Lou Williams sells high, Raptors team name so 80’s

Last week here’s what I told you about Lou WilliamsLou Williams – 16% – Oh, I know, the one you’ve been scanning down the list looking for, right? I know! I don’t believe. If you do though, give him a whirl! I’m fine with it. Not exactly a ringing endorsement! The reason was simple, son. Minutes! But now that DeMar DeRozan has been deep sixed for the next 4 weeks or so, Lou is a clear must add. Right now he’s only owned in 53% of Yahoo! leagues. What, you peoples don’t like 22.6 ppg/1.6 rpg/1.4 apg/3.2 3pg/2.2 spg/.493 FG/.939 FT? That’s what he’s done over his last 5 games. The kid is hot tonight, oh, so hot tonight, but where will he be, where will he be, tomorroowwwoh? On your team in your sleepy league! That’s where! I will say this though, Lou gots to slow down even with minutes. If you did grab him already than go ahead and try to sell him high. Try for something like a two for one with Lou as the second player for an upgrade somewhere. You’ll thank me later! For those of you who missed the boat on Lou and there are many of you then go ahead and take a look-see at Greivis Vasquez. Right now he’s only owned in 14% of Yahoo! leagues but should get some combo burn behind Lou and Kyle Lowry. Hey, it’s Add/Drop Sunday! What you’re going to get here, girls and boys, is a long list of players under 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues who are currently getting burn. Maybe some of these guys are sitting on your waiver wire. Maybe they’re not! If so, then you can use this list to scoop and keep or to just stream if you’re implementing a streaming strategy with your worst roster spot. For you DFS derelicts, this list will also help you identify some possible cheap plays when you need to compliment your dream combo of Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Doh! Ok, ok, off we go to the top adds of the week for fantasy basketball.


Ersan Ilyasova - 50% – He’s not getting huge minutes but seems to have found a role in the Bucks offense. Over his last 5 he’s averaging 15 ppg/6 rpg with 1.3 threes per. Not too shabby!, said Harrison Ford. Or is it Adam Sandler?

Mike Dunleavy – 50% – Here’s what I told you back on November 1Mike Dunleavy – 32% – While everyone is talking about Doug McDermott, why don’t you grab the guy getting the minutes instead? Just thought I’d throw it out there for your consideration. While Mike isn’t setting the world on fire, he is averaging over 26 mpg over his last 5 and is worth streamer consideration if you need threes. Then lose him! Ewww, wwww.

Danilo Gallinari – 48% – I don’t think Gallo has ever dropped under 50% owned when he’s been healthy so he’s taking the walk of shame I guess. You don’t want to be taking the walk of shame, man! I’ve been there before and it’s just plain embarrassing. Anyhoo! For those who have room to stash him, go ahead, but you’ll need patience. Otherwise, just use him as a streamer if he’s floating around on your wire. Then drop like a hot potato! Someone will end up grabbing and stashing probably.

OJ Mayo – 47% – Can someone be on both the Add and Drop list in the same week? Yes! Streamer!

Evan Fournier – 43% –  He got hurt and owners jumped ship on him quick quick. You guys are so fickle!

Mirza Teletovic – 48% – He only played 16 minutes on Sunday but is usually closer to 28-30 per. That’s aigght.

Mo Williams – 38% – He’s averaging 16.3 ppg and 10 dimes over his last 4. Mo’s got his groove back! Or is that Stella? Both!

Donald Sloan – 37% – Still averaging over 29 mpg and around 10 points and 5 dimes per. Useful!

Brandon Wright – 36% – The man doesn’t get burn but he gets blocks! (and some rebounds). Sunday is fun day if Dallas is playing! (and you need some boards and blocks)

Corey Brewer – 36% – Last week Corey was the lead player in my Add/Drop post. It was called Corey, Brewer of fantasy production! Over his last 5, he’s at 13.6 ppg/4 rpg/4.2 apg with 2.8 spg while getting 31.8 minutes of burn per. That’s, um, fantasy production!

Josh McRoberts – 36% – Baby steps, man. I mean like fucken, crawling on your god damn belly.

Tristan Thompson – 35% – Worth streaming when Anderson Varejao misses games. Even when Anderson doesn’t miss games! Sometimes.

Rodney Stuckey – 32% – Averaging 28 minutes and 16 points per over his last 5. Scoop before he gets hurt again. Oh, he will get hurt again. That’s what he do! Please don’t get hurt, Rodney.

Henry Sims – 30% – He’s coming on his last 3 with double digit points and a few steals in there. A few rebounds too. No blocks though. The man can’t block!

Shawne Williams – 27% – Cheap threes here, get your cheap threes here.

Solomon Hill – 28% – Ownership went down this past week. Where’s the loyalty, man?! That’s not very biblical of you.

Wesley Johnson – 27% – Kind of a boringish friendly fantasy game with some threes, some steals, a few boards and a block thrown in here and there, said Nicolas Batum.

Ben McLemore – 25% – I don’t know, has Ben finally figured out how to play in the NBA? It’s looking like it. Better late than never! He’s still behind. But it’s a start!

K.J. McDaniels – 24% – I thought short and soft about leading in with K.J. McDaniels today but I didn’t. Wanna know why? Because Tony Wroten will rain on his parade eventually. That said, I think he’s a must add for the next month. Go!

Chris Kaman – 24% – Still doing what he do. I’m waiting for a bad game but he’s been pretty steady. Like the ship! Or something like that.

Boris Diaw – 23% – Getting burn in San Antone’.  He’s also a world champion! Everyone saw that coming. Boris Diaw. Champion of the basketball world.

P.J. Tucker – 23% – You need some extra threes and boards to win your H2H league? Stream away!

Mareese Speights – 22% – I think Cinderella’s carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin. But it’s still only 11:30 pm and you have a half an hour left. Enjoy!

Kevin Garnett – 21% – Just useful for some cheap boards at this point. Very sad, said Jason Thompson.

Jarrett Jack – 21% – Getting combo minutes. But you already knew that!

Steve Adams – 17% – He gets more boards then Kevin Garnett! Barely. Sometimes. Wheeeeeee.

Devin Harris – 15% – You’ll have to pay attention. When Jameer Nelson is healthy, play Jameer (at your peril). When Jameer is hurt, play Raymond Felton (your problem, not mine). When Jameer and Raymond are hurt, play Devin Harris. That’s what’s happened the past week.

Donatas Motiejunas – 14% – Averaging over 32 mpg over his last 5. All while Terrence Jones’ foot is stuck up his owners’ ass.

Nikola Mirotic – 14% – Let’s call him the white Taj Gibson. Same guy!

Shawn Marion – 13% – He’s averaging around 27 minutes per over his last 5 while doing a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat. No, he’s not Irish!

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 12% – His recent production coincides with Brandon Jennings’ injury. Coincidence? I said coincides!

Patrick Patterson – 10% – Double-doubled on Friday night while getting minutes over the loquacious James Johnson. I don’t even know what loquacious means! Keep your eye on James (9%) too … I guess. They both probably suck. Prove me wrong, Raptor guys! Dumb team name. It’s so 80’s!

Shabbazz Napier – 8% – He can be so much better than Norris Cole if they continue to give him burn. I hope that genius two time champion coach over there realizes that sooner than later. I guess Mike Brown was a genius too. Whatevs.

Cody Zeller – 8% – It’s sad that the 4th overall pick from 2013 can’t beat out Marvin Williams for the starting power forward spot. Marvin isn’t even a power forward! Sigh. Keep your eye on him. Just one eye is sufficient. Keep the other eye on Noah Vonleh (1%). Keep your ear to the grindstone. Whatever that means.

Kris Humphries – 6% – He literally doesn’t do anything but rebound. I’m serious. 0/7/0 every game. May as well be anyway.

Zack LaVine – 6% – If he can shoot 11-14 FG every night then he’s welcome on my team any time! Belch! 

Bojan Bogdanovic – 6% – Good for some threes and a smattering of points. You know, like a lot of other guys on this list. Take your pick!

Kyle O’Quinn – 2% – Jump on the train before it leaves the station. The train isn’t moving that fast.

Austin Rivers – 5% – Burp.

Kostas Papankikolau – 4% – Donatas

Gerald Henderson – 3% – Gary Neal’s ugly twin.

Hollis Thompson – 2% – Give him a look-gander with Tony Wroten down at the Chinese massage parlor for the next month.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 2% – Getting burn for the Sixers.

Brian Roberts – 2% – Worth considering as a desperation stream only if Gary Neal remains sidelined. I said desperation!

Tyler Zeller – 2% – Ladies and ants, I give you the new starting center for the Boston Celtics! Celtics fans swoon.

Quincy Acy – 1% – Getting a bit of burn with Andrea Bargnani still wetting the bed.


Here are a few examples of guys you can consider dropping to stream players on the Add list. They just aren’t getting enough big minutes to be reliable and I’d rather have 5 games streaming players than 3 from most of these guys. Just saying.

Andre Iguodala – 58%

O.J. Mayo – 47%

Elfrid Payton – 43%

Josh McRoberts – 36%

Eric Gordon – 39%

Randy Foye – 33%

Mason Plumlee – 30%

Spencer Hawes – 30%

Marco Belinelli – 28%

Many others under 30% who you’ll be able to get back as a streamer. Use your best judgment. You know what that is.

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  1. @Greyson12: Leaning hold Burks, long term he’s probably safer. Top adds excluding Lou would probably be Mo W, KJ, Brewer, Stuckey, S. Hill, Sloan (short term) or Ben M (long term).

  2. Dear Sir Hecman,

    I have two trade scenarios…

    1) Jeff Green for Arron Afflalo

    2) D-Wade + Jeff Green for Cousins + Afflalo.

    Do you think it is fair in both scenarios?

    Thanks Sir Hecman!

  3. Dear Sir Hecman,

    I’ve just received a trade proposal: Anthony Davis+Marc Gasol for Love+Irving+Kobe. I’m getting AD+Marc. What are your thoughts sir?

    In addition, I am thinking about trading Wade+Deron+Thaddeus+Jeff Green for KD+Lowry. Any thoughts?

    Thanks sir!

  4. Sorry hec, posted in an earlier post, reposting here:

    Hi hec,

    Would you drop Beverley for Vasquez in a 12-team roto? I also have Rubio and IT2 as my injured PGs, so as you can tell I’m dropping in AST fast. I’m just worried that Beverley might be better in the long term over Vasquez.


  5. Hey Hec,
    Awesome post as usual! What are your thoughts on giving up teague and sullinger for conley and kawhi?

  6. Hi Hec!

    Anyone else feel free to comment on this as well. I’m in a 12 team H2H league.

    Recently offered Bledsoe and Markieff Morris for my Melo. Is Melo too valuable to trade for these two guys? Should I ask for more?

    Thanks for any help on this!

  7. Hi Hec,

    From a pure value point of view would you take Chandler Parsons for Tyson Chandler? I’ve just been offered this deal and can’t decide if I should take Parsons or not, my rebounds would still be decent without Tyson but my team FG% would take a solid hit down to about average .



  8. daniel C, since you asked for anyone.
    that is a tough one.

    It’s close and it’s a fair trade.
    I don’t think in this case that anyone’s getting ripped off. Morris and Bledsoe are both top 50 players. Melo is still a stud, but he is not the same as he was last year with the triangle offense being implemented this year. Thus, it depends on your team. If you need the depth do it and if you don’t, Melo is still the best player (ROS) and I usually like best player in a trade, but that is good value for him, I think. Can’t wait to see what Hec thinks.

  9. i’m gonna take a crack at some of these..

    @Paul: looks tempting to get the best player in fantasy, but Love/irving/kobe seems like a bit much to me. there would need to be a 90%+ owned player on the wire that I could pick up or else I’d ask for a third player in the deal. Same logic for that second deal involving 4 players to get 2.

    @decaf: Beverley probably will be better long term because DeRozan will be back. Bev will be good short term too with all of Houston’s banged up guys.

    @allister: i’d take the conley/kawhi side.

    @yannis: i own gallo in one league and after the knee scare i feel like i won’t get a return on him until way later in the season. they won’t be upping his minutes so fast like last time so it will be a long road, in my opinion. Hopefully, he gets there eventually.

    @daniel C: seems like two guys I wouldn’t mind having on my team. i’m kinda with mikes, that seems like good value.

    @jean: i’m assuming you mean darren collison? if you need a point guard maybe. i’d rather have sully personally just because I think collison will have more bad games whenever cousins and gay are healthy.

    @grant: that’s a tough one for me. Tyson is beasting but I’m not sure how big of a hit you’d really take without him because he doesn’t really shoot all that much anyway. Plus Parsons is shooting way below his career average. I think i’d rather have CP.

    @mart: i like JJs versatility compared to Crawford’s so i’d keep Ol’ Joe.

    @leifur: I’d rather have Jrue.

    well there you have it. my non-expert opinion. We are in week 7! Good luck!

  10. no problem! hec, jarrett jack is available and I feel my team could use a guard. would you hold continue to hold Gallinari if you felt your team could, or would you make some moves with players one the waiver wire?
    guys on the wire right now: jarrett jack, mirotic, cj miles, scola, cole, kaman, Hardaway Jr., Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Copeland
    my team right now in 14 team 9 cat h2h league:
    lawson, teague, burke
    brewer, stuckey
    kawhi, j-smoove, deng, gallo
    aldridge, sullinger
    mozgov, olynyk, o’quinn

    thanks hec!

  11. Hardaway Jr. as a spec add with carmello out will have better prospects than gallo. Luc might start all season and produce low end value all season. What about JR smith or Covington are they FA?

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