If you Asik, you shall receive

The rumor mill is churning! Can you hear it? Mills don’t usually make much noise so you probably can’t but it’s churning alright. It’s saying Omer Asik will be moved somewhere in the next days. Oh, it’s going to happen, that’s for sure so what you’re going to do, boys and girls, is go out and grab him right now before you know where he’s going. It’s called pot luck! Since he’s been virtually useless this season, let’s go back and take a look at his numbers from last year when he started all 8o games and averaged 30 mpg. He averaged 10.1 ppg/11.7 rpg/1 bpg/.540 FG. That’s double-double stuff. Like the Oreo! If he lands in Philly, he’s going to hurt Spencer Hawes a bit but they’ll both survive. For fantasy purposes anyway. Go now and grab him. If you don’t then continue to hold Kosta Koufos. That’ll be fun in January. Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday.

Terrence Jones – 2/5/0 in 15 minutes. The guy has been sick with the flu. How do you think you’d do playing with the flu? Not so good. (Well!). Ironic. Hold course with Terry. He’s definitely not a Terry. If Thaddeus Young lands in Houston then you can go ahead and probably launch him after a few games of monitoring. Not Thaddeus, Terrence!

Derrick Williams – 11/6/0 with a steal and a block in 24 minutes. I’d like to see more than 24 minutes of burn but he’s hit double digit points even with Rudy Gay in the lineup and Jason Thompson sucks serious ass. With apologies to his mother, of course. If Derrick is still floating around out there and you can do with 12ish/6ish then go ahead and take a whirl. I don’t see much better than that. On average!

Kosta Koufos – Started but dropped just 2/2/0 in 15 minutes. It seems like Jon Leuer is the flavor of the day in Memphis, maybe even the week! At best, we may be looking a time share going forward until Marc Gasol returns with a few big games sprinkled in from Kosta but good luck figuring out when that’ll be. Feel free to launch for a hot free agent. Lift off!

Jon Leuer – 15/9/0 in 30 minutes off the bench. He’s definitely one of the hottest lesser owned guys right now so go ahead and take a whirl if he’s still available. Unless you don’t like 16.4 ppg/8.2 rpg/1 spg with solid percents. As if! Go! Better hurry. Oops, he’s probably long gone.

Robin Lopez –  12/13/3 with a steal in 39 minutes. I have to admit, his play has shocked the crap out of me this season. He’s found his niche! He’s actually elevated over his last 5 to 13.8 ppg/10.2 rpg/1.8 bpg. I’ll eat my hat if he continues to double-double but his season averages looks about right going forward. I don’t own him anywhere though. Wouldn’t mind owning him. He’s for realz!

Kyle Singler – 5/3/0 in 15 minutes. You don’t know what you’re going to get from night to night with this kid. Isn’t that fun! He’s probably one of the most picked up and dropped players in fantasy because he’s the type of guy you don’t mind streaming in H2H leagues when you have an open active roster spot. That’s Kyle. The streamer guy!

Tobias Harris – 8/4/2 with a steal in 23 minutes. You have to be patient with him, like the way I’m patient with my mother when she calls me talking about the weather every day. Oh, buy low if you can! Tobias, not my mother. My mother isn’t for sale. She’s priceless!

Reggie Jackson – 10/4/5 in 23 minutes. He’s now at 14.8 ppg/4 rpg/3.5 apg over his last 5. I don’t think he can maintain such numbers in 24ish minutes per game but you have to like what you’re seeing even with Russell Westbrook back. He’s Reggie Jackson! Nobody puts number 44 in a corner!

Al-Farouq Aminu – 9/5/1 with 2 steals and 2 blocks. He’s averaged double-double over his last 5 and I see no real reason why that won’t continue until Anthony Davis returns. Of course, I dropped him in one league right before AD went down. Thanks very much, Magic 8 Ball! Sigh.

Wilson Chandler – 19/5/3 with 2 threes and a block. I told you to pick him up weeks ago before he came back and I hope you did. He’s finally getting into game shape and has averaged 14 ppg/6.4 rpg/1.8 apg/1.8 3pm/1 bpg over his last 5. I also like his name. It’s very Grey Pouponish.

Jordan Hamilton – 2/8/3 with a steal. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 22 mpg/9 ppg/5.2 rpg/1.2 apg/2 3pm/1 spg. Does that float your boat? Does it!? If so, then float away. Be careful though. You might sink!

Channing Frye – 20/5/0 with 5 threes in 31 minutes. I look at the Suns roster and what you see is basically what you’re going to get all year outside of a possible Alex Len sighting. Alex and Len happen to be immediate family members of mine but I still don’t like Alex Len! I love Alex and Len though. Anyhoo! I don’t see the good times stopping for Channing anytime soon! Maybe all year!

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  1. hey hec,
    do you like wroten or farmar more long term?
    Also would you try to buy low on asik? not sure if its worth it/realistic to send someone like miles plumlee or for him.


  2. What is your outlook on ilyasova? Is he really worth all this holding given his situation (shitty coach, stacked frontline, shitty guards)? Have some players worth taking fliers/stashing: Farmar, Brendan wright, asik, g Davis, Reddick, Blake. Thank you!

  3. What’s up Hecman,

    Do you like Terrence Williams more than Channing Frye overall, or is it a tossup? They are both getting you 3’s, rebounds, points, etc in similar production it seems.

  4. i’m in a very (very) deep 14 person league. i’m getting killed in 3’s and points but still need production in rebounds/blocks.
    would it be worth dropping jason smith for jordan farmar?
    current team:
    wall, iggy, rubio, ginobli, rondo
    horford, nene, hawes, monroe, varejao, smith, henson, tyson chandler

  5. @Martin: Leaning Pierce.

    @Ltee: Depends on who you’re adding. Let me know!

    @Drizzle: Farmar should help once he’s back so strike now if you need the help.

  6. @Eric: Ha, not sure why I wrote Terrence Williams, I guess Derrick Williams was on my mind. I meant Jones! Frye is certainly more of a sure thing but Ross offers more upside. If you want the upside then roll with Ross.

  7. Hey hec, smart move picking up wroten and dropping koufous? The only guards on my team are Jennings,affalo,kawhai and L Stephenson with one being a PG in B Jennings all start for me. My bench is A Davis, Nene and Tyson C…. I’m in a 12 team H2H 9 cat… Thx for your help on this one.

  8. I read that the coach is going to try n play MCW at point n Wroten at SG if this is the case what’s e turner gonna do he plays so much and is A big part of that offense. Just some other thoughts I had as I toss around this pickup.

  9. Thanks for the reply hec! My team is at 8th seed. Very competitive. Peeps add quick! No one really likes to trade been it have bigs who sucks at free throws. My strength will probably be PTs rebounds and blocks. I been dropping bigs to balance my team. So I wanna drop mayo but not sure… Picked up a lot of PGs recently. Here is my squad:

    Point guards: Lillard Bledsoe Beverly augustin rjackson
    Wings: mayo jjohnson derick Williams
    Bigs: Griffin Monroe ibaka boozer tthompson

    Available free agents and waiver: jr smith kanter waiters Henderson granger asik Avery Bradley Felton

    What do u think. I’m willing to drop anyone who sucks as needed. Lol thank you

  10. Hec, would you advise dropping Aminu or Ross to stash Sanders? It is a 14-team H2H w/ daily rosters, so stashing hurts a bit more (and I’m already stashing Anthony Davis). But tempted by Sanders upside…Thanks much!

  11. Hec-
    Pierce and George Hill are killing me. Drafted both of them hoping for mid-round value. Is it time to sell?? I’m taking a bath in Points and assists (also have deron).

  12. Harrison Barnes,Channing Frye,Jose Calderon,Antetokounmpo,Nick Young? Total fantasy points scored in a weekly match.NO FG or FT %’s.DD-4,TD-8.

  13. Hey Hec I hope you see this in time, in you opinion is this a fair trade? I feel like I need to get a bit more or am I over valuing a Anthony Davis trade for Lillard and iggy ?? I have davis……. 12 team 9 cat H2H thx !!

  14. whose stats do you think will hold for ROS and whom would you rather have on your team… Reggie Jackson or Wroten ?? !2 team H2H 9 cat… Wroten’s #’s should drop a bit once MCW is back right?

  15. Sup Hec?!

    I am somehow in 2nd after a slew of injuries. Wondering if Hinrich and/or Danny Green are worth drops for Jack, Waiters, or Bynum? 12 team h2h 9 cat

    Chris Paul
    George Hill
    Wesley Matthews
    Manu Ginobili
    Danny Green
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Chris Bosh
    John Henson
    Channing Frye
    Jordan Hill
    Marc Gasol
    Larry Sanders

    Big Baby Hey Zeus

  16. Hey Hec,
    Im trying to decide who to drop between Miles Plumlee and JJ Hickson for Larry Sanders. Who do you think I should drop?

  17. 18 team league, Hec. Daily 9 cat H2H.

    Would you trade away A.Bradley and Manu for Danny Green and Trey Burke? Trying to buy low a little. Is there another way you’d structure it? I’m really trying to land Trey Burke.

    Rubio, Kemba, Bradley
    Batum, Manu, Hollis Thompson
    H.Barnes, PJ Tucker, Giannis
    Ibaka, McBob
    Hawes, Bass

    Here’s his team:

    Lillard, Kyrie, Burke, Norris
    Ariza, D.Green
    Mbah, Granger, Xavier
    Faried, Jeremy Evans
    Cousins, Hickson


  18. How do you feel about me offering the trade Thaddeus Young and David West to get Kevin Durant? I know the guy who owns Durant is wanting 2 top 100 players for him and is willing to trade? Think it’s attractive enough and still a good trade for me?

    Thanks for the advice!

  19. I offered my George Hill and Varejao for Klay and Kanter (would drop Kanter for Wright or Wilson Chandler). What do you think, will he accept? If he declines, do you see an offer I can make for Klay?

    G: Conley, Dragic, GHill, DGreen
    F: Durant, Millsap, KLeonard, THarris, Terrence Jones, Jeff Green
    C: Horford, TChandler, DJordan, Varejao

  20. Hi Hecman,

    Should I pick up Giannis in a shallow 10 team H2H league, 7 category (no %s or TOs). I would have to drop either W.Chanlder, T.Harris, D.Waiters, or B.Knight


  21. I know it sux I look forward to the info daily along with tossing basketball questions at Hec helps too !! I get stuck reading the crap off yahoo instead.

  22. Cut the guy some slack, people have lives happening outside of fantasy basketball, as I’m sure all of you do. In the end he gets back to you doesn’t he? Like Hec says, he travels! There isn’t wifi EVERYWHERE! From one manager to another, sometimes, your intuition can be your best tool, hec is simply our guide. Although some of us would like to think so, every thing Hec says is not the end all be all. Still a long season to go! Good luck everyone!

  23. That why I said great job.
    We do cut him slack, but people like reading his blog every day and FBA basketball is about daily changes. Getting back to you in a week is useless.

    ” Although some of us would like to think so, every thing Hec says is not the end all be all.”
    For shame – Hec knows all.

  24. To be honest, I just love Hec’s and J Fort’s opinion, writing style, and input. I only leave comments because I’m curious of their thoughts and hope that maybe my questions give them some ideas for future writing. I do not wait or base decisions on their feedback. They provide free content! If you would like more support for your basketball team(s) then support them and the site financially.

    I suggested this last season and am not sure if Hecman looked into it. There is a network of fantasy sites called Dobbersports dot com for hockey, baseball, and now football. I focus on their hockey content. The site posts daily ramblings that are updates and trends whose content is 2nd to none, the forum community there is fantastic for advice, and their analytic tools are incredible. Great thing going. They have even recruited writers from mainstream media to contribute, as well as mentored members to become contributors to NHL dot com as well as other major media outlets. I hope Hecman can join the community or mimic their model for success.

    My username on there is Ross The Boss Palmer. It’s free to sign up and feel free to contact me through the forums if you want help with the ins and outs.

    Oh and Hec, there is a blossoming writer on there. His name is Steve Laidlaw (username metaldude26). His hockey ramblings are epic and he is a diehard Thunder fan. Provided unreal in depth game recaps and insight to the Thunder last season in the forums. If you don’t wish to indulge in the Dobber fantasy community then please please PLEASE join forces with this guy, you will not regret it!

    All the best,
    Big Baby Hey Zeus

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