2015 NBA Mock Draft! Fantasy style!

Zzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Don’t say peeeeeeeeee! That’s gross. What we’re going to bring you here, boys and girls, is a slow 2015 NBA Mock Draft … with a fantasy basketball slant, of course! The way it’s going to work is it’s going to be like a slow leak. Like a helium balloon that slowly sinks out of …

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H2H Fantasy basketball strategy to win your league. Um, Yahoo!

When I was just a young lad playing fantasy basketball many years ago (No, I’m not Irish, but I like Guiness!), there was only one way to play fantasy basketball: Roto style! Personally, I’m still partial to a roto league over H2H leagues but H2H is so popular now that I will start this little …

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Fantasy Basketball Playoffs to Payoffs!!

What’s up my fellow fantasy basketballers! It’s getting to be that time of year again where we fight for those fantasy basketball championships, it’s crunch time! Today, I will be breaking down the three weeks in which most of us will be participating in the first three rounds of the fantasy basketball playoffs. I will …

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How’s hecman doing in his leagues? Come find out!

Yesterday I promised I would update you on how I’m doing in all 4 leagues I’m in this season and so here I am coming to you with Open Arms. Like Journey! Or is it With Arms Wide Open? Creed! Ok, enough of the musical references, sometimes I just can’t help myself. That Arnel is …

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How to make a fantasy basketball trade!

Hey, it’s December already! That means we’ve had about a month to evaluate our team’s strengths and weaknesses and have a pretty good idea where we need to improve. That also means it’s time to think about starting to trade! So today, boys and girls, I’m going to give you the gift of fantasy basketball …

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