Start Mullens picking up Byron!

Let’s talk about the Philadelphia 76ers! As predicted, there was plenty of movement down in Philly. Or up in Philly if you’re south of PA. Obviously the biggest loser here is Evan Turner (82%) who was shipped to Benchville, Indiana. I immediately dropped him in a shallowish 12 team league for Tim Hardaway, Jr. (21%) It was tough to see him go after his significant contributions this season but, hey, there’s no loyalty in fantasy basketball! I also own him in a 14 team league but will not hesitate to lose him for a hot free agent. Until then, I’m parking his ass right where the Pacers are, on the pine. As far as Spencer Hawes is concerned, I don’t see any reason why he can’t produce in Cleveland. The Cavs are trying to make the playoffs to appease Kyrie Irving and Spencer seems like the most useful guy up front to help do that. He and Anderson Varejao will probably co-exist, if Anderson ever gets back that is.

Moving onto the Sixers, we are looking at a fantasy basketball harvest! Maybe you’ll get a rotten potato or maybe you’ll get a a nice shiny apple! Whatever that means. Anyway, last week I told you to go ahead and spec add Tony Wroten (9%) in the event ET left home. I didn’t see the Sixers landing Danny Granger (55%) but there are rumors of a buy out and even if he sticks I can’t see him having an expanded roll. Or it is role? I think someone is hungry. Go ahead and hold onto Tony if you grabbed him to see if he can get some extra burn, I think he will and should be good for some points at least. James Anderson (11%) is also another beneficiary as I mentioned the other day and should be grabbed, I think he can do some nice second half things. Up front, Byron Mullens (6%) is suddenly worth a look-gander, just don’t look at his percents. You’ll vomit! That said, Byron was pretty useful last year when he logged minutes in Charlotte and I think we’re looking at a possible repeat of that once he gets up to speed. Arnett Moultrie (3%) is also definitely worth a look see if you have the room. His upside aint bad. His downside is fat though so let’s see. Hollis Thompson (0%) and Elliot Williams (0%) are other guys you’ll want to keep an eye on. Just one eye is sufficient. Use the other eye to watch curling in Sochi or something. Or are the Winter Olympics over? I wouldn’t know. Boring! Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday! This week I’ll group by position eligibility. Here are some other suggested Adds for this week. And some Drops! As always, all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!


Tim Hardaway, Jr. - 21% – I went over him Wednesday.

Tony Allen - 29% – Tony Tony Tony has done it again! You know what he did. Old joke. He should be back soon to help in what he do.

Kevin Martin - 82% – Time to grab him if he’s still floating on your wire and you need the 3s. Best hurry, son!

Ramon Sessions - 8% – On Monday I told you to spec grab Nate Wolters assuming Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal were both launched. I called the post Good Ridnour! Thought it was pretty clever. Anyway, the problem is they were both launched for a guard better than either one of them. That leads me to temper expectations on Wolters. Sigh. Both worth a look gander though in deeper leagues.

Nate Wolters - 12% – See Ramon Sessions blurb 1/4 inch up. Depending on the size of your computer screen, of course!

Patty Mills - 33% – Went over him on Wednesday. Same opinion!

Corey Joseph - 1% – Went over him on Wednesday. Same opinion!

Evan Fournier - 5% – Went over him Wednesday. It was a pretty good post! My mother said so.


Tobias Harris – 73% – I think we could see a second half surge like last year. Just maybe. I’d grab him in 10 team leagues if he’s floating out there to find out.

Josh McRoberts – 30% – I still can’t believe he’s just owned in 30% of leagues. He’s pretty sneaky useful if you can live with his points per game totals.

P.J. Tucker – 21% -Went over him Wednesday.

DeMarre Carroll - 33% – At 10 ppg/5 rpg and over a steal and three per you could definitely do worse, said Evan Turner (82%)!

Kyle Singler - 8% – Went over him Wednesday. Getting burn!

Draymond Green -2% – Getting a little bit of burn with Andrew Bogut out. Could make for a decent streamer in H2H if you’re in need of a body.

Wesley Johnson - 30% – Has been playing huge minutes with Nick Young out but Nick is back in 3, 2 …

Khris Middleton - 28% – Been pretty solid all season. Better than that yutz Ersan Ilyasova! I’m not Jewish so I hope I used that word right.

Kyle O’Quinn – 1% – He’s averaging over 7 boards and a block per over his last 4 games and now Glen Davis was carted off. They couldn’t launch Glen, he was too fat!

Andrew Nicholson – I prefer Kyle O’Quinn but Nicholson could and should pop in a few decent games here and there too. Good luck on when!


Greg Stiemsma – 1% – You want cheap blocks, you can’t get cheaper! Why his name reminds me of smegma, I don’t know.

Pero Antic - 1% – Should be back soon. Go ahead and give him a whirl if you like cheap threes and some boards out of the center spot, said Channing Frye!

Enes Kanter – 71% – He’s already owned in a high percentage of leagues but he seems to be excelling with Derrick Favors out lately.


Ryan Anderson – 45% – Officially done for the year.

Kelly Olynyk – 28% – I told you to spec grab him just in case Brandon Bass was moved. Coulda been a boon! Instead it’s a poon.

Glen Davis – I assume he will ignore the California health craze.

Evan Turner – I find it odd that other, um, experts get excited over Jordan Hamilton being traded to Houston but, at the same time, tell you to lose ET. Aren’t they both playing limited minutes? Whatevs.

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  1. @Bren: I have no problem with the ABC’s but for this post I was focusing on some hurt guys coming back and new roles in light of the trade deadline.

  2. So here we are yet again hec, another great post. Demarre carroll was just dropped so assuming I hold Reggie Jackson n kawai on mhy bench my 3 rd bench spot is open for you to pick one. Wroten, Brian Roberts or demarre carroll ?? Thx again hec btw 12 team h2h 9 cats.

  3. @tentyme: Thanks! Depends on need, Roberts if you need the dimes, Wroten if you want points or Carroll if you just want solid yet unspectacular production. Leaning Roberts for now since he’s good to go until Jrue comes back, whenever that may be.

  4. Hey Hec-

    Glad to see things up and running again- I’m in 1st with a good nucleus- just waiting for the playoffs- thinking about dropping Olynyk for JJ Redick in hopes he’ll be ready for playoff time- thoughts ?

  5. Also- what do you think about me trading Trey Burke, Kevin Martin and Brian Roberts for Damian Lillard? Would I be paying too much?

  6. @Jimmer: Thanks. If you can stash JJ it’s not a bad idea, just check LAC’s games playoff weeks to be sure the stash is favorable for you. Yes, on Lillard. Roberts’ shelf life is limited so I look at it as more like Kmart and Burke for Lillard. Again check playoff schedule though.

  7. Hec, long time but good to have you back. I’m currently in 1st place in my somewhat deep but very active 12 team league. So the wire comes and goes and the hot FAs get scooped up pretty quickly. Someone got impatient and dropped Jrue for Bledsoe recently. Then I bought into that inaccurate report of Jrue possibly coming back this week. So I dropped Felton (because I didn’t need 6 pgs on my roster, otherwise I probably wouldve dropped VC) to pickup Jrue. I had been trying to unload Felton all season anyway so I’m not too upset about that. But now I’m sitting on Jrue with a still “indefinite” timeline. Would you recommend being patient and still holding? This league happens to reward the regular season winner pretty well so I don’t want to risk dropping too far in the standings if stashing for too long ends up hurting me. And we’re in a pretty tight race at the top of the standings. Here’s my team then I’ll also list some of the waiver wire possibilities:

    Conley, Kemba, Chalmers, DJA, Jrue
    Beal, Danny Green, VC
    Parsons, Afflalo
    Ibaka, Amir
    M.Gasol, Tyson

    I was hoping Jrue would come back soon, then I would swing one of my PG’s for a better PF (Amir has been sucking balls and I only have 2 real PFs on my roster, although Parsons qualifies as a PF too).

    Problem is no good PFs on the wire. Anyone I would think about grabbing at this point would be Tony Allen for the steals, James Johnson (just dropped) for the defensive stats, Patty Mills (but that’s probably more short term, Kyle Singler…

    Did I make the wrong decision in dropping Felton??? Thanks, Hec. Look forward to your response.

  8. @Nick: I’m not sure I would have launched Felton but what’s done is done so no worries, keep plugging. I’d hold jrue for a few more days to see if there’s any news. Alternatively shop him in a 2 for 1 where you get the 1 then pick up Singler or Allen if you want the swipes. If you can’t make a 2 for 1 and find yourself slipping then I’d consider shipping Jrue and grabbing Singler. PS I hate Amir too!

  9. @Mark: Certainly has to be Collison. Leaning Wroten but it depends on Danny Granger being bought out. If he stays in Philly then I think Ersan by default.

  10. sup Hec! sorry I haven’t commented in a while. Kinda got busy myself and both my teams are going to make the playoffs. I need a bit of advice with my 10 team league. My roster looks like:
    Jennings, Holiday, MCW, Foye
    Beal, George, Hayward, Iggy
    Love, Henson, Pekovic, Varejao, Vucevic
    I’m looking ahead to 1st round playoffs (week of March 17), trying to find as many good matchups as I can. the Bulls play 4 times (including Philly twice) so I’d like to add Taj Gibson or maybe Dunleavy, but I’m not sure who to drop. I’m holding Varejao and Pekovic because they both have games on a light Thursday, but who knows if they’ll be healthy. I’m considering dropping Holiday but march 17 is still a ways away and he could be back (though only 3 games that week). considering Chalmers with 4 games as well. what do you think? good to see you back btw

  11. Cant wait on Holiday anymore! Who do you like going forward? Draymond Green, Evan Turner, Chris Kaman, Zaza Pachulia, Glen Davis (assuming he’s on the Clips)?


  12. Hey Hec,
    I stashed Pero Antic some time ago and I wonder if stick with him or drop him for, and another question, Booker or Seraphin (spec add). I have Moultire also but I want to give hime few more games (should I? Zaza is a free agent).14 team 9 cat 15 guys (free agents market is really drained).

  13. Hec is it ok to drop j green in a 12 team 9 cat h2h? He is owned in so many leagues but all I feel he does to me is destroy my fg pct and give me TO and points. The reb are inconsistent and there’s hardly any steals or blocks. I have tried trading him away in packages no one wants to bite. I am considering dropping him for tony Allen, singler, wolters, Reddick, mullens, booker/seraphin, mozgof, James Johnson, etc. I would love to shore up 3s stl blk or ast without hurting the fg and FT. I don’t need points I have too many scorers on the team already. I also want to drop kanter but he has been so good lately. I can’t do it though lol.

    I pulled that dirk trade from last week for Ellis but now I feel weaker in stl and ast…

    Here’s the squad:

    Conley, knight, Marshall

    Marion, Tobias, pierce, carroll, j butler, j green

    Dirk, a Davis, love, griffin, Kanter

    Thank you!

  14. Adding to above comment: is JJ Reddick worth a stash or is he too in danger of missing playoffs (starts week 21). The above owner said he would give me back Ellis for Tobias but I have a man crush on Tobias lol. Maybe wolters can become a valid pick up, if he goes off tonight I’ll be content with him to round off the last PG

  15. Hey Hec,
    Can you help me with a couple of trade offers in my 9-cat, 12 tm h2h league where we can keep 3 players per year. Here is my current roster: Kemba, T Burke, Harden, Korver, Tobias, Hayward, Dirk, T Jones, Pek, Gortat, Kobe, D Rose (in my IR spot), and two guys I picked up last week in J Anderson and Mullens. There is an owner that is out of the playoffs and agreed to trade me Dragic, Bledsoe, Josh Smith and Afflalo for Harden, T Jones, Anderson and Mullens. That trade was vetoed. Now he wants me to switch out either Kobe or T Burke for Mullens to help the trade go through. Would you make that trade? I have also now been offered M Gasol, Millsap, MCW for Harden, T Jones and J Anderson now from another owner. Do you prefer this trade? I am weak at center, but have just been making do with Pek out. I am just worried about changing the entire complexion of my roster this late in the year.To complicate things, our playoffs start next week and I am tied for the last spot currently. If I don’t make the playoffs, would you agree it makes more sense to hold Harden as a keeper next year? I know this is really long, so I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

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