Corey, Brewer of fantasy production!

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Just look at my fantasy football team for proof! Raise your hand if you think fantasy football is the least skill fantasy game of all. hecman slowly raises hand. Anyhoo! Let’s talk about a fantasy game that actually requires skill to win … fantasy basketball! First, Ricky Rubio went down but Kevin Martin was still standing. Womp! That didn’t last long. With Kevin Martin now hanging with Ricky in the massage parlor for the next month or so your Huckleberries in Minnesota are Corey Brewer (30%) and Mo Williams (30%) A couple of weeks ago, I told you to grab Mo only to be shabazzed by Zach LaVine pissing on his parade. The problem is Zach also pissed all over your fantasy team so now he’s been regulated to bathroom cleaning duties. As for Corey, he’s quietly scored in double figures in 6 of his last 8 games and now should see an uptick in burn for the foreseeable future. I don’t expect a whole lot but 11 ppg/2.5 rpg/2 apg with close to a three and 1.5 steals per seems like a reasonable expectation with 28-30 minutes per game. If that floats your boat then float away! For you deeper league gluttons, take a look gander at Shabazz Muhammad (3%). You know the bad Shabazz! Hey, it’s Add/Drop Sunday! Here are your top waiver wire adds for the week who are under 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues. I note most of these guys on this list are averaging at least 25 mpg over the past week. Minutes equals production. In theory anyway.


Mario Chalmers – 67% – He’s up to 67% now and here’s what I told you in my Draft Guide93. Mario Chalmers – I’m not gonna lie, Mario is one of my favorite sleepers this year. Help fill that void, Mario! That crevice is pretty fucken’ deep! Yeah, I cursed. Deal with it! Then when he was sucking balls in early November, here’s what I told youMario Chalmers – 12/4/3 with a steal and a three in 24 minutes. Whoa, we’re half way there, whoa, livin’ on a prayer, take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, whoa, livin’ on a prayer. That was my way of telling you, through Bon Jovi, to keep the faith. I hope you did!

Evan Fournier – 51% –  I’ve been telling you to grab him since he was 6% owned, 14% owned and 41% owned. He’s just over the 50% threshold now but I’ll remind you anyway. Pas de quoi.

Mirza Teletovic – 46% – Averaging almost 28 mpg over the past week. It’s been pretty friendly to boot!

Harrison Barnes – 45% – To be clear, I’m not a fan but with David Lee still learning to walk with his new hamstring, Harrison is getting burn.

Donald Sloan – 40% – There’s no truth to the rumor he hit George Hill with a baton after ice skating practice.

Brandon Wright – 36% – Only averaging 20 mpg but doing damage. Like Chris Kaman! Or something like that.

Shawne Williams – 31% – You want cheap threes, son, you get ‘em! His value will slowly erode with Josh McRoberts’, um, un-eroding. New word!

Solomon Hill – 30% – Still playing big minutes. I’m not very afraid of C.J. Miles. C.J. Miles stinks! Except for threes. He’s ok for threes.

Chris Copeland – 28% – I mentioned last week he’s better for points leagues but still useful if you can stomach his percents. Looks like a lot of people couldn’t stomach his percents! As hecman vomits 

Matt Barnes – 28% – Averaging around 27 mpg over the past week. Take that for what it’s worth. Hasn’t been worth much. I hear he’s going through a divorce. Many divorces!

Wesley Johnson – 25% – Can you do any less with 31 minutes of run per? I don’t know, can you?, said Marvin Williams.

JaVale McGee – 24% – Not getting minutes but if you need cheap boards and blocks give him a whirl.

Boris Diaw – 22% – Did some damage this week with around 30ish minutes per. Give him a look gander! Or is it look-gander?

Jarrett Jack - 22% – Here’s what I told you back no November 1Jarrett Jack – 20% – The Nets have no backcourt depth. You want to know what the Nets backcourt depth is? Jarrett Jack! Combo minutes. 28 combo minutes per game this past week! How do you like ‘dem apples?

Chris Kaman – 21% – Boss is doing work! Looks like he’ll keep doing work at this rate. Sample size is getting bigger.

Ben McLemore – 21% – Averaged over 33 mpg this past week. He even actually looked like a useful fantasy player too! hecman needs smelling salt 

Steve Adams – 19% – Nothing spectacular but blocking the ball. If he’s not doing a ton without Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook then, let’s face, he won’t be doing a ton with them back. Am I right or am I right? Rhetorical!

K.J. McDaniels – 18% – Only averaging 20ish mpg over the past week. I’m not sure why I even listed him. Habit!

Anthony Morrow – 17% – Keep streaming him if you need a, um, streamer.

Lou Williams – 16% – Oh, I know, the one you’ve been scanning down the list looking for, right? I know! I don’t believe. If you do though, give him a whirl! I’m fine with it.

Kirk Hinrich and Aaron Brooks – 15% – If Derrick Rose is out then pick up Kirk Hinrich. If Kirk Hinrich is out then pic up Aaron Brooks. It’s simple really. Oh, and damn you, Derrick Rose!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 14% – Watching him shoot is kind of like watching a girls 7th grade basketball game. You don’t know where it’s going!

Mareese Speights – 12% – Another beneficiary of David Lee’s old hamstring.

Alex Len – 11% – Mild recommendation. I know he can be good with minutes. But that’s the rub! For now anyway.

Gary Neal – 11% – I told you to lose Gerald Henderson for Gary Neal last week. Then he went out and averaged 17 ppg per game this past week. Not too shabby! Oh, and Charlotte has 4 games this week. Just an FYI!

Nikola Mirotic – 10% – Go grab Nikola. Imagine me saying it like Ivan Drago would. Except Nikola isn’t Russian.

Bojan Bogdanovic – 9% – His minutes are down a bit the past two games but he still averaged 34ish this week due to a 47 and 41 minute bonanza to start the week.

Shabbazz Napier – 8% – Oh, the good Shabbazz! Go! RIP Norris Cole.

Luis Scola – 7% – Feel free to stream as long as David West remains out. In case you haven’t noticed!

Kris Humphries – 6% – Nene is a buceta so Kris may get some minutes but I like Drew Gooden; he’s an oldie but goodie! Bad joke alert! Like being relative. Of course!

Anthony Bennett – 6% – Only if Thadeus Young misses more time which I’m hearing he won’t. Oh, well.

Caron Butler – 4% – Minutes. Sometimes. Depends on which meds Jason Kidd is taking that day.

Marvin Williams – 4% – If you need a streamer getting some burn, here you go. Production sold separately.

Kostas Papankikolau – 3% – You see his minutes lately? Not 3% owned type minutes!

Andrea Bargnani – 3% – Had a set back on Friday. You don’t say? How do you say pussy in Italian? I know but my mother might be reading this. She’s Italian!

Donatas Motiejunas – 2% – Will probably ruin Kostas’s minutes and vice versa. Sigh.

Derrick Williams – 2% – Too bad the Kings absolutely need to play Carl Landry and Reggie Evans. Those guys are winners!

Kyle O’Quinn – 2% – Getting set to come back. Someday!

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 2% – Getting burn for the Sixers.

Quincy Acy – 1% – Getting a bit of burn with Andrea Bargnani still wetting the bed.

NoahVonleh – 1% – Made his NBA debut this week. Go ahead and monitor. Like your screen! Do they still call it a monitor?

Lance Thomas – 1% – Not easy to find guys only 1% averaging 27ish mpg. You found one!

Drew Gooden – 0% – My Magic 8 Ball predicts an uptick to at least 1% owned next week. He’s cray!


Gerald Green – 66% – I don’t have anything against Mr. Green. I love Mr. Green. Just not the one’s named Gerald. Far too owned for a guy averaging 20ish minutes per game over the past week. IMO!

Andre Iguodala – 59% – What’s in a name? Echo!

Eric Gordon – 54% – Ouuuut.

OJ Mayo – 47% – Jason Kidd is a douche for fantasy. Except when it comes to Brandon Knight. All Brandon Knight owners love Jason.

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  1. Do you think Mirotic can sustain enough ROS value with his limited minutes when both Gasol & Gibson are healthy. I almost dropped Sol. Hill for him this week. He looked great with the extended minutes Friday night. Would you drop a guy like Sol Hill for him?

  2. @Greyson12: Leaning hold on Sol

    @mikes: Thx! I’d probably only consider JV or GM and would maybe ask for a slight plus if you’re moving MCW.

  3. Hey Hec,

    D-Rose is on my wire. Should I grab him?

    My guards are:
    Lowry, Rubio, MCW, Chalmers, Calderon, Beal, Klay T, and W. Matthews

    My bigs are:
    Cousins, D12, Sanders, Hibbert, T-Jones, Draymond, Frye

    Thanks for the advice.

  4. Hec, I ended up stashing Terrence jones since he was dropped but there are other notable FAs that need love. FAs include asik, jarett, kaman.

    I really could use another big, and I also can use more assists I think. Could you help me out?

    12 team 9 cat

    Lowry, holiday, ellis, Oladipo

    C lee, redick, lou Williams

    Brow, millsap, markieff, dieng, jones, oquinn

    I feel like I should lose redick and lou for kaman/asik and Jack…

    who would you rather have? Thanks.

  5. buenos dias Senor! Hey my team is starting to show signs of life! 14 team standard 9 cat (23 moves left)

    Lawson, Teague, Burke
    C. Brewer, Stuckey
    Kawhi, Deng, J-Smoove, Gallinari
    Aldridge, Sullinger, Mirotic
    Olynyk, Mozgov

    Would you drop anyone for Matt Barnes, Gooden, Motiejunas/Papanikolauo, Cole, Hinrich?

    Mirotic, who, by the way, is Serbian, would probably be the first guy to go, but considering what’s on the wire, I’m leaning toward holding. I think I’m good at PG and SF so Gooden is the only one I’d really consider seeing as he’s playing behind Nene. It would be nice to add another C because my team is already pretty deep at the F position. What would Hecman do? Oh and I had to look up “pas de quoi.” Merci!

  6. oh one more thing…i’m still trying to move Smoove. would you offer him to get D Rose? The Rose owner is asking for half a bag of skittles and a single rolo (the candy, not Robin lopez)

  7. everyone else please give me your opinion as well.

    would you rather have Kmartin or Monroe even with the injury to kmart

  8. hey hec,
    I got an offer for oladipo and tjones for my sullinger and gibson. I can afford to give up some boards but what do you think? Will oladipo get better and have a better FG? I’ll wait til theres more news on jones injury but your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi Hec, long time. Glad to have you back. Would you drop Jameer for Stuckey or McBob? Deeper 12 team h2h.

    Kemba, Conley, it3, jameer
    Oladipo, nick young, kjm
    Batum , draymond, kd
    Noel, b.wright
    Rolo, olynyk


  10. @tompat: I mean overall. Plus KMart Is hurt. Bad timing on the deal for you but KMart is solid when he’s back.

    @allister: Leaning hold until you get more definitive news on TJ.

    @Marc: That’s close. Leaning the Cousins side by a smidgy smidge. The Dirk side is the more conservative side though. I can see arguments both ways.

    @Nick: Thanks! Leaning lose Jameer for Stuckey. Very crowded in Dallas with Felton back.

  11. I may have panicked and dropped Gallo for O’Quinn a couple days ago when gallo’s knee felt sore. right now my team is…
    Lawson, Teague, Burke
    Brewer, Stuckey
    Kawhi, J-Smoove, Deng
    Aldridge, Sullinger, Mirotic
    Mozgov, Olynyk, O’Quinn
    14team9cat PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util + 4 bench spots
    would you use up another move (22 left) to pick up gallo if I can? someone probably put in a claim for him but if not would you drop mirotic since taj will eventually be back? or stash? he had 5 blocks tonight! (against the celtics..) by the way, i’m thankful for this blog!

  12. Hec, hope you had a good Thanksgiving. In my 16 team h2h league, thinking about dropping Solomon Hill for McRoberts. What do you think? It would be a long term move. Here’s my roster:

    Lowry, Jennings, Mo Will
    Hayward, Batum, Pierce, Solo Hill
    Millsap, Tobias, Diaw
    Rolo, Oquinn

    Only 2 bench spots in this league and 2 IR. Thanks!

  13. Hi hec,
    do you like gallo or kmart more long term? I’m in first place so I can afford to stash kmart for a couple weeks.

    Also would you give up teague and harris for batum and knight?


  14. @phil: Long term probably Kmart. If Gallo were getting 30+ mpg I’d be all over him but with Chandler there and the coach clueless, it’s a bit frustrating. I’d hold Teague and Harris.

  15. @allballs: If Gallo is still not scooped, I’d drop Mirotic for him. Long term that’s the better move. I’m thankful for readers like you! Hope you had a great TG.

  16. @mikes: To tell you the truth, I avoided him everywhere this season. Only thing you can do is hope he gets hot for 3 or 5 games and move him. No other real reasonable choice. Sigh.

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