This Ross flies the Canadian flag!

Following up on the Terrence Ross trade, I mean the Rudy Gay deal, let’s talk a little bit more about Terrence since he’s the flavor of the week. Yes, he obviously needs to be grabbed for his upside but in the meantime what can he bring to the table. You can probably expect poor FG and FT, 1.5ish threes per, a steal per, low double digit points per maybe like 12ish, 4ish boards and a couple of dimes per. What, you thought you were getting the second coming of Rudy Gay? Sorry! Prove me wrong, Terry. I hope he doesn’t mind I called him Terry. Jason! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Andrea Bargnani – I warned you to sell him high last week and now the window is closing. Best hurry but you’ll probably get the “Tyson Chandler is back soon” responses now. I told you not to be greedy! Hope you moved him when his value was at his peak. You better have moved him!

Raymond Felton – Will probably miss tonight’s game so go ahead and stream Beno Udrih if you’re in need of some possible cheap dimes. Possible being the key word!

Kyrie Irving –  Yesterday someone asked me if he should trade Kyrie for Spencer Hawes straight up. I threw up in my mouth and then ignored the question.

Andrew Bynum – He’s really just depth, you certainly can’t rely on him. In fact, if you can somehow trade him to someone desperate for a big man then do the needful!

Danny Green – Does Pop really need to play 13 guys? This isn’t fucken Little League, man!

Steve Novak – He will have games where he hits 7 threes and games where he scores 5 points with a three. He’s the one I’d probably grab after Terrence Ross for his cheap threes.

Lou Williams – He’s really just a deep league guy at the moment and doubt he becomes super useful in anything deeper than 14 teamers and beyond. Monitor elsewhere. Or don’t. You’re call!

Jordan Crawford – Still plugging away and I’m pretty sure he’ll hold value as a two guard after Rajon Rondo comes back but if you want to sell him high now, go ahead. He’s the master of playing on bad teams! Works for me.

Paul Pierce – Now coming off the bench. Jason Kidd. Coach of the Year! Hold in 12 teamers and consider launching in 10 teamers but only for someone bona fide.

Alan Anderson – Should be owned for as long as he’s playing 35 minutes a game which is probably until the end of the weekend. Or something like that.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Yes, I’ll probably be telling you to pick him up and drop him another 10 times. This time it’s pick him up! For as long as Rodney Stuckey is out anyway. Then you know what to do. Don’t make me say it!

John Henson – 25/14/2 with 6 blocks in 41 minutes. Yeah, I know you’re all giddy about it. Now sell him high! Like a kite!

Marcus Morris – Looking pretty good in 14 teamers but I’m not dropping Miles Plumlee for him. I refuse! The Suns are a fun bunch to own unless you own Goran Dragic or Eric Bledsoe. Sigh.

Jodie Meeks – Looks like he’ll still be useful for threes. By the way, I look at the Lakers roster and feel like puking. Typical Mike D’Antoni. That jackass thinks he’s so smart. Here’s the thing: If you’re playing Robert Sacre or Shawne Williams because he fits into your system then get a new fucken job!

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  1. Feeling out the options to deal it2 since I also have Gay…

    Would you go for Amir and Tobias? I am amped about Tobias but not sure about Amir with Patterson and Psycho T…

    12 team H2H, no ft%

    thanks hec!!

  2. Can you explain why you think Henson is a sell-high?

    Also, would you pick up Bass or Glen Davis (Dropping Marion)?


  3. in a 12 team H2H 9 cats.. do you think i will have better time filling the stat sheet dropping kawii and picking up and starting Paul Pierce? my bench is roster locked with Anthony Davis, Nene and Tyson C. … Or do I wait for POP to finally give min to Kawaii in the last 4 weeks of the season?

  4. MCW and felton is injured in my team and I am not happy with felton’s performance, Is it a good move to drop him?.. here are some on the waivers:
    Rondo (since its like I am stashing an injured Felton)
    A. Bradley

  5. Hello Hec/jfort!

    I currently have Lou will on my team.

    Should i keep him or
    try to claim Stuckey in waivers. but i am 3rd to last in waivers.
    if Someone else gets him,
    drop and add Meeks?


  6. My gawd this shit made me laugh – look forward to reading your blog urrday. As I said before, I’m spreading the good word here in Oz

    So been offered KD and Bled for DMC, ET and Monta? Go or no. I’m thinking yes.

  7. Hey Hec, how do you feel about a TP for IT2 trade? In a 8 man roto league. IT2 has the upside, but TP is a stud with percentages (IT2 is better at grabbing steals and can score big…might assist more with Gay making/bricking)

  8. Good morning Hec and J-Fort!

    I am looking for some advice.

    My team is currently in first place in a 10 team, 9 Cat, H2H league. The roster slots are 4 Guards / 4 Forwards / 2 Centers / 2 Util/ 2 Bench.

    My roster consists of:
    Ryan Anderson,
    D. Jordan,
    Miles Plumlee
    and Bargnani

    Some of the free agents currently are: Thornton, Waiters, Nene, Marion, J Jack, Webster, Mo Will, Big Baby, Frye, Markieff, Aminu, Henson, Sullinger…yep pretty nice depth.

    Who would you drop/add to the roster?
    Which players would you look to trade, and for whom?

    The rosters for the teams in 8th, 9th and 10th in the league are:

    #8 – Jennings, DeRozan, Kevin-Mart, Oladipo, Meeks, Stuckey, Granger, Sanders, Aldridge, Bosh, Pau Gasol, Hawes, Dirk, and Bynum.

    #9 Westbrook, Conley, Iggy, Kawhi, Durant, Jimmy Butler, Deng, D. Green, Diaw, KG, Splitter, Brook Lopez, Amir, and Chalmers

    #10 Lowry, G. Hayward, Burke, Jameer, Lebron, Gay, Ilyasova, Tobias Harris, M. Gasol, Favors, Vucevic, Valanciunas, Al Jefferson, and Bennett,

    Thank you for the great advice.

    Happy Thursday!

  9. Hec, in a 12 team league, already holding M.Gasol, Tyson, Beal, would you drop Felton with the latest news that he’ll be out another 2-3 weeks with a hamstring strain? He was already playing like crap. Not much on the wire outside of Foye and Beverley (clears waivers tomorrow), but I could stream guys with that roster spot. Or should I just suck it up and hold him? Thanks.

  10. BTW, Hec. I LOVE your D’Antoni comment. He’s gotta be one of the worst coaches EVER. Yes, he turns trash into treasure, but he has no adaptability or creativity. He’s lucky that Steve Nash made him look like an offensive genius all of those years. But he has no idea how to play and get the most out of his best players. It’s a little ridiculous. He is the epitome of a one trick pony. It’s almost as silly as Mike Brown still landing head coaching jobs. Isn’t it painfully clear that he should just be a defensive assistant coach somewhere? Dude cannot coach an offense worth a damn. Lebron carried him and he’s done nothing since. One has to think that his inept offensive system has at least something to do with Kyrie’s struggles.

  11. Is it time to sell high on amir Johnson? And what if deron gets it going, would you consider this a sign to sell high (injury prone) or hold him since the nets will rely on him every night?

  12. I am really getting sick of Dalembert! Every year I seem to get this guy hoping he will perform and every year he disappoints. I am thinking of dropping for either Ed Davis or Jason Smith. Which guy will be the best pick looking long term. Or keep Dalembert?? Thanks Guys!

  13. in a 12 team H2H 9 cats.. do you think i will have better time filling the stat sheet dropping kawii and picking up and starting Paul Pierce? my bench is roster locked with Anthony Davis, Nene and Tyson C. … Or do I wait for POP to finally give min to Kawaii in the last 4 weeks of the season? kawii has been so nonexistent/inconsistent I almost feel like streaming aminu for now and hope I can get one of my inj. guys above back in time to move my roster around. I don’t know just throwin stuff out there…ideas?? thx for helping with my dilemma…

  14. Nice writeup…unlike you, I’m not selling on Henson. I think he’s the real deal…potentially the next Anthony Davis. That late 4th quarter shot against CHI was absolutely unbelievable.

    @Dunky, If you can get Thompson for Gay, that would be amazing value. The Kings already have two other players with an insanely high usage rate (Cousins, Thomas), so I’d expect Gay’s numbers to take a slight dip. Thompson is a solid, albeit inconsistent, source of points and threes.

  15. @Forrest: Thanks! To be clear, I recommend a sell high because his numbers will take a hit once Larry Sanders comes back.

    @Dunky Brewster: Nice name. Sure.

  16. @Mike S: I like Amir but moving him totally depends on the value you’re getting. I like Deron, they need him and he’s a stud when healthy. Pray he stays healthy otherwise move him for 2nd round talent at worst if you can.

  17. @Miss: Yes, on Stuckey. If you lose out on him then Meeks if you want the cheapy cheap threes.

    @Jake: With IT2 getting 30+ minutes of burn now that deal seems reasonable. TP certainly more the sure thing though.

  18. Hey Hec, I hope I didn’t make too big of a mistake dropping Tobias. I can be so fickle sometimes. Actually, I’m telling myself he can’t duplicate his numbers from the last few months of last season with Big Baby, Afflalo, and Nelson all healthy this time around. I guess I can still see it happening (especially when I hear myself saying the words “Big Baby,” “Nelson,” and “healthy” in the same sentence) but I’m already holding on to Iggy, Beal, and Sanders. It’s a shallow league with some decent waiver options and 7 moves per week for streaming so I think I’ll be OK. My roster (10 team 9 cat H2H):

    Jennings, Holiday, MCW
    Mayo, Beal
    George, Hayward, Iggy
    Love, Henson
    Vucevic, Pekovic, Sanders

    Tobias was added off waivers, but the guy dropped Terrence Jones. Should I put in a claim for him (I’d drop Henson)? Pretty sure that’s the best guy out there. Others include: Bogut, Hickson, RoLo, McBob, Big Baby, Ilyasova, Tyson. Thanks a lot, Hec. Oh and Marcus Thornton’s minutes last two games (since the trade) — 24 and 34. Hope he keeps it up. Precious minutes!

  19. Good morning Hec,

    Thank you for the advice.
    I’ll swoop Henson up, quick fast and in a hurry.

    Have a wonder-filled weekend!


  20. hey hec, would you drop kanter for any of the following guys. And if so, who you’d rather get first? Looking for rebs and blocks.

    Garnett, Blair, Marvin Williams, Aminu, Mozgov.

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