I’d Perry much like to own Jones!

Whenever I think of the name Perry I envision some rich white guy saying something like, “Biff, please pass the Grey Poupon.” You have to say with that New England upper crust dickface accent though. You know, the way the guy with the sweater scarf says it! But let’s talk about another Perry. Perry Jones! Here’s what I told you last week in the free hecmanhoops 2014 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide169. Perry Jones – Should have some value while Kevin Durant is out. On Wednesday after he contributed just 3 points in 31 minutes I told you not to drop him because he was getting burn. I hope you listened to me because on Friday he became a fantasy media darling pick up. Oh, go get Perry Jones, he’s the greatest! Wait, where was everyone on Wednesday!? I guess something like just getting minutes isn’t enough to recommend grabbing a player. Something catastrophic has to happen but by then everyone already knows it. It’s not really advice, it’s like saying hey, you have a nose. Um, I know I have a nose! Right now Perry is owned in 41% of Yahoo! leagues and it’s quickly climbing. Why don’t you get on the ladder! Just realize that once Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb come back, there will be regression. Maybe serious regression! Gots to keep it real, y’all! But for now, he’s a must add to see if he can keep it going so go! Other Thunder players you may want to cherry pick off the wire are Andre Roberson (2% owned in Yahoo! leagues) and, of course, Sebastian Telfair (5% owned). Theee Sebastian Telfair! At the minimum, Andre and Sebastian or worth streamer consideration. Hey, it’s Add/Drop Saturday! Every week I’ll be giving you this add/drop post on Friday or Saturday, depending on when I get around to it. You can follow me on Twtter at @hecmanhoops for all new post announcements. It’s fun! Here are the top adds for players 50% owned or less. All ownership percentages are from Yahoo!

Mason Plumlee – 50% – He had a solid camp and, let’s face it, Brook Lopez’s foot is our new best friend! Unless you own Brook. Of course!

Mirza Teletovic – 42% – I avoided Brook Lopez in every league I did this year. Been down that road before! Haven’t you?

Rodney Stuckey – 41% – Didn’t get minutes last night again but I chalk that up to bringing him along slowly from his injury. What, Stuckey got hurt? You don’t say!

Tony Wroten – 40% – The guy can’t shoot a FT if his life depended it never mind your fantasy life! But! He’s on the Sixers.

Matt Barnes – 36% – He had a terrible camp and poor game last night so this is more of a soft recommendation since he’s still starting and should improve. He can’t be worse!

Evan Turner – 35% – Very soft recommendation. He’s selfish enough to do some damage in 24ish minutes. :)

Norris Cole – 33% – I’m surprised the Heat have fallen in love with him suddenly and I do think his explosion on Wednesday was more of an anomaly but add him to see if he can keep it up. Quick, quick!

Mike Dunleavy – 32% – While everyone is talking about Doug McDermott, why don’t you grab the guy getting the minutes instead? Just thought I’d throw it out there for your consideration.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 31% – He was consistently hitting low double digits in points during camp and dropped 17 on opening night. More importantly he got 34 minutes of burn when the regular season started. I’d add him to see if it wasn’t a Mirage. Like Vegas!

Ed Davis – 29% – With Julius Randle out for the year, Ed has a chance to do some damage. The Lakers don’t really have much up front. With apologies to Ryan Kelly’s mother for insulting him.

Doug McDermott – 24% – Something funny happened on the way to fantasy relevance. Mike Dunleavy got all the minutes!  So maybe consider grabbing Mike. Reverse psychology!

Steve Adams – 24% – He’s getting minutes and if you’re in need of some blocks and boards then he’s your (white) boy.

Marcus Morris – 20% – By no means a must add with P.J. Tucker due back this week but keep your eye on him. One eye! But you already knew that.

C.J. Miles – 20% – He’s averaging 32.5 mpg through the first two games of the season and anyone averaging those kind of minutes, double digit points and 2ish threes per game should not be on the waiver wire, said Wesley Matthews! Not that he’s Wes Matthews. Not even close! But you get my drift.

Jarrett Jack – 20% – The Nets have no backcourt depth. You want to know what the Nets backcourt depth is? Jarrett Jack! Combo minutes.

Donald Sloan – 20% – I’m surprised Donald is only 20% owned on Yahoo! leagues. These leagues are too shallow!

DJ Augustin – 20% – Worth a look gander while Brandon Jennings is in the shitter. I mean dog house. Whatever you want to call it.

Otto Porter, Jr. – 18% – His minutes took a noticeable dive once the regular season started. You know, the real games! Keep your eye on him.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 16% – Worth adding while Jody Meeks is on the shelf. It’s a pretty long shelf!

Kirk Hinrich – 14% – Grab him if you own Derrick Rose. Hey, haven’t you heard, Derrick is already hurt. Shocking! Pre-emptive add if you have room. DR looks to be ok though. Get it, DR. Doctor! It’s never a good joke if you have to explain it. Sigh.

Kevin Garnett – 13% – KG, I have faith in you! Put your cape on or something and give me 10/6. Come on. Ok, never mind that,  desperation grab.

Nik Stauskas – 12% – More of a long term grab. Or just monitor. Your call!

Khris Middleton – 12% – I almost led in with Khris instead of all the Thunder but there was more to talk about with OKC sooo sorry about that, Khris! He’s one of my top adds though. Go!

Courtney Lee – 11% – He’s day to day after being concussed last night. Or slightly concussed. Whatever that means. You’re either concussed or you’re not! He’s getting minutes so go ahead.

Marvin Williams – 11% – You see the Bobcats front court lately!? Not Rhetorical! If you haven’t then go take a look. Grab Marvin first though.

Chris Copeland – 10% – One of my favorite sleepers in the pre-season and, maybe you didn’t notice, the Pacers aint that good!

Evan Fournier – 6% – 6%??! That’s shameful. Go!

Chris Anderson – 6% – Steve Adams not available in your league but you need some boards and blocks? Give the Birdman a whirl!

Andrea Bargnani – 5% – If you have an IR spot then go ahead and throw Andrea on there. Talk about no love for a guy who averaged 13/5 with over a block per and close to a three per last season. Just saying. I’m also saying he’s a pussy.

Chris Kaman – 4% – He’s averaged 12/6 and 1.5 blocks through two games. He’s also only averaging 21.5 mpg but he seems to have carved out a role. He was also producing like this in the pre-season. Pay attention!

Bojan Bogdanovic – 4% – If he’s going to continue getting 26-28 minutes of burn then he’s worth adding or monitoring. Depending on the size of your league. Clearly!

Hollis Thompson – 2% – Ok, I know he’s Hollis Thompson but! He’s played 29 and 35 minutes thus far and is, at the minimum, worth adding as a streamer until Michael Carter-Williams come back. After that, let’s see.

Shane Larkin – 2% – Another one of my favorite adds for his short term upside. Jose Calderon is out for like 2-3 weeks so go ahead and give Shane a whirl. You can always lose him if Pablo Prigioni farts on his pillow (and yours!). Ewwwww.

Chris Johnson – 1% – Another guy currently getting burn in Philly. For whatever that’s worth.

Quincy Acy – 1% – Could be slightly useful until Andrea Bargnani comes back. We’re talking deeeep leagues here. I said slightly!

Ben Gordon – 1% – My man Ben f’n Gordon. Never met a shot he didn’t like. Especially the ones from really far out! Consider a stream if you’re in a dog fight for threes and points in your H2H league. I said consider!


Julius Randle – 40% – :(

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  1. Would you say you rather own Middleton over Perry jones ROS at this point? How would you rank your top 3 pickups listed above?

  2. @Greyson12: I’d probably go Middleton over Perry for ROS. The top guys I like to add are Middleton, Plumlee, Perry. Long term KM and MP are the better adds.

  3. Dear Sir Hecman,

    I own George Hill, and I am not sure if I continue holding on him or drop him for D.J. Augustin. I have a feeling that this is D.J. Augustin’s year. I also added O.J. Mayo over Rodney Stuckey? What are your thoughts on those acquisitions? Thank you sir!

  4. Hell Hec,

    Please rank: ROS, Kanter, Henson, Adams, E. Davis.
    And rank them for right now.

    Also Adams sucks. He can’t block and he kills your FT percentage

  5. @mikes: That’s tough, toss up, but leaning Kanter, Adams, Henson, ED now and ROS.

    Hec please expand your reasoning because I would have gone, Henson, ED, Kanter and then Adams.


  6. hey hec, I could use some wisdom drop steven adams for Khris mid, ed davis or copeland… I’m in a 12 team h2h 9 cat…all these players will have to start for me because my bench of 3 has 3 inj players on it so i’m trying to get by till durant, MCW and Beal come back for me. … sooo which guy do you suggest I pick up? thank you

  7. Paul Pierce. Do I drop him for Jones or too risky with Lamb and Jackson coming back? Rest of my team isn’t too bad I think? Cheers for any advice

    Burke, Paul
    Korver, Ellis
    Josh Smith, Harris, Pierce, Joe Johnson
    Horford, Randolph, Hibbet, Asik, Aldridge

  8. Eric Gordon has been stinking it up; think it’s safe to drop and add? Here’s who’s available: iguodala, dunleavy, hinrich, and well..most people you listed above lol. Thanks!

  9. Hec,

    I don’t want to panic and make the wrong move. Like you said, it is a lonnnnnnnnng season.

    I am in a 10 team 9 Cat H2H league (FTM not %). Roster spots, 4G, 4F, 2C, 2U, 3Bench. My team:

    Lowry, Rubio, MCW, Beverley, Chalmers, Klay T, Wes Matthews, Alphabet, Terrence Jones, Sanders, D12, Cousins, Hibbert, Dieng, Draymond Green.

    On the wire are: MKG, Perry Jones, O’Quinn, Middleton, Otto Porter, Calderon, Beal, Frye, Burks, Hawes, Copeland…

    Should I add any of these players? If yes, who should I drop?

    Much thanks!

  10. On the wire are: MKG, Perry Jones, O’Quinn, Middleton, Otto Porter, Calderon, Beal, Frye, Burks, Hawes, Copeland…

    I know you are asking hec, but I need to chime in because I can’t believe this scenerio.

    1) Bradley Beal
    2) Calderon
    3) Perry Jones

    They all need to be owned esp in roto. lose dieng, alphabet, beverly, chalmers or green
    Pjones is a short term add, but you have to own beal and calderon. Yoiu can’t leave them on the wire with your roster.

  11. @mikes: It’s definitely a toss up with this group. My reasoning is based more on playing time than anything. All minutes being equal I would agree with your rank. I just think Kanter and Adams are less impeded. Hope that makes sense.

  12. @tentyme: I’d probably go for Middleton.

    @Mark: I’d hold PP. Nice team!

    @Marc: I’d hold EG for now. Long season.

    @Ray Jesus: The wire is deep, mikes is right about Beal, Calderon. This league you’re going to be dropping good players pretty much no matter what. I’d consider losing Alphabet for PJ. Stashing Calderon and Beal for Green and Beverley. It alls depends on how many hurt guys you can afford to stash though.

  13. Hey Hec, I’m looking for ways to improve my team..as always..here it is again..

    Lawson, Teague, Burke, Cole
    Eric Gordon, Stuckey
    Kawhi, Luol, Marcus Morris
    Aldridge, Josh Smith, Sullinger, Stoudemire

    I’m anticipating a drop in production from Marcus once Tucker returns, and I don’t have much confidence in Gordon, Stuckey, or STATs health. Guys on wire Lamb, Fournier, Temple, Hollis, Booker, Splitter, Meeks. Not much in terms of long term value. Booker and Splitter aren’t huge upgrades, but Meeks would def be useful. Not sure about the injury tho.

    I also want to get rid of Smith so I’m targeting the owner who has Drummond and Howard (so Smith’s FT% won’t be a problem). His team..

    George Hill, Calderon, Wroten, Augustin
    Burks, Chalmers
    Carmelo, Marvin Williams, Roberson
    Pau, Boozer, Henson
    Drummond, Howard

    Is my Josh Smith/Burke a for Pau/Chalmers a decent starting offer?

  14. @allballs: I agree you need to upgrade at sg. He’s weak at pg, I’m wondering if he would consider a straight up swap of Cole for Chalmers. I like the idea of moving Smith if you could land Pau. Maybe start with Cole/Smith for Chalmers/Pau and let him counter to Trey? I find it’s always a little easier to make a deal happen when you can kind of manipulate the guy into thinking of the deal on his own. GL! Keep me posted.

  15. Who do you value more Wesley johnson, Ilyasova or frye? In leagues where the playoffs are weeks 22 and 23(daily moves allowed), Orlando’s playoff schedule is not nice, lakers is better, and mil is valuable with them playing in the only game on Thursday as well as on slow days on Tuesday and Saturday(week22). I have frye and the other two have been dropped and are on waivers. I just picked up Middleton after he cleared waivers. Like I said their schedule is nice. Thanks in advance. I’m a Big fan.

  16. @Jdog: Thanks for the kind words. I’d lean toward holding Frye regardless of playoff schedule right now. Ilyasova isn’t getting the minutes and Nick Young will eventually be back to cut into WJ’s minutes a bit.

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