Better grab Kelly in the Olynyk of time!

Ok boys and girls, yesterday we spoke about spec grabbing the great Tony Wroten ahead of the trade deadline just in case Evan Turner gets shipped out of Philly. Evan may or may not launch but since his name is at the top of the trade rumor list we have to plan ahead. That’s called, um, planning ahead! So we go out and grab and stash Tony for a few days, big deal. If Turner is moved you’ve got yourself a possibly fantasy boon playing 30+ minutes a night. If Turner stays in Philly you simply throw Wroten’s ass back to the wire. If you have a guy that’s not getting many minutes sitting on your reserves go ahead and give Tony a look-gander, he’s only owned in 9% of Yahoo! leagues right now. If Turner is moved you think that number goes to over 50%? Rhetorical!

Let’s stay on our theme of spec adds ahead of the NBA trade deadline and take a look at the fabulous Boston Celtics. Rumors are that Brandon Bass is on the block. If Brandon is moved and assuming Boston doesn’t get a serviceable big man in exchange (as if!) then that leaves the Celtics with a front court of Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and, let’s see, maybe Kris Humphries (assuming he isn’t also dumped like a $60 ho after a 30 minute session), Vitor Faverani (D League!) and I think I saw Joel Anthony’s name on the roster but I honestly thought he was in jail or something. I guess he’s not. Anyhoo! Let’s talk Olynyk! He’s 28% owned in Yahoo! leagues right now but, like Tony Wroten, if Bass is moved his ownership is going to shoot up. We’ve already seen signs of life from him heading into the All Star Break. On February 10 he dropped 14/11/3 in just 21 minutes. On February 12 he blew up for 15/10/2 with a block in 31 minutes. That’s two straight double-doubles! Do I want a piece of that if he’s getting burn second half? Hellz to the yes, son! Go ahead and spec grab him now if you’ve got the room and are need of a big man. The early bird gets the worm, y’all! You can always launch him if he farts on your pillow. Nobody likes a smelly pillow.

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  1. Hec, I got Wade’s trade value from others. What is his trade value if you had to Trade him ROS.
    Please name some players small and big.

  2. Man where have you guys been,

    got the same question on Wade, and Melo too. Would you trade either one or both and at what value for both?

  3. @Bren: Ha, yeah, I’m still alive, phew! Kantor is certainly the safest to replace Larry so leaning him.

    @mikeg: I would move him for 2nd round value, maybe 3rd round max. Hard to name players. Target teams not players. Check out my trade strategy article for ideas. It’s really good! My mom said it was anyway.

    @boleros: I’d lose Budinger for either one depending on your needs. Roberts I’d only consider losing if Charlotte trades for Bass.

  4. @RevClyburn: Sorry, been so unavailable, unavoidable obligations on other stuff taking a lot of my time. Answered on Wade above. Carmelo I’d probably hold unless I got true 1st or 2nd round value for him. Check out my trade strategy post from December I think. Target teams, not players when trading.

  5. @Bennie: Looks good for Bledsoe to be back in time for the playoffs if you’re h2h or to help in your rotiss league down the stretch so I’d make the move.

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