If you enjoy the blog and would like to help keep it going then please consider purchasing an ultra cool hecmanhoops I want you to win! t-shirt. All your friends will be jealous and you’ll be the talk of the town with this super chic grey t-shirt with orange lettering. Or is it gray? I can never remember. Anyway, your support is appreciated!

hecmanhoops I want you to win! t-shirt




Front (click to enlarge)




Back (click to enlarge)

Heavy duty. 99% cotton. 1% polyester. Pre-shrunk. Comfortable! Wheeeeeeee.

Please note a USPS shipping and handling fee based on your country will be added at checkout.

Payment may be made by PayPal or by snail mail with check or money order. Please make check or money order payable to Hector Roman. Note all checks are subject to collection prior to shipping.

ultra cool hecmanhoops I want you to win! t-shirt
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