Good Ridnour!, said Nate Wolters!

If you´re going to pay attention to the free agent wire any week of the year this is the week to do it. This is going to be the last week where player values change without some injury occuring so spec adding is a good idea if you´re sitting with some schlump on your reserves playing 19 minutes a game and otherwise licking his cajones the rest of the time. That said, let´s continue on our theme of fantasy basketball spec free agent adds this week! On Saturday we went over Tony Wroten. It´s true, just click his name if you don´t believe me. Yesterday we went over Kelly Olynyk, that handsome man up on Beantown. Today we take a look-gander at the hot mess in Milwaukee. Or Mil-a-wa-kay if you´re Alice Cooper. Ersan Ilyasova is demanding a trade, O.J. Mayo has a phantom illness which I prefer to just call perpetual suckiness and Larry Sanders has drowned the life out of every team that drafted him. Way to go! Question: How can someone as crappy as Ersan Ilyasova actually have the balls to demand a trade? That´s like a chef cooking so bad that all the patrons vomit then asking his boss for a raise. But I digress! Let´s talk us some Nate Wolters, shall we? Rumor has it that the Bucks are looking to ship Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal is already on the launch pad so that would basically leave Milwaukee with a backcourt of, let´s see, Brandon Knight, the aforementioned perpetual suckiness of O.J. Mayo and Nate Wolters! Right now Wolters is owned in just 3% of Yahoo! leagues and has paltry season averages of 21.6 mpg/6.7 ppg/3.4 apg/2.4 rpg/.410/.653. However, in 10 games as a starting guard Nate is at 32.5 mpg/8.6 ppg/4.4 apg/4.7 rpg/.9 spg/.5 bpg/.408/.577. Do those numbers knock your socks off?, said Tony Wroten. Hellz to the no, son, that barely gets those knee highs down to the ankle! But I can think of worse you can grab off the wire and I´ll gladly take 4+ boards and dimes and a steal per out of the worst guard on my team. Minutes, boys and girls, that´s what we´re looking for. Hey, you can´t produce if your ass is on the bench for more than half the game! If you´re sitting with a guy getting no minutes and guys like Tony Wroten and Kelly Olynyk are already picked up then go ahead and consider giving Nate a whirl. Worst that happens is you hold him for a few days through the NBA trade deadline. Best that happens is he helps you in some small way to fantasy basketball glory! Who doesn´t like fantasy basketball glory?

Tomorrow I´ll be recapping how I´m doing in the 4 leagues I play in and we´ll talk some more strategy. Hey, you should probably know if hecman actually does ok in fantasy basketball, right? Well, you´ll find out tomorrow!

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  1. Hey hec welcome back !!! Would you drop Brian Roberts for wroten?? Roberts is a bench player but I’d rather have a stronger bench if I can. Thx for the advice. 12 team H2H 9 cats..

  2. I’ve missed you Hec. Looking forward to your next post.

    Oh btw, I’m in first in both yahoo leagues that I’m in…by 9 and 10.5 games respectively :-p

  3. Hi Hec,

    In my 14 team 9 cat league who should be stashed before deadline – Pero Antic or Ryan Kelly? Should I drop any of them for Martell Webster?

  4. Hec,

    Wade is being traded 1 for 1 for players like Jonas V, KlayT, Korver, and teague. Is that fair or is he worth more or less. He seems like he will have many DNPs. I have been trying to dump him soon. What do you think?

  5. @Ray Jesus: Thanks! J-Fort has a post coming out soon then mine will be out after that. Nice on your two leagues! Now tell your league mates about the Blog! jk!

  6. @tentyme: thanks! Since Roberts has a little value I might first explore making a 2 for 1 deal to upgrade your upgrade somewhere then adding wroten that way.

  7. @mikeg: I’m really not a fan and did avoid him everywhere this year but I find it hard to let him go for someone like a Korver type. A Thompson type though I could live with.

  8. @mikeg: Funny, I actually traded Greg Monroe for Bogut around two weeks ago because I was desperate for blocks in that particular league (still am). If you need the blocks and boards I’d give it strong consideration but I’d certainly wait until you see Bogut back playing and fully healthy before even considering it.

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