now. Tobias may be about a week or two out but if you’re sick of waiting for him, you could make that switch. If you’re ok in the standings and want to hopefully be back to full strength in a few weeks, I’d be fine with that too.

    @Barry – Go for it.

    @tentyme – Yeah, drop Tyke. He’s starting to become more of a headache than anything.

    @colonel kitchen – Taj will be a stud for at least another week, possibly two. I would ride him until Deng returns and then re-evaluate.

    @R – Hey, sorry I didn’t get back to you in time. Was working back to back double shifts this weekend so didn’t have much time for anything! In the near future, I can be reached for immediate questions on Twitter, but will try to get questions answered here as soon as possible too. Thanks!

    @Marc – I’d say Middleton to start. Not a fan of the rest. More FA’s will pop up, just be patient.

    @teeque – I’m fine with that move. You’re actually buying low on all three guys.

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