Look who’s baking hot … Fournier!

Ok, this one is going to need some explaining. So I googled (now a verb!) the word fournier and discovered it means baker in French. The name Fournier is also commonly converted to Fuller in the United States. Useless information! Let’s get to some useful information! This is what I told you way back on my November 1 Add/Drop post: Evan Fournier – 6% – 6%??! That’s shameful. Go! A week later, Evan’s Yahoo! ownership was at 14% and here’s what I told you last SaturdayEvan Fournier – 14% – Still too low while Victor Oladipo is out. Just saying! Go, man. Today, as I wrote this post, Evan is now at 42% owned. From 6% to 14% to 42%. Where to next? Well, we know Victor Oladipo is back. We also know that Elfrid Payton doesn’t look anywhere near ready to run an NBA team. We also know that, to date, Evan has averaged 34 mpg/17.9 ppg/2.1 apg/2.7 rpg/2.2 3PM/.8 spg/.500 FG/.702 FT. Those are some helpful stats! Will he regress with Oladipo now back? Of course, son! But I don’t see how he doesn’t continue to get some significant burn. Last night, with Victor back, Evan played 35 minutes, launched 13 shots, scored 15 points and hit 3 more moon balls. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Eldrid played just 22 minutes while vomiting a 2/4/3 line on 1-5 FG. Payton’s FG% now stands at an ugly .329 on the season. Finally someone Ricky Rubio isn’t jealous of! The moral of the story, boys and girls, is maybe Evan won’t lose much value after all. Go ahead and add him to see if he can keep up the big minutes. As they said in the Bad News Bears, “Let him play!”. He better play! Hey, it’s Add/Drop Saturday here at hecmanhoops! Here are your top adds for players under 50% owned in fantasy basketball leagues. All ownership percentages are from Yahoo!


Chris Copeland – 49% – His percents are completely in the shitter. He’s more ideal for a points league but still helping with the counting stats elsewhere.

Donald Sloan – 46% – Think of him as a girl you’re going to date for like a week or two then dump after she goes pyscho on you. Girls, think of him as a guy you’re going to date for a like a week or two then dump after he goes pyscho on you. Equal opportunity!

Miles Plumlee – 37% – Getting north of 30 mpg over the last week so worth adding if you need some boards and blocks. Alex Len is :(.

Anthony Morrow – 36% – Threees. I’m not a big fan though. I’d rather own Jeremy Lamb.

Nick Young – 36% – Targeting Tuesday. Pre-strike pick up alert! Should do some damage with the second unit. Yes, that’s what fantasy owners want to hear, pick up a guy, he’s on the second unit!

Solomon Hill – 25% – Continuing to get large minutes. Why not sell high? I would!

Jeremy Lamb – 23% – Averaging over 30 mpg this past week while, um, slaughtering your FG%. Bad joke alert!!

Marcus Morris – 19% – Still managing to do some damage even with P.J. Tucker back.

Steve Adams – 18% – Has 7 blocks over his last 3 games. Ok, fine, 5 came in one game but still!

Chris Kaman – 17% – Could see some extra burn with LaMarcus Aldridge banged up. He’s been doing his thang even with LA playing!

Zack LaVine – 14% – Last week I told you to grab Mo Williams and monitor Zack. Belch.

Mo Williams – 14% – I’m still wondering since when did Mo Williams become 57 years old.

Gary Neal – 13% – Last week I told you to lose Gerald Henderson if you owned him and to grab Neal. Well?

Bojan Bogdanovic – 7% – Over the last 7 days he’s averaging over 34 mpg. Really, 7% is far too low but keep owning, say, oh, I don’t know, Spencer Hawes or JaVale McGee. 4 capital letters in a name alert! Don’t pick up the wrong Bogdanovic!

Isaiah Canaan – 4% – Too bad Patrick Beverley is due back soon so … Thee Patrick Beverley! (ho hum)

Thabo Sefolosha – 2% – Streamer while DeMarre Carroll remains sidelined.

Donatas Montiejunas – 1%- Go ahead and take a streamer whirl while Terrence Jones remains out.


The other day I gave you my H2H Strategy to win your Fantasy Basketball league. One of my strategies was to stream players to gain games over your opponent using your worst roster spot. Depending on the size of your league and the depth of your waiver wire, here are some guys I’d consider losing to stream. Pretty much most guys owned under 30% should be considered to pick up someone else, um, owned under 30%. Your call though. Your team!

Elfrid Payton – 55%

O.J. Mayo – 53%

Timofey Mozgov – 53%

Spencer Hawes – 32%

Ben McLemore – 27%

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 21%

K.J. McDaniels – 22%

Devin Harris – 24%

P.J. Tucker – 26%

John Henson – 23%

Norris Cole – 10%

D.J. Augustin – 15%

Evan Turner – 24%

JaVale McGee – 27%

Dion Waiters – 36%

Doug McDermott – 12%

Tony Allen – 16%

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  1. 12 team H2H / 9-cat who is better ROS for counting stats: Giannis or Teletovic. Giannis is so inconsistent and main strength seems to be his “upside”.

    Thanks – Old Hippy

  2. Are you serious about losing teddy bear mozgof? Haha is 8-8-1blk too much to ask for from him?

    Anyways Hec, I wanted to do some revamping of my roster: may I have some insight for 12 team 9 cat standard yahoo.

    Lowry, Ellis, Jrue, Oladipo, Redick, C lee

    Brow, Millsap, Markeiff, Dieng, Miles plumlee, mozgof, copeland

    I hate having copeland as chucker. I feel like I should be dropping him for someone like Steven Adams and just going for big man stats in high fg low TO.

    I also want to trade my Ellis for rondo. I think rondo would really help the ast, and reb department which I am actually lacking in. If I do that, I can probably then swap oladipo for another big who is more consistent…

    I also glad you don’t think highly of morrow. I think this guy is getting a lot of hype but I feel it’s just 3s and points that will be inconsistent. I feel like nick young would actually be a better chucker to have, except I am worried about shaws “no threes” system.

    Thanks for the read and your time Hec sorry this was long!

  3. @bren: Losing a guy like Mozgov is relative to size of league. The higher percentage owned guys should only be drop candidates in shallow leagues. If you can move Copeland in a 2 for 1 I would explore that first. Otherwise if his percents are hurting too much then it makes sense to lose him. I’m fine with the Ellis idea. Long term not liking Morrow. I do like Young better.

  4. @timjones: his numbers indicate steady solid production. If you mean can he get to another level, not unless he improves his blocks and he probably won’t by much.

  5. Hey hec,
    Noel was just dropped in my league. Thinking about picking him up for upside but don’t really need boards/blocks. Should I stay put or drop a guy like gallinari?

    My team (12 team h2h):
    Holiday, Teague, Ariza, Trey burke
    Harris, Pierce, Gibson, P. Gasol, Gallinari, Love
    Horford, Sullinger, D. Jordan

  6. hey hecs…yet again:),

    Drop Sloan for Trey Burke or even Copeland or Courtney Lee? Sloan seems to have dropped off a bit as of late. Playing ESPN H2H for this league.

    cheers mate

  7. @timjones: Personally, I’ve never owned him due to his poor FT and lack of blocks. End of day, he’s probably a bit overrated due to his name but he’ll deliver top 30 production. Remember, healthy guys have more value and he’s been healthy so …

    @Mark: I’d lose him for Burke.

    @allister: I’d probably make the move.

  8. Hec,

    which 2 of the following would you most want to have on your roster? do some stand out more or does it depend on need (position or category)?

    Stoudemire, Marcus Morris, Hawes, Bargnani, Mozgov, Henson, matt barnes, O Quinn, Jarret Jack


  9. it’s a 14 team 9 cat league btw and my team is
    Lawson, Teague, Burke
    E Gordon, Stuckey
    Kawhi, Deng, Josh Smith, Marcus Morris, Gallinari
    Aldridge, Sullinger, Stoudemire
    I’m pretty good in points, rebounds, assists, and steals. probably a better 3 point shooting than shot blocking, but relative to league i’m average in both categories.

  10. Would you recommend selling high on Reggie Jackson now (if it’s not too late)? I lost Rubio, so I’ve been holding onto him for his his assists. First I’m going to aim high and try to get Leonad or Klay for Jackson (doubt it will be accepted, but have to try. even if it means insulting the other owners lol). If that doesn’t work, I was thinking about offering him for Draymond, kind of like a handcuff for Bogut. What do you think? (If I make that 2nd trade, I’d drop SHill for McBob once he’s healthy to get some extra out-of-position assists)

    9-cat, H2H
    G: Curry, Lowry, Rubio, RJackson, Pope
    F: Mathews, TJones, Morrow, SHill
    C: Horford, Olynyk, Bogut, Jonas, Ed Davis, Kaman

  11. Hi hec,
    What do you think about drummond as a buy low target? Would you trade harris or sullinger for him?

    Also thinking about buying low on Noel but do you think his percentages will suck this badly all year?

    thanks for your help

  12. Hey Hec,

    I’m in a 10 team, H2H 9 Cat (Free throws Made) league.
    The wire is pretty deep.

    Players on the wire that intrigue me are: 1. George Hill, 2. Afflalo and 3. Beverley.

    My team consists of:
    Chalmers, MCW, Lowry, Calderon, Beal, Rubio
    Cousins, Terrence Jones, Matthews, Klay Thompson, Draymond, Frye
    Howard, Hibbert, Larry Sanders,

    I am considering stashing Hill and dropping Frye.

    My strategy is to prepare for the end from the beginning. In the Fantasy playoffs the Pacers go 4-4-4, whilst the Magic play 4-2-3. I will make the playoffs.

    Should I sit tight? Should I nab and stash Hill? Should I drop someone else?

    Thank you for the good advice.


  13. ok hec so you said you were leaning morris, bargs, mozzy. I went ahead and dropped STAT for mozzy but I’m wanting to add bargs now because I still don’t trust Timofey. Very active league so I don’t know how long Bargs will stay on the wire. With the news that Bargs practiced fully on Monday, and that he may debut vs the Sixers on Saturday, would you make the move now, or wait to see if Mozgov can have two good games in a row and maybe cement his role as starting center and start getting heavy minutes consistently?

  14. Hey Hec,

    I wanted to see what you thought of a few guys on my team. I’m losing pretty badly right now since I’ve been holding onto a lot of injured players, and it’s been tough to pick up free agents since my team is sort of saturated. I’m thinking maybe a 2-for-1 trade would help free up my roster to make moves as the season progresses.

    12 team, H2H, 9cat (auction draft)
    Anthony Davis
    Nikola Vucevic
    DeMar DeRozan
    Kemba Walker
    Wes Matthews
    Thad Young
    Kenneth Faried
    Jose Calderon
    George Hill
    Larry Sanders
    Bradley Beal
    Jeremy Lin
    Demarre Carroll

    Faried, Sanders and Lin have been really tough to hold onto, but they’re still probably better than what I can find on my wire, at least the upside. Thoughts?


  15. Rose!!!??? What do I do with the guy? Really giving me the shits with his is he or isn’t he playing! Do I see if I can get a decent trade for him or keep him and hope he starts playing some more?

  16. Sorry for late reply all, was traveling this week.

    @allballs: I’m fine with both those drops/adds. Either way with these players you’re going to have inconsistency.

    @Mark: If you can get 2nd round value for him, which I doubt, I wouldn’t hesitate to move him. Wait until he comes back and plays well for a couple of weeks though.

    @Mart: I’d probably look at your playoff weeks before considering something like that. You might be better off with Wall/Bledsoe in general though.

    @devin: The team on paper looks competitive but, yes, the injuries kill in H2H. Definitely don’t drop guys but 2 for 1’s are always a nice option. Take a look at my how to make a trade post from last December, under strategy posts.

  17. @Ray Jesus: If you feel you can weather the injuries and will make the playoffs then I can understand making the stash go but I do like Frye also. I think it’s a little premature considering your wire is deep. I’d probably wait to hear more definitive news on Hill then grab him quick quick.

  18. @TJ: Noel’s percentages don’t look like they will be great, his FT seems hopeless, but buying him low is all relative. I think he’ll be solid for some points, boards and blocks. As far as Drummond is concerned, it all depends on need. If you can afford to move either for him and need the double double blocks then I’m fine with it. I do like both Tobias and Jared though so if you kept them, I can understand. All depends on need.

  19. no worries Hec! we know you’ve got places to be, people to see. Anyway, I bet you’ll never guess who got hurt…Eric Gordon and Rodney Stuckey! Just kidding, I’m sure you guessed right away. in a standard 14 team 9 cat league, would you drop either one? Gordon’s seems more serious so I’m expecting at least a couple weeks, maybe a month. He was starting to heat up which makes me want to hold him and it is still early in the season. Guys on the wire I like right now:
    kostas papanikolaou – could be good long term with with terrence jones and dwight hurt?
    Mirotic – another possible long term if taj and pau injuries are serious
    some other maybe’s but mostly meh’s:
    elfrid payton, Hawes, vince carter, steve blake, Matt Barnes, Bargnani
    Or I can have a streamer spot to stream one guy a week maybe (keeping in mind I only have 24 moves left for the season).
    I guess I’m leaning toward hold, but will wait for news. Welcome back by the way! Did you go to brasil?

  20. hey hec, love your page and check in often! 9th place in my 14 team roto, got a roster full of underachievers it would seem (faried, drummond, stephenson) although drummond has strung together 3 very nice games in a row, heres to hoping he can keep it rolling…..i need scoring, 3’s and help with %’s….a trade proposal was made lou williams for IT2. Lou seems like a big sell high guy right now and I’m just not a believer right now..although his scoring and %’s for the moment are an upgrade from Thomas, albeit a modest one, I just don’t feel like I will get the return value long term in this deal, what are your thoughts?

  21. Hi hec,

    Would you drop Beverley for Vasquez in a 12-team roto? I also have Rubio and IT2 as my injured PGs, so as you can tell I’m dropping in AST fast. I’m just worried that Beverley might be better in the long term over Vasquez.


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