Stanley’s Johnson went flaccid!

Someone forgot to tell Stanley Johnson that Halloween is only one day out of the year. He was masquerading as a Rookie of the Year candidate all month! Problem is, that award has already been sewn up by Karl-Anthony Towns, barring injury! KAT won it so fast that for his next trick he’s going to solve world hunger. Anyways, where were we? Oh, right, Stanley’s Johnson! Or something like that! Through three games, Stanley is at a disappointing 18.7 mpg/8.3 ppg/4.3 mpg/1.3 apg/.321 FG/100% FT/.7 3pm/.03 spg/0 bpg. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Marcus Morris is off to a blazing start posting 38 mpg/19.3 ppg/7.7 rpg/2.3 apg/.477 FG/.667 FT/1.3 3pm/0 spg/0 bpg. It doesn’t hurt his cause that Detroit is also off to a 3-0 start so Marcus isn’t going anywhere whether at power forward or small forward. Sooo, where does that leave Stanley?, asked Ersan Ilyasova. Oh, funny you asked, Ersan! I was just about to mention you! You see, Ersan, you’re a bit injury prone and inconsistent. In fact, the only thing you have going for you is Stan Van Gundy likes you more than the per diem he gets to buy his three lunches. It’s not about anything more than spacing the floor for Andre Drummond with playing time for Ersan, or Marcus Morris as a stretch 4 for that matter. Last year, the Greg Monroe/Drummond combo didn’t mesh well so Monroe was ejected! Having Marcus, Ersan or Anthony Tolliver play at the 4 makes more sense for what they are trying to accomplish which that leads me to believe Stanley will eventually get his chance at the 3; it’s a long season, man! For those of you who drafted Stanley with high hopes right off the bat, remain calm and vote Trump/Bush/Carson! (or Hillary!) His time will come but it may be awhile, unless Ersan hurts his back or something. I know he’s an iron man and all but one can always dream!

Instead of writing daily detailed fantasy basketball player blurbs, this year I’ll be posting short thoughts on a player or two who you guys are wondering what to do with. I’ll also be throwing an Add/Drop Friday post out there every couple of weeks. Due to time constraints, I won’t be posting everyday so follow me on Twitter for all new posts and, of course, you can always hit me up with questions on Twitter or in the comments section of the post. I still want you to win, I care! sniff.

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  1. Glad to have you back Hec.

    I joined an standard 12 team H2H league, that held an auction draft at (literally) 2am. I got hosed! (Auto bid used $108 of the $200 budget)

    Anywho my team is: Wall, Kemba, Jrue, Payton, Kobe, Redick, DeMarre Carroll, Parsons, Markieff, Monroe, Jonas, Cauley-Stein and Towns.

    Best of WW: Hood, Aminu, W. Chandler, Noah, Bogut, Mahinmi, Schroder

    Who should I add/drop to improve my team?
    I am thinking Hood/Kobe.

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks Meng!

  2. @J Rich: Sorry for late response. 2 am auction!! Ewww. Auto bid could have done worse I guess. Hold Kobe or trade him but I wouldn’t just drop him. Try that first. Otherwise, assuming Cousins is okay, I’d consider losing Cauley-Stein for Mahinmi since he should get more minutes this year once healthy.

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