Top 100 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Ok, now that we’ve got the Top 75 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014 in the books, let’s move to the Top 100! I look at this next 25 and see a lot of nice value. The middle and late rounds are where leagues are usually won and lost so pay attention! A reader asked me to put actual player blurbs instead of the links to the player blurbs so, like Lt. Aldo Raine once said to the Bear Jew, “Oblige him!” You have to say it with a southern accent. Ok, off we go to the Top 100 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 2014!

76. George Hill – His numbers last year, how can I say it … blew! Ok, they didn’t completely blow but underwhelming would not be an inappropriate description! I see value here based on what Indiana is running out there this year.

77. Larry Sanders – Peek a boo, value, I see you!

78. Nerlens Noel – He has more upside than other young power forwards like Markieff Morris and Terrence Jones but I’d like to see him stay healthy for a full year before I start automatically bumping him up. Gots to earn a little credit!

79. Nikola Pekovic – FG, points and boards won’t be the issue. Blocks and his health probably will be. You feeling lucky? Punk!

80. Arron Afflalo – In 2011 he averaged 15 points and 33 minutes per game in Denver. I could see similar.

81. Lance Stephenson – I don’t see him shooting .491 FG again especially if he shoots more threes and his FT is quite poor but purple is his color!

82. David West – I look at the Pacers’ roster and, outside of the great Chris Copeland (Sleeper alert!), there aren’t many scorers. Sooo, expect Mr. West to get back close to his 2012-13 levels (17/7). Assuming he can stay healthy! I think he’ll be ok.

83. Carlos Boozer – Think of him as like Zach Randolph light. Figuratively and literally!

84. Roy Hibbert – I’m seeing value on Roy this season. Value wins leagues!

85. Isaiah Thomas – IT2 will get enough run in that Phoenix backcourt to slightly annoy Dragic and Bledsoe owners but that’s life, man. Just don’t draft him based on his silly fantasy friendly numbers from last year!

86. Andrew Wiggins – He may struggle with percentages but should be an immediate fantasy contributor. He better be for Minnesota’s sake! (and maybe yours)

87. Tyreke Evans – He’s still kind of living off his amazing rookie year. If you’re old enough to remember his rookie year I mean.

88. Andre Iguodala – He took a career low 7.3 FGA last season and now he’s just become the dirty work guy. IDK, nice guy to have for the counting stats I guess.

89. Robin Lopez – fRoLo is probably a better gamble than BroLo but we’re such suckers for upside. Aren’t we?!

90. Paul Pierce – 14/5, a steal and a three and a half per sound about right for him. You know, sort of like last year!

91. Danilo Gallinari – I wouldn’t expect the production from 2012-13 when he averaged 16/5 and almost a steal and two threes per. Maybe a slow start could lead to a buy low situation. If you draft him, that means don’t sell him low if he gets off to a slow start. Reverse psychology!

92. Amir Johnson – For a guy who has never averaged more than 10.4 ppg and had one year averaging over 6.6 rpg (7.5 in 2012-13), he’s pretty hyped up. He is what he is, probably a 12ish/7ish guy with hopefully a 1.5 blocks per. I’ll pray for his cankles!

93. Mario Chalmers – I’m not gonna lie, Mario is one of my favorite sleepers this year. Help fill that void, Mario! That crevice is pretty fucken’ deep! Yeah, I cursed. Deal with it!

94. Reggie Jackson – I likes me some Reggie this year! He has a nice all around game except he doesn’t block. He’s short!

95. Jimmy Butler – He’s just a solid little player. Unspectacular. Hey, not everyone can be spectacular!

96. Bradley Beal – He’s already hurt but should be back by the end of November. I see value here but caveat emptor. He’s starting to get a rep as a bit of a poontang.

97. Trevor Ariza – I don’t know, Trevor hit fantasy lightening a year ago. Last year he shot .456 FG against a career .434. He shot .407 from three against a career .347. He shot .772 FT against a career .696. I can’t see him doing it again on a different team. Ergo, I see him being over drafted! Don’t be that guy who overdrafts him! You’ve been warned, son.

98. Joe Johnson – He’s actually lost some respect in fantasy media circles but I’m still showing Joe some love, man.

99. Kyle Korver – Kyle gets no respect because he’s white but draft him!

100. Kevin Martin – Here’s what I told you last year when I ranked him 17th best shooting guard: I know he seems kind of high but I’m willing to give him a second (third!) chance playing alongside Ricky Rubio who I would like to dry hump. The dry hump part is purely gratuitous!

Next up: Top 125 Overall for Fantasy Basketball 

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