T.J. McConnell is a good man!

Is it me or does T.J. McConnell (ESPN 14%/Yahoo! 33%) remind anyone else of another white point guard? White Chocolate! Stereotypes, baby! Gotta love them but whatever, it’s true. Yes, yes, I know Kendall Marshall and Tony Wroten loom in the not too distant future but, you know what? (hecman changes to Jack Nicholson voice) We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by guards who run the point. Who’s gonna do it? Kendall Marshall? Tony Wroten?? You, Isaiah Canaan? No, the point guard position is a greater responsibility than any of you can possibly fathom. You weep for Michael Carter-Williams and you curse the GM. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know but I’ll share it with you. That, while tragic, the Carter-Williams trade probably saved turnovers and poor field goal percentage. And my existence, while often non-existent, is necessary to help you win your fantasy basketball league because I care. Sniff. You don’t want the truth about T.J. McConnell because deep down you probably think Tony Wroten will steal his job but the truth is the Sixers want McConnell on that wall, they need him on that wall! We use words like assists, threes and steals. We use these words as a backbone of a fantasy basketball team in a lifetime of trying to win a championship. Tony Wroten uses them as a punchline! Kendall Marshall? Please, we’ve been down that road before, son. I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue bashing Wroten and Marshall, I would rather you just pick up McConnell now, say thank you and be on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up Isaiah Canaan and stay in need of dimes!

Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday here at hecmanhoops! The first of the year! Here are your top adds for the week based on players 50% owned or less. Please note all percentages are from ESPN and Yahoo! I don’t make the percentage ownerships so don’t laugh at the low ownership of some of these guys …


Darren Collison –  ESPN 48%/Yahoo 68% – The Yahoo! owners are on the ball but he’s on the list because ESPN players are missing on him like Rajon Rondo misses free throws. Let’s talk about his competition at both guard positions for a sec. Even if Rondo plays 27-30 mpg, you don’t think DC is gonna get run? Ben McLemore and Marco Belinelli aren’t exactly Reggie Miller and Pete Maravich. Belinelli isn’t even Serbian!

Dennis Schroder – ESPN 45%/Yahoo 30% – I was talking to my friend the other day about Dennis and he said, “Yeah, I like Schrader”. I was like you mean Schroder? And he said, no fool, it’s pronounced Schrader! Oh. … Combo minutes!

Wilson Chandler – ESPN 44%/Yahoo 65% – He’s due back next week and should immediately kill the value of Will Barton. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Joe Johnson – ESPN 44%/Yahoo! 72% – What’s up with the ESPN crowd?

Marcus Smart – ESPN 42%/Yahoo! 69% – What’s up with the ESPN crowd?!

Kent Bazemore – ESPN 37%/Yahoo! 43% – I think he should be owned more; he’s pretty good for some counting stats. Semi-colon alert!

Bojan Bogdanovic – ESPN  16%/Yahoo! 42% – A fairly useful, yet overlooked player. Is it because he’s balding? Could be, said Manu Ginobili.

Arron Afflalo – ESPN 61%/Yahoo! 37% – My guess is in a week’s time these ownership percentages will be up so get on board if you’re in need of threes! Or don’t. Your call. I think I would.

Kosta Koufos – ESPN 9%/Yahoo! 35% – Kosta Koufos!! Should be owned for as long as Demarcus Cousins is out which could be three days or longer. I wouldn’t know exactly, I’m not his doctor. I’m not anyone’s doctor!

Courtney Lee – ESPN 5%/Yahoo! 32% – The guy is averaging 30 minutes a game, man. That’s not bad, said Jeff Green!

Zaza Pachulia – ESPN 28% /Yahoo! 31% – Look at the depth chart at center. Look at it!

Marcus Thornton – ESPN 16%/Yahoo! 23% –  May as well. For now anyways. Or is it anyway?

Nik Stauskus - ESPN 14%/Yahoo! 23% – Short term, yes. Long term with Tony Wroten back? Meh.

C.J. Miles – ESPN 18%/Yahoo! 22% – Mr. Miles hits threes! He will continue to hit threes as long as he’s healthy.

Ian Mahinmi – ESPN 12%/Yahoo! 19% – I can see Jordan Hill cramping his style some but he should get enough minutes to be useful.

Isaiah Canann – ESPN 8%/Yahoo! 11% – See the Nik Stauskus blurb an inch or two above. That!

Jordan Hill – ESPN 13%/Yahoo! 15% – Last year when he started he threw up 27 mpg/12.3 ppg/8 rpg/.8 bpg/.475 FG/.756 FT. Who does he have ahead of him? Ian Mahinmi and Paul George playing out of position at the 4. I don’t know, sounds like a remedy for minutes to me.

Corey Brewer – ESPN 7%/Yahoo! 9% – I’ve been getting questions on Corey Brewer. It’s very hard to get excited about him on that team when everyone is healthy. Serious blurb alert!

Will Barton – ESPN 8%/Yahoo! 8% – See the Wilson Chandler blurb like 6 inches above (depending on the size of your screen).

Tony Wroten – ESPN 9%/Yahoo! 6% – When Tony eventually gets back on the floor I see the new White Chocolate, Wroten, Robert Covington, Jalil Okafor and Nerlens Noel having the most value. Good luck with the rest of the group! Just my .02. Nik Stauskus lovers may object. Overruled!

Jerryd Bayless – ESPN  3%/Yahoo! 4% – Streeeeammeerrrrrrr.

Clint Capela – ESPN 4%/Yahoo 4% – Streamerrrrrrr. Like tonight!

J.J. Hickson – ESPN  4%/Yahoo! 2% –  The whole Denver front court is the walking wounded right now so give J.J. a look-gander if you’re desperate for some boards and a smattering of other stuff.


I’m tempted to lose anyone in the Boston front court but will probably just monitor a bit longer.

Does Joakim Noah really need to be owned in 76% of Yahoo! leagues?

Jeff Green, you old, she pregnant!

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  1. Glad to see you back Hecs. Hope all’s well:)

    Anyway, Noah!!! Smart thing says to drop drop drop but heart sort of says he could turn things around but I know that’s very unlikely? My team’s not looking to bad, what’s your opinion? Tried to put them best I can in position so hopefully not too hard to read. Tried to draft best I could for dual positioning players.
    McDonnell, Clarkson, Conley
    Bryant, Fournier, Thorton, Hood
    Durant, Haywood
    Vucevic, Noah, Sullinger

    Some decent pick ups on the Waiver wire are Burks, Hollis Thompson, Bayless, Crowder, Courtney Lee, Stauskas, Trey Burke, Douglas, Lamb, Zaza, Scola, Ish Smith, Scroder? Any of these jumping out as possible pick ups for Noah or even Bryant to an extent?

  2. @Mark: Good to be back! Considering your guard depth right now and the Vucevic injury, I’d probably hold Noah a bit more since his upside is the best of the big man options you have.

  3. Ha Hecs,

    Noah is starting to get unbearable, lol:) What would you say dropping him for Zaza or maybe even Crowder?

  4. Hey hec, good to see some updates! :) My league became a 12 man instead of 14 this year. Here’s my team..

    Curry, George Hill, Trey Burke, Mo Williams
    Eric Gordon, Rodney Hood
    Gallinari, Parsons, Covington
    Ryan Anderson, Bjelica
    BroLo, Horford, Gortat

    I just dropped Dieng to pick up Covington. Not sure I need anyone on your add list this week. I think my team is pretty solid. I’m thinking of trying to trade some 3-pointer stats for some blocks or something. Anyway good to see ya posting again

  5. i was able to put covington in my Injured reserve spot to open up a roster spot so i could add Nurkic and then put him on my IR spot!

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