Ricky Rubio’s owners are singing the Mo (Williams) better blues!

I’ve never had a high ankle sprain. Hell I don’t even really know what a high ankle sprain is! All I know is that a high ankle sprain is not a regular ankle sprain. If it was, it’d be called an ankle sprain! Unfortunately, last night, Ricky Rubio suffered an ankle sprain of the, um, highest order. A high ankle sprain! Right now there is no time table on how long Ricky will be out but it could be weeks. It could be days (which doesn’t look likely at the moment). It could be years! Dramatic! In the meantime, Mo Williams (18% owned in Yahoo! leagues) is your Huckleberry. Last night Mo dropped 4/2/7 with 3 blocks in 31 minutes. While he’s starting would 12ish points, 5ish dimes and close to a three and steal per surprise me? Nope! Something around there is my best guestimate. If that floats your boat, which it probably does, then go ahead and make the grab. Quick, quick. For you deep league fanatics, go ahead and consider spec grabbing Zach LaVine (3% owned in Yahoo! leagues). Monitor elsewhere. As if you didn’t know! Hey, it’s Add/Drop Saturday! Here are the top guys to consider picking up for fantasy basketball who are owned in under 50% of Yahoo! leagues.

Chris Copeland – 49% – I’ve been telling you to grab him since he was like 1% owned. Loved him as one of my favorite sleepers this year. Now everyone loves him. Thanks, um, experts!

Josh McRoberts – 47% – Hey, haven’t you heard. He’s not very good at basketball right now.

Perry Jones – 44% – If he was dropped then go ahead and scoop and stash.

Courtney Lee – 42% – Last week when he was just 11% owned, here’s what I told you: He’s day to day after being concussed last night. Or slightly concussed. Whatever that means. You’re either concussed or you’re not! He’s getting minutes so go ahead. Now he’s 40%. Hope you grabbed him before all the Monday morning quarterbacks told you how good he was. You know, like your grandmother.

Garrett Temple – 30% – Goose egged from the field last night while puking a 3/2/3 line but I wouldn’t let that deter me. Bradley Beal is hurt. As if!

Matt Barnes – 32% – His ownership actually dropped from 36% this week. More of a monitor recommendation because he’s still starting. He’ll sink your boat right now!

Iman Shumpert – 29% – Until at least Jose Calderon comes back I’d be happy to own Shump. I think you’d be too! When Jose comes back, then you’ll probably be sad.

Evan Turner – 26% – With Marcus Smart hurt, he could see some extra backcourt burn. I’ve never turned on a player as much as I have on ET. Last year, I loved him on the Sixers, this year, I want to punch him in the head.

Brandon Wright – 24% – He’s still averaging only around 19 mpg which doesn’t thrill me but he be doing what he do. Mostly blocking the basketball and rebounding the basketball (a little bit).

Norris Cole – 33% – Here’s what I told you in last week’s Add/Drop post: I’m surprised the Heat have fallen in love with him suddenly and I do think his explosion on Wednesday was more of an anomaly but add him to see if he can keep it up. Quick, quick! After this past week, now you know why was I was surprised! My Magic 8 Ball knows!

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – 37% – Returned last night and hopefully will continue to be doing what he do.

Ed Davis – 29% – Even with Julius Randle out for the year, Ed has only averaged 19 mpg over his last 3. Meh. Monitor if you feel like it.

Steve Adams – 23% – I’m liking those minutes, baby! Perry Jones will probably cut into them a bit though. If he ever comes back! He better! In Perry we trust. Sort of.

P.J. Tucker – 23% – Could be good for chipping in close to a three and steal per along with some boards and a smattering of points! You know, useful!

K.J. McDaniels – 20% – He’s looking good but temper expectations since Michael Carter-Williams is due back late next week. Stream for now if you feel like it. You’ll feel like a salmon! Or something like that.

Jarrett Jack – 14% –  Dropped from 20% last week. Can’t really blame anyone. He had a shitty week! Monitor.

DJ Augustin – 22% – Brandon Jennings showed signs of life last night so I’m not going out of my way for him.

Otto Porter, Jr. – 14% – Hit or miss. Mostly miss. Garrett Temple boned him! Nobody likes to get boned. Wait. Let me think about that last part.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 23% – Worth adding while Jody Meeks is on the shelf. It’s a pretty long shelf!

Solomon Hill – 15% – He’s getting rather large minutes right now. Jump on! If you’d like. C.J. Miles (12%) looms. CJ has a headache. He can’t play, his head hurts! Hey, CJ, smoke some pot!, said Levon Bell.

Tim Hardaway Jr. – 14% – Look up a little bit and re-read the Iman Shumpert blurb. That!

Kirk Hinrich – 14% – Streameeeeeer! Or don’t. Your call. Your team!

Marvin Williams – 11% – You see the Bobcats front court lately!? Not Rhetorical! If you haven’t then go take a look. Grab Marvin first though. In deep leagues anyway.

Gary Neal – 10% – If you own Gerald Henderson and not Gary Neal, then do the needful! No, I’m not Indian.

Evan Fournier – 14% – Still too low while Victor Oladipo is out. Just saying! Go, man.

Brandon Davies – 8% – Sixer alert! Hit or miss though. Do you feel lucky? Punk!

Andrea Bargnani – 3% – From last week: If you have an IR spot then go ahead and throw Andrea on there. Talk about no love for a guy who averaged 13/5 with over a block per and close to a three per last season. Just saying. I’m also saying he’s a pussy. He’s still a pussy and I still think you should throw him on your IR, if you have one!

Marcus Thornton – 2% – See the Evan Turner blurb above minus the love part and minus the wanting to punch him in the head part.

Isaiah Canaan – 1% – Go ahead and stream whenever Patrick Beverley misses time. No point guard gets many dimes on that team anyway. They have Jimmy Beard! My own nickname for him. Not sure why it’s never caught on like wild fire. It should!

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  1. Hec,

    Why is Jason Kidd such a terrible coach. His rotations are a mess. Shouldn’t he have figured his lineups in the preseason.

    Will Henson and Mayo start?

    Do think Ed Davis will start? Why is Byron so stubborn. When I watch the laker games, he’s their best player outside of Kobe. I think he’s even better than Hill in real life.

    Your crystal ball is needed.

  2. Lol I tweeted you for some thoughts hec, but 140 characters are not enough.

    Ever since I started reading your column for past two seasons have had at least top 2 finishes. Need some magic again, I am worried about my team.

    I have some notable players on FA that are making me scratch my head including kanter, Len, mozgof, Eric Gordon, turner, stuckey, Bargnani, you get it haha. I think that I should be stoking up on bigs as much as possible…

    Here’s the squad, and any tips for trades will be highly considered. 12 team 9 cat standard yahoo:

    Lowry, Ellis, holiday, oladipo, c lee, Redick, augustin

    Brow, millsap, markieff, gorgui, Adams, copeland

    Thank you!

  3. @mikes: Anyone’s guess on Henson and Mayo but I could see them both continuing off the bench. I’ve always loved Davis back to his days in Toronto but it never seems like he can stick with consistent big minutes, for whatever reason. Sigh.

  4. @bren: Thanks for kind words! I’d probably lose DJA for Kantor and see how that goes. One thing I like to do in H2H Yahoo! Leagues with a deepish wire is use one spot to stream players with your 4 weekly moves or however many your league gives you. You may want to consider doing that with your DJA spot.

  5. hey Hec,
    Just picked up mo williams this morning for short term use, but now trey burke and caldwell pope have been dropped. Who’s the best long term play here?

  6. @Greyson12: Assuming Perry is back sometime this week, I’d probably hold him. Otherwise, longterm Tucker is probably your best bet. Short term if I were to drop Perry, I’d probably go for Hill. I’m assuming Solomon, not Jordan.

  7. hey hec, so he wasn’t interested in swapping cole for chalmers but he does think josh smith could workout for him. I said I was looking to upgrade my SG position and he asked if I was suggesting Smith for Chalmers. That’s an easy no on my end I think. Then he asked if I meant Chalmers+Burks for Smith. What do you think about that? To be clear, he didn’t offer that trade, but is wondering if that’s what I’m suggesting because I didn’t make a formal offer. I haven’t asked about Pau yet. That’s going to be my “backup” or “second choice” if you know what I mean. What is your advice from here?

  8. just to remind you of our teams:
    Lawson, Teague, Burke
    Eric Gordon, Stuckey
    Kawhi, Deng, Josh Smith, Marcus Morris, Vince Carter
    Aldridge, Sully, Amar’e, Olynyk

    George Hill, Wroten, Calderon, Augustin
    Alec Burks, Chalmers, Neal
    Melo, Solomon Hill
    Pau, Boozer, Henson
    Drummond, Dwight

  9. @allballs: I think you can do better than Burks/Chalmers for Smith so I’d try to structure something around either one better guard or focus on Pau. Right now, he should not really be assigning Chalmers much trade value, if any.

  10. ok cool…ya my instincts were telling me no and what you said makes sense. I will keep you posted, Thanks hec!

  11. i just realized I did it backwards …”ok if you don’t want to trade awesome player A i guess I’ll settle for player B who is good but not as good”…I went from B to A lol

  12. @Onair: What up??? Hope all is well. Assuming all healthy, as if!, Waiters, Bargs, Spencer, Ersan. It’s not pretty though. If Bargs were healthy, I’d probably rank him 1 but just can’t.

  13. @mikes: We’ll have to see how the rotation looks when West, Hill, Stuckey, CJ Miles and Hibbert are all back. Lots of guys out last night but great game.

  14. Hey Hec! I got 9th pick on the draft.. and Autopicked.. :)
    so here is my current line up. 14-team H2H 9-cat

    Nene, T.Gibson, Ryan A. Nene, Hawes, M.Scott
    Melo, J.Butler, Iguodala, Fournier
    Parker, Conley, Lowry

    Here are some FA/Waivers:
    Waiters (on waiver)

    So based on your rankings, I would drop hawes, pick up barg then line up for waiters then drop barg?

    Also, poeple have been asking for Melo. Im not really a Melo Fan.. haha.. but I would not trade him if its not a Good trade… So someone offered Pau Gasol.. another is Marc Gasol… but Im thinking… NY = Melo.. he’s the only superstar there hahaha!

    Hope is well with you to Hec! Thanks!!

  15. Heya Hec,
    Vince Carter didn’t play the other night (second of a back to back). Is he still getting up to speed, or do you think this will be an ongoing thing to keep him fresh for playoffs? Morrow, Gallinari, Hawes, Splitter, Meeks, O;Quinn, Aaron Gordon, Bargnani, Canaan, and Zach LaVine are on my watch list. I think Morrow stands out most in the short term, but everyone else seems like an add based on need, I’m not sure. Also the guy wasn’t looking to move Pau “just yet” and wasn’t interested in selling Chalmers low. He likes J-Smoove though so I might just keep working on a deal.

  16. @mikes: Would love to say MCW but his percents are a killer. I’d still go MCW if you have a strong FG team otherwise. Your list looks about right but I’d probably nudge EG slightly ahead of OJ.

  17. @allballs: Danilo stands out there for me. Since he’s and VC aren’t doing much at the moment, I’d probably prefer him on my roster for his upside once he gets up to speed.

  18. Hey Hec,

    Who out of these match ups do you like long term in head to head?

    Dieng vs T. Thompson

    D. Caroll vs Marcus Morris

    D. Green (SA) vs C. Lee


  19. Hey Hec,
    I’m considering accepting a trade of Deandre and ariza for lowry and batum. I think it’s a good deal on my end but considering my bigs what do you think about me giving up all those blocks? Should I counter by switching deandre for horford?

    My team (12 team h2h):
    Holiday, Teague, Ariza, Trey burke
    Harris, Pierce, Gibson, P. Gasol, Gallinari, Love
    Horford, Sullinger, D. Jordan

    Appreciate the advice!

  20. @Onair: If you move Melo, you need more than those 1 for 1 deals. I’d probably lose Scott for Waiters or Bargs if you can afford to wait on Bargs. Sorry I missed your Q earlier.

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