Catfish, Lobster or Shrimp?

By: Jeff Rosenberg – Staff Writer Hi, everyone! I’m Jeff and I’m pumped to join the writing crew here at hecmanhoops. As hecman loves to say, I care! I want you to win! Sniff. Anyway,  fantasy season after fantasy season we see guys who step up or come from “nowhere” the first half of the …

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Take a cheap Holiday

Fridays here at hecmanhoops are usually reserved for Add/Drop Friday. I call it Add/Drop Friday! I add the exclamation point to get you all excited; it’s an effective technique. You see that exclamation point and you’re like, “Whoa, this guy is excited, I better read on.” Actually, I know you don’t really say that but …

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All Star game, Schmall Star game

I remember when I was a kid I used to get so excited for all professional All Star Games. In fact, my first recollection of an All Star Game was 1977 when the Yankees hosted the MLB game at Yankee Stadium. I remember being amazed at seeing all the greatest players on the field at …

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Oh, my aching heart!

By: hecman We have all been there. You have a player on fire and you’re basking in the glow of your genius when suddenly you get an epiphany. Hey, maybe I should deal this guy. You wrestle with the thought. You lose sleep over it. It’s a torment, how could you even think of such …

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Don’t sell B-easy “high”.

By: hecman One of the keys to winning a fantasy hoops league is to never fall in love with your players no matter how well they are playing.  You always gots to keep it real, yo, you feel me, homey?? No, not in that way, I mean, do you understand what I’m saying here, friend?  …

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