T.J. McConnell is a good man!

Is it me or does T.J. McConnell (ESPN 14%/Yahoo! 33%) remind anyone else of another white point guard? White Chocolate! Stereotypes, baby! Gotta love them but whatever, it’s true. Yes, yes, I know Kendall Marshall and Tony Wroten loom in the not too distant future but, you know what? (hecman changes to Jack Nicholson voice) …

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Lou Williams sells high, Raptors team name so 80’s

Last week here’s what I told you about Lou Williams: Lou Williams – 16% – Oh, I know, the one you’ve been scanning down the list looking for, right? I know! I don’t believe. If you do though, give him a whirl! I’m fine with it. Not exactly a ringing endorsement! The reason was simple, son. …

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Corey, Brewer of fantasy production!

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Just look at my fantasy football team for proof! Raise your hand if you think fantasy football is the least skill fantasy game of all. hecman slowly raises hand. Anyhoo! Let’s talk about a fantasy game that actually requires skill to win … fantasy basketball! First, Ricky Rubio …

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Look who’s baking hot … Fournier!

Ok, this one is going to need some explaining. So I googled (now a verb!) the word fournier and discovered it means baker in French. The name Fournier is also commonly converted to Fuller in the United States. Useless information! Let’s get to some useful information! This is what I told you way back on …

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Ricky Rubio’s owners are singing the Mo (Williams) better blues!

I’ve never had a high ankle sprain. Hell I don’t even really know what a high ankle sprain is! All I know is that a high ankle sprain is not a regular ankle sprain. If it was, it’d be called an ankle sprain! Unfortunately, last night, Ricky Rubio suffered an ankle sprain of the, um, …

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