I told you it was gonna be a good Knight!

What a strange first couple of months of the season for me. After dedicating myself daily to this blog the last couple of years, 2013/14 has been much more difficult due to other non-blog related commitments. As a result, I haven’t able to post nearly as much as you or I would like! Insert sad face emoticon here. So what happens now that I’ve sufficiently pissed off all my loyal readers? I get nominated as a finalist by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association for the 2013 Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year! Go figure. It’s an honor, it really is and I’m humbled and grateful. Thanks go out to all you guys for supporting the blog the last couple of years and all of your kind words, they mean more than you can imagine. Here’s a little secret, I also have to thank some close friends both in and out of the fantasy sports writing industry when I confided to them in September that I was thinking about putting the blog on hiatus. I explained that I knew my time commitment wasn’t going to be the same as in years past. I was met with nothing but words of encouragement that I should not give up this blog, it’s too good to let go and, even though it doesn’t make any money, people love reading it and the insight also isn’t that bad :). You guys know who you are and I thank you, without you the blog would probably be shut down right now until further notice. Going forward in 2014 I truly hope I can get out more posts and help you to fantasy basketball success because I do care and I do want you to win! Sniff. However, let me also apologize in advance if you curse me out when new posts aren’t up as often as you’d like. Maybe buy a t-shirt or something! :) Anyhoo, it’s Add/Drop Friday! The first of 2014. Let’s get to it shall we? Note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!

Brandon Knight – 72% – Here’s what I told you back on November 30Brandon Knight – 37% – I really can’t wait to stop listing him every Friday. Pick him up already. He’s going to start! Before that, here’s what I told you back on November 22Brandon Knight – 40% – Probably should grab him before he comes back healthy and shoots up into the 60+% range. Oh, he will shoot into the 60+% range. Mark my Magic 8 Balls’ whatever that thing is called. Now he’s up to 72%. 72! Listen to my Magic 8 Ball, man. Other sites are really great at telling you to pick up a guy after they do something. That’s expert advice?? Tssk tssk.

Wilson Chandler – 71% – I ran something on him days before he came back and told you to grab him pronto before he came back. You’re welcome.

Tobias Harris - 68% – Still too low for my taste. Ersan Ilyasova is at 83%! Just sayin’.

Nick Young – 60% – This boy is on fiya! Sell him before you get burned! Or is it burnt?

J.J. Hickson – 58% – I ran something on him as soon as JaVale McGee’s lame ass went down for the count. You’re welcome.

Reggie Jackson – 56% – What you don’t like starting point guards?, said Grievis Vasquez (56% owned).

Miles Plumlee – 53% – Go ahead, keep owning guys like Harrison Barnes at 59% I guess. Suit yourself.

Channing Frye – 47% – I remember a long, long time ago I told you to pick him up when he was just 7% owned back in November. Remember that? You’re welcome.

Jodie Meeks – 36% – The guy is averaging 2.1 3pm and 1.2 spg along with 12+ ppg. You don’t like that? If not, pick him up and sell him! I’d sell him.

Taj Gibson – 35% – I had him and John Henson as sleeper Sixth Man of the Year Award winners. Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me, man. It’s right there! Here too. It’s every friggin’ where!

Markieff Morris – 33% – At the end of the day the guy is averaging 12.2/6.2 with three quarters of a block, steal and three per. Sounds like a lot but it’s like 75% of 1. Still not too shabby!, said Harrison Ford.

Gerald Green – 32% – Over his last 5 he’s averaging 13.6 ppg/1.6 spg/3.2 3pm. Someone dropped him after a couple of duds in mid-December in one of my Yahoo! leagues and I happily scooped him up asap. You should do the same!

Giannis Antetokounmpo – 30% – I despise typing his name. Despise it but I do it for you! By the way, I totally thought he was white before I saw him. I’m racist like that!

Andray Blatche – 29% – The guy misses 4 games for personal reasons and he’s dropped like a hot potato. Poor Andray. Poor you if you don’t get him! Quick. !

Brandon Wright – 24% – I don’t see him exploding but should be solid enough. Like oak! Or something like that.

James Johnson – 23% – Not sure if you noticed but Tayshaun Prince blows ass. Start sniffing around to see if James is available in your league.

Tony Wroten – 17% – Ownable everywhere when Michael Carter-Williams misses time. Not a necessary grab but if I owned MCW in a 12 team deeper type league, I’d be sure to handcuff Wroten if possible.

D.J. Augustin – 16% -With Kirky Hinrich back, I expect regression. Hey, only one point guard at a time! I prefer Hiney. I’m a hiney guy!

Terrence Ross – 16% – Back in December I told you to expect 12ish points, 4ish boards, a couple of dimes per, 1.5ish threes and a steal per with poor percents. Well, thus far he’s at 14 ppg/3.8 rpg/1.1 apg/2 3pm/.9 spg/.457 FG/.90 FT (only 1 FTA per though). Basically, I’m almost spot on! Except for the percents, he’s done better than I expected. Not bad! Magic 8 Ball did it again!

Kirk Hinrich – 15% – I’d take him for his dimes, steals and threes. His boards aint half bad either at 3 per for a shitty pg.

Kendall Marshall – 14% – Got picked up in one of my leagues at 1:11 am on January 1. Guys, get a fucken life!

Marco Belinelli – 11% – He plays for the Spurs which means he plays for the Spurs which means, you know what I mean! Cheap threes really. Nothing more!

Trevor Booker – 11% – You trust Nene Hilario? You know the guy I told you to ship his ass out back in November and early December when he was red hot. Yes, that Nene!

Luke Ridnour – 4% – With O.J. Mayo (whom I terribly missed on this year to my chinny chinny chagrin) sucking the orange, Luke is quietly getting stuff done. That’s what he do!

Tyler Zeller – 2% – I’d handcuff him if I owned Anderson Varejao since, um, he’s a little injury prone. Didn’t you notice! No question mark needed. Rhetorical! Stash him if you have the room elsewhere. Or don’t. Your call.

Mike Scott – 2% – Upside baby. Yeah, baby. Should probably be owned in more than 2% of leagues at the moment. I don’t know.

Anthony Tolliver – 1% – Cheap threes here, get your cheap threes here. I’m talking really cheap! Keep your eye on Chris-Douglas Roberts, too. Or is it Chris Douglas-Roberts?


Andrew Bynum – 63% – 63% hahahahehahehehehahe. Oh, brother. Keep holding him said, Taj Gibson, John Henson, Channing Frye, Jared Sullinger, Andray Blatche, etc, etc, yada, yada, yada.

Andrea Bargnani – 63% Can lose in shallow leagues only for now. I told you to ship his ass out a long time ago! You really should listen to me. I know! My Magic 8 Ball does anyway.

Russell Westbrook – 95% – Can consider losing in 10 team leagues with a deeep wire. Oh, by the way, here’s what I told you back in my Top 25 Point Guards for 2013 Draft Guide: 17. Russell Westbrook – The once indesctructable Russell has been destructed! Is that a word? It is now! He’s a tough call but I’m leaning toward passing on him unless he really slides or comes cheap and I’m definitely not reaching for him. That’s just me though. I don’t like injuries. Who likes injuries? If you do draft him then go get number 44. Reggie JacksonI passed everywhere. Not for me, dawg.

Brook Lopez - 49% – Out for the year. Funny story, I dropped him for Anthony Tolliver last week in one of my leagues only to see him get scooped up on waivers two days later. That’s funny, I thought, why did Lopez get picked up? Oh, shit, this one is a dynasty league! Oops.

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  1. Congratulations Hec!

    Modified this post from JFort’s last contribution…

    Vasquez was dropped, last season’s assist leader! Lowry will be shipped out of Toronto. It’s a new year’s miracle! Given his potential as a starter, I would like to grab Vasquez. Issue is, for whom:

    Chris Paul
    George Hill
    JJ Redick
    Wesley Matthews
    Manu Ginobili
    Danny Green
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Chris Bosh
    Channing Frye
    John Henson
    Larry Sanders
    Marc Gasol

    Green is my initial choice. Argument against that is he had a great 2nd half last season as the Spurs rested their elders. He is a sacred 1-1-1 producer (3s, STLS, BLKS), and I am not worried about Belinelli because he can’t play defence or close out games. Last night’s game was proof. Their defensive rotations were brutal causing Melo to pass and Iman to destroy.

    Other options in my mind are Manu, killing it but DNPs are coming, and Frye (2-1-1 producer) but competition for minutes. I think the Clips offence is horrid without Redick, and he will have no problem coming back to his previous per game rank of 50. Ersan’s upside is too great, as is Sander’s or Henson’s. George Hill has been disappointing this season but the minutes are there and I only have two PGs. With Sanders back, Redick and Gasol on their way, and Henson in a couple weeks, I believe Green is expendable. So I guess Green it is? But he was so good down the stretch last season, Ersan too. Baaaaaahhhhh.

    Thanks for reading this rant,
    Big Baby Hey Zeus

  2. Hec, part II

    How would you rank these guys ROS; Teletovic, Humphries, and Tolliver. I could use 3’s, but also rebounds and blocks. Thanks.

  3. Klay Thompson or Iggy ROS? (head-to-head points)

    And would you sell high on Hawes or MCW, or do you think they’ll capable of playing on this level?

  4. I’m sure I speak for many of your readers when I say that I’m glad you decided to continue the blog. Even if you can’t post as much as in the past, the blend of insight and humor you and J-Fort bring is greatly appreciated. Congratulations on the nomination and keep up the excellent work!


  5. @Craig Williams: Thanks, good to be back! I think it’s worth the move to see if the Hump gets more burn.

    @RPI: Thanks so much for the kind words! As I said in the post, they mean more to me than you know.

    @Tor (Norway): Happy new year! Klay. Yes, I think they can keep it up ROS!

    @Craig Williams: Hump, Mirza, Tolliver. Mirza and Hump is definitely a toss up though.

    @Big Baby Hey Zeus: Thanks! You’re not wrong on GV, love him if Lowry gets moved as long as they don’t get a PG back, ie. Ray Felton type. If you can afford to move the 3s it has to be Green but you’re gambling a bit for sure if you make the move.

  6. Cp3 left with a shoulder injury so I grabbed Collison instead. Thanks Hec! You the man cool guy, see ya at the beach!

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent advice over the last few years Hec. Keep up the great work, even if it’s only a few posts here and there, the insight is always appreciated


  8. 10 team H2H
    Lillard Kwahi Harden Iggy Ibaka Favors Hibbert Valanciunas Jo Crawford DeRozan BN – Calderon Pekovic Nelson

    I get Calderon on Tuesday from a trade.

    My weaknesses before the trade were FG%/AST/STL/TO

    Ross,Reddick,Markief Morris,Belinelli,T.Gibson,Augustin,Blatche, Brewer,James Johnson,D.Green,Collison,Lamb and Teletovic are some names available on the WW.

    Do you drop Jordan Crawford for any of them? Or wait until something definate on Rondo? Crawford is struggling with FG%/TO shooting only .384 last 14 with 3 TOpg.

  9. @Grant: Thanks! BTW, I answered your question from the previous post.

    @Tor (Norway): Klay.

    @1 pt in week 9: I don’t usually focus on winning tovs H2H unless it’s close late in the week. I find owning as much depth as possible to win the counting stat categories is the best strategy and hopefully you win either FG or FT along with it. I’d hold JC for now but maybe grab Reddick when he’s closer. Otherwise, Blatche if you need a big.

  10. Hey Hecs, welcome back.

    Tony Allen, should I keep him or drop him? Good for the steals but have Green, Meeks, Gibson, Marion, Sullinger, Hickson and even both Morris brothers from the Suns all on the FA list. Green is looking tempting and your add/drop even makes him more attractive. Any thoughts on some of these guys in a pick up would be great.

  11. @Mark: Thanks! Too much talent on wire to be sitting with Allen. Sully or Hickson if you need a big or Meeks if you want those threes until Kobe comes back. Green makes a nice play for the next week with Bledsoe out.

    @travisT: Monta, BJ, Rubio. All great options but Jennings FG is murder or he’d be first.

  12. Hey Hec,

    I’m getting pretty frustrated with Illyasova, George Hill, Jeff Green, and Tobias Harris.

    Eventually their upside disappears and they become busts. I’ve missed out on some good free agents staying optimistic and holding on to them.

    Are there any that you would recommend dropping for the next “hot” free agent in a 10-team, 9-cat league?

    G: Conley, Dragic, GHill,
    F: Durant, Leonard, Millsap, JGreen, THarris, Ilyasova, WChandler, Terrence Jones
    C: DJordan, Varejao, TChander

  13. Sorry, thought I included a couple. My mistake. Some of the better options on my waiver wire are: Gerald Green, Terrence Ross, Mario Chalmers, Meeks, Lou-Will, Sullinger, Ridnour, and Shump.

  14. Hec,
    Your crystal ball is needed breaking news that cavs want to get a deal done by Sunday.

    If Pau gets traded, will Chris Kamen start? Should I pick him up.

    should I pick up Bynum?

  15. @RP: Some decent options. Salinger is interesting but just monitor for now.

    @mikeg: Kaman isn’t a D’Antoni guy so not sure he starts. I hate D’Antoni but whatevs. I’d stash Kaman for now if you have the room anyway.

  16. It’s really good to have you back Hec

    Please rank: Eric Gordan, Tobias Harris, Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson, Kyle Korver

  17. Hey Hec,

    I wanted to drop Teletovic and pick up either Tolliver or Hump. After tonights game, there is no question I need to drop Teletovic (I don’t think the minutes will be there). What I noticed tonight is the new center on Atlanta, Pero Antic is coming on. His minutes are up to around 25 per game and he’s had 25 points, 14 boards, and 7 treys over his last two games. If his minutes can get above 30, I think he has real value. What is your opinion on this? Good decision or meh? Thanks

  18. Welcome back hec. Looking forward to the Add/Drop post. I’ve got to start thinking about what to do when Marshall and Roberts are no longer starting. There aren’t many good adds left and even fewer stash options. Here are some guys on my WW that I hope you touch on for your next post..
    Danny Green, Splitter, McGee Gerald Wallace, KCP, Richard Jefferson, Bayless, Caron Butler, Beverley, Mack, Scott, Teletovic, Barbosa, Matt Barnes…..gracias, senor!

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